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Seems a fine topic to me...  I was glad you posted the link Virex, it saved me doing the search.  I don't see a problem with it right now.

His price is very low on it...  Finally.

$150 is not unreasonable at all for a to-scale (Not 1 to freakin' 1 scale) 1:18-ish Millenium Falcon I think.  Good for him...

This gorgeous piece is an original design by New Jersey Artist Michael Fright, who has been featured in The Courier Post and other periodicals. Any serious Star Wars fan will be proud to feature this piece in their collection.

Boy I sure hope his hand didn't get tangled in his "haircut" when he patted himself on the back there!  And it's not an "original design".

WTF?  It's the Millenium Falcon!  It's an original design to LFL, not Michael Fright. :)  

Anyway, he's at least got this quite reasonably priced for the size and details he did I think.  I mean it is 4 feet long.  Good for him...  and semi-reasonable shipping too at $40.  Coulda asked for more but I think he was fair.

I still don't get why you'd make these things to sell them though, unless he's in need of some cash flow which then is understandable.  To me though, when I accomplished a to-scale Falcon I'd wanna play with it. :)  Heft it on my back and make "Woosh" sounds while running with it in my front yard...  My plume of long hair (in the back) flowing as I ran...

ok ok ok, I'll stop.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Worst Part of Clone Wars
« on: August 26, 2003, 05:13 PM »
You guys are harsh...  I like Yoda. :)

Now Durge...  Durge just bites it.  Lame, and looks like he should be fighting the "Super Friends" instead of in the Clone Wars.  Blah...  The embodiment of what's wrong with EU writing and conceptualizing.  Nothing "new", just borrowed...  Borrowing is cool, but get some freakin' creativity going.

His bolo is a neat weapon though, I will admit that.

His "jousting" on a swoop is stupid though.

Joe Defender / Re: G.I. Joe Toys Thread
« on: August 26, 2003, 12:42 AM »
G.I. Joe makes Hasbro buttloads of $, it's amazing...

The new figures are kinda bogus compared to old, but the concepts of some of the kick so much @$$ it's depressing when one comes out and you're disappointed.

Did any of you guys see that Snyper figure?  Dood has a cloth camo thing made from a football jersey fabric.  It's simply genius, and this guy easily would've been one of my favs, not to mention he has a removeable belt, removeable boonie hat, and removeable web gear!?!?  WTF?  Where's all this with a Star Wras figure???  :)

The rifle he has rocks too.  This long-range sniper rifle, it's really neat.

If he had better shoulder joints, and the hands were sculpted more like the original ARAH figures were, he'd be one hell of a great toy.  

I pick a Joe pack up now and then for custom pieces for Star Wars.  I nabbed the Cobra surgeon and thought the concept alone was amazing.  I'd have dug a mad doctor for Cobra. :)

To be a Joe collector today would be fun, but the product just isn't what it was when I was younger.  I miss the very original figures...  I remember the first I got at the (Back then) brand new K-Mart up here, as well as the later new figures I found at the 5 and 10 in the next town up.  This was before a trip to the mall was simple, and you got there maybe twice a year...  

The feeling I had when I first found Flint at the Local Gold Circle, or the feeling I had when I found ALL of the first Gung-Ho/Airborne wave at the 5 and 10 have yet to be compaired to.  And seeing the original straight arms for the first time was like love at first sight.  I was hooked, and owned almost everything ever put out then for them...  Except the Sears exclusive Cobra items, and the Flagg which wouldn't fit in our rooms.  We had all the rest (My brothers and I) and loved them.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Tarkin
« on: August 26, 2003, 12:34 AM »
That's good news, and I hope he has a VERY powerful role.  He desserves it...  Cushing deserves it as a sort of homage to him.  He was such a superb actor.  Second only (And not even in my personal opinion, but that of the public I think) to Sir Alec Guiness.  

Tarkin's character needs to really be someone of power and intellect though.  Not a yutz like some of the villains, but someone who's equally as vicious and evil as the Sith Lords, and maybe even knows what's going on somewhat.

He certainly seemed to know much about Vader's past in ANH, and was ok with how things turned out obviously, so I cannot wait, and I have big hopes for this guy and his eventual figure.

Nicklab's idea for the actor is good too...  British, evil looking, definitely a resemblance to Cushing, and is already known to be a good actor.  Can't ask for much more.

The "Buffy" guy Spike doesn't strike me as quite as nice a choice.   :-\

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
« on: August 26, 2003, 12:27 AM »
Hey guys,

Check out Rebelscum for some coverage they have up right now of new screenies from Rebel Strike.  Some nice, though dark shots, and good information on upcoming levels that hadn't been mentioned before.

A couple of them sound particularly "military" in nature and like good non-trilogy based levels that should make the game feel unique.

I was hoping they'd have something to keep it from being too much of a "Play the trilogy" type of a game.  Those are often over-done.

Joe Defender / Re: G.I. Joe Toys Thread
« on: August 25, 2003, 04:03 PM »
Same here for me as Mikey.

I loved Joe more than Star Wars...  I used to take my allownce, buy a JOe, then use the rest to buy clearance Star Wars figures for their stuff.  Han Endor's jacket and gun immediately went to my favorite Joe...  Same with Indiana Jones figures and weapons.  

Cobra Commander locked Kick-@$$ with one of the hooded cobras from the Well of Souls Playset.  The Monkey rocked as an accessory for my favorite Joe too.  

My favorite Joe at first was Airborne, weird choice I know, but eventually it was a mix of the Tan tank's driver (I cannot believe I've forgotten that tank's name), his body specifically, with a head from a guy I felt looked like me...  :)  It was a "Me" as G.I. Joe even before they had the idea for a mail-away for a "You as Joe" promotional figure.

And of course, my favorite Joe rode motorcycles...  Fisherprice ones I believe, from their dirtbike/motocross set.

G.I. Joe was the best though, and looking back I'd have to say my favorite piece were the two hang-gliders.  There was a Joe and Cobra one, they were foam.  Those things flew really high and would stay in the air for very long periods of time.  An open field and they would just go forever.

I had the Cobra, and my brother Cole had the Joe, and we both lost them to our dog Pepper who chewed them up.  They were a blast for the 2 weeks we had them though.

I'd say I enjoyed Wedge as a character more because he has more scenes and whatnot.  Plus Wedge is "every man" in the Star Wars universe...

He's the young newbie pilot in ANH, he's the able bodied 2nd officer come ESB, and by ROTJ he's the seasoned veteran and a leader.  You see evolution in a very secondary character.

Ackbar you see in ROTJ only...  He's got character, like he seems like the type of guy who hates war but is good at his job.  He even looks relieved, as if he knows the battle is going to go his way after the Executor is disabled and subsequently destroyed.

I had Ackbar beer battered and deep fried Thursday night though so I really have to go with Wedge as a better character at this point.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: And the West Virginia sniper is...
« on: August 22, 2003, 05:13 PM »
Ha!  I knew it!

It's a comic book conspiracy, nothing to do with Cocaine at all like we were lead to believe...

Worst shootings ever.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Why Do You Collect?
« on: August 22, 2003, 05:04 PM »
For Star Wars it's a mix of nostalgia, a personal love and interest of the military aspect of the films, an enjoyment of having small poseable and accurate toys of the films I love...  I'm one of the rarer breed who takes my stuff from its shelf to "pose" it...  Play with it if you will, but whatever. :)

For The X-Treme Detail line from 21st Century it's all about my love of the military and military history.  To see accurate poseable figures...  Build dioramas as if they're still photos of life-changing events.  My one friend who I knew for years and who served in WW2 was blown away by some of the detail I showed him o n a German figure once...  He said it was like staring at a statue of some of the men he saw on the opposing side.  He said it's a stir of mixed emotions, and that he was proud that I had enough interest and respect to buy these and to learn about the times he lived in.  I wish he'd lived long enough to see the Battle of the Bulge U.S. infantryman, because he served at the Bulge and wore exactly what this figure came with.  

My love of the BBi 1:18 Elite Force figures which are shipping now (They're all modern military) is just that they're freakin' amazing. :)  Working holsters, removeable belts, tons of  accurate accessories, tons of cheap and to-scale vehicles...  They're fun toys...  I don't even fully support the war (Just the troops) we're in at this moment but damned if they don't have some neat little toys representing them.  They're just fun to have...  Like the XD line I won't buy them all (Can't afford to and nowhere to keep it all) but I'll enjoy what I can get.

I do enjoy posing, playing, or whatever with my figures...  Dioramas inside, outside, LOTS of customizing and tweaking, scratch ship building...  These are the things that keep me interested in Star Wars even through its darkest times (I think we had the darkest times ever in the past year, both in quality and availability).  That's why I collect I guess.  

Power of the Jedi / Re: Force Files?
« on: August 22, 2003, 04:52 PM »
They're the exact size of business cards, so Business Card Holders are something I'd head of and I decided to store mine that way.

I love the Force Files.  I wish this is something that we saw even today, but not at the expense of the figure's overall quality.  They were some of my favorites though, and they make a unique thing to have a complete set of too.

I even want to make a couple custom ones some day for the final figures released who didn't get a FF.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Clone Trooper Multi Packs
« on: August 21, 2003, 12:20 AM »
The rumor was an all-new white clone sporting 14 points of articulation.  Now, I'm hoping that figure is still on tap.

If he is, these packs are perfectly fine by me as army building fun for all!  Go to em I say.  And it would make sense to do something along these lines to get clone variety out there in an exclusive format while the single carded white poseable clone ships at the same time and everyone searches high and low for multiples of it.

If THESE are the "new white clone" though, then I'm disapopinted.

The red clone's articulation didn't lend it to many fun poses, and it certainly NEVER could acheive any level of a neutral pose, that's for sure.  Much like the 3-pack clones, they don't strike me as "great" unless there's a neutral and still poseable version.

Then the extreme posed clones are great in my book, but only then.  Same goes for all army builders though as I see it.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Isnt it time for a Resculpt of Ben Kenobi OT
« on: August 20, 2003, 05:00 AM »
I'd dig a new poseable Ben with soft goods...  His head could use a new sculpt for sure.  Even the POTJ one was a tad weak.  I think they could definitely do better there.

With good cloth on his skirt piece and a cloth robe you could take off, they could make one sweet "Old Ben" figure I think though, that was good for multiple scenes...  Even his duel with Vader.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Bounty Hunter Pack: Have You Found It?
« on: August 20, 2003, 04:58 AM »
MisterPL, these should be working over to you...

They're in Pittsburgh, and are as stale as week old croutons.  They're just sitting...

This set is just sorta poor from head to toe.  The Bossk (And while I love my Trandoshans even) is completely uninspiring.

The IG-88 is overly redundant at this point (paint him white and give us IG-72 for cripes sake).

The craptastic Aurra Sing is just like the POTJ version of her figure, and cannot hold her swoop bike right because they needed to retool her one arm.  Also, making her 2nd holster functional would've been nice, I mean you have the gun mold already and it would take a VERY slight retooling to do that and the one arm, ya know?  

The Boba Fett is only redeeming if you don't already have one, and he wasn't exactly tough to find...  If you're a customizer and want to make a 2nd Fett, maybe he's cool for that reason too.

The weapons ALL were bent that I've seen so far...  Aurra's rifle, Boba's rifle (I've seen it bent almost in half it's so cheap), etc...  It's just sad.

There is ONE good thing though.

The Swoop bike is nicely detailed to be an accurate swoop for Aurra...  It's a beautiful sculpt they did to the additions like her seat is extended, there's saddlebags, and even the skull she has mounted to the front of her hog.  THAT is nice, and if I pick this up it's going to be for that swoop and the swoop alone.  

Aurra does sit nicely on the swoop, but damned if that one arm won't go on the controls and it looks awkward and stupid...

Oh, and I think they made a hook for her long rifle on the swoop, which is kinda cool too.  Like I said, that Swoop is really a nice piece, but for $20 I'm still iffy.  I'd have to justify it by finding a goood use for the other crap in the set.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Emperor, Faytonni, WA-7, Vader and Luke
« on: August 20, 2003, 04:51 AM »
I have to admit the Republic Officer figures are looking sharp.  Remember, these guys are the building blocks of the Imperial Officer corps someday.  Why, Lt. Faytonni could very well be a fleet Admiral by the time of ANH even.   ;D

The Vader sorta P's me off because he's trashed by an action feature...  The head is great though, and since an "ultimate Vader" has been on my to-do list, and since I have most of the parts I want to use already, the new/improved head will be great!

The Waitress droid isn't exactly interesting, but is one sharp looking figure.  Kinda like those archive droids were about as interesting as butterless toast, but still came out as nice figures for what they were.

The Luke doesn't even deserve negative comments, it sucks that bad that wasting your breath on it is a travesty.  Of course look for my review of it which I'm sure will be vicious! :)  I do see 2 redeeming features though.  The sabre looks awesome, and the base looks pretty neat.  What a bogus figure though.

The Emperor is weird...  Does he have a complete headsculpt under that hood?  I mean, what a neat customizing idea then.  A hood down Emperor Palpatine, or a bitchin' Palpatine with soft goods.  I mean, the dood has to shower and stuff sometimes and take that hood down once in a while you'd think.  Or he's got the dark side all over...  Even his smell.

I kinda dig the Emperor though mostly because we have a walking Emperor, a sitting Emperor, and now a couple lightning Emperors...  I'd still like one really nicely poseable one with soft-goods though.  It's yet another "to-do" list custom figure I guess because his likelihood of Hasbro doing him lessens with every year.

Other Toy Lines / Got BBi stuff tonight!!!!
« on: August 20, 2003, 01:16 AM »
OH MAN!!!!

It's freaking great!

I got 2 of the U.S. Special Forces Army figures, the 2 weapons packs, and the Littlebird helicopter.

I cannot help but praise these.  THey're freaking amazing toys, and you guys GOTTA grab these.  

Be careful with the figures, as limbs are breaking because they're sticking.  Heat them in hot water if necessary, and dismantle the arm then rebuild it so you don't have this problem.  At the first sign of too stiff to turn, do this.

The weapons are TWICE as good as before, because BBi actually listened and used stiffer plastic!  They're great now!  The pistols with tracers are my favorite weapons I think though.  My army doods replaced their old pistols with these ones.

The figures have some bad paintjobs if you aren't careful, so watch the eyes mostly.  I got a cross-eyed breacher.  :(  He's still got a bitchin' buzzcut though and is a great sculpt.  Far superior to 21st Century headsculpts or even Star Wars.

The Helicopter is the highlight of my night.  An all-new pilot with removeable helmet and unique head, the helicopter has multiple configurations, opening doors, turning rotors, FULL painted detail inside.

This thing is freaking flawless.  And $20...  Yes, $20 for this compared to the cheap rehash TIE from Hasbro for $30 at Kay Bee toys...   Feel a lil ripped off by Hasbro yet?

I also saw the Dirtbike, recon buggy, and Humvee as well as all the Navy SEALS and the other U.S. Army doods (I Only got 2), but I was a bit too poor last night to buy more. :(  I wanted to so much though, these figures are simply flawless if you ask me.

The articulation at the elbows still bothers me, and I wish BBi would go to hinge joints instead of the 45 degree pivoting joint for elbows, but I can deal with it and it does work well.

These army guys rock!  They're gonna fly off shelves I think, but the SEALS aren't as interesting because they've got the sculpted on ski masks and such.  I like how each head is unique, and while sort of expressionless the guys don't look "blank" in the face either.

THESE are the ultimate army builders!  Even removeable belts on them!  Come on Hasbro, catch up PLEASE!

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