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The Black Series 3.75" Figures / The Black Series 3.75" - Wave 6
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:33 PM »
Hoth Luke Skywalker with Wampa'd face
Hoth Han Solo
Darth Vader (Dagobah)

Originally I couldn't tell on Luke, but yeah his face is Wampa'd.  Looks good though.  Pics coming soon on Luke and the Droid.  Han and Vader will wait for SDCC (or sooner if they leak before then :P)!

-  Wedge Antilles [Snowspeeder Pilot] (x2)
- Darth Vader [Episode III] (x2)
- Ree-Yees (x2)
- Sergeant Doallyn (x2)
- AT-RT Driver (VC46 repack) (x2)
- Republic Trooper (VC113 repack) (x2)

They wouldn't confirm the Vintage repacks for me, but this is the list of new figures for this wave.  ReeYees and Doallyn looked great!  Vader is vader, but nice.  Wedge is not all that different from snowspeeder Dak/Luke so a little boring to me I guess.

Hasbro also said they weren't really sure which wave would hit first.  This could be wave 4 or Wave 5 depending on how things get out of the warehouses.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: The Black Series 3.75" - Wave 5
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:27 PM »
Man, Luke, Yoda, Toryn, and the Snowtrooper looked fantastic.  our pics coming soon (but I'm sure other paces already have them up somewhere).

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Toy Fair 2014
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:26 PM »
I'm curious, what 2 Clones for TCW final season were they planning?  Hmmm...  That's interesting, and will be a topic of some debate since they're eating up some 4" slots.

One kind of looked like Wolffe, but not exactly.  The other was more of a green color, kind of like Captain Lock or whatever his name was, but Phase II for both.  Also sounds like that lost Captain Rex will hit the Black Series too later this year finally.  Outlook not so good for the missing two BAD astromech from the droid factory though :(

NO Dais for Jabba shown...  Too expensive for the assortment, obviously, but the idea is there.  :-X  :-*

Not yet...  but there was a lot of hinting that a dais with Salacious Crumb could maybe be it's own thing at some point.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Toy Fair 2014
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:23 PM »
The showroom had a nice surprise in having ReeYees and Doallyn present.  My pics are downloading from my camera now, hopefully (hotel internet connection coperating) they should be going up soon!

This topic has been moved to Other Collectibles since it covers more than just Rebels.

It is not tied to Rebels, the figures come from all the sources.

I think my favorite was a tusken with gaffi stick that mimicked the classic "guy with bayonette raised over his head" army guy.  There is a Star Destroyer remote control thing too...  definitely not just Rebels.

And they are different from mini-unleashed since they are single-color, dirt cheap army men (only Star War characters).  If you've ever played with army men, you'll seee they replicated so many of the "classic" poses - sniper, medic, officer with pistol drawn, etc.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Rebels - Vehicles
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:12 PM »
Just a quick note that the box shown there is a mock up and the TIE that is coming is the one that is loose and not the one on the package. 

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: February 14, 2014, 11:33 PM »
I think Chunk's Baby Ruth is the greatest accessory of all time.  :D

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Toy Fair 2014
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:08 AM »
I'll go ahead and drop this in here... a link to our 2014 Toy Fair page!

I head out to NYC in just about 15 hours.  Can't wait!  If Hasbro allows it, I'm planning on doing live tweeting from the Saturday event (which starts at 1:00pm Eastern) so make sure you're following along with @jedidefender for updates!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: February 13, 2014, 01:05 PM »
Rick dead doesn't make the show more interesting in my opinion.

It would be a hell of a lot more interesting because it's the hard choice and forces the writers to really keep a drama series fresh.

I'd compare it to Boardwalk Empire.  SPOILERS to follow...

In that HBO show, one season the writers sort of wrote themselves into a corner with a big beef between two main characters, Nucky and Jimmy.  The easy way out would be for them to somehow magically forget the deeds of the past season, work out a deal and keep both popular characters.  But... they didn't and one of them killed the other.  The show lost a very important, very main character.

One last thought, what shows and movies are you watching where it's less obvious who is and isn't going to die in each episode? Because I haven't seen them.

Second example, Game of Thrones.  SPOILERS to follow...

EVERYONE that I know who has watched that show is totally blown away by the death of a main character towards the end of season one.  Killing Rick would be almost exactly like killing Ned Stark (the main character of Season One).  Right now this is the #1 show where anyone can die at anytime it seems.

Maybe Kirkman has said it's "Rick's Story", but he's also said the TV show and comic are two different things...  killing Rick and letting the TV show focus on Carl (yuck) or Daryl (yay) would immediately up the ante for a new perspective as well as making you wonder if someday Carl/Daryl would be killed to make way for Michone or Tyrese or whoever to take a turn...

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Six?
« on: February 13, 2014, 12:25 PM »

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Toy Fair 2014
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:36 AM »
I think most of the leaks were verbal because UK Hasbro was pretty good at keeping out the photos this year with Rebels still being embargoed.

We did get a rumor list, that Scott posted that was based on UK Toy Fair (below).  I'm thinking we'll get good looks at the stuff on the rumor list below (hoping for hard copies of at least the TBS #20-25 below) plus maybe a little bit on "immediate future" store exclusives (though they don't always have those in the booth, just the slideshow). 

Maybe a surprise or two beyond this, but I'm not expecting a ton more (keeping the bar set low :P).

New rumors

The Black Series 3.75" Range

 •#20 Ep3 Darth Vader (Star Destroyer)
•#21 Ep5 Luke Jedi Training (Dagobah)
•#22 Ep5 Yoda Yedi Training (Dagobah)
•#23 Ep5 Toryn Farr (Hoth)
•#24 Ep5 Snowtrooper Commander (Hoth)
•#25 Ep5 Wedge (Snowtrooper) (new head/helmet)
•R5 Droid
•Ep6 Sgt. Doallyn
•Ep6 Ree Yees
•Ep5 Hoth Luke "Wampa Attack" (new head)
•Ep5 Hoth Han Solo's "Search For Luke"
•Ep5 Darth Vader "Yoda's Test" (new head)

The Black Series 6" Range

 •#09 Ep4 Stormtrooper
•#10 Ep3 Obi-Wan Kenobi
•#11 Ep5 Luke Bespin
•#12 Ep3 Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
•#13 Ep4 Chewbacca
•EpII Clone Trooper
•Ep6 Darth Vader
•Ep6 Luke Jedi
Saga Legends

 •15 Ep1 Darth Maul
•16 Ep5 Snowtrooper (Hoth)
Mission Series Figures

•01 Zeb & Stromtrooper
•02 Rebels C-3PO & R2-D2

•03 EpV Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Refresh
•04 EpII Yoda & Darth Sidious (Refresh)
•05 EpV Boba Fett & Stormtrooper

Class II Vehicles

•Ep5 Boba Fett's Slave I (Signature ESB Deco)
•Ep3 Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter (Utapau)
•Ep2 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (CW Deco)

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: February 11, 2014, 10:19 AM »
Ep 7 will start shooting in May, continue through September.  Most principle casting complete

When will they finally start letting cats out of the bag on cast/title?   ???

LEGO / Re: $14,762 for a complete set
« on: February 10, 2014, 12:35 PM »
I wonder if they are cheating a bit with Spiderman and Batman.  I'm not sure they ever had just the Spiderman license versus a Marvel license. 

They had a Spiderman license in 2002-2004.  Then Spiderman rolled over to Mega-blocks from 2005-2011 and came back to LEGO under the Marvel license in 2012.

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