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Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: May 11, 2004, 03:56 AM »
Here's an image of the upcoming Army Grunts from BBI...  Not much, but these and new accessory sets are the most we have to look forward to.

Oh, and carded BBI chopper pilots.  I could handle having a couple extra of them...  I only have my lil bird pilot, so these I can dig.

BTW, removable berets on the Army troops...  nice touch BBI.  :)

Power of the Force 2 / Re: Favorite Ship
« on: May 11, 2004, 03:00 AM »
A-Wing and Interceptor, without a doubt...

A-Wing is to-scale, has freaking pop-rivets even sculpted on...  It's simply amazing.  Give it a decent pilot, and a good paintjob, and that sculpt holds up even against the likes of "X-Treme Detail" 1:18 airplanes and other items of the lik.e

The A-Wing just was a nice ship when it was made, which has lasted even today.  THat's a rare quality in a vintage sculpt.

The Interceptor's my close runner-up, again because it's in-scale.  It slightly lags behind the A-Wing because the cockpit pod is of course inaccurate.  Beyond that it's close enough to suit me.

Give it a rounded (noo battery box) pod and it's at least a tie with the A-Wing...  I'd ALMOST like to see it re-released, but only if it were DEFINITELY the same color as the current Interceptor is.  I don't want them looking like shite next to each other.

The TIE from KB was supposed to be properly colored, but low and behold Hasbro made it SLIGHTLY different.  Enough that you can't swap it with the Int's wings.

A shame.

Beyond these 2 vehicles, I am not fond of most of the POTF2 range, or POTJ.  Underscaled is many of the vehicle's major issue(s), but some are simply terribly sculpted...  The Y-Wing comes to mind there.

The Speederbikes and Snowspeeder are the rare breed that are overscaled.  Wish we'd get a new one of each of these too.

With a new Ewok Glider, maybe a new "simpler construction" Speederbike will happen?  Who knows.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Surgery... Who's been under the knife?
« on: May 11, 2004, 12:10 AM »
I had no idea you were even in the hospital Matt, sorry bout that.  Hope all is well now though.  Never had the appendectomy, but have had tonsils out and been to the E-room for more than my fair share of injuries (accidental and caused by others or myself).

Hospitals always make my head hurt...  The smells are very strange.  My mother just had heart surgery and I was there for that and had a horrendous headache between that, the cruddy rainy weather, and of course stress.

I know I can't stand it, and am miffed that, to get the silver SC Droid, I'm screwed into buying this POS for that one figure.

The only plus is that it'll make a nice set-piece for a MIniature's Battles set-up...  maybe even re-enact the taking of the Sandcrawler while searching for the droids, but beyond that this is a horrible toy IMO.

It's, of course, unreasonable to expect a to-scale Crawler, but wouldn't a newly tooled item that "unfolded" to have a Sandcrawler Interior, and multiple droid parts to build "new" droids with (Similar to the Droid Factory playset from vintage), and fold up to a somewhat larger crawler...  That to me would've been worth sinking some $ into.  It'd give some incentive to buy it beyond a repainted (but arguably new) figure at least.  :(

Gimme a cloud car first.  It's better overall to me.

$17.50 a figure, about...  Depends on your POV I guess, like Vator said, but it is irritating to see people go over the top on some things, as it feeds the trolls as it were.

This seems more like someone dumping figures he no longer wants than "scalping" though of course...  Otherwise, why sell loose, ya know?

Ultimately, I am semi-confident these will be re-released, and I think the buyer will be disappointed at his purchase when that $140 could've subsequently gotten him a LOT more with some patience.  I'm doubting Hasbro skips the boat on repacking this figure eventually.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Pegwarmer of the Year Award
« on: May 9, 2004, 03:37 AM »
Ironically, Ach Med Beq is non-existant here...  The entire outlander wave's really sparse (though it hit full force when it was new).

I'd  like another Obi and Elan, but to no avail...  Ach I could do without though, and hpefully he won't ship again.  Terrible figure idea IMO.

I think the figure didn't turn out as swift as it oculd've itself anyway...  Nice headswap idea, but bad/awkward posed sculpt.  Made the articulation useless.  :(

Here it's that damnable Hoth Trooper, and as of yesterday the Ashla/Jempa, Yoda/Youngling, and Barris/Aylya figures are now warming pegs HUGE time at at least a couple local Wal-Mart stores.  Thanks for the repacks Hasbro.  :(

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: May 7, 2004, 11:35 PM »
Hell I'd have nabbed one from you.  It's nowhere to be found here and one of the few planes I'd like to own.  I guess WM's distribution of XD's been a regional disaster.

The Checkertail P-47 was here while others never got it...  Then certain ones of the choppers are here that nobody else got...  We got the Winter Sherman (made with die-cast metal too, that's a heavy ass vehicle) and NATO camo Bradley are here too (Love the Sherman) but I guess others had a hell of a time finding them.

Go figure, ya know?  

XD's going in the toilet if they DO NOT get figures out though, and en masse.  Not sporatic online crap, but actual on-the-pegs figures and not just a wave a year.  To me, the figure's are the staple product...  THe anchor.  The vehicles are secondary.  Till XD gets that in their mind, they won't have a take-off line.

I think they're not jumping on figures because of the way WM is sticklers about shelf-space devotion, and that Germans will go over as well there as they did at TRU.  It's a shame the public at large shuns German soldiers as all "Nazi".  It cheapens German veterans to me, but I guess they deserve no respect in some people's eyes.  Most U.S. vets still give them respect though.  How ironic that over-sensitive public does not.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Your First Job?
« on: May 7, 2004, 06:43 PM »
Jesse James...  Male Prostitute.   :o  ;D

Actually, I had a paper route for about 10 years, much like Nick.

Most thankless job I've EVER had in my entire life too, and I've worked retail which everyone despises.  

People tried ripping me off (a little kid), didn't want to pay, b!tched me out for an increase in price (not my fault), would flat out not pay (which came out of MY pay, not the paper's who always took their $ first), complained if I was the slightest bit late, complained about papers blowing away or getting wet, etc., etc., etc...

The worst was them saying "come back next week" for the $ they owed.  Tell the gas company that and see how warm  your house is tomorrow, ya know?  Or tell the sewage authority and see where your turds go when you flush.

People taking advantage of kids like that is sick now that I look back at it...

What was worse was my father up my ass every day about doing it on time, doing it the way he wanted, etc...  I remember delivering in the 1993 blizzard when even the mail was stopped.  Highways closed,...  It was a mess, and yet I was out there trudging through like Luke on Hoth after a Wampa slap.

I feel like I was just at a therapy session...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Who actually "exercises," and how?
« on: May 7, 2004, 06:32 PM »
I gained enough this winter I decided to join a gym...  I've not worked out routinely since I was "young" when I played hockey.  It's a shock, and even then I didn't work out on gym equipment...  It was freeweights and practices that kept me in shape then.

I went from the 180's this time last year (or even 170's, I forget) all the way to the 190's over winter...  I'm bordering 200 lbs. now, at 5'11", and while I've got a lot of muscle in my body (my arms are way small though, always were), I am just not in shape.  Definitely not tone, and need to work on it.  

So, I go to a gym here...  It sucks.  It's life though.

I too, am hooked on junk like IOC was...  It's tough eating fruit and getting the same satisfaction, though I've 95% dumped soda for health reasons (Kidney stones) and drink bottled water almost exclusively now.  That's at least sort of healthy.

Unfortunately, I love carbs...  Bread I can't get enough of.  I like Pasta, and I can put away a lot of food.  I get Ice-cream a lot too, and need to simply stop, or at least curtail it dramatically.  Pizza's nasty and I eat it more than I should...  

In my family, it's not easy eating healthy though, so I struggle.  

I'm taking fat burners now though, working out, starting some training for things I used to do (not hockey, but I used to do some light boxing training and other things like that which I'm starting again to parallel walking/running for an aerobic workout).  At the gym it's using the machines, and not much freeweights...  Not right now.  

I went from 34 waist to 36, and it's been a pain trying to get back to 34's...  I feel horrible about my self-image though, but it's tremendously difficult to change that.  They say the heavier you are, the easier it is to "change", and that it's the people who want to tone up or just lose a size or two in clothing who have the hardest time.

I concur with that assessment.  :(  I feel like I'm spinning my wheels sometimes.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Pegwarmer of the Year Award
« on: May 7, 2004, 06:23 PM »
Short of a miracle "buy-back fairy" coming and taking away these figures, my local WM's are now PLAGUED with repack Jedi Knights (Barriss, and Alya Secura) as well as Yoda/Youngling and Youngling 2-pack figures...  The repack waves hit Wal-Mart in the recent days here, and they hit them HARD.  Peg after peg of these multiply repacked 2003 figures have leaked out once more. :(

I found sme Yavin wave stragglers buried amongst them, but not a single Antilles.  I'm glad to see he sold as well as he has...  Dodonna and TIE Pilot were most "abundant", but there weren't many, and one Dutch remained.

Beyond that, not much...  A Skiff Lando was lying about too,  which that figure's great.  It won't last I don't believe.

Endor wave has hit here I heard, and is gone subsequently.  Blah :(

I hope these craptacular repacks are bought up...  Kids snagged them en masse the first time, I hope that happens again, but somehow I'm thinking it won't go that way and these ones are here to sit a while. :(

Hoth Trooper though, to me, is still the undisputed king of Pegwarmers now...  He plagues every TRU here, and in large #'s.  He's terrible as a figure so that's not boding well for him moving.  Had he at least been semi-decent I'd be picking him up here and there for custom work...  At least some kitbashing, but he's not even got a single piece worth reusing.  Even the head's terrible looking.

Fortunately, TRU's are ordering around him somehow...  Later waves have come and gone while he and R-3PO sit, and sit, and sit...  3PO I sort of understand, because for what you get, you do feel jipped.  The Trooper is just raw crap though...  The kinda figure you grow to despise.

TRU's a bit better about spreadingn orders out over a FEW waves at least.  The Hoth wave and Bail Organa were all around X-Mas time so they're lingering yet, but those others are thinner and they come and go...  I just hope they keep it up and don't back off ordering ANYTHING for a time.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: RIP Friends
« on: May 6, 2004, 03:49 PM »
Eh, I'll be watching Star Trek: DS9  or TNG reruns...  

Friends take you out to hooters, they don't make your life melodramatic.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: So Cal wildfires...
« on: May 5, 2004, 12:08 AM »
100+ weather?  Blech...

I'm glad I'm not where you are Matt...  80 here's already too hot to suit me.  It's too hot right now anyway, it's only May.  70's or 60's I like though.

Hope all remains well for you this year...  Why they don't get out there and clear that brush out, I do not know...  I'd think if it's such a problem, it'd be prudent that the borough, state, or whatever get on that ya know?

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: May 3, 2004, 03:47 PM »
Update, sorta...

21st's Spitfires are out and about, though I've never seen one at a store, nor a P-40 Warhawk.  A shame too because the Spit's a plane I'd actually enjoy owning.

I saw one version of each at the Toy show in Pittsburgh this past weekend and they're nice.  Neat figures too sort of.

BBI's site is updated too, with more figure photos including some foreign guys (brits it would appear), and U.S. Army figures...  Not the Army Special Forces, just basic grunts.

Also, the F18 is up I believe, which is F'n huge.  The G.I. Joe Skystriker just took a back seat, as did any of the planes 21st's made as far as size comparisons...  This thing's big looking.  Wow...  I ain't buying it because of room, but I would otherwise.

And on a plus side, the BBI LAV is on sale at most TRU's.  $10 off its retail.  For $30 it's not bad...  $40 was way too much to me though.

The Abrahams is too, from what I hear, and they're cleared out of my TRU's so I'm wagering the stories are true that the Abrahams got clearanced too.  BBI's great, but their vehicles in their last series were lacking.  Non-moving hatches (most of them) and molded detail instead of separate pieces put these a notch below their 1st series stuff and their choppers.  

I hope they step it up a notch on the vehicles, and improve their figures SLIGHTLY.  Some sculpting/construction methods on the figures, and better articulation style, would help them tremendously!  Then jump into WW2 please BBI because youo're the only one putting figures out aside from Dragon...

Oh, that reminds me, Dragon's put out 2 series of U.S. infantry I believe...  Northern France 44, which look great, and I thought I saw some more classic looking infantry uniforms for another series?  I forget.  I wanna nab them though.

And they did some nice camo Germans too...  Wish I had the $ to nab all those sets.

Celebration III: Indianapolis / Re: Star Wars Celebration 3
« on: May 3, 2004, 03:31 PM »
Got my room today, just about an hour ago or so.  Whee.

It wasn't really viewed terribly negatively Vator, not by me (who pointed it out), but it was viewed as detrimental and not really constructive.  A basis to the decision I believe, that Chris and the staff here have made.

I'd like to take this moment to point out that if you DO have major disagreement with this decision, that it's not the other guy's fault so much as I am the one who's pushed for this "rule" more than anyone I think.

I believe the W&P thread, and any spin-offs frm it, have been major "problems" at Rebelscum for some time now.

It's not that the people here (or there for that matter) aren't mature enough to handle discussion of these topics, but rather that absolutely nothing good ever comes from them.  Nobody makes anyone change their mind once.  I've never seen that happen ever in any of those threads.

They simply breed hatred between opposing viewpoints, or at least a general dislike of each other, be it liberal vs. conservative, religious vs. atheist, etc...

A major point I've always made is that I have lots of very conservative/Republican friends.  My best friend whom I grew up with and went to Cub Scouts with even, is a die-hard Republican.  We fight if we discuss politics...  There's no way around it.  I'd do anything for the guy, but things get ugly if we discuss politics.

So, we make the MATURE decision NOT to discuss it...  We don't change each other's minds, so nothing positive is gained in an argument, so we don't discuss it.

Generally the W&P type discussions are discussed maturely overall, but that doesn't mean they are positive.  They do nothing but to breed ill-will among you guys, and that's not constructive here in the slightest as I see it.

I just spent a day hanging around Bill Cable and Bobafett14 at Pittsburgh's Toy Show & Comic-Con...  They're great guys, and I had a blast hanging around both of them, but I can safely tell you I agree with you most of the time (politically) Force Guy, and I disagree with Bob and Bill 90% of the time.  

I had a blast with those guys today because I don't talk politics with them though.  They're both fun guys, great to hang around, and Bob's become a really nice friend to me...  Even if I truly dislike his political opinion.  I'm not gonna change it though, and he's not able to change mine, so why push each other apart debating a moot point between us?

Sure we can do it maturely, but it still fosters anymosity no matter how mature we both may be.  It does the same between yourself and members you debate with.

I think if it were Star Wars related (not that that should foster anymosity, but often it does...  Myself included), the site wouldn't take any measure because it's what we're here to discuss and disagree on.

These topics are so serious though, that the anymosity isn't simplistic, and it becomes deeper, and it ruins what otherwise is a strong harmony in the community...  If that makes sense.  I think that's our intent with the rule.  And we're just asking that you guys respect it, and if you really want to keep the discussions going then Rebelscum's got a whole thread devoted to it there, and they can deal with the consequences.  It's their problem, and one I feel they've negligently perpetuated, personally.

We won't though...  We want all you guys to get along as best you can, even if you disagree politically, and just avoid that stuff so you CAN get along as best you can.

You'll inevitably still disagree with each other about various things, but maybe to a lesser degree, and for other reasons that aren't as serious or "hurtful" in the long run, as they are in topics like War, Politics, or Religion, and the like...

Again, if you really are upset about this, don't be as upset at the rest of the staff here as much as you should be at me.  I pushed this a little harder than the rest did for certain.  I do not, however, disagree with the decision Chris ultimately made, and I feel it's entirely correct.

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