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Man, these are some of the best Mandalorians I have ever seen.  The paint apps are really impressive and the mods and accessories that have been added really add a whole new dimension to these figures.  They make each one unique and its own figure and character instead of just a repainted bob fett.  great job.

Wow.. I am really digging this set of customs.

Roron Cobb & Yarael Poof - A really nice, solid pair of Jedi.  The paint apps and weathering on the jedi tunics look really good and make these customs stand out.  I wasn't a big fan of the Yarael Poof figure and character, but this figure makes me rethink my opinion of him.

Jenesa - Nice use of the Annika body.  The body style fits the twi'lek lifestyle very well.  But I have to agree with BrentS, I think she needs a longer neck to fit better with her body type.

Alyssa Enloe - This is my favorite version of Alyssa.  She seems to more in a butt kicking, take charge type of roll with this figure than her previous versions where she was more of a bystander.  Seems more like Rykrof's type.  The droid factory padme with the bare arms work really well together.

Man, even in black and white, your customizing skills really show through.  Can't wait to see the colored version of these photos.

Thanks for the comments guys.  I liked the way Kit turned out.  I think the green jedi tunic fits the character better.  I also agree that the AOTC kit head is more detailed than the ROTS one, but I decided to go with the ROTS head since the tentacles were more relaxed and draped over the shoulders.  The AOTC head seems to be more in an  action pose. 

Your Pimp Kenobi photonovel is great.  I always enjoy seeing and reading your photonovels.  The photography is amazing as usual.  I really like how you always try to add a colored hue to your photos, it adds so much and makes them look so much more than just a standard photograph. 

But I'm just surprised that Pimp Kenobi wasn't able to pick up more chicks with all that traveling and saving the galaxy he did.   ;D

Your preview pic looks great.  The background looks really good.  I like the water texture, it looks very real and believable.  Can't wait for the next chapter in the novel!

Yet another of my Jedi Generals of the Clone Wars.  Here is Kit Fisto in Clone Wars Armor.  Hasbro released a version of Kit based on his underwater cartoon appearance, so I thought I would do a land battle version of him.  I changed his colors up alittle bit to give a little variety into the jedi tunics.

I can offer up these hideously deformed casting experiment gone bad....

Those can be used.  I can see the one on the right be used as a re-animated zombie version of Rykrof or a Rykrof Clone experiment gone wrong.

Good base body there Phruby!  I've been wanting to do an X-Wing version oh him someday but I have a long way to go in the series before I can get something like that done, even though I did make that Hoth version too.

Did someone say X-wing Version?  Here is a custom I did a while ago for another project, but I think it works just as well as a X-Wing Rykrof.   It uses the Kyle Katarn head instead of  the Endor Trooper.  What do ya think?

Great set of Army Builders Chewie.  The KASHYYYK TROOPERS look great. The drybrushing and shading on them really make them stand out.  Your GALACTIC MARINES look great as well.  I like the incorporation of the clone trooper's arms with the snowtrooper figure.

I have recently being experimenting with this and it has worked out pretty well.  I used it on my Jedi Zoran Erida. I converted a pegged head to fit on an ROTS Red Leader Obi-wan.  The Figure can be seen here.

Here is what I did.

With the head warm (either from  boiling water or a hairdryer). I used an exacto knife and cut a "V" shape alone the jawline and the hairline as shown below.

Then holding the head upside down with a pair of piliers, I drill a small pilot hole up into the head at the point on the "V" with my dremel.  Then I use a 1/4" tapered bit on my dremel to hollow out the head.  Dremel also has different sizes of cutting bits depending on the size of the hole needed.

I would recommend practicing on a few spare heads first.  I also want to thank chewie for walking me through the process the first time I tried this mod. 

Continueing on with my Jedi of the Clone Wars figures, here is my personal fan-fic character Jedi Zoran Erida  Let me know what you guys think.

Parts List:
Head: O'Neil (Godzilla: The Movie)
Torso & Cloak: Obi-Wan Kenobi (RotS - Pilot Gear)
Lower Arms & Legs: SA Clone Trooper (RotS)

GM, the cardbacks and the coins look great.  What did you make the coins out of?

Another great set of customs.  You have to be a machine to produce them in this quanity.

Badoo Corba Executioner - The hood makes all the difference.  Using that CC hood instead of the CC head was a great choice. He looks so much scarier now. 

Counter Terror Unit Trooper  - A nice helmet swap.  Not a big fan of the Bacara figure.  But the helmet on Evo clone works great.  I really like the look on this one.

Alyssa Enloe - Nice to see a new version of her.  This one is my favorite version of her.

Rykrof Enloe (Hoth Gear) - The wash you did on this figure really makes it stand out.  Great job on the face transplant.  My only comment is that maybe the facial hair should have more of a grey tint too to show that  20+ years had past, and maybe his eyebrows as well.

The poster looks good.  Can't wait to see what happens to Rykrof.

Another great set of customs.  Out of the bunch, Dun Ruuco is my favorite. Tthe Obi-wan head works really well and the color really make this figure pop. Great Job!

Chewie,  first off, your torture chamber looks great.  The lighting and the color makes it looker really creepy and gives it a great underground chamber feel  to it.  No wonder the Rykrof looked the way he did in your preview pic of him.

The cell guard look pretty good, but to me the torso still says Dengar.  But I think the Dengar body was a good choice, I like the idea of the guards having body armor.  Maybe if the colors where a little different.

Now, Mubaas Fuuda is one cool custom.  I think this is one of my all time favorites of yours.  The use of the Sahara head wrap adds so much to this figure.  With the weathering, the wrap makes the Bib Fortuna head look very unique and drawns the attention away from it being from Bib Fortuna.  Great Job!

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