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Kubricks / Medicom Toy Exhibiton 2015
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:37 AM »
Medicom Toy Exhibiton 2015 Announced

June 20-28 @ Parco

No word yet on exclusives...   call me a glutton for punishment, but I still hold out a little bit of hope each year we'll see some new Star Wars Kubricks despite all the evidence that it's over and done.   :-\   

Oh well, maybe this is the year?

Hobby Link had some new pics of the Scout Trooper with Bike and newly announced Sandtrooper figure model kits from a recent hobby show in Japan.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2014-15
« on: May 14, 2015, 10:12 AM »
This time, I'll go...

Habs (6)
Caps (6)
Wild (7)
Ducks (5)

Yeah...  at least I got the Ducks right.  :-[

Up next...

Blackhawks (6)
Lightning (6)

Hasbro is so messed up.  (Understatement of the year, I know.  :P)

HasbroToyShop put up a few figures from this wave...  all sold out right now:

- Dagobah Vader
- Chewbacca
- Dutch

So many questions...  why didn't they put up the whole wave plus the repacks?  And what's up with the $10 price on them?  Seems odd they ramped up the MSRP/price to the retailers/etailers who are all charging $13+ and then they just kept the old $10 price when they posted them here... 

Droid Factory 2013 / Re: 2013 Droid Factory = NOT Dead in 2015?
« on: May 13, 2015, 10:46 PM »
If they hit 5 below I'm on em like stink on poop.

I see nothing of value here for me.  I went overboard on the Amazon 6-pack of repacks of these when it was super cheap (Red BD, Sandtrooper, TIE Pilot, Utapau Clone, FA4/TC70 Droids).  I stocked up on the Scout Trooper while the Black Series wave 1 was cleared out.  There were lots to be had for $5 or so on Amazon or BBTS.  Not sure I need more of anything else, even at $5.

Droid Factory 2013 / Re: 2013 Droid Factory = NOT Dead in 2015?
« on: May 13, 2015, 04:41 PM »
Really strange... these seem to be popping up on eBay in the UK and now there is a rumor/report at Rebelscum that the 2013 Droid Factory carded figures turned up at some Calendar store and another rumor they may be heading to 5 Below at some point.

That would be pretty crazy if it turns out there is some appreciable quantity of these ready to hit retail 2.5+ years later.  If Hasbro has been holding these this long, what else are they holding?   ???

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Wampa and Hoth Luke
« on: May 12, 2015, 03:14 PM »
Up for pre-order at EE - Star Wars The Black Series Hoth Luke Skywalker 6-Inch Action Figure with Wampa - $39.99

Looks like the case is 2x Luke/Wampa, 1x Han/Tauntaun.

Also up for pre-order at BBTS for a bit more - Star Wars Deluxe 6" Black Series 03 - Luke Skywalker With Wampa - $44.99

Ask and ye shall receive, Dave & Jesse - Wave 8 case is now up for pre-order at EE!

Singles are up at EE as well:
- C-3PO
- Boushh
- Mosep
- Thorn
- Carbonite Han
- Jawas


Now up at BBTS as well

If it makes you feel better Rob, Wave 2 is technically NOT a Hasbro product.  Sure, Disney took inspiration from the old Hasbro parts, but these new Wave 2 toolings (bodies, legs, hats) are all Disney at this point - there is now Hasbro copyright on them. 

I gave up on these long ago.  I'd buy a "one of each part" set if they ever made it, but I'm not going to let not having them bug me too much.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2014-15
« on: May 8, 2015, 10:42 AM »
Well, that sucked.

I don't even know what to make of this year.  If you would have told me in October, we'd end the year getting swept in the second round, I'd have been super disappointed.

But then this happened....

Well, it looks like the goaltending is doing everything it can to torpedo my favorite team.  :-\

...Wondering how much worse it will get before they get back on track...  at this point, we may have already dug ourselves a hole so big that we won't be able to get out. 

And man, did it get worse from that point.  Yeo rants, getting whipped 7-1 a couple times, Ugh.  The way we bottomed out in mid-January, it was a small miracle to even make the playoffs, let alone beat St. Louis and make it to the second round.  So in that sense, ending where we did is pretty amazing.

I guess I end the year bittersweet.  Happy to have made it as far as we did, happy to have had an amazing 3+ month run with #Duuuuubs, happy to matter at the end.  Happy.  But...

Sad that the year is over too soon once again at the hands of the frakking Blackhawks.  Sad that we sputtered out these last four games.  Sad that our core (minus Parise - he never quits) let us down.  Sad that we never sucked so bad we got to draft a Toews/Kane.  Sad.   

2014-2015 Wild.  Bittersweet.  :-\

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Captain America (Movie & Sequels)
« on: May 6, 2015, 03:43 PM »
Marvel announced that Martin Freeman has been added to the cast in an undisclosed role.

Hmmm... does Dr. Strange need a sidekick?  :D

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2014-15
« on: May 6, 2015, 09:56 AM »
So, I slept on it... and I'm still pretty disappointed.

Both Game 1 and Game 3 were there for us to win.  Game one we made too many mistakes.  Game 3 we just didn't put the puck home.  If you can't score goals (ONE in the last 7 periods), you can't expect to beat anyone let alone one of the league's best teams.

Still think we have a chance to push this to 5-6 games, but really bumming right now.   :(

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2014-15
« on: May 5, 2015, 11:50 PM »

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Indiana Jones 5
« on: May 5, 2015, 01:29 PM »
Lucasfilm President Finally Confirms Indiana Jones Sequel Is on the Horizon

Great update, Vanity Fair.  There's no script for it, no director or star attached to it, but kudos on getting Kathleen Kennedy on the record that DisneyLFL are talking about it. :P

The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Disney Infinity
« on: May 5, 2015, 01:14 PM »
Disney Infinity 3.0 Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Star Wars Comes to Disney Infinity 3.0! -
- a prequel trilogy playset (Twilight of the Republic)
- an original trilogy playset (Rise Against the Empire)
- an Ep7 playset coming this Winter

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