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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Batman - The Dark Knight Rises
« on: August 5, 2011, 12:45 PM »
Gotta love the cheap, Bedazzler-sequined looking eyewear...not.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars General Battle Pack Thread
« on: August 5, 2011, 12:42 PM »
This obviously means nothing to those who open these, but I hate that they are just 3 figs next to each other. As someone who keeps everything in the package my favorite thing about BPs was it was like I opened some figs and set up a scene w/o actually opening them up. Makes it harder for me to bite on these.

I can see that. I keep everything packaged as well, but not on display, so the configuration doesn't really matter to me.

I do LOVE the condensed, slimmer BP packaging though, this is a great enhancement IMO. For me, space is at a premium, so anything that is done to help minimize the raw square footage I have to store is a huge win.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: TRU Geonosian Warrior and Speeder
« on: August 5, 2011, 10:08 AM »
This is now up for sale at the tru website.


For anyone who has to stalk this thing around the state like me:

Item # 581187
SKU D4A4700F
UPC 653569604747

Figures it is not eligible for Store Pickup.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars General Battle Pack Thread
« on: August 5, 2011, 09:56 AM »
I think the Wave 1 of the new BPs is pretty close to perfect... the only straight repack figure seems to be the space suit Anakin, but supposedly that figure is different from the original.

Yep, I cannot prove it, but I swear the headsculpt is different on that thing somehow. It looks oddly out of place with the existing neck.

Thanks for the Ahsoka comparison Jayson, that was a welcome surprise. I didn't catch that at first either.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: August 4, 2011, 10:10 PM »
Picked up a minty boxed RC Republic Tank at Target tonight to replace the cruddy box Hasbro Toy Shop shipped me. Buying upgrades for stuff you already have is not real exciting.

All the Targets have reset here now - a couple have the mid-aisle signage, but not one has put out any endcap display...odd. They definitely all seem to have gotten the same assortments of BP's and Rapid Strike vehicles though, not a mini Y-Wing or Capture the Droids BP to be had anywhere here.

I see the Capture the Droids BP is not even to be found on eBay though, so it may not be hitting in force yet.

Interesting note: I stopped by a Walmart out of sheer boredom earlier today and saw a couple of the new Rapid Strike vehicles on their pegs - Castas and Grievous sets. This is the first I have heard of Walmart getting anything new in like, forever.

Without dipping into the fray, I just want to sey that is one of the coolest things I have ever heard Pete, your whole legacy for the kids, 2 of everything plan. That's awesome, quite an impressive inheritance!

I'll be lucky if my wife doesn't throw everything in the trash when I kick it. My preference is to have her list it all on eBay so people that are really into the stuff can enjoy it, and she can use the money for the kids or her new husband or whatever. (LOL)

I don't think anyone would complain if they trawled out a few more DS sets at NYCC. It would be a nice show of good will on Hasbro's part.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars General Battle Pack Thread
« on: August 4, 2011, 04:09 PM »
Yeah, I was pleasantly surpised with the generic ARF Trooper GEo Deco too. That whole arc has been terrific toy fodder, Poggle notwithstanding.

My bugs need their starfighter though!

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: 2011 TRU Force Unleashed Box Set
« on: August 4, 2011, 10:04 AM »
Anybody interested in just the Sith figures or want to sell their troops from this pack, please let me know. I want to army build the troopers.

I'd be interested in just the Phobos, for sure. Feel free to PM if you are able to find this...thanks!

The thing is, with all these canceled orders, shouldn't that have freed up more sets to be available for order on the website?

I wonder if they just didn't oversell this thing and are scrambling to find ways to reduce the number of orders they need to fill.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars Wave 23 (2011 Fall Wave 1)
« on: August 3, 2011, 09:41 PM »
I have been checking out the new packaged photos on the Facebook page Yakface was kind enough to pimp...some interesting stuff. They have totally redesigned the packaging. The bubble is much bigger now and covers the whole bottom part of the card. The battle card and die are now positioned somewhat behind the figure rather than off to the side. And they have some kind of new tagline "Check out this gear online!" with arrows pointing to the accessories.

The packaging tweak definitely seems to work for the larger figures like Seripas, not so much the astromechs.

I'm curious where the new figs will show up first. Target seems likely since they are out so far ahead of the curve right now, but I could see it being Walmart too since the 2 seem to take turns being relevant. I believe it was TRU who got the last wave first, so maybe they will lead the way again.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: TRU Geonosian Warrior and Speeder
« on: August 3, 2011, 11:41 AM »
Posted this elsewhere, but does anyone have the Item #/SKU/UPC for this thing?

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: August 3, 2011, 11:40 AM »
Picked up three of the Geonosian w/Speeder Bike exclusive at Toys R Us this morning.

Also grabbed six of the Commander Blackout exclusive - four to open, two to keep MOC.

I am sick with envy, my Toys R Us SUCKS ASS and completely failed to stock any new toys this week whatsoever. I got there right when they opened too.

Pete, do you have the Item #/SKU/UPC for the Geonosian Speeder? I cannot find this on their website anywhere and suspect I will have to make an out of town trip to ever find this. TIA!

Yep, this whole thing sounds infuriating, most of all the BBTS aspect. They should be ashamed of themselves. Profiteers of human misery...just no way to spin that any other way.

This is why I can never take SW sites seriously that rail about "scalping" and have ridiculous "Collector Pledges" or whatever when the very sponsors that they pimp so hard are the WORST offenders. (Not talking about JD here)

It's just pouring salt on the wounds at this point, I hope Hasbro actually does something about it but I have no illusions that they actually will.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars General Battle Pack Thread
« on: August 3, 2011, 09:09 AM »
I just like the fact that in some of these new BP's they even tweaked the repack figures, like the dirty wash on Obi-Wan in the Geonosis set.

And I swear something looks different to me about the Anakin head sculpt in the Cad Bane's escape pack. Better.

"Just different enough to make you happy"


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