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Gentle Giant / Gentle Giant Statues
« on: June 14, 2011, 04:01 AM »
Figured I'd start one just for statues to make it a little simpler as they come out to just slip them into one thread (like busts).

And with that, as per our front page, Gentle Giant announced a slick Episide V statue of Darth Vader!


The floor lights up, which I think is pretty neat.  Makes it more of a centerpiece to me, to have that going on with it.

Gentle Giant / Gentle Giant Mini-Busts Watto and Logray
« on: June 14, 2011, 03:56 AM »
As per the front page, GG posted galleries of the Logray bust, and a nifty Watto bust as well.,35278,

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Commander Blackout
« on: June 1, 2011, 12:04 AM »
Also posted is a loose shot of Commander Blackout...


Looks like a really sharp deco.  :)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Walmart Exclusive Clone Wars 2-Packs
« on: May 31, 2011, 11:59 PM »
An image of Scythe from the end of the Geonosis story-arc turned up...


Pretty interesting.  Seems a lot more tuned into a battlepack, to me.

So I was thinking the other day about this...

The Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle line is neat, and they are doing the Yavin Tech w/Sled...  Not a bad choice since people are into the set, but what about other "Original Trilogy" based ideas?

I was thinking about this more in the context of the "just off screen" designs rather than things that were actually in the movie, but really either one would be cool I think.

One I'd really dig seeing, from the movie, is the Hoth Speeder/Gun Platform thing from the cut footage...  It's just about the size for a Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle format I think, and a Hoth Trooper variation with it would be ideal (or Luke I guess, with maybe a more weathered deco?).

I was also thinking it'd be really neat to see an MLC-3 update though...  A modern sculpt of the cool tank design.  It's something I still pick up to use with modern figures, actually.  I just love the MLC-3 though, as a small gun carriage.  It reminds me of a Bren Carrier from World War II or something like it.  Rolling along with Fleet Troopers, giving some supressing fire when they need it.  A mini-tank.

I could also see Hasbro whip up a Rebel Speederbike with a unique Rebel Scout...  Not the McQuarrie design, something a bit more traditional and like the Imperial bike, or a Swoop perhaps.  Even a repainted Swoop sculpt they have like the Pirate Speederbike Bane came with?  With a cool Rebel Scout figure on there, it could really do well I think as an army builder.

I was thinking also that little "pod" type speeder from Mos Eisley would possibly work as a Deluxe Fig w/Vehicle...  Not sure who you'd sneak in with it, but it's OT based, unmade, and maybe could include some kind of Bounty Hunter character?

I just really would like to see the Deluxe line expand from the Clone Wars a bit and look at the Original Trilogy more...  the upcoming original designs from Hasbro are neat, and have inspired me a little bit to hope for some expansion of the line.

Gentle Giant / PG Ponda Baba Statue
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:22 PM »
As per our front page, GG revealed the PG Baba Statue with interchangeable hands via their facebook page.

Pretty slick looking.

That's a neat feature, the interchangeable hands.  Really cool extra.

What's being listed as "Wave 8" pre-orders are up at EE...

Vintage Wave 8

Vintage Wave 8 Rev. 1

Doesn't seem to jive with the "Wave 8" figures we've been talking about though, and seems instead to be the Revenge carded guys.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Republic Artillery? Hells Yeah!
« on: May 17, 2011, 09:31 PM »
New at EE for Pre-Order, a Republic Artillery gun!  $29.99 there for pre-order, but I'm just geeked they're doing what I assume will be the 4-legged walking artillery piece.  Pretty out of left field with this one.  A neat choice IMO.

Sandtroopers got another early proto image, this time it's the rumored Taun-Taun... 

Clicky to see it.

The beast appears to have added ball/socket shoulders, and ankles, as well as a new removable saddle.  check out the stirrups.  Pretty slick that those are done that way IMO. :) 

The left horn's broke, which is what Luke's had, so that's further confirmation that this is the rumored Luke's Taun-Taun, which I believe also turned up in Euro TRU computers if i'm not mistaken.

The figure should be pretty interesting.

Also of note...  That left horn's a separately sculpted/molded piece.  Leaves it open for them to do a new horn rather than resculpting the entire head, to do Han's more generic Taun-Taun...  Doesn't bode well for a split-belly feature though.   :'(

I really like the details to the saddle now though.  Much nicer.  I expect the figure to be pretty flawless too...  it's been way too long for Hoth Luke to get a decent figure.

When they do Han's less distinct ride, I'd really dig seeing them do a Hoth Rebel scout then, using Han's taun-taun sculpt.  I've always wanted a Hoth Scout for some reason, have some of the wranglers holding its reigns and stuff.

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / 12" Modal Nodes
« on: April 30, 2011, 12:55 AM »
Sometimes I'm a little dismayed when SS goes over some of the obscure stuff Hasbro already did, like in this case they've teased that we're getting Figrin D'An & The Modal Nodes...

Still, I'm sure they'll do an outstanding job.  I just sometimes wish they'd look less at that stuff since Hasbro's actually weren't horrible by any means, and this is one of those characters that is kind of meh to me.  Neat, but not as exciting as a Clone or whatnot I guess. 

Gentle Giant / E3 Obi-Wan Mini Bust
« on: April 29, 2011, 12:13 AM »
New exclusive E3 Obi-Wan, as per our front page...

Clicky to check it out.

Due out in July.  Looks pretty slick, and limited to 1100.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Clone Wars Wave 23 (2011 Fall Wave 1)
« on: April 28, 2011, 02:01 AM » posted a nice loose gallery of Savage Oppress images.  He looks pretty slick, and appears to come with all his weapons.  

I was a little let down by the character, but since it seems like he'll return at some point I'm glad that he's getting a figure sooner rather than later.  

I'm always pondering what figures I'd like to have sort of readily available to pick up...  Sometimes that's easy, sometimes not.  For some reason, 2007 I was buying so much re-released stuff, that it was almost like collecting two lines.  It was great having some of that stuff just hanging around to pick up.

So anyway, this got me thinking about the vehicles...  They come, they go...  Some seem like they've not been around much or weren't around long when they were new.

So what's the vehicles you'd like to see back on shelves, and what upgrades would you like?  This includes minor tweaking/retooling to the molds.  Nothing major like a resculpt of a vehicle.  I'm thinking mid-size too, not the Deluxe or larger lines.  Just the $20-$25 pricepoint.

-Snowspeeder...  I'd take this thing repainted 10 times over.  Sure it's just come out, but it's incredible and this is probably the single mid-size vehicle that I'd go nutty army building right now.  I'd take Wedge's, Zev's, whatever.

-Luke's Downed Snowspeeder...  The cannons on Luke's speeder were bent upward, the window cracked...  I'd buy this.  Am I alone?  Slap some bent gun barrels in the box with it, a window-cling window crack like the one boxed Snowspeeder set, and damage the paintjob a (good) bit...  I'm in.  I'm in just for the scene.  I'd actually buy a Legends Snowspeeder Luke, to specifically do this as a fixed scene on my shelf, complete with a dead Dak in back.

-Zam's Speeder...  If Hasbro were able to fix the flexible part in the front so it wasn't tacky, I'd probably rebuy that speeder.  The scale's pretty good on it actually, just mine was a lint collector from the tackiness of the crumple front.  Cool concept, poor execution...  Knowing what they f'd up, I'm 100% sure this is fixable.  They have paint that cures on vinyl/latex type materials.  They can do this better.  With the Zam I've got now, I'd gladly rebuy this vehicle.

-EU Assault "Snow"Speeder...  There's an eu design on the "Snow"Speeder where the cockpit is opened, and where teh harpoon is, there is a quad-cannon similar to the Falcon's.  It's more a tan/brown color.  I'd LOVE to see this thing made.  Deco changes to the current mold, a cockpit retooling, and a new weapon for the back that just plugs in.  Very simple to do, and even more aggressive looking.  I'd be in on this completely...  multiples if they did it.

-The Snail Tank Droid...  I really don't even want another one of this, but I just know that it didn't last like some mid-size vehicles do.  This thing came and went here.  Seems like it'd do well out again.

-Homing Spider Droid...  Not sure on deco tweaking.  If I had my way, maybe a slight extension of the legs (it'd be really easy...  It's actually not hard to do on your own if you have a decent hobby shop nearby).  Really though, the Homing Spider's a pretty decent scale itself, and it's been a while since that's been on shelves it seems as well.  At least I haven't seen one in a while.

-Hailfire...  I'm frankly shocked the Hailfire hasn't made it back out, other than the RC version being on shelves maybe blocking the idea of the static one comign out.  Now that the RC one is largely gone though, the static one may be a nice item to have out.

-V-19 Torrent Fighter (Repaints)...  Only the Snowspeeder would get me to buy more I think.  If they gave us at LEAST a slightly worn deco on the Torrent, I'd rebuy it for that alone.  I have 3 clean ones, I'd buy dirty ones, and i'd probably buy different EU squad decoes, or weird nose art on one or something.  Loved that ship, and still do, just don't need another clean one anywhere on my shelving.

-A-Wing...  I long for a McQuarrie decoed blue A-Wing.  If they were nice and gave us accurate bulky laser guns, I'd be giddy (maybe include both sets of guns so you can go McQuarrie concept, as well as film accurate).  I've got green, which was pretty slick, and I've got 2 shades of red now...  the new cockpit upgrades are nifty.  But I am itching for a nice blue decoed ship.  It's one of my favorite McQuarrie art prints.

-Jedi Starfighter Slight Retool...  It's not likely to ever happen, but I actually would like Obi-Wan's fighter retooled to have all 3 landing gear.  The action feature was wonky on the ship in the first place, so I'd really like to see that eliminated, and the 2 rear landing gear able to drop down now instead.  They did the front gear so incredibly well, it's a shame teh back gear was sacrificed to the action feature on that otherwise really detailed ship.  It'd maybe actually get me to buy that design again, which I've not picked up now for quite a few releases.

There are certainly a few complete ground-up sculpts I'd like to see done too...  For some reason I'm interested in a Hyperspace Ring for a V-19, and I'd love seeing the ROTS Hyperspace Ring added to the line as well.  I'm also a big proponent of the Fanblade Fighter making an appearance in the line as well.  It's actually small, so it actually could break down in the box...  Doing one on your own, not too easy IMO, but Hasbro could actually do this to-scale in the mid-size line, it'd just have to be slightly more complex than a lot of mid-size stuff.

But ultimately there's a lot of minor things, sometimes even deco changes, I'd like to see on tools they already have all done up.  That Snowspeeder is just itching to get a repaint though.  And I'm kind of tired of seeing mostly mid-size stuff I just am not interested in.  Right now there's some new stuff but it seems like a drought may occur in the near future.  Little tweaks to spice up things on that shelf at retail may be a good incentive for a guy like me to (re-)buy.

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Vintage Wave 7 Rebel Fleet Trooper
« on: April 23, 2011, 11:32 PM »
I posted a review of the new Vintage Collection Rebel Fleet Trooper to's front page (my first front page review in ages).

Clicky To Read The Review!

Basically it's just as I imagined...  A couple things annoyed me, but nothing soured me on this figure.  He is what I expected, and I was pretty satisfied.

The sculpt is really detailed, the likeness is a mystery (It's like the sharp Pello Scrambas features were sort of worn down, almost rounded off) but cool and neutral enough, the accessories are small yet they all appear to be new, the deco is on-par for what it should be (the blue is correct CHEWIE, fear not!), and the articulation is what it should be.

Other than the vest, and holster, I'm pretty much completely happy... other than the hat not arriving *ahem*, haha.

I can't tell if the hat is grey or tan by the early photos of the figure, but it's a cool accessory regardless.

I can't wait to buy, well, another 100 of these guys? :)  Maybe not that many...  or maybe I will over time, I don't know.  Depends on how long I'm still collecting.  Either way I'm in on an army of these Fleet Troopers.  I waited too long to not buy them now that they're here, regardless.  Even if I quit tomorrow I'd still army build him.

I just hope he's really easy to pick up in quantity.  :-\


There ya have it...  A nice exclusive I think, but for the militaries fans this could be a slight pain I guess.  Looks pretty slick though.  I have the 12" Figure itch again since I got a cheap Fleet Trooper, but I'll have to contain myself and buy these later on down the road if I really want them I guess.

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