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Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jimmy Smitts a tall lanky sort?
« on: December 24, 2003, 03:11 AM »
Hmmm, methinks then someone's a bit shorter or taller than they should be.

I'm wagering Smitts is a bit taller.  I'll give him a boot lee-way though since his boots are kinda big.

It cuts it closer, but Riekean's a fair bit shorter than Organa and it really is odd.  No real complaint from me, it's just a noticeable difference.

Thanks for the help guys, especially for the actual #'s you all dug up.  Appreciated, and prompt even! :)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Best/Worst of 2003?
« on: December 24, 2003, 02:59 AM »
3.75" Basic:

Squeaking in under the wire it's the Super articulated Clone.  

This figure proves Hasbro is capable of much MUCH more with their modern line then they have been putting out, and hopefully the Super articulated Clone is a sign of good things to come for "action figures" in this line.

Close second are the Imperial Officer Head variants.  I love thems army builders.

3.75" Deluxe/Ultra:

I'm going with the General Riekean figure on this one...  Not because of any great attributes to the figure itself, and honestly I think this could've been a regular carded figure for all the more you get, but I am just happy to get Riekean and his tactical screen finally.  I mean, I'd buy t he screen alone in bulk I think.  $10's pricey but for something you REALLY want it's worth it.  Even if it's not even an eye-popping figure or accessory.


Easily the A-Wing Fighter...  This Target Exclusive came in at a low $20 pricetag, and it was made WIDELY available initially as an online exclusive throught, and later released to mass retail.  A smart move by Target as they were able to estimate their needs better on this toy.

To top it off, the ship is a wonderful EU repaint, and it accentuates one of the few vintage molds that truly held up over time as accurate.  It's one of the only to-scale vehicles in the entire line, and that's not shabby for a 20-ish year old mold.

The pack-in even added variety to our pilot ranks, and this was a no-brainer to buy.  I got 3 myself and will buy a 4th or 5th if I see them drop in price.

WORST OF 2003!!!
3.75" Basic:

Jedi Throne Room Duel Luke...  Good God, this thing is everything WRONG with Saga's early incarnation all rolled up into one craptastic figure.

-Terrible action feature that DOES ruin the figure
-Terrible action pose that equally helps ruin the figure
-Terrible face sculpt that takes its share in ruining this figure
-Terrible accessory (the base) that doesn't work, typical of the features of the Saga line

His only redeeming feature was a nifty metal Jedi Luke sabre.  That's it.  


3.75" Deluxe/Ultra:

Not a whole lotta Deluxe's out really, but I'm going with the Escape Pod C-3PO.  

The Pod sucks because it's so underscaled, and an item this size really should have just been done properly scaled and pay the extra $5 it would've taken to make it that way.  I'm not fond of underscaled things, and the pod 3PO comes with is just way too small.

3PO himself is also a rehash, and while I like that sculpt, I think for $10 you should get a little better than a rehash they couldn't vac metalize due to the plastic used, and an escape pod accessory that sucks.

Bacta Tank Luke is how to do an ultra accessory.  The Escape pod however, is not.


Hmmm, t his one's tough since not that many vehicles have been put out really.  

I'm going to go with the re-release of the Republic Gunship and Jedi Fighter though.  Even with the popularity of Clone Wars, this re=release duo suck.  Both still sit stagnant, though the fighter moves somewhat.

They just weren't needed so soon after their original incarnations shipped and some even sat on clearance still in stores like KB (I can still get their exclusive Obi/Fighter set for like $10 there I think).

A close second though is the TIE Fighter.  A true kick to the collective balls of the Star Wars fans, this fighter featured a corrected cockpit rear-end, but the solar panels were left untouched (The one thing most everyone WAS asking to see changed).

Sure, we wanted a cockpit change too, but WTF was up with screwing us on the solar panel issue?  And now ANOTHER TIE is rumored?  WTF again!?  Bit of a crappy deal on that one.

Hell, I'd almost put that TIE above the Clone Wars rehashes now that I think about it. :(

The Original Trilogy / Re: The Forest Moon Of Endor
« on: December 23, 2003, 02:39 PM »
Hey Scott, thanks for that link.  That site was one I lost when I had to reformat everything.  Thanks a bunch...

And dang, I'd never really thought about it, but yeesh...  We need to start colonizing the moon methinks.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Jimmy Smitts a tall lanky sort?
« on: December 23, 2003, 02:36 PM »
Yeah, I consider the Stormtrooper/Super Art. Clone to be a standard "Average" height, and old Organa towers over them half a head.  He towers over Gen. Riekean a full head...  

Either Smitts is damn tall, or his figure's just really big compared to some.

Hasbro's got a thing about Scale...  They were doing well for some time, but they contract too much of their sculpting out to people who take liberties.  Hoth Trooper's a prime example of a way outta whack figure.  I'm not sure if Smitts' figure is just large though, or if Rikean's short.  Hmmmmm

Saga '02-'04 / Jimmy Smitts a tall lanky sort?
« on: December 23, 2003, 11:34 AM »
Anyone possibly have an idea how tall Jimmy Smitts is?  His figure is REALLY tall compared to my Rikean figure.  A head above him really.  Seems odd unless the guy is tall and whoever played Riekean is short.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Christmas Bonuses
« on: December 23, 2003, 08:45 AM »
My cousin got a lovely letter saying "We've done away with X-Mas bonuses to our individual employees, and instead we've donated $ to a charity in our employees' names for the holidays".

Anyone else have a flashback of Randy Quaid emptying his "crapper" into a sewage system, then running off in a blue leisure suit to kidnap Clark Griswald's boss and put a bow on him so Clark could kick his rear?  :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Merry Christmas, Enjoy a Free Gift!
« on: December 23, 2003, 08:42 AM »
Kroeger Wishes to bring a little extra fun and happiness to its valued customers for the holidays.

May your holidays be bright and warm, spent with the best of friends and the most cherished family...

And may your ass sparkle with this free gift from us here at Kroeger, to you and yours.  

Happy Holidays,

Kroeger Family

Marketing genius...  I'm writing a paper on this next semester.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Toy Fair Vader
« on: December 22, 2003, 10:34 PM »
Mine is not attached, in that you could slip a piece of paper in there if you wanted, but ther'es no flat edge for it to attach to the card really.  It's only attached where the flat edge of the bubble on the sides runs down a little ways to the bottom, but the center area of the bottom is open.

The Original Trilogy / Re: The Forest Moon Of Endor
« on: December 22, 2003, 07:18 PM »
Moons come in a lot of sizes, by our own galaxies evidence it would seem.  I think the moons of some planets are larger than Earth, are they not?  I'm not an astronomer so I'm not entirely sure of that, but I think it's true.

Like they said in ANH, "He's  headed for tha small moon", so they just assumed it was a small moon of Alderaan I guess.

Though you'd think Han knew something about Alderaan, I dunno, like that it actually had a moon or two floating around, and where they would be.  Maybe he's not Alderaan expert though I guess.

Anyway, I think it's simply a matter of moons not having a set size, and that they can be bigger, or maybe even smaller than either Death Star.  

Yavin IV is a moon as well, and it was substantially larger than the DS I also.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hoth Wave
« on: December 22, 2003, 07:14 PM »
I've found them all now, except:

Ach Med Beq
2nd Dignitary

The Hoth wave is truly a mix of ups and downs...  The luke's a great figure, but the lack of a working holster, the goggles, and some other things kind of bring him down a notch.  Still a great figure, just could've been a LOT better with some little tweakings here and there.  (Scott mentioned a running change with a "Clean" heasculpt which would've been nice too).

The Hoth Trooper though, is a terrible figure.  He's everything I felt he would be from early shots, so I'm thorougly disappointed in him.  He lacks everything an army builder should have...  Articulation is weak, pose is awkward, he's extremely short for some reason, and his face has a sort of dumbfounded look, and his holster doesn't work.  These things truly kick this figure down a lot of notches.  

I hope he sees a super articulated resculpt someday, because I'm finding the Hoth uniform hides articulation quite well in all the folds and wrinkles.  Then again I think Hasbro's pretty good at hiding all articulation in any uniform anymore.  Even Aalya Secura's bare-shoulders are a sort of hidden joint suprisingly.

R-3PO is a great sculpt, and while some are saying he's reused partly from the Deluxe 3PO last year, I don't believe them to be correct.  He's got a much crisper detail to him, or at least mine do, and I am noticing very VERY slight differences.  The main one being the electronic/wiring of the torso is noticeably different than C-3PO's was.  It's longer/larger.

Reuse of parts or not though, it's a great figure from top to bottom, if not maybe a little dull.  His only flaws to me are articulation and the lack of a decent accessory.  The stand's dull, but a Hoth equipment box, or a piece of console, or even a Hoth-specific base would've been better.

Good figure though, and looks neat with K-3PO.

The others I'd picked up earlier...  now I just need those variation figures, and the Wampa, and I'll be set.  Should be fun tracking those down.  ugh...

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Star Destroyer Wave
« on: December 22, 2003, 06:26 PM »
Hmmm, a mixed opinion here...

-Dengar...  Nice pose, and looks like he'll look ok standing around holding his rifle by the barrell with the stock on the ground, but...  I'm a bit curious to see the articulation here.  Considering what Hasbro's capable of, if that figure's arms aren't articulated anymore than at the shoulders I'll be a little disappointed by him.  He's better than his previous figure, but I hope his arms aren't stuck like that is all.  At least wrist articulation maybe...  

-Bossk...  Why do I like Trandoshans?  Because they gets alllllllll da ladies.  Yes, that's right they do!  And this figure looks ok.  Again, some better articulation would be nice, and this figure doesn't appear to have a LOT different, though it looks like his arms are separated at the flight suit and maybe swivel around...  I'll have my Bossk in a "Whipping the middle claw" pose immediately if that's the case.  Also, given that Gold leader has the separate leg straps, why doesn't Bossk appear to have them?  They look a lot better than molded to the leg I thought.  Oh well.

-Ozzel...  Is that Hitler?  It was in Last Crusade, but he's pulling off a nice Hitler here too it seems.  

My initial thoughts are that I like the fact I'm getting a GREAT customizing figure, I mean that's a good generic Imperial Officer sculpt with some seemingly nicely articulated arms.  At least better than average, maybe not "Nice!" I guess.  And I'm holding out hope his hat maybe comes off?  It looks almost separate?  Be nice to have that on an Impy for headswaps of figures.

The blaster's odd, I'd rather he had a Star Destroyer bridge console personally....  No leg articulation is just "Eh" to me too, though he didn't need it...  Still, it'd be neat to have it, ya know?  The two things I really feel are bad on that (obvious) hand painted prototype is the color of the uniform, and the the lack of a pot-bellie.  He's great custom fodder, but I believe Ozzel wasn't in the best of shape for his finely cut uniform, ya know what I am sayin'?  One too many Heinekin's in the officer's lounge me thinks!

As for the Imp Officer color debate, I think this one will rage on like Hoth Han's coat.

To me, the Imperial Officers wear grey...  Not as light grey as the Piett figure, and not that olive drab shade of Motti and Tarkin.  To me, the Piett's closer to accurate than the other two.  In the film, Tarkin's uniform (In the right light) looks as grey as Piett and gang in ESB...  As does Motti and everyone else.  

Everything I've ever read about how the uniform designs came about and such states that Imperials were to wear grey and black...  Even Wulf Yularren's uniform was to be a very VERY light grey, not white (Like many assume).  And no greens were ever used in producing the uniforms.  

I think Tarkin, Motti, and now Ozzel (And any other officer in the similar uniform) should be made a single shade of grey, preferably that of Piett's uniform as it is in the films, and leave it at that...  I think the whole "They're wearing green!" thing that many cry out is just a trick the cameras and lighting played though.  

I've seen photos of Tarkin's real uniform from the movies, and it's definitely not green at all.

Also, production notes said the uniform was to be the same color as the uniforms of German field marshals...  They wore grey, not green, so once again the "facts" as it were point toward Tarkin wearing grey but the figures coming out wrong.  

Ozzel, I'm hoping, will be more properly greyed by the time his production pieces are shown somewhere.  That's definitely a hand painted figure so hope still is there for a better color.

Edited to fix my lack of bolding the names.  Otherwise that just looks like a mess of letters sorta. :(

Power of the Force 2 / Re: Wedge Gunner Station Prototype?
« on: December 20, 2003, 11:48 PM »
The Vader indeed did have bendable knees, and no removable helmet.   It was a strange figure, but it worked...  I am not sure however, if Vader's arms are the same with the downward sculpted gloves.  I don't have my figure handy to look at.

The cockpit was a nicely detailed set though, and it makes me wonder what the X-Wing would've been like...  Kinda neat from a customizer standpoint if you wanted to attach them to ships and h ave a full vehicle.

Other Toy Lines / Re: What is Your Favorite Figure "Scale"?
« on: December 20, 2003, 03:03 PM »
I agree with HMI.  Imagine a 3.75" ultimately articulated LOTR line...  You'd have some seriously large army building and diverse character choice going on.

That'd be a darn fun line to collect, and things like the Oliephants wouldn't be absurd to think of in toy form, and a "to-scale" Balrog wouldn't have been out of the question either.

Hell, a Mine's of Moria playset anyone?  Yes, I think so!  And Helm's Deep Wall sections for the action figures would've been dandy sellers I think.

Middle Earth / Re: Lord of the Rings Figures
« on: December 20, 2003, 03:01 PM »
Yeah, I actually thought the Orcs at Fangorn were more of Sauraman's till my brother said they were actually from Sauron, and it was to show the clash between the different breeds again.  Little details lost within the films.

BTW, look at those case assortments...

1 uruk Hai crossbowman?  What the hell's that all about?  Yet they're repacking King Theoden and Gollum?

These are the reasons I cannot get into this line much...  I'd buy 10 Uruk Hai Crossbowmen if they were made readily available I think, but I can still go to Target and get Theoden readily as it is on TTT boxes.  Sad, sad, sad...  Dare I say ToyBiz is superior to Hasbro in driving a toy franchise straight into the ground?

Celebration III: Indianapolis / Re: Celebration 3 is heating up.
« on: December 19, 2003, 03:28 PM »
2005's a ways off, so my plans for going will come down to the issues in my life at that stage.  We'll see...  I haven't made either, so C3 would be a nice jaunt off, likely with the Pittsburgh gang.

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