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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Tragic news concerning our fearless leader.
« on: December 3, 2004, 02:17 AM »
Thanks man.  I needed that.   :P

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason
« on: December 3, 2004, 02:16 AM »
That's what I mean...  The players AND the league are what are making things unlucrative, and unfair, and generally uninteresting.  They both are to blame IMO.

I wish they'd open it up to kids who WANT to play.  I'd be amazed.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Have You Seen Me?
« on: December 3, 2004, 02:14 AM »
I don't doubt she's a skeezah, as the kids say, but...  Stone Cold and emotional distress just don't mix.  It's a tough pill to swallow. :)

What a shambles the man's life is.  I feel bad for some wrestlers who wind up with hellish lives after their career is over, but Ausin just seems like a jagoff in real life...  Like his character's not a far cry from himself.  Dude asks for it.

Zayres wasn't out this way...  Actually, neither was Target, Wal-Mart's relatively "new", Target even more so, and Toys R Us was another store unknown to my region till Children's Palace closed shop and TRU basically put a store up everywhere there was a CP.

Very weird...  Almost every store we had is gone, other than K-Mart, Sears, and Penney's...  Some other high-end dept. stores like Kauffman's or the Bon Ton.  :(  Kinda sad when you think about it.

Monkey Wards I forgot too Jason.  Though their toy area was not up to par with other stores I felt, and it like Penney's was overpriced.

Our local Penney's, where I worked, is closing shop actually, because a new mall is opening on the freeway into Pittsburgh that runs out my direction.  That's pretty sweet news in a way because everyone's banking on where Penney's (and the closed Monkey Wars still stands), is going to turn into hopefully a Wal-Mart or Target...  It'd be nice since we have NOTHING in my area...  Not that that is my area, but it's at least only 15 minutes away as opposed to 25.  :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Tragic news concerning our fearless leader.
« on: December 2, 2004, 11:54 PM »
You'd be ordered to make every thread an "official" one while locking all other discussions, post in threads even if you don't have anything to add but "very nice!", edit people's remarks without notification of why/when, and never deal with "problem" members unless they criticize the site or its staff?

that's not satire, it's honesty...  Or were you really going for satire? :)

One of what I thought was my funnier remarks was when someone said one of the "better mods" should come in and do something within a thread, and I said that "Apokolips doesn't have that power anymore". 

I don't think anyone saw it, or they didn't get it...  Or I thought it was funnier than it was.   :-\

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason
« on: December 2, 2004, 11:19 PM »
It's all just showing off...  The peacocks are strutting.

The league's doing its thing, the players are doing theirs.  And in the end, both of them are the downfall of the NHL as a lucrative, fair, and entertaining entity.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason
« on: December 2, 2004, 07:56 PM »
Nightly news here seems to usually have a blurb about there being still no progress or efforts towards progress for the Pens to have any kind of season.

The big story the other day was that they were shutting all the heating off to the Arena to save $.  Makes sense since they don't usually use the place for anything but Hockey, especially at this time of year.  Once Ringling Bros. is in and out in November, they're all hockey for the most part.

Not this year...  But usually. 

Part of me cares, part of me doesnt'.  The Steelers awesome year is blanketing over a lot of the hockey issues I think here.  If they were playing like last year, I think the No NHL thing would be more talked about, but the news casters have all they can handle every week with the Steelers coverage it seems.

I miss them playing, but I'm so irked at pro sports in general, other than Football.  The NHL's become a rich man's game down here with tickets costing over $50 a piece.  Unlike the NFL, to me the NHL's best viewed live.  The NFL I'd rather watch from home (Personal preference).  Their tickets are even more, but then again they're a winner too.  I dunno.

I'm just discouraged I guess.  I do miss hockey though because College doesn't get much TV time around here, and lower leagues get zilch.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: South Park Appreciation Thread
« on: December 2, 2004, 07:49 PM »
SP's definitely NOT for children...  Especially after watching last night's episode, that's a more solid truth than ever.  Still, it's usually not on till late so the kiddies aren't generally up to watch it anyway...  Or not the kiddies around me.

SPthe movie is really vulgar, but definitely entertaining.  Not as generally creative as single episodes can be though, like Mr. Hanky's X-Mas episode, or the Underpants gnomes, etc...  The movie was kind of a mix of a lot of different aspects introduced throughout the series into one big mess.

Sadam Hussein was one of the greatest characters ever introduced though, and he came from the film. 

"Heeeeeey Satan"  ***up pops...  something***   ;D  When I saw that in theaters, that was one of the loudest laughter bursts I've ever heard in a theater.  Too funny.  Then he did it again and it was even funnier.

If I had the $ I'd buy up the DVD sets...  Unfortunately I miss them when they're on sale all the time. :(

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Hoth Han Revisited
« on: December 2, 2004, 07:40 PM »

Check your mail.   :P

Added two more to the roster.  I want a nice sized squad of troops.  That's what I'm aiming for.  Gonna whip up some packs for them, and pauldrons, and modify some weapons so they're more rigid and can hold them well, and then I'll be set.

From then on I'll wait for cheaper versions of this to be released.

I'm planning to make a hand/blaster set for my CT versions which # over 100.  WIth poseable hands, the CT figure is really a good figure.  Not able to kneel, but a running pose (with stand), or 2-handed firing pose are all doable, and he looks great dead too.

KBZ's shot of his army shows how well I think the old one blends with the new too.  I saw people going ga-ga that the VOTC was so vastly superior, but in reality its sculpt differences are fairly subtle and the CT figure was good to begin with. 

It's like the tree in Merry Christmas Charlie Brown...  It just needs some care, and maybe a little effort, and it is a nice infantry filler.

My squad will look so lovely busting through some home-made city ruins, doing a nice "sweep & clear" of a local uprising.  :)

Seriously, this figure is the first time in my adult life I have felt like a child when buying the new toys.  I've "posed" them substantially...  I'm even to the point I have a tough time calling it "pose" and really need to just fess up that I've been playing with these guys.

Deluxe Durge was doing battle with them just a while ago.  hehe   ;D

(Jesse James in no way endorses this behavior if you are single and looking)


In all my rambling, I forgot Penney's and Sears as well.  Both had toy Departments, though as I recall, Sears only had one at X-Mas and their catalogue.  Doesn't seem like many remember shopping at Penneys for Toys though.

JCP, where I actually did my management externship, had a kick ass toy aisle in the one corner, and they had weird toys you couldn't find elsewhere either.  Sorta expensive though as I recall, but they were the ONLY place I saw Micro Collection.  Got my Bespin and Hoth sets there.  They also had the Dungeons and Dragons figures (poseable and the pre-posed pre-painted things) as I recall.

Very little otherwise though...  Catalogue had more.

Sears Catalogue had all the weird junk that I was told was a waste of money...  Sears Cantina, the Cobra base, etc...  In reality, they sort of were because cardboard didn't handle play well, but my older brother did get a Cantina because I recall the blue Snaggletooth.

I remember getting MASH figures at Sears Stores (another odd, uncommon toy) that I used as the doctors and civilians that Cobra would kidnap and G.I. Joe would have to save.  :)  I had Winchester, Hot Lips, and Hawkeye.

I wanted the trucks, but every jeep or ambulance was broken in its box.  The playset looked cool too. 

Did anyone here collect STARCOM:  The U.S. Space Force?  This was a mid-80's toy, but not one I see many people into.  I have a pretty complete U.S. collection, but none of the foreign vehicles.  I loved STARCOM though.  There's a single site dedicated to them.

I loved these things.  They're still some of the most creative toys in history if you ask me, and a great cartoon as well.

Watto's Junk Yard / South Park Appreciation Thread
« on: December 2, 2004, 06:49 AM »
I find South Park to be one of my only guilty pleasures in life.  I look forward to every new episode, I always wath re-runs unless there's a show on I can't catch again, etc.

I just really like good old South Park, and I feel we should have a good South Park thread going.

So, did anyone catch tonight's new episode?

It revolved around Miss Paris Hilton, that bastion of morality and ethics.  :) 

Great ending too.  Mr. Slave has become a truly valued character.  I thought he was a short-term thing, but he's become incredibly funny within the show.

Thoughts (of any kind) on South Park anyone?

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Tragic news concerning our fearless leader.
« on: December 2, 2004, 06:35 AM »
Damn, I was playing LOTR3rdAge or I woulda come into chat to get you to decipher that for me.  :)  I'm intrigued.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Have You Seen Me?
« on: December 2, 2004, 06:33 AM »
Emotional distress?

You're kidding right?  That bald, arrogant, fartwad is suing someone for emotional distress? 

I can only imagine him crying tears into a pillow because he's so upset by what some **** did.   ::)  That's like finding out George Patton cried because someone called him a "poop head".

The Iron Sheik's alive and kickin', as Jason mentioned...  He ain't kickin' hard, or well, but he's kickin' because he hustled his gimpy rear down to the rumble and "won" it.

The Russian probably drank himself to death with Vodka after the Berlin wall fell.

Back in the day I recall going to:

-Ben Franklin...  A small chain of odd retail stores who kinda had a specialty for craft things (thread, fabric, yarn, etc.) but who also had a general collection of other stuff too.  Got many a G.I. Joe there, and Ben Franklin stores were like fly ****.  There was one in almost every small town (yup, small towns in the boonies).  One was even right on the top of the hill in my dinky little town, and another 10 minutes away in Apollo up the river.  Weird stores, and they just all disappeared (the last of them) maybe 8 or 10 years ago.  Not all that long, considering.

-G.C. Murphy, 5&10...  These too were like fly ****, and common in small towns.  I remember the one in Vandergrift PA (the building still there), had hard-wood floors and was 2 floors actually.  An upper and lower that had different things on each level.  I got Airborne, Gung-Ho, and Snowjob at that 5&10.  There was one in Natrona Heights as well, and one in downtown New Kensington which is a ghost town now. 

The one in New Kensington had a privately owned chocolate company called Herman's too.  Herman's was the BEST chocolate ever, and I haven't had any that rivaled it.  their nonparels were unmatched to this day.

-Fisher Big Wheel...  Where every one of these were, a Big Lots now stands, but Big Lots sucks sack compared to them because Fisher Big Wheel had "new" toy lines, updated stock, and were simply great.  Pricier as I recall, and really not classier by any means, but they were pretty cool stores.

We had one of these at one of the other plazas at the top of the hill.  Big Lots, unfortunately, now occupies it.

-Hills...  Hills was THE place that I went with my mom to shop every other week when she cashed my dad's check from the mill.  We'd usually hit some other places because she had to do her two weeks of shopping on one day (back when we only had one car and Dad took it to work, but mom dropped him off at work on shopping day).

Hills was perfect.  Always had tons of toys, prices were the best, and it was always my favorite bi-weekly stop.  Hills was bought up by Ames, and Ames quickly went out of business.  Hills is another store that, not that long ago, was still in business.  :(

-Gold Circle...  Gold Circle was a store sort of like Penney's in the Pittsburgh area.  Had a good toy selection, and it's where I got my Rancor on clearance.  :)

I remember one of the VERY rare times my father set foot in a store (any store) was going to Gold Circle for something (I forget) and as he drug my mother and I throuh the store (mach speed, no looking around at anything, straight to what he wanted), we passed a bin BRIMMING with BRAND NEW G.I. Joes.  This is back before the net of course, and I was a little kid, so seeing BRAND NEW Joes just made me go ape ****.  I begged, but my father never let me get anything anywhere we went...  I was whispering my pleas to my mother.  She finally stepped in, and I'll never forget it.  She said that they were new figures, and that Cole (my brother who was sort of the favorite) would like one since they're new, and that got me a green light to get one too.  I got Flint that day, and Cole got Snake Eyes v.2 with Timber. 

Twas a grand day.  Shortly after, we went and got the rest of the Joes...  :P  Mom sure was/is good to us.

-Gee Bee...  There's a mall, which is run down and hardly used, but it's actually only about 20 minutes from my house in Natrona Heights.  The Heights, like New Kensington, are getting bad.  The mall's at the one far end though where it's still a wooded area, but the mall just never "took off".  It's strange really.

Gee Bee was like the anchor store, which is like having a piece of styrofoam for an anchor.

It was a weird store, like Hills, or any other department store, but they had WEIRD toys.  Stuff that is rare today, you'd have found at Gee Bee.  They carried Playmobil (remember that?  Target has it now, but when I was young PMB was a rarity in the toy aisle, and it still is today somewhat).  They also had a bubble gum machine that had the oddest junk you'd ever find.  Trinkets from decades ago, seriously.

I swear to god, I got a smoking monkey from it one day.  These things are meant to be lit on fire, and smoke/blow smoke rings.  Not a toy, at least even by the safety standards of my childhood, and yet I got one of these things.  Wish I still had it...  I have made a nice collection since though.  :)

-K-Mart...  K-Mart showed up in one of the other plazas on the top of the hill from me in 1982.  To be exact, it was the EXACT time G.I. Joe ARAH began because my very first Joe (Flash) came from there.  My mother came home from KM's grand opening and said she had something for me she knew I'd love. 

On that day, my love of Star Wars was pretty much over from a toy standpoint (till 89 or so), and basically I was hooked on Joes then.  They were the dominant toy of my childhood, and I can safely say I had everything except foreign things, the FLAGG, and exclusives...  Up till the late 80's early 90's anyway.

KM is still there, and now is the only decent retail store in quite some distance.  Nearest Wal-Mart is 25 minutes away at least.

-Then there's trips to the mall....

You guys who have seen the original Dawn of the Dead will know the mall that was my once, maybe twice a year jaunt...  As a child I remember feeling like the drive was unbearable, but you stuck it out (or passed out in the back seat) because this was the ONLY place with a Children's Palace!!!!!

Yes, old Children's Palace.  Got many a Joe there as well.  Now it's a car dealer, and I realize the trip there (when I'm driving) takes me all of like 40 - 45 minutes.

The mall's completely different from when I was young.  When I was young it was basically just like you see in Dawn of the Dead.  I ate the brown Derby, I shopped at Penney's, the Ice rink was there but now a food court is in its place, etc., etc...  It's bigger, they've got more stores. 

There was also a mall that's now gone near Greensburg PA, and it's been replaced by Westmoreland Mall which is just outside Greensburg, and is bigger.  There's a TOys R Us there too.  Where the old mall (GreenGate Mall, which had an ice rink too, and a HUGE fountain) was there's a SUper Wal-Mart going in, and a Target is across from it about.

Beyond that, I rarely went anywhere else...

I didn't go to Pittsburgh hardly ever till I was 12 or so when my grandmother was dying and I went with my mother to take her to the hospital a lot.  My own health was/is bad so I was at hospitals a lot around that age for myself.  That forces you into the Oakland area of the city (Where Pitt, CMU, and other universities are).

Dunno why I decided to remember all these things...  I've had this "Where'd you shop" talk with my friends several times though, and my buddy Dan always laughed at how our friend Tyson and myself can finish each other's thoughts/sentences about these stores.  He was just as into Joes and shopping at the same stores at the same times with the same habits/thoughts about them as me, and we laugh about that a lot.

I can remember every G.I. Joe I got, when I got it, where, and the specifics surrounding the moment.

I can't remember cost accounting equations and problem formats, but I remember all that other junk.  :)

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