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Saga '02-'04 / Re: Not to start a Scalper Topic, but.....
« on: March 13, 2004, 12:02 AM »
hah, don't worry Dave...  It seems to have gone well.

She's kissing your ass in an attempt to sway you against me...  She's been trying this with other people too.  Tried dropping names of people I actually know semi-well in an attempt to drag them into this in her defense.

Poor soul...

You posted quite eloquently, and I agree with you mostly...

She doesn't want me involved in the "private" conversation she's trying to have with you on the side now...  May post anyway.  It's my right and I think she's being a hypocrite on quite a few things, like:

-First she said she used a card of someone else's and wasn't "nice" about her feelings about the person who reported her for using their card...  Now she's trying to say her and this person are friends and that they talk on the forums, and that all is forgotten.

-For the scalping thing, she keeps trying to drag other Ebay sellers into the debate who order direct from Hasbro, and say that I'm degrading them when I degrade her, yet she doesn't see that I'm taking shots at her because she buys from Wal-Mart and sells her stuff then.

-She is resorting to insults now too...  I wish JoshEEE or some decent Mod were around tonight and would lay into her.

I've found I'm often left to defend myself from insults though by the mods...  It'd just be nice if one would step in in this case and point out that I haven't called her ANYTHING but what she's already admitted to.    

-She continually posts that she has "support" but as of now nobody's shown up to support her.  I've gotten a couple PM's about it...  I like to think you guys support my view on this as well, as a simple matter of "her actions", and "My opinion on her actions".

She's a scalper, she's admitted as much (won't admit to the title though) and feels she does nothing wrong.  I'd hope you guys would see the flaw in that logic as I do.

And in short, this chick's whack...  Yo.   :P

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Not to start a Scalper Topic, but.....
« on: March 12, 2004, 09:17 PM »
OOOOoooo Dave, you HAVE to man.  

I don't expect you to read that thread, but check out her first post (Bitchin' about who "tattled on her" for using their card on her figure), and all that jazz...  If that was your card, and she's calling YOU the "idiot" that tattled on her, then you have to say something.

If you guys want a synopsis, here goes...

She came in bitchin' about the Sith Infiltrator on Ebay getting pulled or taken down.  

She said she got a carded figure she made pulled because it was someone else's card (and the person recognized while browsing Ebay) and they told Ebay.  She can't post more customs, so she's bitchin'.

I said "Selling customs is detrimental to customizers in general because it causes increases in bootlegging, knock-offs, and faking vintage stuff".  

Then I said "I see you have a ton of stuff you're scalping on Ebay" (In less harsh words).

She's mad at me over this stuff, but it's true
She admitted to both actions.  She admitted to the carded custom she tried passing off as her own, and she admits she goes to stores (retail stores) buys up figures and sells them for profit.

Like I said, I'm not one to bring up scalping guys...  It's there, and it's not going anywhere.  I accept that.


I do NOT like seeing these ******** come into a site like Scum and basically GLOAT about what they do.  Do they not deserve some less than civil feedback given to them?  I think so, and I really hope you all would too.

I know you guys don't want to get involved too heavily, but if you dislike scalping and scalpers...  And I bet you ALL do...  I would take the opportunity to voice that opinion.  People like her, when they out themselves like this, shouoldn't be allowed to think THEIR actions are any better than the individual who insists on "having it first".  That they do not shoulder some blame.

I accept scalpers are there as much as you guys do, but I'd never have even mentioned them if she weren't showing other unscrupulous activity like selling another customizer's work like she tried.

I agree with you MisterPL that the buyers are 50% of the problem or more.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't tear into a scalper when one presents itself on a message forum.

She asked for it, and she deserves it at this stage.  She just happened to make the wrong remarks in a thread I posted initially.

She's getting a lot of crap from me, and nobody's really jumped in (Darth Ball did though, haha...  I thought he'd take interest in it) as of right now, but I think it's time to get a point across to at least one individual.  

I wouldn't even want this person in my community if they were helpful in some way.  What she does is wrong to me, quite simply.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL '03-'04
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:41 PM »
That's a good point on the compression of the NHL season...  I agree, I think you'd see more vehement fanatacism out of Canadian fans, and fans in general...

I disagree on the dramatic expansion of the NFL season though.  

I can safely say that Pittsburgh would still sell out.  I can't speak for all cities, but I would wager Pittsburgh at least would still sell out all year.

I really don't doubt Canadian fanatacism about Hockey, and that's not my point here, but I do think NFL fanatacism is 10x higher in every respect.  It's born and bred into us, as I believe Hockey once was to Canadians.  I just see a decline there.  I don't agree with it...  I want more Canadian Market teams personally because I'm "old School" like that I guess, but I really just don't see the same vehement support in Canadian Hockey that I do in U.S. Football...  I don't see much of ANY sport that compares short of possibly NASCAR (Believe it or not) in the southern U.S. and Soccer on a global scale.  Soccer's downright frightening at times.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:09 PM »
Thanks Scott...

May pre-order Vintage OTC from them then...  May as well go to the source right?

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL '03-'04
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:08 PM »
Yeah, but fanatacism should know no bounds right?  And Football's a hell of a lot more expensive here for its short season than Hockey is...  Shorter season, but equally high costs then when you look at season tickets and things.

People SHOULD be coming out to support their team if they are truly fanatical...  They don't always though.  The Leafs wouldn't be selling as well if they weren't so great.  It wasn't that long ago they weren't so great actually, and their ticket sales were down dramatically...

Like I said, I don't doubt canadian fanatacism (and some US too) of Hockey, but the NFL just dwarfs it as I can see.  Even with a shorter season, it's generating more revenue even.  I don't know who has more teams though?  NHL I'm guessing?

I wish Hockey sold out all year everywhere (North and South) but it just never seems to.  Even some solid, winning teams don't sell out all the time...  Including in Canada.

Toy Reviews / Re: New JD Review: Jedi Luke (Jabba's Palace)
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:03 PM »
Thanks Mosnab.

I'm trimming some of the extra fabric inside the cloak at the seams, very carefully mind you, to get it to set a little better on my figure.  I too have a tough time getting it look really great.

Hopoefully with some work...  That or I'll make a new cloak out of a limper fabric someday.  For now it's all I have though.  :)

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL '03-'04
« on: March 12, 2004, 03:49 PM »
I'm not doubting Canadian Fanatacism of Hockey...  U.S. fans can, and often are just as fanatical...  Something Canadians don't seem to see.  Pittsburgh, even though we're one of the worst teams in history right now, is still drawing SOMEWHAT of a crowd.  It's impressive for here...

But Football fans deal with as many problems as Hockey Fans in Canada often deal with...  Not all stadiums are nice, nor have been nice.

I'm not even a HUGE football fan, just a passing one, but when you look at the attendances of even the worst teams in the NFL...  Bad stadiums, bad towns, bad weather...  You'll see that the NFL is just so damn big here that it's on-par with the absurd fanatacism of European Soccer...  

I don't doubt Canadian's hockey fanatacism...  They love it, and I've spent enough time up North to know they love it both when I was playing and just going up there on my own, but the fact that the Jets weren't selling out (no matter what excuses like a bad arena or weather) tells me something.

The Steelers had a dismal season, but sold out every game...  Rain or shine, Snow and cold, it didn't matter...  It's just that HUGE here.  

Sadly, hockey doesn't get that kind of treatment in the U.S. save for the Northeastern states...  Pittsburgh is a good  hockey town, but support is waning in recent years.

I don't doubt hockey fanatacism up in Canada...  I just think the NFL dwarfs it in every respect.  I love hockey, and simply enjoy Football, but I have to admit that the support cities give to football teams in the NFL (And football in general...  Friday night HS Ball is damn near as big as the NFL, as Canuck HS Juniors and things are as well I'm sure) is downright absurd...  They love football.

Only in the NFL could a city lose a team, and  have one back within what, a year?  I think that's how quick Cleveland got their team back...  

I agree about Bettman with you as well.  he doesn't care, and he doesn't realize there is a market for Hockey up north in the cities it originated in.  He sees dollar signs though, and unless you're selling out arenas you won't compete.  The Jets didn't sell out, no matter how fanatical people were, and that's gonna equate to the team leaving every time.  The Pens are on the verge of this exact same thing actually.

We have the oldest building in the NHL, and quite likely the worst...  Fans don't want to go, the team is losing games and $, Lemieux wants a new stadium...  I want him to get a new stadium, but if they don't start selling out instead of just bringing in 13,000 a game, they will go the way of the Jets and move...  I wouldn't doubt Lemieux would try moving them to Canada actually.  He wants them here, and I want him here, but we're in the SAME boat as you are in Winnipeg where we need a new stadium...  Nobody wants to fund it.  So we're in limbo as to whether we'll have a team or not in the next couple years.

By no means do I doubt the way Canadians love their hockey though, so I think you misunderstood me.  I just see that the NFL outperforms it.  Perhaps it is their salary cap...  Perhaps it is their marketing...  Perhaps they're simply run by a more competent group of people than Bettman and the NHL is, but damn near every NFL team sells out no matter how craptacular they are it seems.  

And it's like Baseball here...

We get TONS of baseball coverage here, just like you get tons of Hockey coverage, and the people are always geared up for the games, but that sport is failing here now as well...  New stadiums and arenas seem about the only thing to keep teams planted.  The pirates are improving too, and attendance was up last year I think, so maybe there's something to that.  Maybe all it would take is new arenas for Winnipeg and Pittsburgh.

Saga '02-'04 / Not to start a Scalper Topic, but.....
« on: March 12, 2004, 03:25 PM »
I posted this over at Rebelscum, as that's where this whole thing took place (In the customs section) but I was appauled to see someone blurt out how proud they are to scalp things.

No misunderstandings, this person simply scalps and is proud of it...

Wanna read the thread?  It's all  RIGHT HERE for your viewing pleasure.  I actually got into a debate with this woman about selling custom figures, and stealing other people's work like custom cards and selling them in particular.  

I did a little snooping of this person's Ebay auctions though, and found that she scalps brand new Saga figures as well...  

I called her on it, and she as much admitted that she buys up stuff to make a profit off it.

Some of my particular favorite quotes of hers in her lame arguments include:

Jedimasteraimster Wrote:

The reason why you see the saga figures on Ebay right now is because they are hot off the shelves and I can make money off them. I have probably 1000 carded figures from POTF, POTJ, EP1, SAGA and vintage. I collect them because they are there, but that doesn't mean I think they are any good. I see people scuplt much better figures with their own 2 hands. Hasbro is purely out for profit and not to please us collectors. That is the "real" shame of this hobby.

& Jedimasteraimster Wrote:

Nor, do I like people calling me unscrupulous because I engage in activites that 100,000+ others engage in, such as making profit off a hobby. Hell, people paint, cross stitch, and do tons of things and sell them on Ebay for profit.

Like I said...  Far be it from me to start a scalper thread here...  I'm often as tired of them as you are, but when I see a scalper proudly discussing his/her actions on a collecting forum, I flat out chuckle about it...  Then I let everyone know who is out there gloating about what they do.

What a charmer that person is!    :)

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL '03-'04
« on: March 12, 2004, 01:55 PM »
No shot to the Hockey fans in Canada, but in 13 years playing and watching the game for even longer (And in canada quite a few times), I can honestly say I've NEVER seen anything that rivals the tenacity of Football fanatics.

Football fans even love their teams when they lose.  Hockey, sadly, doesn't have that kind of support South OR North of the border.  The fact it's an expensive sport just to watch probably doesn't help either, but that's beside the point.

I'd liken hockey more to the US's national passtime of baseball...  The country loves it overall, but a lot don't avidly support it.

You really don't see that problem with the  NFL ever.  

Even when the Browns were leaving Cleveland, I remember seeing their stadiums at least near capacity, if not sold out.  Why they left, I do not know.  And the new Browns pack in the seats again.

The Steelers, even though we had a dismal year, sold out every game I am pretty sure.  

Getting tickets here is like pulling teeth unless you get season tickets.  

Crappy Hockey teams in Canada often go about as well as Crappy teams in the U.S.  They don't sell out the arenas like they need to, to compete with the rest of the league.  Baseball is the same way here.

Pirates have a brand new and GORGEOUS stadium.  I mean, it's amazing if you see it.  And it rarely gets over half full I think.  Pirates suck...  And it shows with empty seats.

NFL though, that is more cmparable with the world's love of soccer...  The way European stadiums are crammed with people.  THat is what I'd cmpare US Football to instead.  It's mind boggling.

I almost expect them to change the US pass-time at some point to football.  It'd make sense, as Baseball slowly fades away.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: When They Were Funny...
« on: March 12, 2004, 01:48 PM »
#1 Chris Rock
#2 Jon Stewart
#3 Will Ferrell
#4 Larry David
#5 Dave Chappelle
#6 Ellen DeGeneres
#7 Bill Murray (not sure if this counts LiT or not)
#8 Jim Carrey
#9 Jack Black
#11 Dave Letterman

Chris Rock is overrated...  I think he's funny, but not $90 a ticket funny, ya know?  I'd pay $90 to see Lewis Black or Dave Attel, or Dave Chapelle first.  All 3 Comedy Central Vets, and all 3 damn funny comedians.

Jon Stewart I'll go with...  He's a pretty funny guy overall, and definitely a plus on the Daily Show.  Comedy Central has a few shows that I wno't miss ever right now, including the Daily Show, Chapelle, Insomniac...  Good stuff.

Ferrel is funny, but was funnier on SNL.  He was good in Old School, but crap like Elf is going to ruin his career.  He's a guy who needed to stay on SNL.  With him gone, that show's gone off the face of the Earth.  I always picture Lorn Michaels offering to get these comics on SNL hookers and booze if they'll just stay, and them walking out with him on his hands and knees begging.  Usually both end up in the crapper afterward too.

Larry David...  I'd comment if I could tell you who he is.  As I don't have a clue off-hand who he is, and I like to consider myself a comic conneseur of sorts, then I think he's not worthy of that title.  Could be wrong...  He's not that guy with the HBO series is he?

Dave Chappelle...  Damn funny.  He should be higher than that though.  The guy is a riot, and he's just getting started with his show on CC.  "I'm Rick James Bitch!"  

Ellen Degeneres...  Funny before gay.  Show sucked after she came out because it REVOLVED around her gayness (it didn't flop because of anti-gay sentiment, and that's BS when she claims it did).  I've seen her standup since and it's passable but I'd never rate her in the top 10 or whatever...  This was a sympathy "We love Gays" move by that lameass magazine, plain and simple.

Bill Murray...  I like Bill still, but he's hardly a "Comedian" anymore.  This was only listed because of Lost in Translation.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I think he's still funny, no doubt, but he shouldn't even be on this list.

Jim Carrey...  Was he really funny in the first place?  Ok, that's harsh, and he was mildly entertaining on In Living Color...  Beyond that, he's not that funny.  The poor man's Robin Williams.  

Jack Black...  Someone shoot me.  This douche makes it in the top 10 or whatever?  I have a friend who looks and acts just like Jack Black.  Being fat, obnoxious, and unkempt isn't funny.  It's especially not funny when you're out at Chiji's and your Jack Black friend is there with sauce dripping down his shirt right before you're going out.  

Nobody for 10?

David Letterman...  For him to be put ahead of Conan O'Brien is a travesty.  For him to be ahead of Lewis Black is a travesty...  And to even label him a COMIC is a travesty.  His show isn't interesting, just like Leno's, and he isn't particularly interesting as a person either.  I'd have put Howard Stern ahead of him, and Howard's not even a comic either.  They both have pretty much the same job, and Howard does his better.

I'm surprised George Carlin isn't listed...  Carlin still has it when he wants to make the crowd go nuts.  

And where's Colin Quinn?  Or half the regulars on Tough Crowd like Nick DePalo?  

I think a lot of that list is simply ass kissing on the part of who wrote it.  Blah...  It's unfair to REAL comics that are genuinely funny and working hard.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:07 AM »
I didn't get to check the site, and I'm confused, but they WERE selling cases of SW 3.75" figures at the site?

That's a nice gesture if they were...  May have a new home for case ordering since New Force is hit or miss.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: When They Were Funny...
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:05 AM »
I agree that I think Bill Murray's still got it...  The guy's just funny as hell, and is said to be a real genuine fellow in Hollywood.  NOt a snotwad like some turn into...

Speaking of snotwads who were once funny, and probably decent people...  Why hasn't anyone mentioned Chevy Chase?

Short of X-Mas Vacation, I can't think of a remotely modern film that Chase was in that was funny, and on top of it he's a royal prick they say.  Very self-absorbed.

The Dan Akroyd mention was spooky because I was just commenting the other day about how he's gone down hill.  I like him, and I think he CAN be funny, but he's just lost it over the years.

I think Dana Carvey was and IS funny when he wants to be, but he's tried too hard to reinvent himself.  He has too much pride to go back to SNL...  He should though.  They lack the impersonation talent he brought to the table with Phil Hartman.  I think if he returned he could at least be semi-popular again...  Can't hurt him anyway since he appears to have hit bottom.  He's doing a Tostitos commercial now or something I mean, god...  Short of working with ALF on a 10-10-220 commercial, he truly has hit rock bottom.

Doing any work with ALF is the social equivalent to getting on an airplane with Ernest Borgnine...  You're doomed if you do it.  That plane will inevitably crash.

Other unfunny people are...

Jay Leno...  If you saw his stand-up from when he was young, you know what I mean.  He was funny at one time.

Jimmy Kimmel...  Jimmy is funny, but the Manshow was his bread and butter.  His talkshow sucks because he is too "good" on it.  

And Bob Saget...  now, I know what you're thinking...  This guy lost it years ago, and I agree that he did.  He lost it when he got on Full House and/or America's Funniest Home Videos.  But if you saw his early standup, the guy was a foul-mouthed funnyman.  It was hysterical, and he was genuinely good.  He toned himself down for TV though, and he sucked.

Tim Allen...  Same as above.  Home improvement was funny till every other episode was "A very special episode" crap because that woman he co-starred was writing/producing it or something.  She turned it serious, and in turn she turned Tim Allen into a puss.  This was a guy who sold coke for god's sake!  Tim Allen was hardcore stand-up...  Not just foul, but genuinely funny...  Anyone remember the joke about how unattractive guys were naked and bent down working on something like the toilet?  Wife walks in and says "Who let a goat in!?  Good God!"  

That was funny stuff, but he lost it when he got on TV.  :(


I started collecting, if I don't count what I did as a kid when the movies were new, around the early 1990's.  '92 or '93 I'd guess...  I got back into Star Wars because I caught them on TV an evening, after not seeing them for quite sme time.

G.I. Joe had replaced them as my favorite toy as a child...  In 1982 when Joes came out at the then Brand New K-Mart on the hill, I was ecstatic and hooked on that line for years.  I'd spend my $5 allowance on a new Joe, and sometimes a clearanced ROTJ figure for his gear to give to my new joe.   :P

He was simply a better toy line to a kid I guess.  Still is a great one really.

When I got back into SW though, and into collecting as an adult, I picked up vinty's...  Typical new guy, spending too much on them, haha...  I started custmizing them as well, shortly after getting into it, when I saw pics of custom figures in some toy magazines.  

Some of my first customs were a Captain Antilles Vintage, and RFT Vintage, both based off another's design of them.

I picked up new Star Wars stuff like a madman when it started pouring out...  I was already buying West End Games items as I could...  Minis, books to the RPG, Miniatures Battles figures and books, etc...

I immediately got into the micromachines when they were out, and had a nice set of Bend-Ems...

Then '95 came and I started picking up everything immediately.  Saw them for the first time at the local Hills Dept. Store.  

I watched sites online as I got online...  I was new to computers though, so I wasn't really a net wiz or anything.  Found Rebelscum, and watched it routinely...  Also watched SSG, and then I started watching Collect Star Wars almost exclusively.

I would read the forums, and eventually I saw enough opinions I disagreed with that I thought I had to say something.  I started at CSW then in their forums as member #1215 or something.  I'd not participated at any forum other than lurking up till that point I joined CSW though.

Stuck with Scum after the merger split and formed...  Joined there too though, and participate at both still.

Was asked quite nicely by Matt to join here and do reviews, and help moderate....  That's where I am now of course.

Over the years I've filled a nice loose vintage collection up pretty well...  I've kept a modern 3.75" collection going, and I pick up oddball stuff from other lines as well.

I have a Tarkin, Imperial, and Bossk focus though, so I do pick up their stuff that isn't 3.75" strictly, like the busts or 12" figures of them.

I've weeded a lot out of my hobby though as well, like MM's, AF, comics, novels, and 12".  

Customizing is my 2nd largest aspect to Star Wars though.  I started in vintage, and moved onto modern...  I'm not the most productive person in the hobby by a longshot, but I have my "skills" I guess, and I like the slow pace I have set for myself.  I figure that when the line's done at least I won't have wasted my time making figures Hasbro did anyway.   :P

I, in my mind anyway, think I'm one of the oldest members still actively participating in customizing that was on the original Rebelscum Email list-server...  The others that were there when I joined don't seem as active any longer (Stephen Hayford, Tony Collucci, etc.).

I was asked to moderate at's chatroom somet hough, and still do that, and I do make occassional resources up for FFURG as well when I get time.

I have some of my best collecting friends through FFURG, like CorranHorn (Jason) and Doug Schroeder, and Jedi Raven (Justin)...  Good people.

I've made the rest of my best collecting friends through here though I'd say, at Jedi Defender.

I actually didn't originally come here when I was asked to by Matt (and I believe Scott did ask too).  Not that I was being a snob, but because I try not to spread myself too thing and I was wanting to just focus on one forum.  Things at Scum, where I spent most of my time, deteorated to the point that I wanted to know where the people who had GOOD things to say and GOOD opinions and discussions had gone though.

I came here, and am very happy I did.

And that's that then I guess...  

I've had the pleasure of putting some focus in my background in business on the Toy Industry in general then, and have met a lot of people within the industry but at varius levels.  Marketing people often times, since that's one of my current majors, but I had some cool conversations with sculptors before in the past...  You'd be surprised to know some are in the customizing hobby.

So, that's about it I guess...  I posted too much here, but oh well...

I love the conversation though, so no I'm not a collecting snob.  At least I hope not.  Or if I am it's for other reasons.  :)

Newbies / Re: Hello,another Star Wars Geek
« on: March 12, 2004, 03:30 AM »
You'll find a lot of "old timers" from Scum have moved from that site into other sites like here and elsewhere.  So most of us have a pretty solid comradery going among ourselves.  We're always welcoming new folks in too though because I for one love the additional input in conversations.

Glad you came over after checking the site out...  I think you may find a new home around these parts.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Target = Marked Down Prices
« on: March 12, 2004, 03:27 AM »
My target stores have little to nothing of the 3-packs left.

I was really wanting a set that had Mace in it for fodder, but nothing to be found of that one here in Pittsburgh. :(

I cannot justify $20 fodder at TRU to get one...  Wish I had one of those to do some hacking up.  I'd take one of each really, to have a Yarael Poof to work with too.   >:(

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