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Revenge of the Sith / Re: Anyone know the Target DCPI #s?
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:37 AM »
On using DPCI's that have the buttons removed, on many (unless they're locked out) you can use the ear pieces of glasses or something fine-tipped to press the buttons too.  I've done this at a couple stores so another possible helpful tip to circumvent Target's **** blocks.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Random Question : Collection 2 Bases
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:35 AM »
Not really...

The AT-TE's Gunner's "Planet Base" that looks like grass and roots is easy to spread out and make a bigger display, but for whatever asinine reason, Hasbro made the base that looks like a ship's deck plating so that it can't connect end-to-end.  You can connect 2 or maybe 3 but that's it, and they don't connect in a real pattern.  Very stupid way to have sculpted these bases though if you ask me.

I saw a lot of the Target Clone in my area, actually.  I got mine via DPCI prior to their release, but after their release I saw them at the 3 Target's I hit semi-routinely...  the highest volume store sold fastest, but the lowest volume store had them on the pegs for probably a month before they all finally sold through...  I was surprised.

These Lava figures are like fly dirt though if they're out on the pegs at all even (some still have TIE's in the stock room I see by checking the DPCI, and also are hoarding their Lava figs for some reason!).  The Lava figures I saw the other day though...  man, that was a lot, and they were there the next time I was down without even one selling.

I hope the Shadow Troop is htat easy to find.  I'd like 4 for a "team". :)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Target's "Attack on Coruscant" Clone 5-pack
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:30 AM »
I agree with your disappointment Jason, but the price makes it worth it to me...  If I could find those supposed all-troop sets I'd likely cave and buy one or two more actually, but all my area stores have the Bacara in them.

I hate that sculpt as much as the next guy though, and if this was more than $20 I'd probably have bought my set begrudgingly.  The troopers are ok, but there's such BETTER sculpts available that they kinda feel like a letdown.  Even the #6 sculpt's vastly superior IMO.  I wish they'd have used that since it seems to met hat they sure as **** aren't using it to make Red Shocktroopers given that I've yet to see one of those damn things.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Preview Wookiee vs. Heavy Gunner Wookiee
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:26 AM »
I'd consider the equal, however the "Heavy Gunner" (I still think Hasbro made a flub in production and either got their names wrong or the accessories are mismatched) is a great variant for army building at the very least.

I got the Commando, and while I like its coloring and the tri-pod gun, I'm still a HUUUUUUUGE detractor of that figure's overall execution.  Ditch the action feature though and add knee joints (hell just use the Preview's lower legs!) and you've got a pretty damn nice figure.  Even with just knee joints it'd be a much better figure, but the shoulders are a little broad.

Anyway the Preview sculpt's fantastic and I think it's a figure Hasbro should re-release with new headsculpts...  I still wouldn't turn my nose up at a new "medium" sized Wookiee to replace the #43, but the preview sculpt is good to re-release in some colors/paintjobs and maybe later do new heads for it.  It'd be great really.

I just wish they'd get that in-between size with a nicely articulated and proportioned sculpt.  The #43 would just be more appreciated actually for diversity then I think. 

BTW I like the loin cloth and tunic.  Funky stuff there, and a nice attempt at Hasbro to "change" these figures up some.

Newbies / Re: Hello!
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:18 AM »
Yo Darth Nirvana...  Got a first name?  Around here we do a lot of the "first name basis" stuff, and since I see you're actually from my area (not a lot of us but some of my local collecting friends and guys from the PSWCS do hang here) I figured it'd be cool to intro myself personally and all...

My name's actually Jesse James...  I live out Northeast of Pittsburgh (out 28 a little ways at the southern tip of Armstrong County where it borders with Westmoreland...  Near Butler's southern border too).  I wasn't sure if you're someone I already knew but under a new nic over here or not, but it's good having you on board, especially meeting another local.  If you're someone I already know though, that's just as good. 

You'll find this place is busy enough in all areas of the forums for the most part, and with lots of "older" input on all forms of collecting too I think.  So feel free to browse, join in anywhere, and enjoy...  Any Q's just ask, and feel free to talk 'Burgh with the gang.  Good having another voice around!

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Official 21st Century Toys Thread
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:45 PM »
There's TONS of **** out right now...  It's unreal, but here's my best possible breakdown.

-Sahara Figures are OUT.  There's only two, but they make bitchin' modern "enemies" with a little work.  Very Arabic looking figures, just need maybe a paintjob.  The headsculpts look nice though for customizing so I'm all geared up to buy an army for the heads to use in customizing and the bodies and such I'm gonna build a nice insurgent force to counter my BBI figures.  May need to (hop0efully if I find them) get more 21st Arab figures then too.

-Merril's Marrauders Giftset is OUT NOW as well...  The set is a Dodge Truck, and COmmand Car, with I believe 4 or 5 figures (I forget total I think 5 though) which are just dark green cast Paratroopers with random heads.  I saw complaints about accuracy of the uniforms but I'm ok with this as-is given it's a mere $40 for the whole set, so you get two vehicles and like 5 figures for that low-ass price.  Nice.

-New RC Tanks in 1:18!  This is a first, but they're around $80 I've heard...  I saw them tonight but they were up high so I didn't get a good look nor buy any.  Too pricey this month, but maybe lay-away next time I'm down.  There's a Panzer and the armored Personnel Carrier that was out.  They look pretty nice to me though especially the Panzer.  I just got a Panzer but I'd take an RC one in a heartbeat.  I hope they make a different frequency Sherman to kick its ass! :)

-Battle of the Bulge figures...  Supposedly these are pegwarming for some people, but not me.  I saw the first sign of them recently around here but so far we only have Marines in droves.  There's also paint variants I hear.  Like one German has a black helmet, the German Tankers come in white, field green/grey, and autumn camo patterns...  Dunno if there's differences on the US guys or what.

-Japanes Infantry...  I'm hearing variants on these too!  Green and Brown uniforms.  DId the Japanese wear green AND brown?  I had no idea...  I'm less familiar with the PTO than ETO.

-BBI U.S. World War 2 figures OUT...  Dunno about availability Vator, but the Paras seemed a bit scarce.  I htink we'll see more but the pegs are just a bit full rather than these being "limited".  I think that's a rumor because they're just currently hard to find.  Those BBI repaint Marines were a bitch to find too at first but now they're like flyshit.

There's like 3 infantry and 2 Paratroopers (sans jump gear) all set to go for a nice heavy D-Day landing.  Look to be the best troops for "D-Day" fans, ever.  And BBI loads you with gear too sot hat rocks.

-BBI Para's w/Jump Gear...  These hit and went most places but I still see them some, sot hey're around too.

Lots of great stuff out there though right now...  I even see some of the fightersthat never showed up here because the shelves are clogged with OLD fighters like P-47's and choppers galore.  Like i saw a night fighter and tropical camo ME109 tonight for the first time.  Yay (I'm done with planes).

So there you go...  Tons of stuff, no $$$, and some of it's as big a bitch to find as Star Wars figures!  Oh yeah, and then there's Star Wars I can't afford and/or find. :)  Life's a bitch ain't it?

Good chance it is Jason.  It's that Greenday101 kid...

Newbies / Re: Delaton's finally here
« on: October 24, 2005, 04:55 AM »
Well holy hell...

Sorry I didn't see your "Hello" post Ash, but I've not been home so my online time was short and sweet when I got in...  I missed a bit.

Welcome aboard...  Good collecting discussions, good customizing too of course, so there's a lot to like.  Laid back atmosphere, so if you've got anything you wanna ask you're welcome to hit one of us up with questions...  Jason's around here somewhere usually during the night too.  :)

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Tarfful (Firing Bowcaster)
« on: October 24, 2005, 01:37 AM »
Gonna take a look at one of the April 2nd launch figures this week as we dissect Tarfful (Firing Bowcaster) from the Revenge of the Sith line.

He's not Hasbro's prettiest effort from ROTS unfortunately, and given the child-factor in the Wookiee figure's popularity, I'd think it would've been in Hasbro's better interests to have made these higher quality figures.  For instance the #43 falls over rather easily and lacks articulation some.  Tarfful lacks even MORE articulation than the #43 and that's just a shame given that the figure's legs (both of these figure's legs actually) twist but don't bend.  If you're gonna make the joint/separate molds, do it right ya know?

Irregardless he suits and likely isn't one I could see Hasbro redoing anytime soon.  He'll make most collectors content to just stand there, but I envisioin him doing a little battling and pulling of people's arms from their sockets and all that.  A nicer toy simply could've come of this figure but Hasbro chose to cheap-out on this one so just check out the full review to see what makes him a nice enough statue and what makes him a less-than-fun figure to play (pose) with.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2005-2006 Thread
« on: October 24, 2005, 01:20 AM »

Dude, you can't imagine how the Pens fans are feeling.  Watching some of the weekly sports shows tonight, all the reporters are BIGTIME down on the Pens because they've got such glaringly obvious problems they just didn't, or won't address.

-Goaltending was my prediction for the team's downfall prior to the season starting, and I fear it all came horribly true... 

-A close second is a Defense (and defensive mindset) that is just piss poor.  The Pens are playing like they thought D would go out the window, which they've done in the past but which they should've been smarter than this.

-Overall coaching/team management...  I love Eddie O as a coach because I think he's a good guy and could be a great coach, but he's got no control on this team I'm afraid.  I think they got guys like Gonchar in and they're being defiant on the ice as to what they NEED to be doing.  Eddie O's gotta take some blame for where they are right now.

Ironically they've made ok points by getting into OT (but never winning it), so they're not incapable of turning the season around being so early yet and still having SOMETHING to show for what they did do right...  But if they don't address some **** and do so right quickly they'll not make the playoffs.  Goaltending is my biggest gripe all around and I think the team is just floundering around trying to figure out what to do.  They don't have one solid goalie, and Fleury (my choice) is so rattled by being basically ousted for Thibault that I think he's not gonna come back the same guy from WIlkes Barre if/when they do move him up.  He's not shown that goaltending that kept them in the game some their last season.

The D's a very close second though and I'd be unloading Gonchar at this stage of the game for some people who actually play D...  he sure as hell is not doing so 99% of the time and he's the guy who I think is telling the coaches to go F themselves because he "plays his own way".  We rid ourselves of that attitude with Nedved and Jagr, it'd be nice NOT to bring it back to the lockerroom.

Eddie O just needs to grow nuts and stop being everyone's pal on the Ice...  He needs Herbie's ghost to come snap his ass in gear on that.

The one...  the only...

I can only hope to reach the level of Noderator actually.  I think Scott's been trying to do it via post-count, but it'll never happen.  GNT is a Noderator at Scum though through sheer lack of real-life human contact...  Noderator's are a breed all their own, and are able to bring about the demise of any forum single-handedly.

My Noderating skills have been lax lately.  I may need to step that up a bit...  ***passes out***

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Hoth Wave
« on: October 22, 2005, 04:35 PM »
500th and VOTC, if I'm not mistaken (I didn't open my 500th) are one in the same, but different heads, so that'd make it the VOTC sculpt I think.

The arms are almost definitely VOTC...  It's the legs I can't tell about.  They look it to me, but I can't clearly see the knee articulation either.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Tatooine Wave
« on: October 22, 2005, 04:34 PM »
I like R5-D2 from the Star Tours line but not as a replacement R5-D4.

Given that the body's 100% unlike R5-D4 due to the HUGE gash on his left side, and that the eyes on his dome are too few and nothing like the film R5's, I think that makes some pretty big differences.  Not to say I wouldn't buy a re-release of R5-D2 painted differently or something (even if not in the film), but R5-D4 simply needs a new dome sculpted and slapped onto the Preview Astromech R4's body (or I'd even be happy with it being put onto R2-Q5's body sculpt since that would work).  This is a figure so long in the wait though that anything half-assed isn't going to cut it I'm afraid.

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