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Got my order of these - and I like the deco, goes nice as a BB counter-part to the pride R2 droid from last year. I would have really appreciated it if they gave us one of the different ball-unit droid domes for this release though - the domes for 2BB-2 and BB-4 from the Last Jedi box set have yet to be used on any other BB-unit releases.

Got my order of these today - I find it strange that the other two items are sold out but this one is sticking around - I wonder if just ordered more of this than the other and they plan on this WDW 50th Anniversary droid being more available for the remainder of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

I found it interesting that this comes on a cardback similar to the exclusive Retro figures at Target and the Mando Carbonized Collection figures at Walmart.

I wonder if they used the same "carbonized" paint technique on this droid that they used on those figures, which is what gives the figure the "gold" shine. (something that the photos do not capture well)

Like many of you, I am convinced that TVC is not going to change, and I think they didn't address it because they were specifically told NOT to address it. Think of the up-roar from Marvel Legends fans if they find out that Hasbro Star Wars isn't going to be impacted by the "no plastic packaging" mandate.

There is still a chance regular Black Series releases will be impacted, but I think that's still up-in-the-air. Depends on what kind of reaction they got from that survey they sent around with packaging mock-ups (that all looked horrible).

I do think things like Vintage-like-carded Black Series figures will still be a "thing". No way after starting back in 2017 for the 40th Anniversary of ANH, they aren't going to at least do a couple waves of Return of the Jedi Black Series figures on Vintage-like cardbacks.

There's also a really good chance we will probably also see more Credit Collection releases for The Mandalorian.

Both Vintage-like packaging sublines give them the opportunity to double-dip on figure molds, which has been a major part of the Hasbro Star Wars brand strategy for many years now, so no way are they going to just give that up - and no-one is buying a re-pack of a Mandalorian or ROTJ 6" figure on a Vintage-like Cardback that doesn't feature a clear plastic bubble.

Everything I've read about the MagicBands at Galactic Starcruiser indicates that they're an important part of the immersive / interactive experience.  Every guest is issued a MagicBand that's exclusive to the Galactic Starcruiser resort.  And that might also include tracking your merchandise purchases.  That's one way for them to track your cabin number when you make a purchase in the resort store.

Excellent points.

I'm sure that is the ONLY way to make purchases from the gift shop and getting the alcoholic beverages (which aren't included) - as far as immersion goes, they don't want anyone taking out a wallet in the middle of the cruise.

They probably have you link your credit card ahead of time and if there is an option to specifically NOT link a credit card, they probably tell/warn you that "you won't be able to get alcoholic beverages and you won't be able to make purchases at the gift shop". Midway through the cruise if you change your mind, they will be more than happy to help you link up a card. Disney loves taking your $$$.

I'm sure it's the same reason why they are giving you iPhones to use as your Datapad instead of letting you use your own personal phone - because once personal phones come out, photography and video recording can't be controlled and apparently that's something else you agree to while on the cruise - no photography.

The short version?  Disney is limiting the quantities of merchandise that you can purchase at the Galactic Starcruiser.  Including SK-620.

Yes, apparently it's 2 per person, at least for the Droid Factory version of SK-620 - the seller I bought it from had eight for sale, so either he found a "loop-hole" or he went with his family of four and used that to get the eight.

Honestly, it's not going to be the same person running the gift shop the entire trip - I'm sure if you hit the gift shop first thing when you board and then hit it again before leaving on the morning of the third day, I'm sure you'd be able to double-up.

These seem to be coming down - I'm watching several auctions right now where they are in the $50 - $70 range. I already acquired one MOMC specimen for my Droid Factory collection for a little over $100 - which was fine with me since I have no intention of going on the Starcruiser anytime soon - considering the alternative is $5k AND buy the item and get it home, what I paid was a bargain.

Four of the 6 will likely be distinguishable by weight. The two BB-8-type droids will be a toss-up. Who will be the first to bring in a small digital scale?  :)

There are actually three BB units - and those would be the heavier ones due to the weighted ball that gives the Disney BB units the weeble-wobble type behavior.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that can only mean one thing...individually carded droid prices are going up significantly.

Exactly - but unfortunately, nothing individually carded will come close to the outstanding 4-LOM they offered a year ago and that was only $12.99.

New paint applications on existing molds that have been around for five years or longer (this coming April will mark the 5th anniversary of SWCO in 2017 where they debuted the build-a-droid BB-8 & Chopper) - should mean that the cost of the figures stays consistent, not goes up.

The $2 mark-up on these is for the plastic "crates" with bases that can be connected to each other for a multi-droid display, I could have completely done w/o that "feature".

There are six confirmed so far, and they are all designs that are visible in the Droid Depot shop at Galaxy's Edge. those six droids are:

C1-4B - a blue & white version of Chopper with some red highlights
G4-S8 - a white & green R4 droid
B5-SL - a white & blue BB unit, looks to be the same sculpt as BB-8
JB-9 - a yellow and gray BB unit, looks to be the same sculpt as the First Order BB-9E
CH-83 - a white & yellow BB unit, also looks to be the same sculpt as BB-8
S3-R9 - a gray R2 unit

There is a lot of similarity in these offerings to the wind-up offerings that are also available from the Droid Depot, so there is potentially a seventh droid, which is:

M5-K7 - a white & yellow w/silver & yellow dome R2 unit

There are a total of 10 droids that can be seen throughout the shop, in addition to those seven, there are also two more BB designs (one maroon and another that's a brownish color) and another R4 design that is mostly white with striping/color highlights on the dome and legs.

Hopefully for sanity's sake there are only six blind-boxed figures though.

They are $14.99 each, which is $2 more than the individually carded figures. Someone really needs to tell Disney, that the cost for blind-bagged/boxed should be LOWER, not higher than being able to buy an item that you actually know what it is.  >:(

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 2021 HasLab Black Series Rancor
« on: December 7, 2021, 12:30 AM »
Well, oopsies!

I wonder if Patrick is getting his resume ready or at least updated.

Been able to score four of these and I think that's going to be where I call it. So far I'm going to keep one completely MIB, two I opened so I could take out the TVC carded figure - for now I have left them both carded and on the fourth I have opened up everything.

I typically get two of every figure to open, and sometimes even more if the figure has a vehicle, like this guy, but that would just be silly.

My hope is that they indeed do what StBrian suggested and they do a Blue Squadron pack and General Merrick is included. That way, I can get a couple of those and outfit the three Blue Squadron X-Wings each with a unique pilot.

Whatever became of this?

I don't get the buying things you loathe. I buy stuff I like less than the cost but not that I loathe. No wonder they can keep making them.

Personal mental defect? I have the 18 color variants of Prototype Vader, I have four of the six variants of Fett (I have a spare Orange helmet version in case anyone has a spare Red or Purple variant to trade) and I do want to have all six of the Stormtrooper variants.

Devils Advocate here...if the only option to get this is as shelf stock and not shipped from the warehouse, you can never be sure that the figure wasn't removed and the box returned to the store without opening it up.

Pilfered packages are gonna be a real issue I expect, as the loose carded Merricks wind up going for big bucks on ebay.

yep, this is a big reason why I'm disappointed I won't be able to order these off the website and have it shipped directly to me

Thinking about this particular vehicle, I've got to wonder something.  And this is probably the result of WAY too much time reading posts in The Vintage Collection Facebook group.  Is it possible that some people could wind up buying as many as 3 of these to check some boxes in their own collections?

-1 to open
-1 to take out the General Merrick figure for display as a carded figure
-1 to keep completely sealed

Just writing that down I can see all sorts of collecting OCD spilling out.  I will personally be content with one of these X-wings.

This was my plan - to get three for those exact three reasons.

If they were releasing him in a wave and I would be able to get him separately, this would NOT be an issue. By getting three, I'm already taking a hit on the numbers of any single TVC figure I collect. (I get minimally two of every figure to open). So I will be okay with the idea that there is a MOC one sight-unseen in the un-opened X-Wing box, one that I will keep MOC from one opened X-Wing and then a third that I will open to put in the cockpit of the fighter. I don't what I'll do with the spare X-Wing, may hang it from the ceiling in my basement or I may offer it up for $30 - $40, I'm sure there's someone who will find that price (even without the figure) a good deal.

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