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Photonovels and Movies / Master of Disguise!
« on: August 26, 2005, 07:32 AM »
Well, despite a terrific effort by Sith Lord Chaos to just cut and run before Callie came back, he was beaten by a narrow margin by the "let's wait for Callie" camp, led by Chewie and backed up by Diddly, CorranHorn and the Artist Formerly Known as Famine.

So stay and wait for Callie you did!

Findswoman opted not to join that particular debate, though she did offer some great analysis and suggested that you check out the stormtrooper belt, a suggestion echoed by CorranHorn and SLC.

In fact, SLC suggested keeping the belt and wearing it under the poncho, using it to holster your own blaster for easy access.  (I did forget to put all of your own items in the belt compartments, SLC, but we can do that later if you remind me).

And, of course, using the poncho/changing clothes was a suggestion also echoed here by Diddly, but it goes way back to even before the long hiatus and was pretty much a near universal suggestion back then....

So enough preamble....on with the show!

You are in Callie's office, about to leave for your meeting with "Blondie".

Any last questions or comments before you go?



dirty poncho (worn)
space helmet (worn)

Credit Stick
hold-out blaster (worn on belt)
comm link (hidden in pants)
backpack containing -
change of clothes
bottle of booze
control pad for ship
data pad with technical schematics
73 credits

stormtrooper belt (worn) containing:
grappling hook & cord
2 spare ammo clips
1 imperial comm link
ration bar
mini tool kit

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - UPDATE 8/25
« on: August 26, 2005, 12:54 AM »
Here are a few more "facts" about the your situation from earlier in the game:

1)  Your uncle's ship is called the Decade Bluejay

2)  Callie suggested that the three guys who were loitering around said ship could be members of the infamous Terasi Pirates

3)  In addition to leaving behind a stormtrooper, AK-289, who you were forced to kill, the Empire removed a locked storage crate from your uncle's quarters

4)  Colonel Draven has retained the services of a bounty hunter to
help the Empire search for your uncle.

5)  Said bounty hunter referred to your uncle as a "failed smuggler" and expressed surprise that the Empire would go to such lengths to find him.

6)  A Rodian stole 40 credits from you during your voyage to the station.

7)  The station is known as "Farspace Station".

8)  Callie's bar is called the "Gateway Saloon".

9)  Callie seems to have an antagonistic relationship with the station's security chief, Major Wolfell, who she described as an "incompetent fascist".

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - UPDATE 8/25
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:38 PM »

I give you my assurances that the poncho will provide sufficient "disguise" least for your body.  Your face is another matter...the naboo helmet that SLC spotted would provide good, but not great cover.

I'd grab the breath mask two shelves down as well. It would help tocover the lower half of your face.

SLC, couple of quick comments -

Hate to be a nitpicker, but you don't actually have anything to write a note with or on! 

Also, you consider that a human walking around with a pilot helmet AND a breathing mask inside a space station might look a little....strange and could actually wind up attraction attention instead of helping you remain anonymous.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - UPDATE 8/25
« on: August 25, 2005, 05:05 PM »
Because I'm sure not everyone has committed every minute detail of this story to memory, I'm going to take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few facts:

1)  Your missing uncle is named Lance Quazar
2)  The bartender's name is Callie
3)  The Imperial colonel's name is Draven (this is new info., not provided first time around)
4)  Callie ALREADY programmed her number into your comm link back at the bar.  You should have no trouble contacting her once you leave.
5)  You told Callie your name is "Deak Starkiller", but it isn't really
6)  We have not established your real name yet.  I'm open to suggestions.
7)  You arranged to meet Blondie in "one hour".  It has been twenty minutes since that happened.
8)  You don't know Blondie's name, but you know the name of the mercenary she was with - Lucen Fang.
9)  You are an aspiring mechanic.  Your mother runs a droid shop.

That's all for now.  Let's keep those responses coming in, folks.  It's been pretty light so far.....(thanks, as always, to my returning players, but let's expand the pool a little bit!)

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - UPDATE 8/25
« on: August 25, 2005, 05:02 PM »
Great discussion, folks, but I need a consensus!

Chewie wants to stay...SLC wants to bolt.

Findswoman, Diddly and Lingster are undecided....

It would help to get more opinions....let's get more replies, folks! 

A few things:

The "worker droid" is hundreds of years out of date.  It's old and crappy, originally designed simply for routine domestic chores.  Nothing fancy at all.  You'd be amazed if it worked at all.

Chewie, Callie already programmed her number into your comm link.

Findswoman, it has been only 15 seconds since Callie left the room.  Just enough time to literally glance around the stuff for a second or two.

Also, despite numerous suggestions, I am NOT going to change the character's clothes back to his "first" outfit - only because it is a real pain to make him wear the backpack when he's wearing the orange vest.

I give you my assurances that the poncho will provide sufficient "disguise" least for your body.  Your face is another matter...the naboo helmet that SLC spotted would provide good, but not great cover.

Please continue to talk amongst yourselves!!  ;)

Well, before we proceed any further, it looks like there's a fairly unanimous suggestion that we take a look around the room first..... we go.  Glancing around the room, you are able to identify most of the items in Callie's office.

You then take a look behind the desk, where she quickly shoved what looked to be stormtrooper gear the moment you entered the room....

It definintely looks like a stormtrooper helmet, pieces of stormtrooper armor and some kind of blaster rifle.


Great post, SLC!!!

Chewie, I look forward to seeing your reply.  I realize I never posted an in-depth critique for your last story (I actually got halfway through a couple weeks ago when my computer froze!  ARRRGH!!)  But I will definitely do so, you know how much of a fan I am!

To enhance the playing experience for everyone, I will be posting the other replies from the other threads so everyone can get a chance to read them and possibly get inspired by them.

So here's some stuff from RS:

Right, now, on with the scene (essentially a copy of what I said on FFURG):

At this juncture, you're pretty much just waiting for Callie, right? That's what I'd recommend, anyway. You can take this time to search that stormtrooper belt, as well as to glance around the room to see what you can see. (That golden robot in the corner, for example, looks prety interesting...) Especially at the stuff she pushed off the desk -- you might learn something about Callie.

And here's why I say that the way I do: The fact that there's stormtrooper gear on the middle of her desk seems a bit odd to me, somehow, and she did seem extremely eager to clear it off when you entered. (After all, I'm sure she's entered that office MANY times before without the need to push all that stuff off the desk -- the difference being that she was alone all those previous times.)

Now I don't mean to rain on people's parade by suggesting that our main character be suspicious of the only friend he's met so far, but given the political sate of affairs on the station, it's a possibility we should keep in mind.

Don't pick up anything just yet, though, or try to follow her. We still want to stay on her good side...

Here's what I'd do:

Put my backpack on the chair and move it out of the way.

Remembering the nice view I got of her... Ahem. 

I'd start tiding up the place, especially around the shelves. It's the least I could do for her help. Also, it allows to scope out what she's got back here, especially the junk she tossed on the floor...

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - THE RETURN!
« on: August 23, 2005, 10:58 AM »
Well, as always, it took a little longer than I had hoped to get this up, mostly due to frustrating computer issues.

And this scene is a bit on the small side.  I haven't finished constructing what will be a somewhat ambitious 'set" for the next major sequence with "Blondie".

So we can ease back into the game with this mini-scene.  It'll give you guys the chance to change your clothes and also check out the stormtrooper belt, two suggestions from the last round.  Boy, was it really over four months ago??

To refresh everyone's memories, here's what the last batch of suggestions boil down to:

Everyone was unanimous about wanting to keep the meeting with Blondie with a few older suggestions to try to get there early.

There were several suggestions to put the poncho on for disguise and Corran Horn suggested you even ask Callie for help with your disguise.

Darth Delicious suggested hiding your comm link in your pants.

Findswoma and Ling_ster both suggested grabbing the credit stick and Finds wanted to check out the stormtrooper belt once you were alone.

As fro Callie (the bartender), everyone pretty much wanted to stay on good terms with her and keep options open for taking her up on her offer later.

I apologize for the somewhat lousy quality of these pics.  I guess I'm a bit rusty now and I didn't have time for reshoots. 

Oh, well.  On with the show!

You are in Callie's office.  A door leads off to the storeroom, another back to the bar.

There is a great deal of clutter lining the shelves near Callie's desk and many crates and assorted items against the wall.

You have a few minutes before Callie returns....


Credit Stick
hold-out blaster
backpack containing -
change of clothes
bottle of booze
dirty poncho
control pad for ship
data pad with technical schematics
comm link
73 credits
stormtrooper belt


Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Diorama Bits...
« on: August 11, 2005, 01:06 PM »
Hmmm... sounds kinda iffy... are you going to post any pics later though?

I think you should contact Owen at in my experience you can't find anyone better for diorama set ups.


I'll try to post pics at some point.  Still working on the new photonovel chapter, which I hope to have up by Monday.

Alas, having bought these, AND the Jedi V. Sith pack AND Anakin Evolutions AND just having become unemployed (again!), I need to put a serious moratorium on toy buying for a while.....

Photonovels and Movies / Re: RE #12 - Terror Reborn
« on: August 11, 2005, 06:12 AM »
Hey, Chewie!  What a great surprise, getting another story up!!!

Love the plot-heavy episode!  Great work, as usual.

Will do another "play by play" analysis in a day or two.....thanks for your awesome efforts, as always!

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Diorama Bits...
« on: August 11, 2005, 05:57 AM »
Okay, got my Build A Rama stuff today.

SLIGHTLY disappointed, as the items are a trifle smaller than I was expecting.

The boxes are a bit on the small side and the "generator" really isn't what I was hoping for.  On its side, it's only about waist height for 1/18th scale figures.  It's more like the size of a computer console, but doesn't feel quite bit enough to really serve as a generator or engine, like I was hoping.

It looks pretty good (the paint feels a tad sticky, though).  Not sure it was worth the $25 I shelled out for both items, but now that I've bought 'em, I will at least try to put them to good use.

If I had to do it over, though, I'd skip the generator.  Again, it's just a size issue, really.

Okay, gang, having been on a positively gigantic hiatus, the world's first FULLY INTERACTIVE photonovel is poised to make a dramatic return!

I know I've said this in the past, but this time, barring any unexpected death on my part, it's for real.

I expect to have the first (rather small) update in a week. Another small update will soon follow, leading to the largest, more complex, compelling and imaginative installment yet!

For now, however, I have revamped my ancient, rusty website and have posted an archive of the entire game up to this point in one easy-to-read location.

So I urge all of you - my wonderful loyal players, the thousands of lurkers and any and all newcomers, to "brush up" on the story by taking a look at the website sometime before play resumes.

The next installment will be based upon responses already received, but I think it might help for everyone to get caught up and have their memories refreshed as to what exactly has happened so far.

And who knows, you might pick up a clue or other bit of information that you missed before.

Additionally, I have made one slight alteration. I always meant to include the NAME of the Imperial colonel who you overhear on the comm link and later glimse in the hallway, but, in my haste while making the original scene, I forgot to include it.

So take a look if you can sometime before the new chapter is up. Hopefully a new and exciting era for this game is about to begin!

Here's the site:

Photonovels and Movies / Re: TSR: Voyage to Trideeno - NOW UP!
« on: August 4, 2005, 05:10 PM »

I'll try to post more detailed comments in the future, but I just love, love, LOVE this story.

It's a great story with solid writing and the legos just make it all the more enjoyable, colorful and FUN.

The best thing about Legos, though, is you can build your own environments and sets with ease.  So I hope to see more and more interesting and complex locations in the coming chapters, especially since you can use not only SW, but all the rest of Legos vast lines to support your work (assuming you have piles and piles of money to burn.)

Terrific job!  Come on, folks, we need more replies here!  Where's the love for this wonderful and unique effort???

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Diorama Bits...
« on: August 4, 2005, 05:07 PM »
Y'know, if someone really wants ideas on a small item to mass produce and sell, the red stuffed cantina chairs would be great.  They could be sold as "Space Lounge Chairs."  One could also make the little round bar tables with the lights in the center.

I know he'd get my business if he made a bunch of generic sci-fi stuff.

The next most obvious suggestion seems to be to be something like computers or control panels.

I'm sure the SW builders and even the GI Joe diorama makers would be all over something like that.

Hell, I'd buy anything and accoutrements of any kind.


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: RollaJedi's Customs
« on: July 31, 2005, 01:46 AM »
Wow, I really like these figures, but I must admit, I don't think the first guy looks much like what I envision a Sith to look like.

He looks more like a planetary warloard or crime boss.  Still very cool and Star Wars-y, but I just don't get "Sith" from him....but, that's just me.

And #2 looks more like a gladiator/guard than a Dark Jedi.  Again, extremely cool and VERY great work, but, if it was up to me, I'd "cast" these guys in different roles. 

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