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Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jedi Points on Ebay? Give me a break!
« on: July 23, 2003, 07:00 PM »
My recommendation is not to hate this guy selling his...  Hate the concept Hasbro came up with.  Hate the fact they are basically doing something to use up the Jedi Master Points without having to "give back" to the people who have loyally bought their half-hearted product just because we love Star Wars.

Hate anyone, hate Hasbro.  That guy just saw an opportunity, and I hardly blame him for what he's done.  

I'm personally keeping my JMP's...  Maybe another offer will be made, but the auction idea doesn't entice me at all and I have the figures they've mentioned so far and don't want any more of them, even if I could sell them for outrageous prices.  

Maybe someone who really needed them will get them...  I can hope.

It's just a whole sham to me...  I do see it as insulting to the loyalty we've shown over these years, and believing that we'd actually ALL get to use our points some day in a promotion that benefits the masses instead of just a select few.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Star Trek
« on: July 23, 2003, 06:50 PM »
I agree that a 3.75" line would've enticed me to collect some ST figures, should they have been heavily articulated anyway.

AA's stuff looks nice, but I just can't afford larger scale figures anymore.  About $6 or $7 is my maximum per figure price range I think.

XD's $5.99 so I go with it...  BBi's are $4.99 which is a steal, and they're making multi-packs now so they are going to be a little cheaper I think...  Dragon's figures are few and far between and I only ever want one of each so that's cool.

A Star Trek line would break the bank, but if it were 3.75" scale, and diverse like the Star Wars line has been (With army builder-type figures too), and some vehicles and playsets...  Well, I'd gladly part with the $ for it.  The customizing possibilities would be as limitless as Star Wars has been, probably even easier considering the 'uniform" nature of the series and films.

I'd prefer modern series figures BTW, as opposed to the classic series or films...  I much preferred TNG and DS9 to anything.

It's a shame what Playmates did to the line and its fans.  Kinda like what Hasbro's doing to Star Wars right now, or what Hasbro/Kenner did to the Batman line...  Not pretty.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: KB Tie Fighter is Shipping
« on: July 22, 2003, 08:15 PM »
Yeah, the "change" wasn't what the majority were hoping for...  Especially when way back some Hasbro reps said they were hoping to do an "FX TIE Fighter" at one of the cons last year, or the year prior...  Even mentioned the bigger solar panels as I recall.

If I get this, it's with the hope that I can somehow reproduce the cockpit over and over to "spoof up" the TIE's I have...  Maybe make my own Solar Panels for it some day then to have the standard fighter.

Another one of those "Who were they listening to, because it wasn't us" moments I guess.  

Now, give the OLD cockpit bigger solar panels (to-scale ones) and I'd be buying these ships up at  $30 a piece.  I'd want at least 3, maybe more...  12 would look damn dandy I think.   ;D

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Knights of the Old Republic
« on: July 22, 2003, 04:29 PM »
Yeah, I'm going with darkside first too...

I believe my friend Dan summed that up best by saying this in an email to me today;

"Yeah, so you can choose your own path and if you wanna be a dark or light jedi guy.  so of course I'm gonna be a d!ck and go with the dark jedi thing first. :) "

hehe...  Sounds pretty fun to me.

I was telling him how something similar was in Jedi Knight back in the day...  Made a more interesting game for sure.

PC version shouldn't be too far behind so hopefully before long, and so long as my computer can handle  it.  I'm in desparate need of an upgrade though (My CD-ROM is a 24x, hehe :)  Sad huh?)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Imperial Officer Brown Hair, Scarce?
« on: July 22, 2003, 04:24 PM »
Yeah I'm with Matt...

All 4 were tough to find, and it's yet another "WTF Hasbro!?" situation I think...

These things are a license to print money for Hasbro...  I may rag on that RFT but he'll still sell if they shipped the head variants.  The Impy FLIES off shelves generally.  The only 2 I found was one with a damaged card at Wal-Mart (blonde) and a brown haired one at the local collector group's summer social.

The black haired RFT I've seen multiple times, but he's the only one I've found regularly (And I mean 3 times when I say regularly).

If Hasbro released those IO head variants over and over I bet they'd always sell.  release them in grey uniforms and they'll sell yet again...

I'd buy those every time I walked into a store if I could, but nobody at Hasbro seems to realize how well that one figure with 3 head variants sells.  The POTJ figure even sold out immediately before anyone else in his wave.

Wish I could find more...  I'll be content with the one of each I got though (And multiple POTJ guys since he was actually semi-easy to get).

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: July 22, 2003, 04:19 PM »
I hear that DCF!

The thing is huge...

BBi's also releasing:

1:18 dune buggy (Delta Force scout/recon vehicle? with driver and maybe 2nd figure, I forget)
1:18 dirtbike (Delta Force vehicle again with rider)
1:18 littlebird chopper (with pilot)
1:18 Humvee (They're out from the 1st series but I hear a redo of them is going to be made available, which I'd like because 21st's humvee is lacking)

Coupled with the Marine 3-packs in desert camo, and the machine gunner 2-pack in woodland green camo.

Good BBi year...  :)

Other Toy Lines / Re: Scale Figures: How Important is it to You?
« on: July 22, 2003, 04:14 PM »
But right there the Gunship should've had a cheaper pricepoint then, if it had dramatically higher production rates than what 21st's product have been.  

Though I'm not sure I agree with that sentiment because 21st has utilized their molds over and over via repaints, so their production #'s are, quite possibly, close to what that of the Gunship is...

For instance, the Stuka was first released in the flying pig markings version...  Then the DAK camo version, then a spinach camo online exclusive, and now winter white is shipping to TRU's (And it  wouldn't ship if they weren't selling...  TRU is very picky with 21st about product moving).  

But, the idea that the Gunship had a higher production run means they had higher sales to retail establishments, so by all intents and purposes they should've made their $ back and then some (Hasbro that is)...  

Price point's are generally established early into production determined on the costs of course.  If 21st can create something larger and genuinely better (than the Gunship) for the same price, but not utilize the major costs of mold toolings and such by having a shorter production run, then Hasbro should be able to have had the Gunship come in at a cheaper price point in theory...  I honestly think that's why we saw it clearanced quickly...  I think it was overpriced to begin with (most items are in retail, but I think the Gunship was exagerrated in price more than the usual percentage increases to allow for "sales" and clearance).

Every companies motivation are to keep pricepoints as low as possible for their product offered, and to minimize costs while still making quality product (or services) to the consumer.  I think the thing I'm trying to say is that they can come in at the pricepoint they HAVE been coming in at and deliver a better, and to-scale product if they tried...

Other companies are doing it.

The excuse of the contract with LFL isn't holding up anymore either if you ask me, because 21st Century has multiple expensive contracts they've paid out as well, coupled with their being a private company that faced a buy-out within the last 2 years by Jakks Pacific...  They're paying out royalties to others just the same, to use the names and likenesses of various product and personalities.  

They're also nowhere near the size of Hasbro and have nowhere near the financial "ability", and yet they set the bar or standard Hasbro should work to attain but rarely ever does.

I think Hasbro's capable of more, but they're generally unwilling to bend.  It's not something I've come to expect from them.  It happens sometimes, and I think they deserve criticism when it doesn't, but it's really something I've just come to not expect of them as a company.  I really think it's part of the issue with the line's overall declining popularity though...  

The fact  that the Star Wars franchise as a whole is declining in popularity doesn't help either, but Hasbro's not helping by their refusal to admit that the toy industry IS a competition, and that brand loyalty isn't what it once was.

Newbies / Re: I Just Wanted to Say...................
« on: July 22, 2003, 03:52 AM »
Always nice to see the ranks growing around here...  Definitely a worthy home for the weary of the collecting world.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: July 22, 2003, 03:50 AM »
BBi's New Blackhawk Due Out Soon!!!
Look at this honkin' HUGE thing!!!  :)  I totally was NOT gonna get into modern 1:18 but I can't help but to want this thing, and to fill it with those 1:18 marines BBi is making.  

That's a freakin' huge toy, and check out that detail.  People at the SDCC who saw this in person were speechless.  BBi's stepping things up a notch, and 21st Century has serious competition now.  If BBi's things wind up at brick & mortar retailers like they promised, 21st is gonna have to play some serious catch up.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Scale Figures: How Important is it to You?
« on: July 22, 2003, 03:46 AM »
Those are 1:6 scale vehicles though Nick, and a 1:6 scale vehicle is bigger than anything Hasbro's made or will make...

The 1:18 scale vehicles are full scale though, with no compromises, and they sell fairly well...   For $45 I got the P-38 and the Stuka airplanes...  Both are vastly more complex than the Gunship, both incorporate greater level of detail, both include pack-in pilot figures (with 18 points of articulation each AND accessories like stands and oxygen masks), both sold relatively well...

The Gunship is smaller, less detailed, no pack-in, and had to be clearanced.  On top of it being hardly comparable to the aforementioned XD vehicles it wasn't to-scale and yet was priced similarly...

It just doesn't balance out.

I think Hasbro's capable of to-scale vehicles...  I think even the Falcon, if they actually did it in sections, and did it properly, could sell well enough...  

I'm not so sure about the AT-AT or a barge...  They're less "known" or recognizeable than the Falcon.

Smaller ships like the Gunship, X-Wing (or any fighter/speeder), AT-ST, etc...  Those things are easily done to-scale though.  Some are really quite close (Including the gunship, it's substantially closer to scale than the Y-Wing, or something similar to that).

I think Hasbro's view on vehicles is more quantity over quality though...  They try to push the vehicles in #'s that are too high.  

Hasbro should stick more to accuracy I think than anything...  The Saga Landspeeder sold super well, the TIE Bomber as well...  Very accurately scaled and detailed ships that were new.  Their pricepoints were lower, but they're not overly complex either.  The size increase on a Gunship wouldn't increase cost as much (It's the # of molds made that increases costs generally rather than the size), so price shouldn't have been an issue.  

It's working elsewhere though, and Hasbro's just not as interested in that  it seems.  

I'd honestly rather see no vehicles for the SW line than underscaled ones though.  They just don't look right to me I guess.  

I'm g oing to post this image in another thread, but I'll put it here too...  This is BBi's new Blackhawk (Retail of $70 about)...  Now, THIS is a BIG HONKIN' piece of plastic, and it's being made by a tiny tiny toy company, but look at that very reasonable price...  Hasbro can do better is the point I think.

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Knights of the Old Republic
« on: July 22, 2003, 03:34 AM »
I didn't even realize the PC version was released.  Someone told me PC was pushed back some, but I guess not.

Gotta get off my @$$ and get that game...  Looks really sweet...  I played with it at my friend Dan's house.  He has an X-Box and wanted a good Star Wars game so I told him to hold off for this since it was predicted to be so good.

It looked nice, but not as visually impressive as I thought it was going to be...  Still it was nice looking (Nothing like Obi-Wan which was terrible in the visual department).

Can't wait to actually get INTO the game though.

Power of the Jedi / Re: Biker Scout - Clean Version
« on: July 21, 2003, 10:43 PM »
I'd like a new Scout with bike myself...  Not a reissue bike either, but a to-scale and properly detailed one...  That's  my opinion right now on this...  It'd look great with what they're capable of today I think, and if articulated right the Scout could be the best thing since...

Well it could be great I guess...  :)

The POTJ scout has an ok look, but it's very unposeable, and just is missing some quality I like in army builders.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Scale Figures: How Important is it to You?
« on: July 20, 2003, 05:17 PM »
Scale's BIG TIME important to me anymore...  Scale vehicles for Star Wars are few and far between...  Even near-scale is rare anymore.  It's an area I find Hasbro will likely never change completely.

What's sad is that, as Adam has said, 21st Century set a bar higher, and Hasbro could rise to meet that...  If they can sell a Stuka Divebomber for $45 and it's 100% accurate and to-scale then Hasbro could make an X-Wing or Y-Wing the same way.

On top of that, Hasbro's toys are almost always less detailed and "crisp" than 21st's are so they're saving some $.  Often they have fewer moving parts as well, which is a HUGE $ saver.

It's tough to buy the X-Treme Detail Huey from their Vietnam line, then buy the Republic Gunship, and not be critical.  The Huey's perfectly scaled, it has detail that you didn't even know was possible, it has a removeable helmet pack-in pilot as I recall, it has moving parts out the whazzoo...

The Gunship's claim to fame was it is one of the larger toys Hasbro's put out in recent years...  It's not to-scale though, it has no pack-in, etc...  It's nice for Hasbro's Star Wars line, it's not nice compared to Hasbro's competition within the toy industry.  So the comparison is gonna go hands down to 21st making the BETTER toy.

There's surprises though, like the TIE Bomber...  No the TIE Bomber's not as nice as a 21st Century vehicle, but it's to-scale, and that's my main gripe overall.

Figure scale is a different story...  21st does relatively well keeping an average scale across the board.  Some figures are noticeably taller than others...  Then again so are real human beings, and none of the figures are inches above or below each other.

Hasbro has made a more strong effort to keep scale uniform now, so I give them props for that.  POTF2 was all over the place, but since the E1 lline and into today, things are much better.

I will say that I wish more toy companies kept scales as "standards".  I dislike the jump to 6" scale because it makes collecting more expensive and difficult to display...  4"/1:18 would be a wonderful standard that I wish so many other toy lines made their figures in...

Lord of the Rings 1:18 would be great if you ask me. :)

Some great information on upcoming figures, and images to accompany some did indeed surface in the last couple days.

The Gen. Riekean figure is stellar...  A new Luke...  These things appeal to me.

A collector year is sorely needed, one that has steady sales as opposed to glutonous store purchases and product that's trying to appeal to a market with no interest in the franchise anymore...  Or a short-term interest at best.  

Could be some great things in 2004 and late 2003.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jedi Points? Your Prediction
« on: July 20, 2003, 01:14 AM »
Might I reinforce this...

WRITE to Hasbro.  Pen & Paper, or print it out, but send a letter to them ASAP.  I plan to this week...  Let them know your opinions...

I think the whole JMP debacle is insulting that they think this would have gone over well with the collecting community.  

I'm curious also, who is going to save theirs now?  I have a TF Vader, a Sacul, and an R2-D2...  Why should I spend them?  I may hold them still...  I wish others would as well, and boycot this most assenine of maneuvers by the big H.  Getting on Hasbro, and not acknowledging these auctions would be a nice way to send a strong message  to them that if they have their finger on any pulse, it's that of a corpse, and not this collecting community.

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