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Hey Sandtrooper,

Welcome over here...

It's true, that the listserver's death has partly been caused by the heavier traffic on forums like over at Rebelscum (Ours doesn't get as much traffic right now, but that should/could change sometime).

The problem with the forum format though, is that most people are giving one or two lines as a "critique" which is utterly bogus if you ask me.

"Wow, that's great" does not constitute a critique, so even the old timers like me and a few others who hit the forums are a bit disinterested in some of what others have to say sometimes.

Hopefully when stuff's posted (including your own) we'll get some good solid critiquing as well as complementing!  The forums just are a breeding ground for the "passer-by" though so the one-liners are inevitable I guess.

Not us die-hards though!  We're all about tearing stuff down and building it back up...  Constructively of course.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Screen Scenes: first wave vs. the second wave
« on: September 12, 2003, 12:44 PM »
I'd love all 4 of them if I could find the darn things...  Alas, it's all for not right now.

Pawlus's review of the one last night was pretty decent though, and made me want to nab it even more (And a 2nd one for customizing).

These aren't common in Pittsburgh just yet though, and actually seem to have stopped shipping since a short time when a few popped up at Targets and the odd TRU.  Now no more are being sighted by my collecting brethren in the area...  Strange.

Newbies / Re: Hi everybody
« on: September 12, 2003, 01:27 AM »
What the hell's   :-\

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Value packs
« on: September 11, 2003, 03:31 PM »
I'm hoping to find these long before I find single carded figures of the main characters at other retailers so I can save on my shopping/army building.  

Not a great figure (The clone) IMO, but with a super articulated clone coming the rehashed Saga clone's just fine and dandy as something to add variety I think.

NOT finding the Clone Wars single carded figures here shouldn't be a problem considering we haven't been getting much around here at all lately.  

Now trips to WM are a must...  Thanks for the tip on them hitting the state MisterPL!

The Original Trilogy / Ground Combat...
« on: September 8, 2003, 10:00 PM »
OK, now, being that I'm probably one of 23 people on Earth who gave Force Commander a glowing review, I'm probably in the minority as far as those who know the specifics of the game, but it brings about an interesting (to me anyway) topic on the original trilogy as I see it...

We see little on ground combat in the original films...  A commando assault on a small bunker entrance, and a "blitzkreig"-esque assault on a small defensive line whose job was just to hold up their opposition long enough for transports to take off.

Well, Force COmmander expands the area of ground combat in Star Wars some, and does it interestingly...  It shows some of the weapons of war that the Alliance use, as well as expands on the vast array of combat vehicles at the disposal of Imperial Generals and commanders.

What's your opinions or thoughts on ground combat in Star Wars then?  Have you played Force Commander to know of some of the vehicles?

What are some of your favorites if you know of any of the ground vehicles then?

Would you rather be with the Impy's or the Reb's if you had to choose one (Not morally/ethically, but which one would suit your "tactical" personality more)?

Yes, this topic is kinda lame, but I was just pondering Force Commander and how badly I want to make a fully mobile heavy tracked tank with full interior. :)  

Oh the dreams of a customizer with no time and even less $.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: September 7, 2003, 09:56 PM »
Wow, I got some more stuff going now...

I have all the SPec. Forces and am ready to do a little army building now...

I also have the strike vehicle (dune buggy), the little bird, and the dirtbike...

I saw the Blackhawk, and as much as I wanted it, I held off because I don't have the room nor do I have $60 to blow right now...  I still want one though.

And a note of news...

BBI says the Marines are ont heir way to the TRU warehouses I guess, so those should be arriving soon!  Whee!!!!  They looked like some really great figures.

BBI has also now said they're trying to develope a World War 2 line...  I am hoping for figures, and a select few vehicles at first, but mostly figures...  I want some nationalities other than U.S. forces and German forces...

Where's the brits and Canadians?  Australians?  Italians?  French Resistance?  Russians?  Japanese?  And then more Germans and U.S. too!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Happy Birthday to Jesse James!
« on: September 7, 2003, 06:03 PM »
Hey guys, thanks for the wishes.  Always welcome that kinda nice attention.

Hmmm, I wish I'd gotten some great Star Wars stuff too!   ;D  Pittsburgh's once again the Sahara for Star Wars collecting though, and pickings are slim!

Maybe my B-Day wish will come true though, and Hasbro will get some new product out this way. :)

I did however receive F-Zero GX and have been haulin' buttocks in a great racing game on my Cube, so the fun never stops here, even without new figures!

I really do appreciate the sentiments guys, thanks a bunch!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Best AOTC Anakin EVER!
« on: September 5, 2003, 03:52 PM »
I agree it's the best Anakin figure thus far...  Any film really.

I'm hoping to work on making an "ultimate" Anakin using this as the base, though he could use a bit more articulation and slightly bent forearms for holding a sabre 2-handed.

And I was disappointed that his foot ball/socket joints were so noticeable when the Carkoon Fett's is seamless.  You can really tell 2 different people sculpted these 2 figures which arrived at about the same time I guess.

The headsculpt is great though, and overall the sculpt's great really.  It's the base to an ultimate Anakin figure for sure...  Work on the leg articulation some, and some better forearms/wrist articulation and he's flawless (And soft goods, which I dig too for the Jedi at least).

The Original Trilogy / Re: Death Star Troopers
« on: September 5, 2003, 03:40 PM »
Issue 65 on Page 62...

Of interest to this guy too, is that he's wearing the headset which I believe NO other Death Star Trooper is wearing, or if they are it's not noticeable at all.  I just called them Deathstar Trooper Officers I guess...  Could be specialists but I like the officer idea better personally.

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Need complete list of all SW games for PC...
« on: September 5, 2003, 01:52 AM »

See how often I am in here? :)  Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday/Monday are gonna be rough though with school in and all.  I don't think I did much forum-ing last night at all as I recall...  Passed right out, haha.

Sorry I missed this...  ANyway, you've got a start for the games you wanna try, but remember you need the newest versions of the REALLY old PC games.

Namely, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Dark Forces which were all originally on floppy disk!  Yikes, my first games ever!

I got the X-Wing Trilogy (A boxed set) not long ago to replace my old X-Wing games so I could play them...  Well worth it.  I have yet to get a Dark Forces 95, not even sure if it exists.  I can get my DOS version to work th ough so I'm ok with that if I wanna mess with it.  Great story.

Which games haven't you played before?  

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Need complete list of all SW games for PC...
« on: September 4, 2003, 04:45 PM »
Oh, and I didn't list OLD OLD OLD games though...

Stuff like the SNES Trilogy, NES Trilogy, the Arcaded trilogy, the original arcade game...

That's all old school, but it can be emulated on PC for the most part (Not the new arcade trilogy though).

I've not personally figured out HOW to emulate them on PC but I want to emulate the Super Star Wars Trilogy from the SNES...  Those freaking games are great! :)

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Need complete list of all SW games for PC...
« on: September 4, 2003, 04:42 PM »
Oh Matt, you shoulda come to me for this.  The games are what I live for. :)

Alright, here we go (I'll try breaking this junk up for you).

PC Flight Sims:

TIE Fighter
X-Wing Vs. TIE FIghter
X-Wing: Alliance

PC Strategy:

Force Commander
Galactic Battlegrounds
Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns

PC First Person Shoothers (Doom-type games):

Dark Forces
Jedi Knight (Dark Forces 2, technically)
Mysteries of the Sith (Expansion to Jedi Knight)
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy (Soon to be released)
Republic Commando (Soon to be Released)

PC Role Playing Games:

Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG
Knights of the Old Republic

PC Miscellaneous:

Yoda Stories (I think that's its name)
Rogue Squadron (Like a Flight Simulator, but different...  Action/Flyer is the genre and I prefer it on a console myself)
Rebel Assault I
Rebel Assault II

Console Exclusives:

Obi-Wan (X-Box FPS)
Episode One Racer (N64 Racing Game)
Racer's Revenge? (I forget the name exactly and think it's a PS2 exclusive?)
Super Bombad Racer?  (Like Mario Kart, racing/fighting game,  not sure which console now)
Masters of Teras Kasai (Fighting PS2 I think)
Starfighter (PS2 Action/Flying like Rogue Squadron)
Jedi Starfighter (PS2 Action/Flying)
Shadows of the Empire (N64 Action/shooter/flight)

Rogue Squadron (N64...  Better than PC version)
Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader (Gamecube)
Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike (Gamecube)

Bounty Hunter (Gamecube and PS2)

Clone Wars (Gamecube and PS2)

OK, I tried to break that up some for you so it's easier to follow...

To me, these games are the MUST buys...

-X-Wing series (All of the Flight sims except X-Wing Vs. TIE are great games).  Great games, but find the Win. 95 versions of the earlier games for them to work properly.

-ALL of the First Person Shooters...  From Dark Forces to Jedi Academy, they're all great and they all have modding communities that have made free downloadable levels to play that many are superior to Lucasarts levels even.  Dark Forces needs a Win 95 version to work properly so keep your eyes open for that.  These are AWESOME games though (except Republic Commando which nobody has a clue about, but Academy's already getting great reviews).

-Bounty Hunter...  I played the Gamecube version and it has been the best game I've played this year.  

-ROgue Squadron series...  They're great, though I prefer them on console.  I only got the PC version to get screen captures of a rebel hovertank that I need for customizing purposes.  They're awesome though.

-Force COmmander...  I sometimes feel alone here, but this game is GREAT for a strategy game.  I'd suggest getting Galactic Battlegrounds too because it has its merits, but for realism, 3-D graphics, and true "Strategy" GB sucks.  Force Commander was an all-new game with a complete storyline that's quite compelling and tied together with large cinematic cutscenes.  Galactic Battlegrounds is an old strategy game engine using Star Wars characters in place of the AOE engine characters.  TO me it was a disappointment when the rest of the strategy gaming world is advancing to 3-D terrain maps and more personalized combat for realistic strategy.  

Basically I think Galactic Battlegrounds sucks honestly, and is an old game on an old (but proven) engine.  Force Commander was new, interesting, complex, and visually entertaining on top of being a well done game.  

The rest of the games, for the most part, I have played...  On that list actually I've only NOT played the fighting game and the latter 2 racing games (I have the original racer on N64 though, and it's less than interesting personally).

If you wanna talk games sometime you're free Matt, look me up!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Segway 1, Bush 0
« on: September 3, 2003, 04:46 PM »
After reading something I got in the mail today about the people appointed to issues pertaining to the environment by Bush, and their backgrounds, I wouldn't be surprised if he set the dog on fire after dropping it.

The read was quite disturbing, but nothing that surprised me either.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Your commute... How bad does it suck?
« on: September 3, 2003, 04:43 PM »
I have a commute where Pittsburgh-ers look at me with both shock and horror at the distance I travel.  The ironic thing is that it's really not all that  bad (Or it could be worse I guess).

I drive from my home for 45 minutes, about 39 miles, to my campus which is about 10 or 15 minutes north of Pittsburgh on Mcknight(mare) road.

I travel down Route 28, which has a portion called the "Death Stretch", but fortunately I don't hit the stuff DEEP in the city.  I'm able to exit at PA route 8 and take it North then skip through a community to the back entrance of my school.  Not too shabby really, for these parts.

Where I live though is WAY out in the sticks...  39 miles is a hefty distance away from the city.  The nice thing about Pittsburgh though is that our city is on the medium side, and we don't have the issues that cities like LA, San Fran, NY, Chi, Detroid, Philly and others have...  And the Baltimore/DC/Beltway area is the biggest Freakin' mess I've ever been in myself and puts all the others to shame.

The drive I do is pretty steady driving though with little bumper-to-bumper so it goes by faster in my mind.  When you're sitting there it changes things entirely.

This weekend I want to go to the city, deep into it like near downtown and such, and unfortunately it's the annual Irish Festival where I want to be and that damned thing backs EVERYTHING up to gridlock down in the city.  I'm not looking forward to just going out for a couple nights!  Blah.

We've discussed our traffic woes before Matt, I sympathize with your current situation and hope it improves...  Commutes blow, plain and simple.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Cantina Wave 2 Sets a No Go (For now)
« on: September 3, 2003, 04:34 PM »
Nope, the ANH Cantina had no barstools.  Ironically, the cantina in the Holiday Special DID though.  Go figure...  The stools can be removed if you don't mind a little work.  Or you can reverse the bar and the stools would be on the inside of the bar instead of the outside, but then in Wuher's way I guess.

Popping them off doesn't take much effort though.

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