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The Legacy Collection / Re: Disney Jedi Academy 5-Pack
« on: August 21, 2010, 02:37 PM »
what was the original disney price for this set? i do remember the disney startours droids being privey also......i would like to pick up the padawans at some point...

jesse james - so do you have a dio set up or one in mind for the temple attack where your going to set up your jedi? :)

ive not picked up this line either but the cade bane with pirate bike looks very cool and i definetley want he shaak ti!

The Legacy Collection / Re: Disney Jedi Academy 5-Pack
« on: August 20, 2010, 10:55 PM »
i picked up the jedi knight figure that is basicly the rots agen kolar body recolored and with a different head on ebay for $;s nothing special but a random generic jedi knight is always cool tohave in my book. i think if they did some random kit bashed jedi fodder figure in new waves, mabey labeled him as a geonosis arena jedi or O66 jedi it'd be a great seller. the new charecter jedi from the geo-arena 2 pks. seem to do not a huge little padawan fan so i didnt ge the rest....anyone else get the whole set and open it?

The Legacy Collection / Re: Beginning of the End?
« on: August 20, 2010, 10:50 PM »
as long as the cw cartoon series is still going strong and kids are into it, i don't see an end in sight for the sw lines at all, im sure us as collectors may end up dealing with alot of "legends" lines unfortunatley and i do think that if hasbro would continue with the comic/eu charecters the line would not only have greater sales but infinite possibilities for future figures.....the comic packs and the wave with tfu shaak ti & k'khurk are testament to that....

on a side note i completley despise the cw animated series, not only because the animated figures are not really what im into, but because they destroyed the "republic commando" novel series by karen traviss, with bs mando pascifist garbage...not to mention that totaly nullifies the fett history/leagacy.... but that another conversation. just my 2 cents.

they look good, nice work with the death squad commanders head gear. what sort of techniuqe did you use on the tunics? i see some color variation and "wear look" that looks really good.....

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Paploo Redo
« on: August 20, 2010, 10:35 PM »
nice improvement, the cowel and feathers look outstanding, great work!!! ;)

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: TESB Finale Medical Bay
« on: August 20, 2010, 10:32 PM »
wow, that is absolutley amazing! i don't even care for that scene much but your dio has surpassed the actual scene by leaps and bounds! the detail in this dio is nothing short of masterful and the materials you used look like actual real-life material, it dosn't look like foam board etc, many dio including my own it is still easy to tell the foam board parts, this however is seamless.....i haven't seen work from oyu in a long time due to my abscences from the hobby and community, and this is an outstanding look at how far you've progressed in leaps and bounds....great work all around this dio!

just out of curiousity, how long did this master piece take you and how do you choose the scene"s you create?

again great work and i hope you are well!

great work on the peak at the new vos figure!

im not a big animated CW figure fan, but i'll definteley have to pick up this vos. i havent seen much of season 2 or heard anything on season 3, but is that valley/skater jedi comment true?  :o i hope not......but either way it's awsome to see vos get some more exsposure.

that is an outstanding promo poster david! that holocron looks amazing, is that image from hellboy? im really looking forward to this one....come on december.

yea, clonewars is definetley one of if not my favorite eras in the SW universe. there are a ton of great chrecters to be made there....

1. bariss offee - she really needs a new figure.

2. sagoro autem - just a cool idea for a charecter that can be done in several different out fits. its always nice to have a few more human charecters.

3. jasper mc knives - cool looking charecter, we could use another grimey nikto.

4. terr seirr - id really like to see another cerrean jedi and this one was dressed very cool.

5. paxi sylo - he was cool. hooked up mace witha drink during a battle and later streamd pictures of jedi he had drawn across the galaxy on the holonet and made the emperor mad.

6. nym - just like the way this one looks.

7. dakman barrek - another random jedi that we have little reference for that i have always had an urge to see made...

8. shaa gi - i like all the jedi from the hypori battle, even the sucker padawan.

9. ashoka tano - anakins padawan........she still looks cool non-the-less.

10. aayla secura - last but not least i want a SA version of her, with a decent proportion and a bit more easy to stand set of feet. id love to see her in her undercover mechanics outfit.

-also id love to see an under cover vos, a k'khurk(whihc we will be getting) and the aqualish pitfighter with the bladed staff that fought for dooku on ratakka, dont know his name, he had long dread like hair though.

JTS21 - thanks a bunch man. i could make a GM shocktrooper, it would just be a question of marking style, but the liegon color would be no problem. thanks again for you great comments and support.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Tactical Screens !!
« on: August 10, 2007, 10:33 PM »
great looking tactical screen nowan. the look factory, but in a good way. ;) i wouldn't mind have some of those to differentiate my tac screens, awsome work.....

here's some more troopers. i sem to be on a trooper kick here latley for some reason. i didn't do troopers for th elongest time, but i'm having fun with them now. :)  as always any commetns suggestions and feedback is much appriciated!

=Airborne Clone Shock Trooper=

=Republic Commando=

just one together.....


-The 10th Rapid Assult Division was the Clone force theat fought under Jedi General Quinlan Vos. The 10th RAD did tours on Cato Nemodia, Sulecami, Boz Pity & Kashyykk. After the formation of the Empire the 10th Rapid Assult Division was split and reorganized into other Leigons.

=10th Rapid Assult Division, Airborne Clone Trooper=

=10th Rapid Assult Division, Commander Sors=(K.I.A. on Sulecami)

-one together with thier General.....

your the guy who used to do micro customs with ballon fitted garbs. i was wondering who it was that i remebered doing that!

padme looks great. very curvascious. you did a good job integrating the hasbro parts into the microbody and your balln technique is very cool. good work.

thanks a bunch for all the comments and support guys. it's much appriciated.

phurby - it seems to be the general consensus that codys head it a bit odd. i dremmeled out the inside of the head as thin as possible while still kepping it snugg on the post, anymore and it will wabble off. so i may try and fit a different clone head on there. we'll see. thansk for the suggestion though.

anton - thanks fo rtaking the time to checkotu my work. i try to post at all the forums, but i have alot more custom posted at yak than anywhere else. generaly i finish about 5 or 6 customs a week and take a week off.  i have alomst 2 dozen finished customs that i have yet to post still. :) thanks again.

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