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Holy Macarole Matt!

Within an hour of me, I can hit maybe 5 Targets...  That's total.  I'd have to go 5 different directions to hit each.  Not that shopping is bad around here, it's just spaced out.  No wonder you guys find this stuff first. ;)

Without a doubt, I agree.

I'm not a fan myself...  I think Tech Commentaries make a nice resource, but he's someone who I've learned doesn't care to be contradicted or have other suggestions pointed out.

I agree that some walkers from comcis are (IMO) probably only an artist's interpretation of something...  I tend to ignore the umpteen different walkers that all appear to serve the same purpose but are all different "variants" notion myself.  Some I try to include though here and there...  The XT's design will stick, and being that it was so close to the AT-ST in design (at least for what its intended role as a piece of armor on a battlefield would be anyway), then I see it as being a good "in universe" design...  Something maybe that opened the way to a fast, light, but well armed Walker design that could take moderate punishment, could be used for multiple roles, etc... 

I agree wholeheatedly that some things are best left alone though...  Comics are something I've always looked at with a grain of salt as to what looks like what...  For instance, the Spacetroopers of the HTTE series comics are vastly different from their RPG counterparts started by West End Games.  The comic versions aren't even really physically possible given that their weapons come from where the man inside's forearm would be.  The RPG version is much more logical, much more "real" looking, and looks like it actually wuold cost so much you couldn't outfit every trooper in that super armor, just who you trained to work Zero-G combat like that.  Classic instance where an artist's interpretation in a comic is null/void in my opinion.  I just pretend that "spacetrooper" doesn't exist in Star Wars, and the ones in the story were the RPG design (I love that one, it's just so neat looking!).

More goof-ups...  One says the PT's rare, one says it was successful and common.  ;D  Classic SW EU!


What I see there, and I'm disregarding the AT-AP Databank entry all-together at this point (Whoever wrote that is clueless I think), is that the AT-PT was "rare" compared to the RT...  It doesn't come out and say it, but that implies to me the RT's been in service longer, and still being utilized due to speed issues.  The PT could just become popular and "flourish" then as time wears on because anti-infantry support for troops is a growing concern for the Empire...

The AT-XT from the CW game DOES, basically, show up in EU over time...  There's like a 1000 (I'm exagerrating, but not by a lot, haha) different 2-legged styled Walkers throughout Comics, Games, etc...  I know that Tech Commentaries does a half-assed job of categorizing them as best they can, and some do look like the XT...  They could all just be a large variety of "armor" in the walker class that see service both public and private across the galaxy for long periods of time...

That Databank entry for the AT-AP/AT-PT is terrible...  First, the AT-AP is F'n big.  It's not a light anti-infantry weapon, it's not even on 2 legs, it sports a number of weapons including one big-ass gun...  Hell it looks like the front end of an AT-TE really. :)  I don't see a correlation between the AT-PT and AP besides them being "walkers" really.

To me, the AT-AP doesn't even remind me of anything in the OT, nor even EU really...  It's its own thing as I see it right now.  It's cool though...  A 3-legged walker, fair-sized (larger than a Scout Walker by a bit, and it seems to pack a bigger punch too) was a nice deviation from what we were used to...  So's the Juggernaught for that matter.

The EU that highlights the AT-PT's use in the Empire was a couple games at least...  In the Rogue Squadron games, AT-PT's act in support of larger armor to snuff out Rebel infantry which pose a substantial threat to the larger walkers (IE: Luke's ability to trash an AT-AT himself).  Some RPG stuff's elaborated on it as well, and then the Force Commander game also showed them in use extensively for perimeter defense, probing enemy emplacements, scout/patrol work, and simple staggered defenses utilizing armor.

I've come to just sorta ignore Zahn's comments ont he AT-PT other than the Katana Fleet had some on board the Dreadnaughts for planetary invasion work or whatever... 

The AT-PT's become one of my fav EU vehicles I think.  I'd kill for a Hasbro AT-PT, especially after the RT turned out to be such a nice toy (the walking feature blows, but it's got poseable legs and all, so they did it justice).

No, if anything, it was the other way around, since AT-PTs were present on the Katana Fleet several years before the Clone Wars (later put back into limited production during the Empire). In fact one of the ROTS guides mentions the RT's connection to the earlier PT.

The PT's existance in EU's sort of contradictory over various sources...  Some say it's not in service during the Empire, others say it's a highly utilized anti-personnel walker the Empire employs in staggered armored columns.  I choose the latter...

I think it may have been a Clone Wars era design though, to keep it in line with the OTHER view EU has on it, but I view it as the RT coming first in the Clone Wars (we just see it in ROTS...  nothing to say it didn't exist as a military vehicle even prior to the existance of "Clonetroopers" in a Republic military), and the RT perhaps evolved into the enclosed PT we see to some extent, but still served as a Recon Transport rather than a frontline walker whereas the PT does frontline duty in combat situations due to its enclosed cockpit...  And as a superior design the PT has a long life into the Imperial era, or perhaps both could survive into the Empire's service even (their design just seems semi-redundant to me, a bit, and the PT a much superior design due to the enclosed cockpit really).

EU's botched the AT-PT over the years though, bouncing the backstory on it all over the place...  I stick with the notion of it being a heavily used walker in the Imperial era, despite Zahn's writings that say otherwise.

The Original Trilogy / Re: The Meeting
« on: June 5, 2005, 03:10 AM »
I think it's fitting.  Calm behavior between advesaries (in battle) inspires the notion in me personally that there's a burning hatred under that calm that is immeasureable.

Basically, I look at the exchange as almost creepy in how calm it is...  They're so focused (one in his self-sacrifice, one in his hatred) that they're not going nuts on each other.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Jedi After Episode 3?
« on: June 4, 2005, 01:19 AM »
No doubt Anton...

Qu Rahn's my favorite...  He discovers Kyle Katarn, befriends his father Morgan...  Dies tragically after the battle of Endor though, and that just sorta sucks.

He's a guy a few adventures should be written about or a prequal type game to Jedi Knight should be made about...  Maybe how Rahn escapes and goes into hiding even.  I'd take that game right quick.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS 's PG-13 rating justified ?
« on: June 4, 2005, 01:10 AM »
The last time I watched the film was on a Saturday with my gf and her sons...  I saw it with about as "general" an audience as I have so far...  Random people, many who decided to go see it on a whim I figure.

The one scene people kinda gasped at, and what I think earned the PG-13 rating, was Anakin burning...  I was sort of taken aback by the people around me and how they reacted.  I heard some kids start murmurring, one little cried a little... 

The chopping, slicing, and dying was kinda played down, but Anakin's part I think is what earned any PG-13 rating.

Personally, I don't view it as so much "evolution", but rather as simple similarity...

An AT-RT has 2 legs as does an AT-ST, but to me I look at that as being no different than my car having 4 wheels the same as most other vehicles on the road...

The ARC-170, while having some similarity to an X-Wing, doesn't jump out at me as being an evolutionary step...  Backstory's laying claim that it's an Incom ship, and that's fine, but the S-Foils strike me as something more along the lines of a feature seen on many types of ships by many types of manufacturers...

EU shows many ships with a general "shape" like the X-Wing that really have no tie to the X-Wing...  The supposed role of the XW and ARC are completely different, so I see them on separate evolutionary paths...  Honestly, I see the ARC as a closer kin to the Y-Wing (though if you go by EU, it too was in service during the waning days of the Republic...  Perhaps the Y-Wing lead to the ARC instead?).

For my money's worth, these ships and vehicles more stand alone rather than "lead into" each other...  The AT-ST is in the walker class, but shares no heritage from the AT-RT.  To me, the AT-RT maybe evolved into the AT-PT instead which pops up in the Empire in EU materials...

The ARC, to me, doesn't lead into the X-Wing so much as the Z-95 does as EU's established, and the ARC simply fades from existance or goes into public service or whatnot.

I agree wholeheartedly that there was too much "effort" from Lucasfilm to tie looks of things between trilogies...  EU's fleshing it out some so that it makes a little more sense and isn't just the straight "Hey, the ARC has the same shape as an X-Wing, sorta, so it must be what they design X-Wing's off of!" kind of mentality.  Too simplified for my liking, personally, and treads too much on things I enjoy that were already established (The Z-95, which is a ship still in service under the Alliance, will forever be the true forebearer to the X-Wing, and the ARC will have had no influence aside from perhaps the S-Foils being a "good" idea for venting increased heat output during combat).

The Corellian Corvette(-ish) in ROTS, which I believe was wholely intended to be the ship in ANH from Lucasfilm's POV but which has become obscured, I'm torn on as to how to explain...  I agree with some guys at a site I know that debate ships a lot, that the large section missing in ROTS would be awkward as an "upgrade" to the ship that happens between 3 and 4...  On the other hand, as Nick noted, the ship's only referred to as Tantive in ROTS I guess, so that's possibly a whole other class of Corellian ship...  The basic design, in EU, is varied...  The Mysteries of the SIth game had a larger version of the Corvette in service in the New Republic Era that had a large/spacious hangar capable of holding a defensive force of Rebel fighters, for instance, but had the basic shape of the Tantive IV down exactly (only larger).  The Corellian Gunship from EU also sports an incredibly similar look to the movie Corellian ships.  So for what that's worth, it could very well be a sorta smaller version of the Tantive IV we see in ANH, but not the same ship...

Every source out there's continually referring to it as the Tantive IV though for some reason.

The ship/vehicle issue is really interesting...  What I find interesting is how EU's sorta blending things, or blurring lines all together.  For instance, AT-AT's were basically placed in the Clone Wars era EU now...  They look almost identical to the ESB AT-AT's, based on the late conceptual art for AT-AT's (basically, a slightly boxier looking AT-AT then).  AT-TE's have been spotted in the Imperial-Era EU now too, which I like the thought of them still seeing service...  The AT-AP now may show up as well, and all the other walker variants mixed in from all the EU from all the eras...  Lucasfilm intended visual tie-ins, but EU's debunking them as "evolutionary steps" somewhat.  I like that, personally.

Have a good one HMI/IA!

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Greivous' Cough?
« on: June 3, 2005, 08:01 PM »
Lucas supposedly had a little heavier interest in the CW from a personal perspective, and did a little more direction with it than other EU materials...  He's known to have liked the cartoons a lot and that's why he "allowed" them to introduce Grievous basically.

It's all EU though...  LFL's pretty strict that anything besides the film is EU and the rest is open to debate/discussion.  The beauty of that is imagination...  I feel other genres or licenses can sorta be too stifling to the minds of their fans.  The "this is how it is" mentality prevails.  Lucas though disagrees with EU stuff but basically says to just debate away on it as to whether it's the truth or not. 

Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow
« on: June 3, 2005, 07:30 AM »
Holy Schnikey's on that AT-AT's final price...  $670-ish U.S. I think it was?

I came in just to see how things in vinty land were going, and I see that I may as well turn and walk right back out for a few years...  Amazing.

I'm sorta glad I went AWOL for a while.  I've been only picking up loose upgrades (at most) lately.  I'm just not in the mood to look back and think "ya know, I coulda gotten that for so much less if I waited".  9 years, give or take, and 3 movies later...  I see I've got some waiting left to do. 

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Star Tours thread... Wave 4 coming soon?
« on: June 3, 2005, 07:24 AM »
 I'm not terribly upset personally.  Wave 4 was weak at best...  Those initial figures had some winners in there though.  The WEG1618 droid is among my fav droids of all-time in the modern line I think. 

The DLX one is nice too...  I'm not fond of a couple, and for price they were all a let-down on some level, but there was quality in there.  I was always a little astonished how the figures seemed superior (at the time) in some ways to basic line figures.

Just wish they were cheap enough to amass a nice lot of extras.   :-\

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Greivous' Cough?
« on: June 3, 2005, 07:12 AM »
Yeah, Grievous takes a bump to the torso at one point... a big, metal crushing kinda bump.  :)  I thought his cough was rather cleverly thrown in there then.

The funny thing is that I had to have a friend point it out to me, who didn't even see the CW toons, but who another friend told HIM that's where the cough came from.  It'd been so long since I watched the last season of CW that I'd totally forgotten the damage he took...  Either Lucas went out of his way to tie the two, it's a weird coincidence, or the toon creators were instructed to do something like that...  Either way, I like it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: EZBoards got Nuked
« on: June 3, 2005, 03:27 AM »
How long ago did she eat those kids?  I'll think about THAT all night.  :)

Additions and deletions made...  So I'm bumping.

I added some Episode One stuff I want...  Namely, battledroids.  I despise these new ones so I'd rather amass a nice army of E1 ones and just work with them as best I can.  Also really wanting the E1 mini-tank with blue battledroid, the POTJ red secruity battledroid, E1 destroyer Droids (love that one)...

I want lots of stuff...  Lots of stuff people likely have too, from the great E1 Gluts.

Oh, and tack on the AMT Episode One model kit of the ATT (Droid Tank) too if someone has it.  I'd just like to build it...  Wanna see what scale's like on that thing.

Thanks guys.

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