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My two Slave I's are in limbo now pending the Amazon product review.

I hate to say "I told you so" - but when I heard Amazon had Vintage Collection exclusives - which just in name alone implies that the packaging is part of the exclusive - that people were gonna get shipments beat to all heck or even better yet - with shipping stickers stuck DIRECTLY onto the box.

Thank god there is supposedly a white mailer box that is supposed to be around these, at least MAYBE we can give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt for thinking about that in advance and just the warehouse workers at Amazon being total d-bags and not giving a ****.

Now, with regards to the missing parts - I don't believe it to be widespread at all - I actually think it's fraud.

I find it awfully coincidental that the missing parts are all from the same bag that include Han in Carbonite - VERY easy to open up the box, grab that bag and then claim it wasn't in there all for the sake of getting the one thing most collectors really want from this set - that new Han in Carbonite figure.

Of course, if/when mine finally come, I probably just jinxed myself.  :-X

Count me down for a separate Rebels line in the source-accurate animated style. Produced by Disney. With no Hasbro involvement whatsoever.


Won't happen - Hasbro just revised their agreement to include the upcoming movies and the new cartoon - so you'll get what Hasbro makes and you'll LIKE IT!  :P

My hope for Star Wars: Rebels is that they'll do a cheaper, kid-"friendly" 5POA line and then more popular characters will get the Vintage/Black Series treatment.

I think at this point, putting out a third figure line would just be too much product at once - and I believe even Hasbro acknowledges that less is more for the time being. When the new movies come out? Perhaps they might get away with a bit more, but not right now.

They hit my local TRU today - unfortunately I couldn't be there at opening so I missed the Luke and Padme figures - left the rest.

I have a feeling this line is going to just SIT. The only reason why someone grabbed the Padme and Luke figures is because it is known that they have secondary market value. If they weren't getting any secondary market interest, those two figures would have still been there as well.

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: August 2, 2013, 04:26 PM »
Sets continue to trickle out at places like Kmart and Target around here.

Picked up the Geonosis Hangar/Duel set at my local Kmart last night.

Turns out that the Jedi Defender Cruiser I picked up at Toys R Us was already price-adjusted when I bought it - $89.99 which is the same price as Lego Shop - so my guess is that since they only had one, someone had already come in and bought one and asked them to adjust the price. So I guess I was lucky.

They have the Sail Barge for $139 which is $20 more than Lego Shop - I wonder if I could get them to adjust to the Lego Shop price on that one - out of all these new 2013 set, that's the one I'm most excited about since I only recently got back into getting Star Wars legos and I don't have the earlier release.

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: July 26, 2013, 12:35 PM »
My local Toys R Us got in the Jedi Defender Cruiser and Jabba's Sail Barge.

I know TRU's prices run a little higher than other places, but I couldn't pass up on the Jedi Defender Cruiser - I love all the sets from The Old Republic game.

So now, with the exception of the Starhopper, Advent Calendar (too early for that one), and of course the Ewok Village, I've seen all of the back-half of 2013 Lego sets....

I see that EE has their pre-order up as well for this wave!  Man, I'm contemplating cancelling wave 1, buying at the store, and ordering wave 2 instead.

I've been thinking the same thing Jesse - order two cases of this wave from EE and just pick up the figures I need from Wave one when they hit the stores. What does that mean - I'm left with just finding two each of Padme and Yavin Celebration Luke?

Wow they are ALREADY shooting themselves in the foot with these cases - the 2nd wave should have ZERO carry-forwards from the previous wave and just been this:

2x Stormtrooper
2x 41st Elite Clone Trooper
2x Mara Jade
2x Pablo Jill
2x Luminara Unduli
2x R2-D2 (AOTC)

If this line is for collectors and the 5POA line is for kids - stop worrying about the collector line having a kid-friendly assortment in the case.

I feel bad for you guys who wanted to embrace this line and now you're left with a hole in your collection.

I'll just echo what everyone else said - this is the FIRST item in a NEW line that Hasbro wants collectors to dive into. Kinda hard getting a lot of collectors to do so if they couldn't get the first item.

Since I'm in the camp that believes the 6" collector line will eventually mean the death of the 3.75" collector line, I'm REALLY glad that this happened and I hope it bites Hasbro in the ass SO BAD that they don't even make it to wave 3 with this line - that's what they (Hasbro) deserve.

Limited to two per customer? UGH!

An open message to the Star Wars collecting community website owners...

Can you please stop reporting how "amazing" or "excellent" the new 5POAS sculpts are? It's making you look stupid.


Possible...  free shipping better apply because that IJ set's absurd.

I can't imagine they wouldn't - I didn't think the Vintage exclusive vehicles would qualify but they do, so I'm sure these will qualify too.

So here's the big question - where are the other droids they had planned for the Droid Factory line? R8-B7 and R5-X2.... lost?

Could these be coming in a box set like the "lost" Indiana Jones figures wave from two years back?

Those were all individually carded, but sold as a set.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic Con 2013!
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:26 PM »
3.75" Modern



Just how I feel right now is all.


Essentially we're gonna be getting what was planned for Droid Factory and that's about it.


And I know it was blurry, but it REALLY angers me that the Maul w/Mando legs we're getting is in the crappy 5POA style.

EDIT: Just got a look at that Darth Maul - what a huge F-U to collectors. Exactly what "collection" do you put him in? He doesn't fit in with your animated style Clone Wars figures and looks ridiculous next to the three Vintage-style Clone Wars figures released so far.

I know this is gonna be edited but... you ******* suck Hasbro, you SO ******* suck, it's not even funny at this point, ******* Derryl DeDouchebag needs to go - I hope these ******* pieces of **** rot on the shelves because after all, you've told us all that we collectors don't carry the line, well, I hope kids look at these and say "**** this ****".

I'm on with an Amazon rep trying to get my pre-order adjusted... in my opinion, since the item hasn't shipped yet, Amazon should have automatically adjusted all of the orders for this thing not made it something you had to call in about....

Wait wait wait.  Sorry, but I find it hilarious that the review basically makes the figutes sound like the worst collectible ever, but then Pete still buys a full case of figures.  Hiw is that not drinking the koolaid? 

I found these at Target today and actually like them.  Two figures for $10 and great paint jobs.  They remind me enough of old skule vintage to keep me interested for now.  I do agree on the crummy packaging though.  I'll just be getting one set to open.

Yeah - I guess it is. For me, it's just that they haven't YET pushed me to the point of abandoning what is now 18 years of getting one of every figure to keep MOC and one of every figure to open.

They're getting pretty darn close with this 5POA junk though...

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