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Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hoth Wave 2 Thoughts
« on: January 8, 2004, 12:29 AM »
Since his holster's in question, give him a removable belt.  :)  Been done before, and it could work great I'd think.  I'd dig seeing a removable belt in SW again...  Been a while for that neat feature.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Thoughts?
« on: January 7, 2004, 02:55 AM »

Wait, Where's P.W. Herman?  Shouldn't he be in here enjoying the fun banter?  Or is he a Scum only kinda guy?  Damn. :(

My thoughts are that I don't wanna go to class Monday because I'm feeling like dung.  

Thoughts on my thoughts?

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR Trilogy Figures
« on: January 6, 2004, 08:54 PM »
Saw the first trilogy figures ever in my area tonight.  A ringwraith, an Aragorn/Helm's Deep, and a Frodo w/Sting.  A pretty sorry lot really but I'm excited to nab $5 figures when I do happen upon them.

So long as TB makes sensible decisions, and makes figures available that the people want like Haradim Archers and whatnot, then I'll be happy to start buying LOTR figures routinely.

I did get the last ARmored troll TRU had tonight though.  $20 for a troll is a steal.  It's a fine troll I think.  The head rubber is definitely improved a LOT too.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Super-Articulated "VS." 2-packs?
« on: January 6, 2004, 03:01 AM »
OK, let's take it beyond army builders then some...

-Super Articulated Jango Fett Vs. Super Articulated Mace Windu...  OOOOOoooo this one could kick major ass if it had every feature to the Jango we could possibly want.

-Super Articulated Luke Jedi Vs. Super Articulated Boba Fett...  Another cool one with major possibilities, even if Luke's just done in a decent figure now.

-Super Articulated Darth Vader Vs. Super Articulated Bespin Luke.

-Super Articulated Vader (hell, even repack it) Vs. Super Articulated Jedi Luke.

-Super Articulated Vader (ANH style) Vs. Super Articulated Obi-Wan.

-Super Articulated Obi-Wan Vs. Super Articulated Zam Wessel.

-Super Articulated Obi-Wan Vs. Super Articulated Darth Maul.

-Super Articulated Qui-Gon Vs. Super Articulated Darth Maul (Tatooine Figures).

-Super Articulated Qui-Gon Vs. Super Articulated Battledroid (white).  

-Super Articulated Yoda Vs. Super Articulated Dooku.

-Super Articulated Dagobah Luke Vs. Super Articualted Dagobah Yoda (It was sort of a "Vs." thing, right? :) ).

-Super Articulated Rebel Officer (Brown Uniforms) Vs. Super Articulated Imperial Officer (Black Uniforms).

-Super Articulated Imp. Royal Guard Vs. Super Articulated Rebel Honor Guard.

-Super Articulated Imperial Tech Vs. Super Articulated Rebel Tech.

-Super Articulated Admiral Ackbar Vs. Super Articulated Admiral Piett.

-Super Articulated Grand Moff Tarkin Vs. Super Articulated ANH Leia.

-Super Articulated Wicket Vs. Super Articulated Leia Endor.

-Super Articulated Han Endor Vs. Super Articulated Imperial Officer.

Or, we could even include a Scout or Stormtrooper with SA main characters in many cases, like an ANH Stormtrooper with an ANH Han or Chewie...  You get ultimate main characters and army builders all in one set.  

This idea really could spark a whole new life to Star Wars from a play standpoint...  Giving insentive to the kiddies to get back into it for sure.  Play off the success of the G.I. Joe 2-packs that really took off.  It would be great I think.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Burger King Glasses Figures!!!!!!
« on: January 5, 2004, 05:09 PM »
I dig the Luke too Scott, and hope he's not going to become the difficult one to find.  I'd probably nab two so I could do some reproduction of the one for customs.  

The use of the smaller Biggs or Wedge bodies with a collar piece was a pretty good idea, and this really improved the Snowspeeder pack-in figure some.  It fills a Luke Snowspeeder void that the line's had since the older ones are the pinhead versions...  I'd take 2 of him I do believe.

The other glasses though, and the REALLY lame figures are just not my... uhm, cup of tea I guess. :)  

Those figures could've been better, I agree, and I'd have likely nabbed a set had they been superior figures instead of simply reissuing some already once pegwarmer status figures.  

The glasses look nice, but I can't say I would drink out of glasses like that...  Display maybe, but I don't really want glasses except my vintage ones.  These just don't interest me enough I guess.

Saga '02-'04 / Super-Articulated "VS." 2-packs?
« on: January 5, 2004, 05:04 PM »
BobaFett14, a guy I know from my local collector group mentioned this idea over at before, and it's one I really love.

It's a "Vs. 2-pack" idea with Super Articulated Army Builder-type figures sold together on a single card.  Imagine the possibilities though!

-SA Clone Vs. SA Battledroid
-SA Stormtrooper Vs. SA Rebel Fleet Trooper
-SA Scouttrooper Vs. SA Endor Rebel Trooper
-SA Snowtrooper Vs. SA Hoth Rebel Trooper
-SA Jedi Knight (Various) Vs. SA Super BattleDroid or Destroyer Droid
-SA Rebel Pilot Vs. SA Imperial Pilot

That's a pretty cool idea to me though, and could include lots of other characters/ideas...  Like what about a SA Fett Vs. SA Han or Luke maybe?

The army builder idea though rocks...  Great way to get army builders (Good SA versions) out en masse to the people and at a fair price for 2 good figures.  

I would sink tons of $ into this idea...  I mean a lotta dough.  It's one of the better army building ideas I've heard in ages, and would seem to apply to other aspects of the line as well beyond army builder figures.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hoth Wave 2 toughts
« on: January 4, 2004, 09:39 PM »
I'd take a couple Hoth waves actually...  I think there's lots of improvements to be made to the figures all around, such as:

Wave 2, Basic Figures:

-Super Articulated Hoth Han...  soft-goods hood that folds down, removable hat and goggles.  Include a 50% of run variation where he's snowcovered, and that would rock (For an outdoors Han).  And of course, both versions come in both blue and brown again. :)  

-Major Derlin...  Decently articulated body, removable hat and goggles, working holster with blaster sidearm, cloth scarf piece attached to helmet.

-Hoth Astromech/Gonk 2-pack...  A white Gonk with the top-mounted power ports, and any astromech from echo base they've yet to make in a single set (Reuse the Gonk and astromech bodies of course).

Wave 2, Ultra Figure:

-Torryn Farr with Hoth Ion Control Console...  A LARGE (bigger than the sensor readout with Riekean) screen, command chair, and Torryn's sporting 14 points of articulation with a removable headset.  Light-up screen for Ion control wouold be nice.

Wave 3 Basic Figures:  

-Hoth Luke...  Basic Luke (not damaged), with improved articulation at the legs/mid-arms.  Working holster with blaster, removable hat w/cloth scarf and removable goggles (good ones).  I like the Saga figure, but a basic one that was more poseable with more "stuff" would've been nice.  

-Hoth Leia...  Super Articulation, or as close as they could get, and maybe have her come with some Echo Base accessories like boxes or whatnot for the hallways of Echo Base for the "Scruffy Nerfherder" moment?  An EU Datapad would be neat too since she was busy getting the base set up and all.

-Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot...  Generic Pilot figure with blue emblem helmet (Or could be a Dak figure).  Include head variation Wedge and Hobbie even?  12-14 POA  on them.

Wave 3 Ultra Figure:

-Hoth Rebel Technician w/ Vehicle Maintenance Energizer...  True-scale (new) Veh. Energizer with hoses, tools, etc...  Hoth Technician includes a removable hat, and decent articulation.

Wave 4 Basic Figures:

-Super Articulated Hoth Rebel Footsoldier...  Just as the name says...  Removable helmet with head variants would be neat, but not necessary.  Simple head variants with molded on hats would be nice though.  A cloth scarf on one would rock too.  Good plastic used on the backpacks and rifles as well, and a working holster with sidearm of course.  I'd buy  this one in droves.

-Luke Snowspeeder Pilot...  New sculpt from the previous generic one, and include a grappling hook weapon that attaches to Luke's belt, working holster with blaster pistol, and sabre connects to his belt as well (removable blade).  Removable helmet of course as well.

-Hoth Rebel Officer...  Head variant of the Derllin figure released with a backpack, macrobinoculars, and a blaster rifle for out in the trenches.

Wave 4 Ultra Figure:

-Multi-piece Anti-Infantry Tower (Large tower from trenches)...  Just the tower, no figure necessary, but would be a great set...  Comes in pieces so you build it, and can take it apart like it's blown up.  Door opens and it has an interior w/ladder to the port out the top.  Perfect for the new officer with his binoculars!


-Hoth Trench playset...  They make a full-scale piece of trench, for maybe $15 or $20...  The trench can interconnect turned any direction to the same set, so you buy more and can make a zig-zag trench diorama like...  The set includes:  

-Super Articulated Snowtrooper with cloth mask and skirt piece, working holster, no rank bars (Just a grunt).  

-Hoses/power boxes.

-1 Rebel tri-pod cannon (collapsable).

$20 would make this a great piece I think...  Lots of fun, and one everyone would want multiples of I'd wager.  :)  I'd buy it I'm sure, and would love how it would look with the anti-infantry tower too.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Ice Cream Maker Guy
« on: January 4, 2004, 09:11 PM »
He isn't really interesting, but he'd make great fodder as far as I'm concerned so I'm sure, so long as Hasbro did him really well, I'd buy a couple of him.  

I wonder if he has an assistant?  Be cool to get a variation too. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Happy Birthday to OCB!
« on: January 1, 2004, 02:07 PM »
Happy B-Day to you today Scott, and I hope you have a blast with your new hove-a-round judging by the photo.

And a belated happy B-Day to Stan of course as well.  

NY B-Days huh?  Hope neither of you got hosed on getting less stuff since it's so close to X-Mas.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: video game characters
« on: January 1, 2004, 02:03 PM »
I'm not gonna argue there...

-Dark Forces/Jedi Knight:

-Kyle Katarn, Jedi Knight (Jedi Knight)
-Kyle Katarn, Rebel Agent (Dark Forces)
-Kyle Katarn, Dark Jedi (Mysteries of the Sith)
-Jan Ors (Jedi Knight)
-Imperial Heavy Weapons Trooper (Jedi Knight)
-General Mohc, Dark Forces Project Leader (Dark Forces)
-8T-88 (Jedi Knight Series)
-Jerec, Dark Jedi Leader (Jedi Knight)
-Sariss, Female Dark Jedi (Jedi Knight)
-Bohc, Twi'Lek Dark Jedi (Jedi Knight)
-Yun, Dark Jedi Training (Jedi Knight)
-Maw, Crippled Dark Jedi (Jedi Knight)
-Gorc/Pic, Twin Brother Dark Jedi (Jedi Knight)
-Qu Rahn, Jedi Knight (Jedi Knight)
-Morgan Katarn (Jedi Knight)
-WeeGee, Katarn Family Droid (Jedi Knight)
-8T-88's Gran Thug (Jedi Knight)
-Reborn w/color variants (Jedi Outcast)
-Sith Cultists w/variants (Jedi Academy)
-Customizeable figure for Main Character (Jedi Academy)
-Mara Jade (Mysteries of the Sith)
-Phase I Darktrooper (Dark Forces)
-Phase II Darktrooper (Dark Forces)
-Phase III Darktrooper (Dark Forces)
-Accessory pack (w/Fusion Cutter, Railgun, Stormie Rifle, Briar Pistol, Extended Stormie Rifle, Thermal Det. Bandoleir, IM Mines, Lightsabre hilts and blades, Shield Pack, Phrik Sample, Death Star Plans, Backpack, Disruptor Sniper Rifle, 8T-88's arm/data pad, Morgan Katarn Holograph)

-Raven's Claw (Jedi Academy)
-Mara Jade's Ship (Mysteries of the Sith)
-Moldy Crowe Vehicle (Jedi Knight)

X-Wing/TIE Fighter Series:

-Keyan Farlander (X-Wing)
-Maarek Steele (TIE Fighter)
-Ace Azzameen (X-Wing: Alliance)
-Olin Garn (X-Wing: Alliance)
-Aeron Azzameen (X-Wing: Alliance)
-Antan Azzameen (X-Wing: Alliance)
-Emon Azzameen (X-Wing: Alliance)
-Carmen Viraxo (X-Wing: Alliance)
-MK-09 Droid (X-Wing: Alliance)

-Tons of vehicles

Force Commander:

-Lt. Brenn Tantor (Imperial Uniform)
-Lt. Brenn Tantor (Rebel Uniform)
-Brenn Tantor (Stormtrooper Uniform)
-Dellis Tantor (Imperial Uniform
-Dellis Tantor (Rebel Uniform)
-Dellis Tantor (Stormtrooper Uniform)
-General Tulon
-General Taskeen
-Imperial Artillery Pilot
-Rebel Transport Pilot
-Rebel Tanker
-Rebel Swoop Scout

-Tons of Vehicles

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Unbelievable Scout Walker
« on: December 30, 2003, 04:08 PM »
Someone in Poland has a lot of time, and a lot of plywood. :)

But, I'm curious...  If you're gonna go through the effort of making such a HUGE thing, why not make it 1:1 scale and have it lifesized instead of just being a hair under-scaled?

Did Michael Sabotage the materials supplied to the buiilder so he couldn't do a true 1:1 item?  Hmmm, conspiracy theories already begin to swirl like the curls of a mullet.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Where's Yoda?
« on: December 30, 2003, 01:59 PM »
Most all sources claim he's been on Dagobah since the fall of the Jedi...  Guess he's just chilling out in the swamps I suppose.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Target = Marked Down Prices
« on: December 30, 2003, 01:55 PM »
I need to get back out and look...  I want an Obi CW for customizing as well as some others.  And x'ing my fingers in hopes of finding some Wave 3 CW lying about...  Namely Clone troopers!

Could use the screen scenes on clearance for fodder but they've not gone on sale and the Mace Windu one (the one I really wanted to hack apart) is non-existant anywhere but TRU.  Wonder if I can get a pricematch there?  Hmmm...   :-\

Beyond that, stuff's pretty well clearing out to just Wave 1 Clone Wars stuff...  Still Jedi Fighters lying about though, and some Droid Launchers...  Hopefully Saga will take its place.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: RUMORS FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: December 30, 2003, 01:52 PM »
Wow, now that's a nice breakdown of the rumor list there Scott!  Even better than the one above there I posted in.

Great work with all the pictures.  That's making things a LOT easier to follow since some of the names were vague to me!

My top 3 are still Hermi Odle (I want him to come with apples!), Death Star Trooper, and Stormtrooper...

I just hope the latter two have super articulation and great army building features like working holsters and removable headgear ('cept maybe the stormie).

Hem Dazon's a nice one too since he's my top Cantina Alien personally, and Dannik Jerricho's my second most wanted Cantina Patron.

I'm only slightly disappointed by the lack of army builder-type figures, though there are a handful like the Cloud Car pilot and figures who've already been confirmed for next year I suppose.  

I'm curious just how much of that gets made...  That' seems like a LOT of figures for even a movie year to see. :)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: 2004 Figures Release List
« on: December 30, 2003, 01:46 PM »
Hermi Odle, Death Star Trooper, and Stormtrooper are the most anticipated on the list for me I would say...  All 3 I want to see done or redone, and the latter two I'm hoping for super articulation and great features (working holster, removable helmet, etc.).

I'm curious how the rumor mill will pan out ultimately but that is indeed a nice list going there.

Great work compiling it all together Scott.

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