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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Just When You Thought It Was Over.
« on: April 17, 2003, 03:15 PM »
Bleh, I hate heat...

I could stand 70 degrees all year round, that would suffice for me.  Lows in the high 50's/low 60's would be great then for the evenings.

I'll miss winter in a way, but Spring/Summer does spark you to get things accomplished, so I'm enjoying Sunny Pittsburgh. :)

It's dipped into the 50's now here though as of 3:12 I believe.  That's how it feels anyway...  So much for those 80+ days we had to start the week.  And now my knees hurt!

While I think intentional variations made difficult to find intentionally is dumb on Hasbro's part, and frustrating, I personally like the idea of the Imperial Officer figures...

I've not got either of them except the POTJ one, so if anyone is inclined to help me out...  ***Hint hint hint*** :)

But that's been the only variant I found interesting in Saga really.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Silver Fett and Clonetrooper coming...
« on: April 17, 2003, 03:03 PM »
Well, I'm a comletist so I'm going to get these one way or another, but it's frustrating to say the least that Hasbro's doing this...  I think the silver-plated figures will look nice as a centerpiece to the collection but they're really just being made too difficult to find in some respects.

I hope we see some change in availability...  Maybe a one per customer rule instead of 2 as was with the Vader.  That might help somewhat.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: K*B / Target Sale
« on: April 17, 2003, 03:00 PM »
I went to Wally for a price-match last night.

Came back with 3 Geonosian w/Massif, 3 Tusken w/Massif, and an extra Ki-Adi Mundi...

Not a BAD Haul, but there was still 2 pegs full of Lott Dodd, Teemto Pagalies, and some other figure was there that I'm now forgetting but which also was NOT worth purchasing.


2 pegs open though, so maybe my WM will get in SOMETHING new.

I'm still DESPARATELY searching for BOTH Imperial Officer head variants among a wealth of other product that Hasbro and the retailers are hosing me out of.

Power of the Jedi / Re: Rorworr
« on: April 17, 2003, 02:54 PM »
Yeah, he's definately a neat "extra" you got with the RPG core box set.

I would have loved a second one to cast the head...  I'm hoping we see more wookie figures in general at some point, just for some variety.  A wookie with a removeable bandoleir would be great for us customizers too at some point since Wookies don't all dress the same.

I'd love to make an accurate scale/clothed Roworworrworrowororr someday, but that'll only be if I nab a 2nd one to boil/pop...

Power of the Jedi / Re: bespin guard
« on: April 17, 2003, 02:51 PM »
The Freeze Chamber Guard, I can confirm, is not black...  He actually strongly resembles David Duchovney from the X-Files.

He's cobbled together from parts of other figures...  His body for instance is that of Darth Sidious.  His arms are that of the Complete Galaxy and Target Skiff Luke's (Even has the poseable right hand).

His head's the only new part.  It's a single piece sculpt so the hat's not removeable like the POTJ figure.

Oddly enough, the POTJ figure's got an open jacket which if I remember correctly, NONE of the Bespin Guards in the film had opened jackets.

Just a strange mix-up on Hasbro's part I guess.

There have been rumors of head variant POTJ Bespin Guards that were on tap but never produced.  I'd take a 4 pack of unique head POTJ Bespin Guards though...  That's one of Hasbro's better figures IMO.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New Target Accessory Sets (Summer '03)
« on: April 17, 2003, 01:11 AM »
Well, I'm still "iffy" on these sets...

I admit I liked the 1st sets better after purchasing them, and I'm likely the ONLY guy on Earth who said "Those lil tankdroids rock!" in the Hoth set (If any of you have those and do NOT want them, I'm more than willing to give them a loving home :D ).

I think the Gamorean Guard set is likely my favorite, especially if we're getting neat detailed Thermal Detonators (Any Dark Forces fans out there will know why such a small accessory can appeal to me).  

No matter what though, I still would've liked to have seen some improvements to these figures.  Poseable (and 2 open-fisted) wrists on the Gamorean for instance...  The Gungan would've been nice if they gave us the pack-in gungan from the Faamba just for some variety.

The Yavin Tech though...  Good god.  It's utilizing horrible POTF2 pieces that have BETTER newer counterparts.  Very confusing as to why this figure isn't made of POTJ Imperial officer's body, and a POTJ RFT head.  

The thoughs of a unique Tech's helmet are intriguing though, and the only redeeming feature to that set IMO.  The ladders are a nice thought, and I may find some use for them possibly, but as making scale ships is my ultimate goal then these underscaled ladders aren't as interesting to me as they may have been otherwise.

I still say that the accessory sets are one of the greatest wastes from Hasbro though, and could've definately been a far superior product that had a distinctly broader appeal.  The parts and figures included just weren't that inspiring though.

My favorite thing from the 1st series was the scaled and better detailed Explosive Charges in the Endor set.  Those are great. :)

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Same Body, Different Heads
« on: April 17, 2003, 01:00 AM »
I reiterate that it would be AWESOME to see it used in certain instances...  

As was mentioned above, Ewoks...  I'd kill for Teebo to just get re-released over and over with a different deco and a new hood.  New weapons too of course, but that Teebo body is hands down the ULTIMATE Ewok body to use.

I saw a guy post pics of his custom Ewoks (with his custom catapult) and they utilized the Teebo body with unique heads...  They looked awesome.  :)  Hell, I'd buy a 10 pack of those bad boy fuzzballs.

But I also reiterate that this is a trend that can get out of hand, and I do NOT want Antilles and Dodonna sharing the same body...  Hasbro's whacky though, and anything is possible.  

They cut more corners than a company half their size does though, and as a consumer of theirs I find that somewhat offensive...  The sharing parts trend is too new to judge right now, but they've cut corners in areas that didn't necessarily save them money, but maybe saved them some time (Fleet Trooper's helmet for instance).  

I could see that theory of theirs carrying over into this new possibility we've stumbled upon.

But ironically, there's the Imperial Officer body sitting fallow, and we've yet to see Imperial Techs in the grey uniform cranked out en masse...  There's Motti's sculpt lying fallow as well, and yet it's not be reused when we'd likely buy those up for a multitude of reasons (Imperial Officer customs, here I come!)

Like I said, they're whacky.

Power of the Force 2 / Re: What's the figure you hate the most?
« on: April 17, 2003, 12:51 AM »

Well that's a tough one...

Let me think about it for a minute...

Hmmm, hold on.  I've almost decided....

Oh yeah, I hate the Rebel Fleet Trooper.  But not only do I hate the POTF2 abomination of a figure, which it most CERTAINLY was an abomination of a figure...  I also feel the POTJ figure still sucks the sweat from a dead man. :)

That first POTF2 Fleet Trooper was laughable though.  I honestly still don't realize what they were using as referance material to sculpt it.  The boots were wrong, the pants were wrong in style AND color, the shirt was wrong...  Just bleh.  Unfortunately, their resculpt didn't get their 100% best effort either, though it was a noticeable improvement.

Then again, how could it NOT have been?

JD Sports Forum! / Re: Teams you love to root against
« on: April 16, 2003, 11:05 PM »

Cleveland Browns of course.
Baltimore Ravens (Byproduct of the Browns).
Dallas Cowboys.


Any Earnhardt.
Any Chevrolet/GM product (I'm more a ford man myself).
Jeff Freakin' Gordon...  What a putz.

NHL (My favoritist bestest sport on Earth ever, and the only one I played extensively):

Washington Capitals.
Philly Flyers (though I want them to win their current Series).
NY Islanders.
Detroit to an extent.
Colorado to an extent.
Florida Panthers.

I'd love for Boston to go all the way this year personally...  I root for the Penguins in any other situation, but since there was no way in hell we were making the playoffs and we're doing serious rebuilding/restructuring, I'm gonna wish for some good things for normally crap teams.  Boston's my first fave...  I almost wouldn't mind seeing Philly though, as they have gone too long without.  I like Jersey too.

Out west I like the Kings a lot...  That and maybe the Stars, but not much else.  West is just not as competitive I think, and a weaker conference that is riding the playoff wave a few teams have created.  Much more competitive in the East I feel, and that hurts all Eastern teams in the playoffs and even in their race for the playoffs.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What do you drive?
« on: April 16, 2003, 10:58 PM »
I just bought a '92 Thunderbird SC.  Let me say first off that these are sweet rides. :D

I got it for $1000, which isn't bad...  I have 3 patches on the frame and floor boards to weld, which my brother will help with since he has all the welding equipment.

I have a patch of body work on the right rear fender that is puttied...  I'm not sure if the car was wrecked or not, but being that there's not a spot of rust on the rest of the body it makes me wonder.  Frame's straight though, but ground effects caused these 2 rust spots in it so there is work to do underneath and I'll pay to have the body patch fixed with a welded patch.

It has a moon roof that's in immaculate shape, power everything inside, and it's really clean in the paint job.  I'm not fond of the color and a factory design in it that I'll eventually have all painted over.

It has aluminum wheels that were made for T-Birds secifically, which look nice.

It has high mileage so I'll be rebuilding the engine over time...

Honestly the car just simply rocks and looks wonderful though, so I'm quite happy.  The only thing that worries me, and the only known problems with them is the Supercharger on the engine.  Improper maintenance = one hell of an expensive part to fix.  I've never owned a car with a SC or turbo or any other speed enhancer like that, so I'll be getting used to that.

One other thing, it's a 5-speed, so essentially I'm learning to drive all over since I haven't driven a stick in quite some time, and I've never driven standards over extensive periods of time.  I'm sure I'll get used to it, but being where I live and my commute(s), I will definately need to get used to it.

Not bad for $1000 though if I do say so...  On top of that, the problem my old car had (An old beater K-car) has likely been solved so I'll have a 2nd car to do some of my driving in, and let me take better care of my T-Bird.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: New Saga 4-packs: Love 'em or hate 'em?
« on: April 9, 2003, 03:47 PM »
I think I'm t he only person disappointed with the R3.  They used that bogus POTJ sculpt instead of the R3-T7 body that has the poseable legs and retractable 3rd leg.

Love that poseable/articulated sculpt.  :(

This set is as uninteresting as the 4-packs can get to me...  The Imperial one seems to be the nicest.  The Bounty Hunter one doesn't even pique my interest except they really did a smash-up job on that Swoop.  Too bad the figure can't ride it that it's intended for, haha.

This is a set idea that could REALLY be improved though, kind of like their accessory sets for Target.  It's a shame...  Hasbro's got a knack for taking a potentially great success and working it so it'll only be mediocre at best.  

I could whip up 4-packs and accessory sets (and army builders) that would definately appeal to all collectors I think.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Same Body, Different Heads
« on: April 9, 2003, 03:43 PM »
My personal hope is that Antilles and Dodonna don't get this treatment.  Different body types = unique figures in my eyes...

Another good example would be Ozzel and any normal sized Impy officer.  Ozzel's got a bit of a pot bellie and I'd like a unique Ozzel if we ever get one.

It would lend to diversity in customizing/army building too, as I'd want to make fat and thin Impy officers and such.

The 2 Nightclub patrons don't bother me a lot, but I hope they're not pre-posed...  It almost looks like they're articulated to stand, but still lean on a table if you want them.  To me, Ahmed Best and Anthony Daniels have similar enough body types (Especially in starched uniforms) to look fine by using the same body.

I'm hoping those are just  neutrally posed (or poseable) so I can make different republic officers...  The predecessors to the Empire's officers (even in uniform look).  Could make some neat custom fodder then and I'll definately buy multiples if that's the case!

Welp, I'm late, but I'm voting...  So tough.

1) New Rebel Fleet Trooper...  Yes, he does suck and needs a new figure.  What's he gonna have?  Well I'm glad I asked because here it comes...

-Removeable helmet with thin rubbery strap (Check out the X-treme Detail paratroopers.  It's 100% feasible!!!)

-Functioning holster with PROPERLY scaled blaster.

-Removeable vest with pliable plastic (Not that rigid job the POTJ figure got).

-3 unique 1970's hairstyled head variants.  Yup, 70's are back and we're gonna get that old fart that dropped faster than a dress on prom night when the stormies blasted in.

-14 points of articulation including a ball/socket shoulder as well as the swivel-pin joint knee.

-And if I did him, he'd get a couple EU accessories like a bandoleir of grenades and a shoulder sachel.

2) Yavin Rebel Technician...  He'd come with multiple articulation points, a removeable tech helmet (Minus the neck piece the soldiers wear), a couple tools, and a removeable headset incase you want him working in the war room.

3) Reissue of the CT Stormie...  Give him some wrist articulation, a working holster, and maybe swivel-pin knees...  Great figure then.

4) Astromech 3-pack (Yeah, 3 figures I know but the thing's done so my vote isn't important anyway).  3 different decos, 3 different heads...  Hell, they could even make variants of this pack and we all know we'd buy them in bulk!

5) Sauron 2-pack...  I want em both from the Cantina.

6) Hem Dazon...  He needs it folks!  First alien in the Cantina we see.  I want him!

7) Cantina Snitch...  I want the human Garof Lafoe...  Goes out, tells sandies about Obi's little incident with the thugs.

8) Rebel Mid-level officer...  Brown tunic, tan hat with a yellow emblem...  Multiple articulation points, and a removeable hat of course. :)  Maybe multiple head variants.

9) Rebel Pilot...  3 head variants with 3 helmet variants.  You get Gold Leader, Red Leader, and a non-descript blue emblemed younger pilot with black visor.

10) And finally, drunk jawa 3-pack...  I want drunk jawas by god!

Here's my toss into the ring.

1) Neutral Posed Clone with 14-16 points of articulation, removeable helmet, and extensive use of ball/socket joints (And the infamous swivel-pin joint the red clone's knee had).

2) New and poseable Zam Wessel figure minus action feature.  Includes functioning holster w/blaster, sniper rifle, removeable helmet, removeable "changeling" face, made-up new removeable face (Think Zartan figure! :) ), and 14 points of articulation.

3) Rodian Citizen. (Generic Rodian character)

4) 2nd citizen character (Different species)

5) 3rd citizen character (human, male)

6) generic human male Jedi featuring many articulation points (14 would be dandy).

7) generic human female Jedi (same as above).

8 ) Non-feature Anakin Outland Peasant

9) Yoda with removeable cloak, 2 legs, etc...

10) New red battledroid using GOOD plastic and multiple articulation points.

As you can see, E2's figures aren't of a total interest to me unless they're extreme background figures or REALLY well-done army builders.  Not the pre-posed stuff we could be seeing with Clone Wars' line.

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