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Maybe the title should be changed now. How bout "It's Almost JULY?"  :-\

I'll vouch for Jesse and say that it's probably worse on my side of the city. One WalMart I frequent has about 30 TSC figures, ALL Endor 3-P0s and Vaders. The only TAC they have are about 10 Obis and R2s.

I haven't even seen all of Wave 2 on the pegs, not a single McTrooper or Fett, not one figure of Wave 3, etc.

Maybe I just hit the stores at the wrong time, but I swear most are still getting TSC as their main SW product. It's incredibly annoying. I think a year and a half is long enough.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: EE Mandalorian 14 Pack
« on: June 25, 2007, 06:32 PM »
I hope we get Kal Skirata, Walon Vau, some clone commandos, maybe a Null ARC, and maybe Bardan Jusik (all characters from RC:Triple Zero; Vau and Skirata were Mandos, Jusik was a Jedi who wore Mando armor). These clones are okay and I like Ward (except the head, too baby-ish) and I'll probably be picking up this set.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-Updated May 13th
« on: June 15, 2007, 11:10 PM »
The 887th Combat Corps was a standard combat unit under the control of the Grand Army of the Repbulic. They did not find heavy action until the later end of the Clone Wars, where they encountered heavy Seperatist resistance on a forested planet called Kogerlos.

Their armor was denoted with a yellow-gray color and they utilized helmets similiar to that of the 21st Nova Corp's Galactic Marines. They also carried their auxillary gear on chest straps and had a quickdraw holster adhered to their right thigh plate.

Private Anarth (C Squad, F Platoon, D Company, Assault Battalion) was the sniper in his squad. Fiery and serious in combat, he was a completely different when at ease. Light-hearted and witty, he was the funny man of his platoon. He was also given the nickname of "Quickshot" due to his uncanny ability to line up a perfect snipe in less than a second.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-5/8- 2 New Customs
« on: May 13, 2007, 09:37 PM »
Thanks guys. The "Green Wizard" is said to have clone sergeant markings and uniform but has recieved commando training.

Today we have an update to the 972nd Legion Trooper. Upgraded his armor paintjob, added an interchangeable head/helmet, added a Snow Trooper pack, and, even though it's hard to tell, added some mud splatters to his chest plate and shins area.

I'm much more satisfied with him now. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-5/8
« on: May 8, 2007, 12:25 AM »
Today I threw together 2 new clones. One is fan-fiction and the other from a Clone Wars novel.
The 972nd Legion of the GAR was a mid-size battle group of regulary trained soldiers. Adept at nearly all combat situations, they had a unimpressive success record, which led to the legion's disbanding and reassignment shortly before Order 66.

I went with a lighter weathering than usual. I kind of like the way it turned out.

In the book Jedi Trial, which narrates the story of  The Battle of Praesitlyn, there is a recon operation to probe the Seperatist lines to find a weak spot for an attack. There are two groups- an elite group of clone commandos, and another comprised of Anakin Skywalker, a Rodian, and a few human non-clone fighters. The last clone, a specially trained clone sergeant, nicknamed "The Green Wizard", had completed his mission but not in the correct amount of time. On his way back the artillery barrage that was supposed to happen after he had returned began to fall on his position.

CT-19/39, knowing the weak spot in the Seperatist lines, was unable to relay his information back to Command. Dying slowly, shell-shocked and his limbs severed, he knew he had failed the Republic.

I wanted to make him really dirty and as he looked before the artillery killed him. I would also reccomend Jedi Trial for any Clone Wars fan. Great book.

Well, I hope you like them. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-4/23 Kit Fisto
« on: April 23, 2007, 06:20 AM »
Thanks guys. The holster is from a BBi figure- Navy Seal Sniper I think. I modded it a bit- I cut of a side pouch and added a strip of stryene to the front.

Today we have a small repaint of a Jedi. I decided I wanted a more realistic figure of Kit Fisto in my collection. He may not be 100% accurate, but it's good enough for me.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

I didn't really like Gunnery Sergeant VanMeer too much, so I kind of overhauled him. Repainted the jumpsuit, added a cloth "bib" under his chest armor, and added gear and a holster on his ankle. Also changed the head and redid the backstory.

Gunnery Sergeant Elson was in charge of the armory on a Venator-class Imperial Star Destroyer. He was a former member of the 21st Nova Corps when Order 66 came around, and was transferred to 5th Fleet Auxillary. He served in the era after the fall of the GAR but was killed when his ship was in the vicinity of the Death Star when it exploded during the Battle of Yavin.

Whenever troops were being deployed for a mission on ground, he was sent with them to take care of their equipment, shelter, and food. He also often radioed into a Gunship in semi-orbit to resupply their ammunition, supplies, and food. He dressed in a matte-black jumpsuit with added chest armor to protect himself from the stray blaster bullet that would sometime make its way back to camp. If need be, he was also trained in combat and would be ready to defend the Empire at all costs.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Thanks Deanna.

Really simple custom today. Mainly just a parts swap and a small repaint. I gave his armor a slight wash and some minor drybrushing/smudges to give his jumpsuit a bit of a grungy look.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Adan VanMeer was placed in command of the ATAT's armory in the Blizzard Force invasion of Hoth. His job was to keep track of armor integrity, hand out weapons to the elite snowtroopers, equip speeders and AT-STs with fuel and weaponry, and was bascially in charge of logisitics of the mission. He wore a standard ATAT jumpsuit with an old chest plate that was given to him by General Veers himself after it became "too damaged for a General to wear". He was a robust and strong leader, and always made sure "his" troops, vehicles, and equipment were prepared to perform to Imperial standards.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

24's a been a while since I updated. I took pics of 4 new customs, but the pics of my Jedi Master were too dark to get any detail out of them.

First today, we have a pair of Jungle Recon/Ops Troopers. These elite soldiers are dropped behind enemy lines where they have to fend for themselves, scrounging together food, water, and shelter, and attacking at the oppurtune moment to cripple Seperatist troop movements or supply lines. They generally work in pairs who have been together since training.

Squad A-2 is comprised of Privates Zerrick and Caho. Private Zerrick is more of a gung-ho trooper, not afraid to get into any conflict at all. However, he sometimes gets too into the fight and usually ends up firing blindly into a loose group of battle droids. Private Caho, on the other hand, is more of a reserved trooper. He often prefers to get a large amount of recon and intel before he goes into a firefight. When he does, he often hands towards the back of the group and often picks droids off with a cool demeanor. The pair's personalities compliment one another very well, and they operate with machine-like precision and accuracy.

Squad A-2 (Zerrick on left, Caho on right)

Zerrick conferring with Jedi Master Wyn (not yet posted, maybe tomorrow)

Well, I hope you like them. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Thanks DR.

Well, this custom that I'm about to show you is a bit of a story- yesterday, I felt like redoing my Dark Jedi, Evir Abren to a Clone Wars-era Jedi. But once I added the clone gauntlets, it occured to me I've never done a Clone Wars-esque Obi Wan Kenobi, and since I had an extra Obi head lying around I decided to give it a shot. I tried to make mine unique, giving him some different coloring than all the ones I've see lately.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Today we have an Imperial commander/general geared up for cold weather missions. Since the Imperial costume designs had been based off of World War Two German uniforms, I figured I'd mix it up a bit and use US uniforms instead. Simple part swap/repaint, but I'm pretty satisfied on how it came out. I wish the pics were better though.

The 161st Cold Weather Operations Unit specialized in what their name stated- cold weather operations. They were a unique group of soldiers- instead of using Snowtrooper-esque armor, they used thermal clothing to keep themselves warm.

General Kantale was a cold, effective leader. Outfitted in thermal pants, gloves, and a custom ordered bantha leather jacket, he was often found on the front lines with his troops, getting himself as involved in combat as his lowest ranks.

Well, I hope you like him. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Yeah, the recipe for the driver is:
Torso, head- VOTC Scout
Forearms- SA Clone Trooper
Legs- Death Star Gunner
Belt- Naboo Pilot

Most of my ealier ones are in storage. Boxes, actually. The recent ones are on display on a shelf.

Clone Marshall Commander Urik was in command of the 27th Desert Operations Legion. Their armor was outfitted in tan accents and a kama to protect themselves from the harsh sandstorms that often occured in most desert environments. He was an excellent commander an excelled in desert combat, winning over 5 different succesful campaigns on various planets including Tatooine and Utapau. Shortly after Order 66, disaster struck- his command shuttle crashed and his legs and hands were crushed, as well as shrapnel damage had caused him to go blind in both of his eyes. He was rescued from the edge of death and kept alive on life support in a bacta tank and waited for the Emperor himself to decide whether or not he lived or died.

The Emperor looked at his past combat record and was most impressed. He deemed him too valuable to lose and gave him mechanic arms and legs that were almost as good as Darth Vader's. He was also outfitted with a specially made photoreceptor band-similiar to a droid's-so he would have limited vision. He was made an commanding officer specializing in black ops.

Him as an Admiral:

Well, I hope you like him (them). LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Well...another week, another update.  :)

I finally got around to taking brighter pics of my mech- a little blurry, but I still think they can show the detail better than the first two.

I really was satisfied with my Republic-era Jungle Trooper so I decided to creat an Imperial version.

The Imperial Jungle Operations Batallion (423rd JOB) was a unit of highly trained soldiers equipped to survive in the most hostile of jungle environments. Carrying all of their supplies as well as a bedroll on their backs, as well specially engineered camoflauged armor, these soldiers were the best of the best and did their job well.

Well, I hope you like them. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Star Wars Action Figures / Null ARC and Strike Mech Driver
« on: February 17, 2007, 01:45 PM »
Thanks guys. Lately we've gotten several school cancellations, and it's allowed me to finish up a couple of customs. First, I finished up my clone strike mech (aka AT-FK) and I threw together a driver for it:

And a couple preview shots of the mech. The rest of the pics turned out too dark, and I hope to get better ones up later.

I was inspired by aeseven7's Null ARC and DarthDre's "Commander Kriter"

N-7, "Mereel", was one of Kal Skirata's specially trained Null ARCs. Unusually patient for a Null, let alone an ARC trooper, he also had a habit of collecting swear words from his various missions.

Mereel's weapons of choice, when not on special assignments, were a DC blaster pistol, as well as a compact blaster carbine. His armor was painted with gray highlights, as well as a dark green pauldron.

Well, I hope you like them. LMK what you think. Thanks for looking.

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: February 13, 2007, 06:44 AM » Wal Marts are experiencing a drought of XD D-Day tank commander and a D-Day tank driver (with its card undone on 3 out of 4 sides  ::)) are all that's sitting at my WalMart.

And with vehicles, I've never found them. Am I just not looking in the right place, or does my WalMart suck?


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