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The Bullpen / Re: LEGO Makes Theirs Marvel
« on: February 23, 2016, 03:55 PM »
Picked up the Super Hero Airport Battle and Black Panther Pursuit sets from a local WalMart on my way into work today. I'm guessing these were put out onto the shelves a tad prematurely...

Found the Han Solo/Flametrooper/Finn (FN-2187) wave this morning on my way into work (finally). I'm all caught up now on my 6" TFA collection until figures like C-3PO w/Red Arm, General Leia & Maz Kanata start showing up.

Still on the fence about whether or not I want to get the Rebels figures in the 6" scale. I just KNOW at some point there will be 3.75" SA versions of the main crew members and probably an updated Ahsoka - but the Kanan, Sabine and Ahsoka 6" figures do look good - it will probably come down to when I see them in person for the first time and whether or not I want to pull the trigger - the only reason I jumped into the 6" TFA line is cause I didn't think we'd get nicely articulated versions of these characters in the 3.75" scale - and so far - we've only gotten five of them (six if you count the re-released 3.75" SA Chewie figure), so there's definitely a chance that one day I'll regret getting any of these 6" figures.  :-\

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:30 PM »
Picked up the new Obi-Wan Jedi Interceptor and Droid Escape Pod sets at my local WalMart - I have only seen these two sets at one WalMart, almost has me wondering if they got these sets prematurely by accident

LEGO / Re: LEGO Sales and Deals
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:29 PM »
Heads up that LEGO will be doing Double VIP points from March 7-22. Offer good in LEGO Stores and online.

Nice! Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully that will correspond with the availability of the remaining Winter 2016 Lego Star Wars sets!

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Walmart Black Series 3.75" Wave 4
« on: February 15, 2016, 03:44 AM »
I was shocked when I heard that Asty was even in the running for this line - I mean how much screen time did he get? Has the Hasbro Star Wars team even bothered to watch TFA yet? Why don't they just complete this wave with a SA Constable Zuvio to really punch this wave up a notch?! An over-hyped character that didn't do much, a character that was a blink-and-you miss him appearance and a character that found it's way to the cutting room floor. Home run for Hasbro!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: January 27, 2016, 11:30 AM »
Well, if you think about it, Neagan killing Judith would work better for the show. In the comics, Rick is keeping Neagan in a cell. There's no way they are going to keep paying Jeffery Dean Morgan just to have him sitting in a cell. Neagan killing Judith means that Rick would be seen as justified in killing Neagan.

I know there are a lot of fans that would love to see Glenn survive past the Alexandrians encountering Neagan, but I could also see them going even further with Neagan and having him kill both Glenn AND Judith instead of a swap of one for the other.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: January 21, 2016, 03:48 PM »
You're not the only one Nick - I enjoy the TFA line quite a bit. I just wish it hadn't been such a pain to track down and now with the split wave cases coming and the lack of new product flowing it's going to be even more difficult.

I wish they had solicited to the online retailers solid cases of the Waves 4 & 5 figures 2x each - I would have gladly paid more for each of them not to go crazy looking for them in stores. Same goes for the Armor-Wave and 2-pack 2nd waves - a pittance of new items and a glut of previous releases.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: January 20, 2016, 11:18 PM »
Wow - that looks pretty nice. Looks like they plan on continuing with the build-a-weapon for the foreseeable future...

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: January 14, 2016, 01:17 PM »
Those three all look pretty good.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: January 13, 2016, 06:31 PM »
Really wish Hasbro would release a combined Wave 4/5 case with 2x all six of the new wave 4/5 figures from both the Jungle/Space and Snow/Desert assortments. Online retailers must cringe when they see case pack ratios like this, it essentially shoots them in the foot right out of the gate.

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: January 11, 2016, 07:31 PM »
While I know it seems odd - but I am very happy to see that the three carry-forwards will all feature the same build-a-weapon pieces that they originally came with.

Looking forward to getting the helmetless Kylo Ren figure - too bad the hood is up, I don't recall him ever having the hood up but the helmet off... maybe it's from the cut scene where he interrogates Zuvio?  ;)

I decided to hold on to the extra Kylo since the changes are fairly significant in my mind and I like having both.  :)

Just out of curiosity, what are your plans for the 6" Rey?  ;)

Not sure, probably gonna keep her now too because I realized last night they updated BB-8 too with a new wash that much more clearly defines his various sections. Would you be interested in just the Rey figure?

I actually found her in a Wave 3 case on my way home from work last Friday, so I'm good now, but yeah, I would have wanted BB-8 too...

Having the Poe from the Target 2-pack has me really wanting to at least grab the heroes from TFA as well. So basically Finn, Rey, BB-8, Poe, Chewie & Han. If they release Leia and/or Maz, then I'll get them as well. I'm still on the fence when it comes to the Guavian Enforcer, Constable Zuvio and Asty...

I'm seeing that this wave is hitting with much more frequency than the Wave 2 case did. Which if you're looking purely for TFA characters, this is the case to find/get - with 2x of Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey & Poe, plus 1x of the FO Stormtrooper, it's definitely a good case from that standpoint. I would have thought that only 1 FO Stormtrooper per case would have been a bad thing, but so far, from my experience, the FO Stormtrooper seems to be the third most likely figure to still be sitting around when you find remnants of a case - with Luke being #1, Han being #2 and Kylo Ren being #4...

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" First Order Legion 7-Pack Box Set
« on: January 9, 2016, 12:00 PM »
Just got the sets I ordered - one to keep in package, two to open...

I've only opened the Desert quadrant of my first opener box so far since that gives me access to the Riot and Heavy Artillery troopers - both are great, really wish they had just released these as single carded figures. Like why couldn't the 2nd Stormtrooper that came out have omitted the blaster and included the baton and shield instead? What could the difference in cost have been pennies?

The Heavy Artillery Trooper armor vest is very cool - probably could get it off and put it on a SA trooper, but I'm not going to bother - maybe if the TBS line at WalMart sticks around, Hasbro will release a SA version of this character just by combining the 5POA version's accessories with the SA trooper figure, seems like a no brainer if you ask me.

Found a case of Wave 3 last night on my way home from work - so I grabbed the Rey/BB-8 out of it since I hadn't picked her up yet. Originally I was only going to get First Order characters, but that darn Poe/Stormtrooper 2-pack prompted me to want to get a set of the heroes, so I'm probably going to order Chewie from Hasbro Toy Shop and also pick up Han when I finally stumble onto that wave.

Not sure if I want to bother with the Guavian Enforcer or Constable Zuvio - I suppose if I pick up a Zuvio, I'd be helping "the cause" hehe

Okay - so in order to get free shipping from Hasbro Toy Shop, I went ahead and picked up the 6" Chewie, Pilot Poe Dameron and Guavian Enforcer figures. I know several locations locally where Zuvio is still hanging around, so I'll pick him up on the way home tonight... Then all I'll need for TFA 6" 'completeness' will be to find Asty, Han, Finn and the Flametrooper as well as pick up one of those big TIEs (still not sure about that one).

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