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Our purple Pimp Daddy has arrived at my house! Very cool to meet him finally. However, he immediately started to harse our cats by chasing them thru out the house screaming "here kitty kitty!". I had to put him back in his mailer for a time out.

Since I'm fairly new to this (only 1 entry thus far :p), is this always fan-fic or do we ever do a specific character?  just wonderin  :)

The "Monthly Challenge" is usually a broad category so that people can do what they want.  Past examples have been Gladiators, Rebel Troopers, Bounty Hunters, etc. 

You don't have to do Fan Fiction, but you can if you want.  For example, if the category was "Vehicles" you could do up a fan-fic vehicle like CHEWIE shows, or you could tackle an actual movie vehicle (like the Sith Infiltrator).  Either works becaise they are both "vehicles".

Or, like this month's category - Gladiators.  You could do up a total fan-fic gladiator or you could make one of the Cartoon gladiators.  Either way works. 

The "Group Project" on the other hand, that is the one that focuses on a specific character (or two) - Isard, Daala, Tonnika Twins, etc.

It's amazing how often we need to tell people this. I guess no one reads anymore.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: New Customizer
« on: April 20, 2006, 10:03 AM »
The figures are ok but what really blows me away is the quality and detail of the bases you used. That hovering droid that Anakin is standing on is fantastic! I like the lava effects. You definately need to make some large scale playsets.

That is a great figure. The paint apps really look like him. Now when are you going to make a MacGyver version?

How come we never did get a SA qui-gon? This one will definately do in a pinch. I even have all the parts you used to make my own. Did you repaint the head? It looks different somehow.

It definately shows how ricky/uk RC helmet is so much better than the buckethead that we got from Hasbro. It's lot more detailed and realistic. It looks like you've been doing just a little bit of casting lately. Did you make a two part mold for those parts? How many molds did you make? Did you make more than one so you could cast multiple sets at once? Great squadrun.

Now how come I couldn't get that AT-TS in my easter basket last sunday!Mini rigs make for some great custom good. This is the way those one man walkers should have looked in the movie. Much more mean looking than the bike looking things they ride in the movie.

It's great to see this guy without his helmet on. Is this guy Scorch or another RC? According to the background information on the card, his name is Scorch because he burned his eye brows off. You should scratch them off. It would be a great little detail.

That NULL ARC trooper is really cool. I like that huge backpack he has.

So far so good Brent. I would shave down those arm bracelets so the arms are clearner looking. The baroness head works well for this character. The hand skin color is different from the head but that is a really difficult thing to get mixed correctly even for the non color blind.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting of the Twins - wip
« on: April 18, 2006, 09:49 AM »
I finally got the twins casted last night!  It turned out better than I though. No major bubbles and the face came out perfect. Unfortunately, my wife took the camera with her to her grandma's house for the week so I can't take a picture. I'll get some pictures up next week when she returns.

The hardest part of this experiment is not making too much silcone rubber or plastic for the project. I've wasted way too much for the small results I've gotten. Does anyone have a good way to pour and mix just a small amount of casting plastic without leaving two thirds of it unused?

That shows the value of doing a group project. Without it, weird unique customs like that would never have been made.

Congrats Greg! Did you win with the Calimari Dancer?

The problem with the bombstrike torso is that it doesn't match the hips. Their torsos come to a rather sharp point where there is a big disconnect between the hips and stomach. That area needs to be filled in with some sculpty or reduce the torso so things line up.

That one is ok but Steelbonnet's version is far superior.

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