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TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Two Discussion Thread
« on: April 30, 2010, 09:37 AM »
Anyone else notice, now between Yularren and his peer in Killian, a certain resentment towards the Jedi that's not really being explained?  Killian showed it when he insisted on going down with the ship.  Yularren's shown it since day 1 in the CW movie.

I find that interesting...  People seem to dislike the Jedi for possibly their own reasons.  Jealousy perhaps?  A certain level of envy of the Jedi being given rank, rather than earning it the traditional military ways?

I think you nailed it with the last part there. Yularen is a career military man, very rigid and by-the-books. Now suddenly he has to take orders from a bunch of mystical yahoos with little to no formal military background. They're unconventional, possessing strange, weird powers, and no doubt ruffle his brittle, patrician feathers. Small wonder he ended up an Empire weird aliens or freaky powers to worry about.

I liked last week's episode more than I thought. I'm glad they are portraying Boba as a somewhat ambiguous, clearly manipulated character, rather than a 9 year old super villain bad-ass. I love Bossk and Aurra Sing as his evil foster parents. Shoot, I love pretty much everything about Aurra. She is way more interesting at this point in terms of backstory, etc.

A lot of the stuff on the Jedi cruiser was just ridiculous though. I'm sure the engine room would be so easily accessed. Lackluster doesn't even begin to describe the security system there. And how come Mace couldn't sense the impending danger from his quarters, or the weird vibes Boba was giving off when they met in the hallway? Was his spider sense on vacation?

At any rate, it's been a strong season overall, and I am really going to miss this show for the next few months. Good, good stuff.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Latest vintage acquisition
« on: April 29, 2010, 11:02 PM »
Hardly seems worth mentioning, but I have been picking up some spare odds and ends. Got a replacement Rebel Troop Transport gun, as I had lost one of my original pair. Also picked up the boulder for the Ewok Village. That just leaves about 65 other small pieces I need to complete that set.  ::)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars Figure Rumors/Speculation
« on: April 29, 2010, 11:00 PM »
Good discussion.

RE: Yularen, wasn't really trying to single him out, but he's a good example of a non-action character (kids, you can pose him as if he were standing regally on the bridge) that Hasbro has cranked out already that IMHO doesn't really fit their "playability" model. As Jayson notes though, the lackluster sales probably hurt the chances of other figures like this who have had even more screen time, like Palpatine, getting made.

RE: Market research, if they're just grabbing some random kids and making them watch the cartoons and do Q & A, that seems pretty slack, IMO. Maybe kids in Rhode Island don't like the same figures kids in Florida like. (Gross oversimplification, but you get the point) If their research was so spot on, we wouldn't see an ocean of Yarnas or Organas, it seems to me. I know it's a challenge to divine accurately what kids will buy, but that's sort of my point. They seem WAAAY too convinced Satine would be an instant pegwarmer. Maybe she would too, I guess the answer just seemed a bit snippy to me. Maybe they should just tell Dave Filoni to stop putting characters in his stories they can't make figures out of. I wonder what that relationship is like actually, hmmm....

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars Figure Rumors/Speculation
« on: April 29, 2010, 09:03 AM »
Complete and utter rubbish.

What a smug response..."she is not a figure that they want or care about". Really? I'd like to see the market research to back that up, Hasbro. What kind of representative sampling did you perform? Feel comfortable speaking for all kids the whole world over do you?  ::)

Some schmoe in Production probably asked his 10 year old son if he was interested in a Satine figure and he said no so they closed the book.

It's like they're going out of their way to drive collectors out of this line. (What few of us there are)

How f-ing exciting was Admiral Yularen? Were the kids in your test group clamoring for that one? Yeah, his playability quotient was off the charts...guess that's why I see him stacked 6 deep in every store I go to nowadays.

I saw these this morning too for the first time, but they failed to restock any of the EU Wave.  :(

I really hope TRU gets their act together before Saturday, or that is going to be one pathetic endcap display.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars Slave I?
« on: April 28, 2010, 12:47 PM »
I think that $65 price point is dead....but this seems like it would exceed the normal mid-size vehicle value, so I'd guess it would be somewhere around the $50 range, closer to the Gunship. I think size wise that is a decent comparison.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: CW Deluxe Figure & Vehicle Line
« on: April 27, 2010, 03:47 PM »
Great stuff!

I gotta say though, the packaging art is not growing on me. I guess everything pales next to the vintage motif.

I agree they're doing a great job with items in this price point...seems like they've found a way to adapt in the current economy.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: RC Hailfire Droid
« on: April 27, 2010, 03:43 PM »
Great pic...good to see some new sneak peeks.

I wonder if the Clone Pack-In will have the modified articulation ala Stone?

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: TCW 2010 Battlepacks
« on: April 26, 2010, 10:08 AM »
Anyone spot these at a Walmart yet?

Not a single one has shown up locally at TRU or Target, starting to get concerned...

I've seen a bunch between three TRUs. If you need, I could pick up for you.

hey, if you're still seeing these, shoot me a PM. I've officially given up on ever seeing these at a store around here. The delay is insufferable.

Yes, concept art Ki-Adi is everywhere down here, along with his unholy concubine Leesub Sirln. That whole wave is so overdone, it's sickening.

The Legacy Collection / Re: Legacy Wave 13 - Expanded Universe
« on: April 23, 2010, 04:23 PM »
I think I just missed this Wave today. Saw Shirtless Maul on the pegs, and 1 or 2 other repacks from that wave I suspect. I only got there 1 hour after opening and someone had already beaten me to it. The TRU across town had nothing.  :(

Vintage Kenner / Re: Restoring Playsets and Vehicles
« on: April 23, 2010, 04:20 PM »
Thanks, I've decided to abandon the whole idea though. I'm going to have to buy a whole new one, dammit.

The replacement sticker sheet I ordered off eBay arrived yesterday and they looked terrible. They are very poor, faded copies at best, not sharp reproductions at all, very disappointing.

This was the worst vintage purchase I have ever made, along with the Ewok village that was missing so many pieces I will likely never complete it.  >:(

I'm burned out on the whole thing right now...ugh.

Excellent...I'd be very happy with any one of these, although I am least enthusiastic about Ki-Adi because the Legacy figure is such a godawful pegwarmer around here. I'm just sick of seeing his mug.

And who exactly was Tarr Seirr again? Grievous fodder from the Tartakovsky series? It's been so long I can't recall.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:54 AM »
Awesome Pete, nice work! I assume you scored those at Walmart?

I'm still clusterhunting all over for the new BP's, but during my travels I have noticed that there are no new figures around here anymore. I only saw the MagnaGuard 1 time, which was weeks ago.

No one seems to be restocking any of the 2010 waves anymore either. Walmart has still never gotten Wave 1, and Target has still never gotten Wave 3. Even Wave 2 has dried up aside from Snow Ani who seems to be the pegwarmer of the lot.

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since my check was cashed, so I'm hoping it won't take much longer.

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