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The Prequel Trilogy / Originals vs. Prequels
« on: March 4, 2004, 03:14 PM »
I know there gets to be a lot of OT vs. PT debate, and this topic has been discussed before, but I was just thinking about this a little bit today.  I too am one of many of you who believe the OT is infinitely better than the PT, although I do enjoy the PT movies for the most part as well (especially looking forward to III).  I'm not a big fan of Phantom Menace, and honestly, if it wasn't Star Wars...I probably wouldn't ever watch it really (I rarely do anyways).  I enjoyed Attack of the Clones a lot when it first came out, and do think it is a good Star Wars movie...its just not quite the same for some reason.  Nostalgia might be a big part of that, but for many of us there is more.  What do you think the Original Trilogy had, that the Prequels are missing (for you personally)?

There are many things that we can point to probably, the "magic" and story being two main ones.  We'll cover a lot of them I'm sure, but I thought I'd bring up something I have been thinking about...characters.  I was thinking today how so many characters from the OT are iconic.  Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, R2, 3PO, Vader, Yoda, Fett, Lando....these characters are all, for the most part, common knowledge in the world today.  Plus, one thing that might have helped this is that...with the exception of different clothing, they were the same character...age wise, etc.  With the prequels, we have Anakin as a boy, then ten years later (with a different actor), and now leading into Episode III (which will probably be our favorite version of Anakin from the prequels).  It seems that with many of the characters, there is too much jumping around (Maul..Jango...Dooku...Sidious).

Another thing about characters is the fact that in the prequels, many come and go.  We had Darth Maul (who many really liked), but then at the end of the movie, he's gone.  Next we have Jango, then he's gone.  Dooku appears, and by his absence in the OT...he's most likely gone as well.  We'll also have another baddie in Episode III, that I'll leave out of the discussion because of spoilers.  In the OT, you associated "evil" and "bad" with Darth Vader.  The character, the costume, the music, etc.  I think it is hard to build that association with some of the prequel villains, for the main fact that they aren't around long enough too.  Much can be said of the "good guys" too, although I do think they (and Ewan McGregor) have done a nice job with Obi-Wan Kenobi in these movies.

I guess maybe it is unfair to compare them, because in a way...they are different trilogies.  The OT seemed a little clearer-cut "good vs. evil" movie, while the PT becomes more blurred with Anakin's transition, much of the behind the scenes "secretive" stuff (Palpatine), and maybe isn't quite as cut and dry.  Although I enjoy the entire saga, and really look forward to Episode III.....something just isn't the same with these prequel trilogies.  Since I'm an NBA fan, I often use this analogy to my friends who ask me what I think of the movies:  To me it is like Michael Jordan...I was a huge Jordan fan when he was with the Bulls...he was just the greatest to ever play....then when he came back with the Wizards, I followed him again...and still liked him, he was still good (but older), but it just wasn't the same.  Sorry for my extended ramblings, one of our servers is down at work so I don't have much to do right now...and this is just something that I've been thinking about.  I'd be anxious to read any of your opinions/suggestions.

Other Toy Lines / 2015: What Are You Collecting?
« on: March 3, 2004, 03:13 PM »
For those who also visit GH, forgive me because there is a thread going over there on this same topic.  I think we had a thread going here about what everyone collected, but I think it is buried in Watto's I thought I'd start one here in the "Other Toy Lines" forum.  If I shouldn't have done that, feel free to delete :).

I was just curious, since it is a new year and there have been changes to many lines (or some disappearing), what you are collecting (or would like to collect).  Although I have been tempted by a number of lines, for the most part it all comes back to Star Wars for me.  With the focus on the OT this year, and with some great OTC and Vintage OTC stuff coming up later on...I haven't had the budget for much else (and I'm not sure if I will).  Plus, my wife isn't too keen on the idea of me collecting another line besides Star Wars.  That said....

Collecting For Sure

Star Wars 3 3/4" - Basic, Ultra, possibly ships (maybe the retooled Falcon later this year)
Star Wars Unleashed - OT characters only for now, these things take up a lot of space so I can't have so many anyways.
Star Wars Playskool - If they ever bring it back  ::)

Lines I'm Interested In, but Not Sure About Yet

I like these lines, but mainly because of budget, I'm not sure if I will be able to collect

Lord of the Rings - I have always been interested in this line, but haven't been able to collect it the way I had hoped.  I only have a couple of figures, but I would like to pick up some of the upcoming (or current) versions of some of the main characters.  It depends on a few things I guess.

Marvel Legends - I have just been collecting the X-figures...but again because of my toy budget, I may have to give them up.  I'd really like to pick up figures such as Juggernaut, Brown Wolvie, Iceman, Phoenix, Apocalypse, and Storm if I was able to though.

Batman/Justice League - I've always been a big Batman fan, and I really liked the Super Friends growing well as the current Justice League show on Cartoon Network.  I'm probably a little late on the Justice League figures, because I'd only want the main, non-variant versions...and those are a little past now I think.  I picked up the 6" Mattel Zipline Batman a couple of weeks ago, and thought about getting more from this line...but Mattel isn't the best with lines (obviously), and I'm not sure where this line will be headed once the animated "The Batman" line hits.  I might take a look at that one too.

Lines That Are Gone....or Close

Simpsons - I've always liked this line, but again (broken record) just never got into it.  Now it sounds like it might be on the way out?

Masters of the Universe - The figures in this line were/are great, but the packing ratios and Mattel's practices in general look to have killed the line.  The only figure I really wanted to get was Roboto, and that wave never showed anywhere near me.

Other "Cool" Lines

I think these lines are great, but know that I either can't afford or just won't be able to collect them (too far behind in some cases):

The Muppets
Kubricks/MiniMates (these are great little toys though, wish I could afford to collect them)
DC Direct Stuff
upcoming Sesame Street
McFarlane SportsPicks (although I'd like to pick up a Kevin Garnett somewhere maybe...probably ebay I guess since it is older)

Anyways, sorry it got so long...what are your collecting plans (or hopes) for 2004?  Best of luck to all of you that you are able to collect (and find) everything you are looking for!

Other Toy Lines / How Much of Your Collection(s) Do You Display?
« on: March 1, 2004, 01:03 PM »
This encompasses both Star Wars and any other lines/props, etc. that anyone might collect, so I hope that this is the right place for this.  For awhile, i was finally able to have the majority of my stuff displayed (thanks to some new shelving), although my vintage Star Wars stuff is still packed away.  However, space is becoming an issue again, so I have started to look at stuff that might be able to be packed away for now.  Anyways, I was curious how much of your collection(s) you are able to display, and if you can't display it all, how you decide on what gets put away.  I guess one example of things I have been doing, if there has been a superior sculpt/figure offered in the modern lines (POTJ/Saga), I have packed away the same figure's POTF2 counterpart (mostly the buff versions).  I am also considering packing away my small (6 figure) Marvel Legends collection, as well as possibly some Episode I stuff.  I finally this weekend got around to pitching a little bit of my boxes from Star Wars stuff, and flattening out all the rest that I could, to free up some space in our storage tubs for anything I might need to pack away.  The space I have to display stuff just isn't large enough I guess.  I was just wondering what some of you do, or have done.

Original Trilogy Collection / Hasbro Toy Fair Questions and Answers
« on: February 27, 2004, 12:04 PM »
I posted this with a comment about the vintage figures in another thread, but thought more people might see it here.  Hasbro has posted a "Q and A" at their site, although it is somewhat brief.  You can check it out here:

Hasbro Toy Fair Q and A

Saga '02-'04 / 2004 Exclusives
« on: February 25, 2004, 12:38 PM »
Not sure where this should be posted, since some of this will be Saga product and some might be OTC.  Anyways, this list was just posted over at Rebelscum, and since it included the Sandcrawler, I figured I would post it here:

New Hasbro Stock List
Posted by Jeremy on February 25, 2004:

Thanks to Sprout we now have an inkling of what Hasbro will be bringing us this year. The list was good and long, and aside from the figures, multipacks and vehicles Rebelscum has already posted (see Related Stories at the bottom of this post) the following items are new and unannounced:

Basic Figures 4-pack Assortment

3-3/4" Naboo Final Conflict (June 2004)

3-3/4" Jedi Council Scene Packs

3-3/4" Jedi Council Scene I Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Adi Mundi (March 2004)
3-3/4" Jedi Council Scene II Obi Wan, Plo Kloon, Ickath (May 2004)
3-3/4" Jedi Council Scene III Shaak Ti, Chema, Sta Sta (July 2004)
3-3/4" Jedi Council Scene IV Anakin, Sae Sae, Adegalia (September 2004)
3-3/4" Convention / Toy Fair Figure (July 2004)

Classic Vehicle Assortment

3-3/4" Y Wing (August 2004)
3-3/4" Tie Fighter w/New Wings & Pilot (July 2004)
3-3/4" Sandcrawler (June 2004)
3-3/4" ESB Slave I with Boba Fett (July 2004)

So, it looks to be there will be another 4 Jedi council sets (thus allowing us to utter the immortal phrase "the circle is complete"!), a mystery promotional figure, another Y-wing (rehashed or remodelled we do not know), a TIE Fighter with NEW wings and a re-released Slave I (which has been rumoured for some months now - but will it be the SOTE/POTF2 or Saga one?). The scale of the Sandcrawler has now been answered as well, calming fears that rumoured pricepoints would not have allowed it to be 3-3/4" scale.

All of the above items are FOB, meaning that retailers must order them in bulk direct from Hong Kong so remember that release dates are when they will be available for shipping from the Far East and NOT when they will be available on shelves. You should add 4 to 8 weeks to get a better estimate when you will actually see these toys arriving.

Although I think most of us wish Hasbro would just release new figures, it seems like they have been having a little bit of recarding fever over there lately.  I don't really mind some figures being re-released, especially if they are on those new, spiffy, OTC cards.  That being said, I'm not sure why they even had that Hall of Fame wave, since we're getting many of those again on OTC cards.  They should have maybe started the cardbacks sooner, or held off until later.  I will say though, the repacks don't really sit around here very long either, so that is a good sign I suppose.  If the recarding is a necessary evil to us, are there any figures you wouldn't mind seeing re-released (either for you, or for others).  Maybe some figures that would hold up well, comparable to current sculpting/quality?  I don't really understand why they haven't recarded the POTJ Bespin Capture Han Solo, since they like to have a Han out at all times, and they have done the Commtech one to death now.  Also, many other POTJ and Saga figures (Sandtrooper, FX-7, Ephant Mon, Cloud City Chewie, Bespin Luke, etc.) are quite well done, and wouldn't be terrible recarded figures either.  Any suggestions you might have?

Power of the Force 2 / Opinions on Rebo Band and Rancor
« on: February 24, 2004, 11:28 AM »
I was curious as to what some of your opinions were on the POTF2 Rebo Band pairs, as well as the Rancor.  These are two things/characters that I have always wanted to have in my collection, and I have been considering trying to pick them up on ebay (eventually).  I kind of held out in case they were "re-done" like many other figures are these days, but I don't think that they (particularly the Rancor, due to size) will be.  Anyways, I was wondering if many of you think the sculpts, etc. hold up well compared to the current-day offerings from Hasbro.  If you can offer any of your opinions on these pieces, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Although I know that sometimes "resculpt" is a dirty word to some collectors, I was curious if there were any main characters, or characters that have already been done, that you would like to see re-released.  Don't get me wrong, I'm with those of you who want all-new characters as well...but at the same time, I look at some of the figures that we have gotten or are getting this year (that have been done before in POTF2), and the difference is unbelievable.  Some examples that I think were (or look to be) done well:

Hoth Luke Skywalker
Jabba's Palace (Jedi) Luke Skywalker
Skiff Guard Lando
Bespin Leia
Dagobah Luke
General Lando
"Vintage" OTC Han Solo
...or even POTJ/earlier Saga figures such as Bespin Capture Han, Bespin Luke, Cloud City Chewie, Commtech Stormie, etc...

Even though we have seen these figures before, I don't think we have seen them done this well.  Knowing what Hasbro is capable of, are there any others that you would like to see done (or re-done, as it is)?  Keep in mind, I know many of us would like to see other characters before resculpts...but I was just curious who some of your choices might be.  Here's a few of mine:

Endor Han Solo (possibly one of the "vintage" OTC figures?)
Leia Boussh
Bib Fortuna
Han/Luke Stormtrooper Disguise
Luke/Leia Endor
Grand Moff Tarkin (I don't have the POTF2 one, but it looks a bit buff)
Admiral Ackbar
Ewoks (Teebo is good, but it would be nice to see the rest from the vintage line done)

There's many others I'm sure, those are just off the top of my head....I was curious to see some of your opinions.

I was just curious if any of you have (or are considering) preordering the "vintage" OTC figures.  Although we have only seen Obi, Han, and Luke (and Leia on the cardback) so far, I think that these look like some of the best modern figures Hasbro has ever released...and to me, are the "ultimate-ish" versions many of us have wanted.  I have been trying to stay away from ordering online for the most part (we don't use our credit card much), and with the help of some nice people here at JD (and a little luck at the stores now and then), I have been able to keep somewhat caught up on the figures this year.  However, with the rumors of these being a "one time deal" and not seeing multiple shippings of these waves, I am worried about missing out on these.  I have seen that EE has cases for preorder (of Wave I), and Kebco also has these figures up for pre-order.  I guess I am just trying to decide what to do, and I am curious what many of my fellow collectors are doing about these figures.  Anymore, I usually try to wait it out on things, because between friends on the forums and later shippings to the stores, I can usually find what I am looking for (or pick it up on ebay or something later).  However, if these are a "one time deal" I am afraid they might become quite pricey after they are released.  Anyways, what are many of you doing about these figures?

Apparently an upcoming "Boba Fett" novel cover has a picture of a rumored Episode III villain (General Grievous for those following the spoilers).  Who knows if this will be what he looks like in the movie, or if this is way off base...but I thought I'd post it either way.  Interesting to see if nothing else.

Possible Episode III Villain

Also, here's the quote that accompanies the book: "On his first big assignment for Jabba the Hutt, Boba must confront a new galactic villain -- a sinister force who will play a significant role in the upcoming film Star Wars: Episode III!"

Vintage Kenner / Memories....
« on: February 3, 2004, 12:40 PM »
I took a moment during some down time at work this morning to just browse through some pics/info over at ToysRGus of the vintage line (specifically vehicles/playsets).  Although I collect both modern and vintage (when I can), the nostalgia/magic of the vintage line is really unbeatable.  Just looking at some of these pics bring back some great memories of things I had, or things I really wanted to have.  Some of the descriptions provided even give the prices in Sears catalogs...I wish things were still priced this way.  Examples, Ewok Village - $19.99, Millennium Falcon - $24.77.  Even if most of the sculpting/articulation in the modern line could be considered superior, the vintage line still has a pretty "cool" feel.  Anyways, I guess I don't have much to add other than this link (although I'm sure all of you have been there done that)....and I was just feeling nostalgic and had to share with someone  :P.

ToysRGus Vintage Toys

Plus, just looking at this really makes me want to pursue some more vintage stuff soon :).

Other Toy Lines / Favorite Toys of All Time (Any Time, Any Line)
« on: January 30, 2004, 04:34 PM »
Since I didn't want to limit it to just Star Wars (but feel free to include if you want to), I thought this might be a good place to put this.  I was just curious what some of your all time favorite individual figures are, no matter what the line...past or present.  Maybe they weren't the best liknesses, or were just fun...or maybe they are practically statues and just look great.  I was just curious to see some of your favorites, from childhood to now.  Here's a few of mine:

Vintage Star Wars: Han Solo w/Trenchcoat, Jedi Luke Skywalker, Sensorscope R2, Yoda, Boba Fett, Skiff Lando, Chewie, Vader

Modern Star Wars: POTJ Bespin Han, 300th Boba Fett, Dagobah Vader, Commtech R2, Commtech Stormie, Saga Bespin Luke, Yoda w/Chian, Coleman Trebor (and although I don't have them...Jabba's Palace Luke, Hoth Luke (Saga), SA Clonetrooper.  This list could get longer, but we've covered Star Wars plenty I figure.

Vintage GI Joe: 1985 version Snake Eyes (this was probably my favorite action figure as a kid, outside of a few Star Wars figures)....also Barbeque, Duke, Destro.

Vintage MOTU: Roboto, Sy-Klone, He-Man, Stinkor, Skeletor, Tri-Klops

Modern MOTU: Only have He-Man and Sy-Klone, but the whole line looks great.  I only want a Roboto now, if he ever does show up in stores.

Vintage Transformers:  Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and an orange truck I believe was called Huffer.  Always liked Optimus Prime and Hound too, but unfortunately I didn't have them.

Go-Bots (vintage): Turbo? (red car), Leader 1 (I had the blue version)

Secret Wars: Spidey and Wolverine, they were a team on a lot of missions in my mind...took on Doc Ock quite a bit :P.

Marvel Legends: Beast, Colossus, Gambit (all the X-Men are great)...also have the Spiderman 2 SA Spidey.

Super Powers: Batman, Robin, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman (this was a great line I thought, I never could find a Superman though when I was a kid.  Bats was always my fave)

LOTR: Legolas (Rohan Armor)

Other Misc:  Unleashed Han Solo and Jedi Luke, all the OT Playskool sets (I really hope they bring this line back).

That's what I can think of off hand, I was more curious to see some of your favorites.

Original Trilogy Collection / Original Trilogy Collection
« on: January 29, 2004, 02:43 PM »
I noticed that SSG has a report from the UK Toy Fair.  Unfortunately they (Hasbro) did not allow photos (probably waiting for the US Toy Fair I'm guessing), but they did give some details on what is coming.  Here's the linky:

SSG's UK Report

Apparently there will be an assortment known as the "Original Trilogy Collection" (cool!).  There is also an explanation of new cardbacks, and new sculpted figures of R2-D2 (with sounds), OT Yoda, Dagobah Luke, and Spirit Obi Wan.  There's more at the link.  Personally, I'm excited to see confirmation of these figures (especially Luke/Yoda), and can't wait to see some pics.

Modern Classifieds / WTB: Ultra Wampa and SA Clonetrooper
« on: January 26, 2004, 10:45 AM »
I know these might be tough finds for anyone right now, but if anyone has these somewhat plentiful in their area, I'm looking for the Saga Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack) as well as the Saga Ultra Wampa.  It seems as if I am always missing these figures in my area, and I am hoping to pick them up for around retail price.  Card condition isn't a major concern to me (I'm an opener), although I would like them carded.  Also, while I'm at it, I'd be happy to take a Jabba's Palace Luke (or anything else from the Tatooine wave) if you happen across extras :).  Thanks so much for any help!

Saga '02-'04 / How's Star Wars Selling in Your Area?
« on: January 20, 2004, 03:56 PM »
How are the Star Wars toys selling through in your area?  After taking a look my last few shopping trips, it really seems like Star Wars stuff is selling great around here.  Although I am disappointed to find empty pegs a lot (still looking for Hoth Luke, Wampa, Tatooine Wave, etc.), it is so much better than seeing 2002-2003 stuff hanging on the pegs forever.  At least around here, even the Clone Wars stuff is sold out for the most part.  The only things I saw last week were the Clone Wars animated figures at Target, the regular fig pegs were completely bare.  They also had 2 Screen Scenes left.  The TRU had the Concept Stormie wave (finally got one), and the new Jedi Warriors pack, but the rest of the basic figure stuff was gone pretty much too.  It is kind of heartening to see Star Wars selling well, unless it is just me seeing things.  Although it is hard for me to find stuff, since I'm in a small town and have to drive 40 minutes to go to these stores, I have still had better luck the past two months than I did the entire year before that.  And like I said, its better than seeing old pegwarmers.

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