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Got my Mando helmets yesterday and I have to say they are great.  The mod is flawless and you can't even tell which part was added.  Thanks again GM!

Thanks for the comments guys.  Master_Gunzz did do a great job on casting this figure.  He was actually able to cast and enlarged the 2inch figure to make it in scale with SW and GI.Joe figures. 

The figure maintained all of the articulation from the 2inch figure.  Ball-jointed neck, swivel/ball joint shoulders, swivel waist, wrist, elbow and knees.   

Wow.. this is an amazing update.  All the figure looks outstanding but the two that really blow me away are the Urban Commando and Hod the Blind Amill.  The clone commander helmet works great with the commando torso and kinda gives him a cylon look to him.  I love it.  Hod is simply amazing.  You did a great job finding a replacement head for that torso.  And your paints make it look so life like.

He looks great DD.  I like the white so much better than the paint scheme of the scorch figure.   The added articulation is a great touch.

Not a SW custom, but he is in scale with the SW figures.

John- 117 (or more often referred to as Master Chief) was the sole Spartan to leave the Reach system aboard the Pillar of Autumn (with the exception of Linda-058 in cryo). For all he knew, he was the last Spartan alive. All of humanity depended on him, for even after their defeat at Halo the Covenant were still strong, and there were new enemies and variables to contend with that Earth knew nothing about: the Flood, the Forerunner, and their creations, such as 343 Guilty Spark.

This figure was completely casted by Master_Gunzz and then painted by myselft.  I also decided to card this figure and made my own custom cardback for it.

Let me know what you guys think.

The Figure:

The Cardback (The size has been reduce to fit the board):

Wow.. thats a great improvement ove the original Jango helmet.  Great Fix!

PM sent your way!

Check out this thread.  It talks about modding peg style heads to fit ball joint necks.

After a little paint, I can see him blending in with the rest of your droid army.  For size wise, I think it would look good grouped with the crab droids.  It kinda reminds me of one of the larger robots from Robo-cop movies.

Nice to see another take on Rykrof.  You did a great blending the SW and G.I.Joe parts.  Did you have to do any modding of the Saw Vipers torso for the Imperial Officer upper arms to fit?

He looks really good.  I like the use of the Jedi-Training Qui-Gon.  The clone armor goes really well with it.  The color choices for this figure are great and they tie every thing together. 

I like the red of the blindfold.  The red of it makes it stand out and contrasts great with the tan of the clothing.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: other sites
« on: March 10, 2006, 05:02 PM »
I typically post my customs on two sites.  Here at and at  As Chewie said there are alot of other customzing site out there (even besides the SW customing sites), but I normally only stop by them occasionally to lurk. 

CC and JD have become my main stomping grounds mainly due the mature attitude of their members and the friendly atmsphere of them.

With multiple sites, eventhough some of the same customs get posted at multiple places, and  you might see a custom 3 or 4 times, you also get to see different peoples thoughts, reactions and critiques on them that you wouldn't have seen by only posting on one site.

The clone arms and legs are pretty sturdy in the jedi sockets since they are little bit larger than the original pegs on the jedi arms and legs.

Chewie, another great set of jedi.  I think between you and me, we have almost every jedi in clone wars armor covered.  :) 

Jedi Master Mace Windu in Clone Armor - I like how you used the Kit Fisto body for the base.  It works very well for Mace.  You did a great job painting the jedi tunic.

Jedi Master Hagen Daas - The use of the XD head was a great choice.  It really makes him look like a battle harden Jedi of the Clone Wars.

Jedi Master Aayla Secura in Clone Armor - This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch.  It was what I was planning on doing with my Aayla in Clone Armor custom , but I couldn't get the upper and lower legs to look right proportionally.  Adding the Shaak Ti skirt was a great solution to that issue and it looks great on Aalya.

Jedi Master Mace Windu - A nice solid Mace Windu custom.  So much better than anything Hasbro has produced lately.  The use of the Cloud car pilot legs w/ Veer's boots was a great choice not only for the look but also to give the Sora Bulq figure base some articulation in the legs.

Thanks again for all the comments guys.  I actually thought about painting the armor grey but I wasn't sure how it would look with the kacky pants so I decided to play it safe and keep them white.

wow, I have to say that I like every one of your customs. I have to ask, do the #41 lower legs and elbows come out easily using boil and pop? I am picturing a plastic pin that can be easily removed when the figure has been boiled?? Am I right.

I actually don't boil and pop the newer SW figures anymore.  With the softer plastic that Hasbro is using, I was damaging some of the pegs when they became too soft in the hot water.  But you are right, the clone (as well as some of jedi) arms and legs are plug like pins that can be easily removed.  I now use a hairdryer to soften the plastic to remove the arms and legs.

The clone arm and legs plugs are a little bit longer and wider than the jedi, so they sometimes need to be trimmed down a bit to fit into the jedi arm and leg sockets. But other then that, they are a pretty easy part swaps.

Great to see these figures in color.  They both look great.  Always impressed with your painting skills.

Luke & Yoda - Great overall job on these figures.  Yoda tunic actually looks like it was made from fabric instead of plastic.

Imperial Field Officer - Nice take on this figure. Although we have seen similar customs using clone trooper armor, the use of stormtrooper armor on this one makes it stand out   The added pouches on the ST belt is a great touch.

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