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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone Into R/C Cars, Trucks, or Buggies?
« on: January 18, 2004, 12:42 AM »
I have a handful within an hour, and in all directions, but they're not that great either.  Most of the "Good" shops are down in the city...  It's an hour or so to get to them, but like I said I always have to plan that right.  Not fun trips sometimes.

The Hobbytown store is great, I mean it's just huge and has 1/4 of it devoted to RC everything I would say.  I love it...  Hell, they even had Tamiya paints there!  It's been ages since I found any Tamiya racks at a local hobby shop.

I did luck into having that one shop dedicated to RC's open nearby.  Gives me some experts to converse with if I need them, and a mere 5 or 10 minutes away too.  Doubt I buy much off of them but fuel though.  Prices are surely too high.

I think I may run up with my Ultima and see what I can do to get a better run time out of it.  I love that truck but the damn thing's electric so it's run-times are short, and to me that's not acceptable since I'm not into racing.  It's fast, it's fun, it takes a beating like you wouldn't believe, but it just doesn't last.  :(

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars CMG
« on: January 17, 2004, 05:40 PM »
Eh, it's still on topic I suppose.  It's related to minis I guess right? :)

Well, I don't really use a specific brush brand myself...  I use anything from needles and toothpicks on up to expensive brushes I pick up at Hobby shops.  There's a couple shops dedicated to RPG and minis gaming in Pittsburgh that you can get supplies specifically for minis at.

I tend to use a variety of paint for minis though, as their composition lends them to using most any brand of model or hobby paint.  Testors works fine since the plastics used are generally rigid.  The other minis are cast metal, so it's real easy to find paints that work well.  Keeping them from chipping is more a problem really.  Clear coats work fine though, but in that small a detail, if you want something like a single piece to shine with the rest of the figure being flat, then even clear coating can be a chore.

As for casting, I use poly-eurithane resins, which I also employ in customizing Star Wars figures as well, but casting miniatures is a side thing.  The intricate detail makes it difficult so some complex methods are  needed to do proper casts but it's cheaper than looking for metal minis from a line that was canned back in the early 90's.  West End Games had some of the best minis out though.  There's like a dozen different stormtroopers, and a dozen different Rebel Troopers...  It's great really.  

Anyway, on the brushes again, yeah I don't use anything particular...  Whatever looks really good to me for what I need it for is more what I look at.  Often times for the details though, like I said, I go with any tool I can rig at the time like needle points and things...  No brush seems good enough for me then, not when painting eyes in that scale, haha.  :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone Into R/C Cars, Trucks, or Buggies?
« on: January 17, 2004, 04:13 PM »
I live up around Pittsburgh...  RC Cars aren't a HUGE hobby here, but I did find a track not more than 20 minutes from my place though, so that was a plus.

A shop opened in Vandergrift, a town up the river from me, and it's dedicated to RC...  Hobbytown USA opened this past year as well, but is over near the Airport which is on the other side of Pittsburgh entirely.  It'd be about an hour away on a weekend day or evening.  I love that store though.

Another shop is about 20 minutes away and now specialize in RC, but used to not have any RC stuff...  There's other shops around then within the city, but they aren't simple to get to, nor close.  About 45 minutes each at least, but they are RC specific.

There used to be a great shop here when I was into RC when I was young, called TC's RCs, but it burnt down and the owner packed up and left for Florida...  It was real close, like 20 minutes, and had a track in the basement that was great.  

At least I have found a neat place nearby with a track though, and I have options for where to go for help if I need it 1-on-1.  :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone Into R/C Cars, Trucks, or Buggies?
« on: January 17, 2004, 12:02 AM »
Yeah, that's one I've been looking at, and it's one of the few Nitro cars to have reverse too, which I really want since racing isn't my main thing...  4-wheel drive's a plus too.

I'm hoping to get out there and find some new things out about other trucks...  Run time is a key for me also, tied with the ability to pop into R, so I gotta make sure I check all my options first.  

I am really psyched to get a new truck and drive some...  Maybe make some new friends in the hobby in my area, though I know of absolutely no established tracks around here.  Blah :(

Watto's Junk Yard / Anyone Into R/C Cars, Trucks, or Buggies?
« on: January 16, 2004, 05:23 PM »
Just a general call to anyone who is into the hobby of Remote Controlled vehicles...  Whether you race them, horse around in your back yard, belong to a club, or whatever...  I'm just curious who maybe has an interest in this hobby.

I used to be into them, starting out with Tyco vehicles when I was a little kid then moving onto the big hobby trucks when I turned into my teen years.

I got a Kyosho Outlaw Ultima Stadium Truck when I was around 14/15 years of age and built the kit myself.  I had a blast with that, but now I'm wanting to move onto bigger and better things.

I'm looking to get into Nitro trucks (gas powered) and even do a little star wars customizing crossover, but mostly I want the truck just to play around with when I'm bored out here in the sticks.

If anyone's into the hobby, please feel free to jump into the conversation...  Share what you have, what you do (race or play), etc...  I'm curious how many here are into it besides myself.

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Battlefront at Star
« on: January 16, 2004, 01:00 AM »
Couple articles for this game got linked to at Scum today...

It DOES have a SinglePlayer format, thank god, but I'm having doubts still about the quality.  Sounds like you mindlessly run around shooting people, and there's no structured goals for the game except to simply defeat all of your enemies...

No goals to attain beyond that, no puzzles to solve, little (or no) real strategy really...  

Graphics rock, and I reaplaced my desktop with a nifty shot of an AT-ST and Imp. Officer below it, but beyond that this game sounds like a BF1942 clone with a Single Player "game domination" mode that isn't a structured/storylined singleplayer game in the traditional sense.   >:(

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars CMG
« on: January 16, 2004, 12:57 AM »
Being a semi-Minis aficianado (If I do say so), I'd have to say the idea of pre-painted is a major turn-off, as is a collectible version of minis gaming.  

I've heard rumors of them being similar to the D&D style but I've also heard rumors of them being a re-production of the famous West End Games Miniatures Battles game from days of yore.

Pre-painted, I can safely say, is a bad thing though...  Painting them yourself is part of the fun of the minis hobby partly, but the other part that's bad is the paintjobs are never of the quality that you can acheive on your own.  You get mass-produced paintjobs more or less.  They rarely look up to the standards of the miniatures hobby overall.  Lots of touch-up work to do if you want them to truly shine generally.

A real minis game is the Lord of the Rings Tabletop Miniatures Battles game.  THAT thing is amazing.  It's everything you could want in Lord of the Rings, and honestly I'd say forget sinking your $ into those crappy Armies of Middle Earth figures, and start buying/painting those minis instead.  TONS of great figures from all 3 films, and in a scale small enough that you could make a true-scale Helm's Deep and it would look great and not take up that much room.

And top it off with you being able to actually PLAY with it too. :)  Kick ass!

I was/am still hoping the Star Wars minis game is similar...  The old West End Games minis batttles were that way, and that's a game with a still solid following to it.  Those minis generally fly off of Ebay for good prices...  At least the army builders do.

I've got a nice army, but need to cast more of them, especially if this upcoming game isn't a true miniatures battles game, but instead is one of the D&D style games that is out.  :(  I'll be bummed if that's the case though.

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR Trilogy Figures
« on: January 14, 2004, 03:42 PM »
I don't think he's alive when the Hobbit takes place.

There's a new Ranger character, a dragon called Smog, spiders similar to Shelob...  Lots of stuff there.

And if I'm not mistaken, the River Folk are involved?  And Warg riders as well...

There's a town with humans in it, and I'm unsure of whether or not they're Gondorians or not...  I seem to recall my brother saying it's a distant Gondorian province similar to the town with the Prancing Pony in it.

I read the book when I was 12 so it's been ages ago.  There's a cartoon that goes with The Hobbit (There's some for LOTR too, but they're not as good as the Hobbit), which is quite nice and interesting.

The LOTR toons are not great.  Fellowship is a good one, really good actually, but the 2nd and 3rd toons are pretty weird.  A good watch, and you'll be left scratching your head after seeing all of them, but not exactly "accurate" when you get to the 2nd and 3rd ones.  Or at least not accurate in my eyes anyway.

The Wookiee Arcade / Battlefront at Star
« on: January 14, 2004, 02:32 AM »
Star Wars: Battlefront, a new Multiplayer Shooter game has made its initial official appearance around the web at (of all places)

The game, to me, appears to be a Star Wars version of the immensely popular game, Battlefield 1942, which pits various Allies and Axis troops, tanks, planes, and other items against each other in multi-player gaming format.

Be sure to read the whole shebang right here at:

I personally am not fond of this type of game so I can safely say this is NOT tickling this gamer's fancy at the moment.  To me nothing can replace a single-player story driven game, and MP wears pretty thin after a while.

With that said, the title (for PC, X-Box, and PS2) shouldn't see its share of gamers who've been hell bent on playing a Star Wars version of BF1942 (Which has a conversion project for Star Wars actually in the works, and which is an all but useless effort now).

Here's some screenshots for you:

Nice AT-ST, and good graphics...  Shaping up to look decent at the least.

Nice lineup of Rebel troop types running around there too.

Still, I think a great Squad-based First Person shooter with a multi-player feature, but single-player based game would've been more welcome.  While Republic Commando's well in the works with what seems like something similar, I think fans are craving a classic trilogy Squad based FPS game to come out from somewhere.  

Since I've played Call of Duty (A WW2 FPS shooter), I've been itching to do some gaming in Star Wars, and in a similar fashion.  Levels that follow the war and have a purpose.  MP isn't gonna cut it for me though.  :(

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Wow, NEW Star Wars FPS: Republic Commando
« on: January 14, 2004, 02:19 AM »

Screen 1:

(Bah, image one won't post, so just go there and you'll see it)

Not looking shabby there I guess there...  Though, take notice that the muzzle flash of the Republic troop rifles is near the trigger guard???  Secondary weapon in an over-under scheme (Set underneath the main/long upper barrel)?  

Also notice the confined "view" in the display...  Simulates wearing a helmet.  That could be irritating and I almost hope it's a feature you can remove by pressing a button, as I like to see the entire screen so I don't miss any pretty colors!

Screen 2:

Freaky...  A separatist alien of some sort?  Merc?  Just an ugly guy caught on a bad day?  

Not the most interesting screen but a good image.  I just hope we get more info on this soon.  

It's due out for PC, and X-Box so far...  So there ya have it.  

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Wow, NEW Star Wars FPS: Republic Commando
« on: January 14, 2004, 02:14 AM »
Well, the first screens of the game are up and running over at: and I'd say for now that they look pretty decent, though a bit gimmicky.

The game, as described in the site's brief review HERE is, "dramatic military-style action experience featuring brutally realistic Star Wars combat", which sounds just dandy to me!  I'd love a little brutally realistic combat in Star Wars since there's been very little of it aside from the X-Wing games and possibly the RTS's.

Shaping up to be a dandy idea at least, and using the Unreal engine it should prove to be decent in graphics and gameplay if tweaked right.

The story goes that you're a Republic Commando, but it makes no mention of clones...  Though the armor looks possibly similar, is it possible that you'll be playing as a sentient human within the Republic?  An individual soldier from their own military?  I hope so...  The thought of playing as a clone seems dull to me.  :(

It will keep the ARC trooper idea separate as well, as if the clones have thier own spec. ops units and such.

Anyway, cool stuff, no?


Customs Community and Group Projects / - News and Updates
« on: January 14, 2004, 01:58 AM »
Tooting my own horn a bit...  And Jason's (aka CorranHorn) horn since he actually physically posted this at FFURG for me since I'm a complete PC moron. has officially updated with a new reference section by yours truly, Jesse James, pertaining to the PC Flight simulator game, X-Wing: Alliance.  The link can be found right here:

and here's a bit of a teaser...  OOOOoooo

I like to think it's a nice little set-up with pictures and descriptions of the main characters heard/seen throughout the X-Wing: Alliance Flight simulator.

The game's a great game, and a not too shabby story either, so it's fun to check out even if you don't plan to do figures from the game even.  It gives you a brief teaser to the game/story anyway.

So please check it out...  Use it to crank out some figures perhaps too.  I think some of those guys would be great to use up some Imperial Dignitary bodies, or Orn Free Tah, or other Senator/long robe type characters.  Just a thought.

And as always, may the FFURG be with you!

PS: Thanks to Jason (Corran Horn) again for posting it and always doing lots of work for FFURG.  More than I ever do anyway.   ;D

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: A better Wampa
« on: January 14, 2004, 01:45 AM »
That's nice Marc,

I agree, that it's nice to see it improved because of the incredible sculpt.  Hasbro has such a nasty habit of not doing a sculpt justice with the washes.  Not bad for a production run toy line, but shoddy compared to what can be done by hand, if done carefully.

It really brings out the sculpt, what you did there.

Those Dr. Evazan Wave 2 Cantina figures were, to me, the epitome of bringing out the finer quality a sculpt had with a good paintjob.  It showed that the first Evazan's jacket and headsculpt really just needed deco to improve them, not resculpts.  

Good stuff.  :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs of a different Breed.
« on: January 14, 2004, 01:42 AM »
Nah, it's cool Famine.  I think it's nice to see a little bit of branching out to other genres...  I've done a few WW2 figures that someday I'll possibly display perhaps and would want to display them with my SW.

Good stuff for sure...  And hope to see more.

Middle Earth / Re: LOTR Trilogy Figures
« on: January 12, 2004, 07:51 PM »
Yeah, lots of super poseable resculpts I plan on nabbing. :)  Great stuff.

The gates of Mordor set sounds neat too.  I just hope that idea continues, as does the idea of resculpting everyone till they're "super poseable" at some point.

Hasbro, you taking some notes here?  You CAN move "specific" posed figures while still cranking out a super articulated version of them.  It's possible and would make us happy!  :)

I'm gonna be broke, I know it...  I'm gonna fall into the LOTR line bigtime with their pricedrop.

Fell beast too?  Good lord, it looks like one of my X-Treme Detail planes is coming down from the celing methinks!

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