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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Gas Prices
« on: July 20, 2004, 11:39 AM »
Back down to $1.69 today after hovering around $1.79-1.89 most of early July.  I guess I'll have to hit the station on the way home tonight...


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: "George Lucas to direct Indy IV"
« on: July 20, 2004, 11:37 AM »

Lots of reports coming in that this thing is indefinately on hold due to some differences in the script again.

Sounds like everybody involved liked the Indy 4 script except Georgie, who after thinking on it, decided that he wants a better/faster/action-filled ending...  Maybe Indy 4 needs a Pod Car Race?   ::)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Saturn Has A New Moon, Cassini.
« on: July 20, 2004, 11:32 AM »
Some new images of various moons of Saturn are now up...

Cassini-Huygens Home Page



Watto's Junk Yard / Re: JD Book Club: What Are You Reading Now?
« on: July 20, 2004, 11:27 AM »
Just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books, now I thought I'd go back and re-read Shadows of the Empire...


Saga '02-'04 / Re: Saga Line: The End
« on: July 20, 2004, 10:55 AM »
Did we even see any prequel stuff after the CW stuff?


Just the HoF Figures (Maul, Anakin, Yoda, Obi-Wan) are the only Saga figures I can remember that came near or after the CW stuff, and those were re-packs and not new figures.





Feedback / Re: jadesfire's feedback
« on: July 19, 2004, 06:04 PM »
First deal with Beth, and it went beautifully!

Super fast shipping and great packaging!

Thanks again for the trade!


JD Sports Forum! / Re: NBA Offseason
« on: July 19, 2004, 05:32 PM »
Well, if the Mavs do end up adding another piece like Erick Dampier, then I'll have to change my top eight!

Still a few months to go before the new season starts, and a lot of things could change happen to shake up my top eight between now and then ;)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: iPod-racing
« on: July 19, 2004, 02:30 PM »
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too... might have to check Target to see what they do with the old 15GB units.


Just did a quick check and... -  it looks like the 15GB units that are left at Amazon are down to $250 (from $300).  Not too bad.  Same price as the 4GB mini, but 4times the music storage for the slightly larger/heavier size of the 15GB version. - seems to still have the 15GB at $300, but with free shipping. - sold out of 15GB version

Also, I found the following nugget at

Some people want to use the iPod to share music between multiple computers. You can, but it's not easy. Syncing to iTunes is possible with only one machine. But there is an unattractive alternative. We were able to copy MP3 files from the iPod to a second computer's hard drive in Windows by turning on "View hidden files and folders" and browsing the iPod's internal directories in My Computer until we found the music. Mac users can do the same thing if they install ResEdit. However, when we reconnected the iPod to the primary machine, the device wouldn't mount as a drive until we reset it.

Sounds like you can do it, but it takes a bit of effort to share music across 2 PCs...


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: So Cal wildfires...
« on: July 19, 2004, 02:15 PM »
Glad to hear all you SoCal guys are OK.

Those fires are nuts, man.  Absolutely nuts.  Seeign the pictures is probably nothing like seeing it in person though I'll bet!

Tell Patty, "Nice move with the Gatorade!"  I'm sure those firefighters really appreciated it!



Sent ya a PM!


JD Sports Forum! / Re: NBA Offseason
« on: July 19, 2004, 02:00 PM »
I think I'd leave out Dallas because with the loss of Nash it will be tougher to compete this year with the Spurs, the vastly improved Rockets, and the up and coming Griz.  

Sure, you've got a new center rookie and a few other new guys, but they are still unproven as to how they'll fit in in the big D.

Plus, it's hard to be the elite in the league if you aren't even the best in your own 5-team division.

That's my line of thinking anyway.  Here's my top eight:

San Antonio

I'd put Dallas somewhere in the 9/10/11 region, mixed in with Utah/Denver.  Utah will be better with Boozer and Denver will be better with K-Mart.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: iPod-racing
« on: July 19, 2004, 01:36 PM »
You're getting 5GB more for the same price that you would have paid for the 15GB--isn't that a good thing?

Yes and No.  It's good to get 5GB more at the same price, but I was hoping that they'd have kept the 15GB version and dropped it's price too!  I know why they didn't, because at $200-250 it would have competed directly with the smaller iPod mini.  So, I'm sure that's why they ditched it.  :(

Ouch!  Didn't know that.  And I guess the only way to charge these things up is by hooking it up to your computer?  Or is there a separate AC (or DC) adapter that's available?

(Pre-emptive edit:  Looks like there are extended batteries and car adapters available for the iPods: )

Yeah, most of the guys I know with iPods all have the car adaptor so they don't use batteries while in the car, which I'm sure helps with the batteries.  Oh yeah, and there are extra AC adaptors so you can recharge in the docking station OR just with a regular outlet (for travel).
Double ouch!  Of course, if your battery dies two years from now, you could spend the hundred bucks on a replacement, or you could take that hundred bucks and buy a fifth-or-sixth-generation iPod instead.  I'd probably rather do that than buy a new battery for an outdated model.replace!

That's a good point.  Two years from now, I'm sure the iPod tech will be even better... even more reason for me to pull the trigger... in fact, I'm "loading the bullets" as well!

I've already got the iTunes software on my PC at home and everytime I log on, I throw a CD in the PC and download it to the iTunes jukebox so they will be ready ASAP when I do get my iPod ;)).  It's very easy and fast.  You pop in the CD, click the format you'd like to use (mp3, .aac, WimAmp) and the CD is burned to your HD.  

In fact, the iTunes jukebox is on-line, so it inserts the CD into a folder structure following the artist name and albyum name to group your CDs together, in essence creating the folder structure you'll use when you upload to iPod!  Very user-friendly.

Just an FYI, here are some other random complaints I've heard about iPods:

1. - can't upload or download to ANY PC but yours.  Your iPod is keyed into a specific software copy.  In other words, you can't upload music from your friends docking station and PC.   I have heard that if the music comes from a CD you personally uploaded, you may be able to trasnfer files...

2. - can't upload a song unless you have the music "key" on your PC.  In other words, not all music you download off the internet can be uploaded to your iPod.  ONLY music you uploaded from a CD/CD-ROM and/or purchased from a valid on-line music store (Apple, Real, Sony, etc, Napster).

3. - Fragile cases.  I've read a lot of stories where the iPod was basically wrecked after dropping it off a counter, falling only a few feet.  

I'm not sure how accurate all these are, not having an iPod yet to test all cases, but these complaints seem to come up at most review places I've read (amazon, cnet, etc).


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: iPod-racing
« on: July 19, 2004, 11:59 AM »
I've been looking into iPods for a while now, and just recently decided to start saving up for the 15GB model  :-\

So, now that the 15GB is no more, I guess I'll go for the 20GB at the $300 price....

The two issues I have/had with the iPod which kept me from buying were:
1.  The battery life (up to 8 hours, usually more lke 6-7) didn't seem like enough for long trips
2.  The battery is not replacable without sending it to Apple or taking it to an Apple store for repairs/replacement

It seems that the 1st item has been taken care of with the increased battery life, but I wtill wonder if the longer life (12hrs) will reduce the overall life of the battery.  Currently, most iPod rechargable batteries wear out after 1-2 years depending on use, and cost $100 to replace!

As for the car issue, most people I know have the iPod FM transmitter.  You just plug this into your iPod and it transmits to FM frequency which you tune in on your car stereo.  Only $20 and works very well.

It is amazing what you can do with your iPod.  With the right software and accessories, you can store pictures, files and just about anything on the iPod using it as an extra 20 GB of memory.  No to mention that the 20GB i Pod holds about 10,000 songs, or about 1000 CDs, or about 87lb of CDs.   And it all fits in the palm of your hand...


Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 16, 2004, 11:36 PM »
I also have faith that we'll get a "living" version of the Dagobah Spirit Ben to cover my plastic cloak/hood down Ben needs, so that may be helping improve my opinion on the VOTC one.

Uh... no one has addressed my post over in the Dagobah thread yet, so I'll go ahead and post it here in hopes of getting your opinion Jared...

Forgive my ignorance, but I've got a question for you guys...

I've been vocal in my desire to get an Non-Spirit Ben figure, but I may already have one, for it seems that Spirit Ben Kenobi (Dagobah) is... a kitbashed/rehash.

While goofing around with Ben last night, I discovered that the date stamp on his foot reads "2000", and to top it off he has a little tiny hole in his belt just like the PotJ Ben does.  After comparing for a bit, I feel I can sefely say that Spirit Ben's legs, lower body, and torso are all identical to the PotJ version!  

I think that his head may be recycled from the old Lays Spirit Obi-Wan as well.  As near as I can tell, only the arms and cloak are new... but that may be only because we havn't figured out where they came from yet. :(

So, is he kitbashed?  Or am I just crazy?


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