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I have to say, your sculpting skills are very impressive.  Its hard to believe you just started customizing.  All the helmets looks great and I'm really liking your Clone Engineer helment.  It looks awesome. 

He looks good espeically for your 1st custom. The color choices work really well together.  Nice job on incorporating the bossk parts into fetts torso. 

After seeing the Foul Moudama figure in the stores and being inspired by similar customs I just had to make a Sith using Foul's larger frame. The whiphid arms and head are a little small but I think they work well with Foul's torso. I know it's not 100% accurate with having 3 claws on his feet, but I think it still works.   :P

Nearly 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, lived a creature of extreme hate.  That creature was Darth Feral.  Darth Feral cared little for happens in and to the galaxy.  His only thoughts were about battle and the pain he could afflict on his opponent.  Recuirted into the Brotherhood of Darkness by Darth Kaan purely as a weapon that could be used to help destory the Jedi.  Darth Feral died with the rest of the brotherhood at the Battle of Ruusan.

Darth Feral

Size comparision with the original Whiphid Figure

Didn't know if this should go in the Mission Log Section or this one, so if its in the wrong section, Mods please move it. 

During my weeking toy run, I stopped by a couple of Targets.  And at one of them I found the new Star Wars Vintage Figures and the Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack on Clearance.   The VTSC figures were 8 bucks and the Battle Pack was 13 bucks.  Needless to say I picked up a few of each.  :)

Thanks for the comments guys. This is one of my personal favorite customs as well.   

D_E, at the time I got the dark blue cloak, they had 4 different colors.  Dark Blue, Black, Brown, and Purple.  I know that Jfak is working on a few others including a tan cloak.

Just a minor update.  But thanks to GoodtoGoCustoms and customizer Jfak, I was able to give my Jedi Zoran Erida custom a cloth cloak with added playibility instead of the original plastic one that I had.  Let me know what you think.

Zoran Erida with new Cloth Cloak

Zoran Erida with original Plastic Cloak

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Ryan's Customs - Updated 6/27/06
« on: June 27, 2006, 08:55 AM »
Wow Ryan, I'm reall digging the look of the X-wing Mechanic.  The color choices work really well for him. Great use of that XD figure for this custom. 

man SP that Verpine Jedi looks freakin' great.  You did a great job on the head sculpt.  The colors you chose are pefect. Very nicely done.

Over at Commando Customs, we had a Group Project entitled "The Future is Now" where we were to take characters from any story line and create customs of the people who have stepped up and taken over the mantle of the original characters after their passing.

I chose to do the decendants of Han Solo and Boba Fett.  Let me know what you think. 

Arden Fett:
Found on a war torn world towards the end of the galactic war with Yuuzhan Vong, young Arden was found and adopted by Boba Fett and taught the ways of the Mandalorian.  Arden was inmersed into the Mandalorian life and took his teachings to heart.  Over the years, Arden proved himself with his actions that he was the living embodiment of the Mandalorian way.  When Boba Fett finally passed away, the mantle of leadership was passed on to Arden and he became the new Mandalor. 

Parts List:
Head - BBI Paratrooper
Figure - VOTC Boba Fett
Helmet - Cast of Glassman's Expanded Fett Helmet
Kama - Cloth (Hand Made)

Hayden Solo:
A direct decendant of Han Solo & Leia Organa-Solo, Hayden Solo grew up at the Jedi Academy at Ossus learning the ways of the Force.  Like his family before him, Hayden was gifted and had a strong connection to the Force.  Many at the Academy, believed once he reached the rank of Jedi Master, the Academy would be his to oversee as headmaster. But like other Solo's before him, his ambitious and adventurous side got the best of him and shortly after passing the Jedi Trials and becoming a Jedi Knight, Hayden left the Jedi Order to seek out his own path in life.  Already a skilled pilot, Hayden bought himself an old transport ship and began travelling the galaxy.  Although no longer offically a part of the Jedi Order, Hayden remains guided by the Force and finds himself helping those less fortunite throughout the galaxy.

Parts List:
Head & Body - Cale from Titan AE (2 Different Cale Figures)
Vest - Covergirl (G.I. Joe DD Comic 3 Pack)
Gunbelt - Greedo


Wow!!  :o That thing is a thing of beauty.  Very impressive.  You did a great job on the cantina.  It looks so life like.  I really like all the lights you have added.  The lights really made it stand out. 

Nice blend of OT and PT parts.  I can definintely see him as a transitional figure.  You did a great job matching up the dirt weathering on the helmet.

Thanks for the comments guys.

ThePerennial - Glad you like him.  The helmet was one of the big quesiton marks I had on this custom.   I first thought I would be able to use one of Glassman's great expanded helmets, but Greedo's melon was even too big for that.  I might go back and make a sort of faceplate for him kinda like I did for my clone wars Saesen Tiin.  His hands are actually painted a light gray color to look like gloves.  Thanks again.

Quazar - Thanks man.  I'm glad you liked the backstory!

CHEWIE - I agree.  We need more tough Rodians and other tough alien species.  It seems for the most part, alot of the aliens out there are wimpy.

Smartypants1635 - Thanks SP.  The VOTC boba are quite hard to find.  Luckily I was able to find a batch of them on Ebay going for cheap.

master brisk arpor - I appreciate the kind words.  This figure kinda came about by accident, but once I saw that the Greedo head fit the VOTC fett.  I just knew I had to make it because the possibility of differnt types of mando's is basically endless.

 Darth Nirvana - Thanks D_N!  Glad you like him.  The hands are actually painted a light gray to simulate that he is wearing gloves.  The figure does have a light wash to it but the camera flash drowned most of it out. 

Great looking cardback GM.  Your cards look great as aways. I really like how you handled the helmet with having a separate small bubble for that.  That has been one of my issues when carding helmeted figure. Thanks for the idea!!

Great group of customs SP! I really like your wookie custom.  The armor looks great and is a nice touch.  I also like how you gave each of your clone a unique look to separate them. 

I've been on a Mandalorian kick lately after reading the recent Republic Commando book and  the recent Mandalorian article in the Star Wars Insider.  I really liked the idea of them being culture based species instead of a species based culture (if that makes any sense) and that any species could technically become a Mandalorian if they adopted that way of life and their culture.  So that got me thinking of what all species could fit in with that way of life, and I decide to make a Rodian Mandalorian. I'm still undecided if I want to mod a helmet for him.  I'm also trying to find a good non-fett looking backpack for him so any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks for looking!

Young FLeedo was found next to his dead mercenary father on a war torn planet on the Outer Rim.  Taken in by the Mandalorians, Leedo was taught and the Mandalorian ways and soon recieved the name Ceryc Sushir (which roughly translates to "Pointed Listener").  Although the majority of his Mando Clan are of the human species, they do not look upon him as a rodian and he is truely accepted as their Vod ("brother").

Parts List:
Head, Hands, & Boots: VSC Greedo
Torso: VOTC Boba Fett

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