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Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Diorama Bits...
« on: July 31, 2005, 01:43 AM »
Wow!!!  I'm totally buying these!  They're terrific!

Exactly the kind of stuff I need for some dios I'm working on....

I would LOVE to see more sci-fi stuff!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Shadows of the Empire
« on: July 9, 2005, 12:56 AM »
Wow.  This is really a GREAT project.

It looks terrific.  Keep 'em coming.

I think I mentioned that I was never a fan of SOTE, but I'm SO much more engrossed in this than i was the novel.

There is some really wonderful work here....the train scene was great, all of your sets and customs are fantastic!

Diddly - I forgot to mention the space backgrounds.  I think they look great.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but the somewhat "low tech" appearance of them compliments the look of the legos perfectly from a stylistic point of view!  So keep those coming!

Anyway, I can't wait for the next scene, this is already better than the "Thrawn" trilogy in my opinion!!!

This is TERRIFIC!  The legos look fantastic!  It's extremely fun.

A few comments:

I think it's a bit gruesome that Leia has the head of the general in the box....would she really do that?  Seems out of character....

Also, give the thugs makes them seem more real, more defined as characters.

The smaller scale of the lego toys gives you the chance to make more convincing, more imaginative backgrounds.

So don't have any TV's or other recognizable appliances and such in your story.  Making dioramas/backgrounds on this scale is obviously going to be easier than making them for 3 3/4th inch. action figures.  So get to work!

Posterboard and construction paper go a long way.  A few neutral colored backgrounds, even if they aren't sophisticated or complex, are much better than seeing a giant TV in your scene.

But keep it coming!  I really like this!!!

I just need to find/make a Galactic Senate enviorment.

Hey, I never got a chance to reply to the first chapter, but I thought it was terrific!  You really put the "novel" back in photonovel!!!

As fo the Senate...a couple of years ago,  I started a photonovel which never made it past the first scene, but some of it took place in the Senate.

(the story of this one was that it takes place concurrently with ANH and details the "dissolving" of the Senate and Mon Mothma's escape from arrest on Coruscant.)

I just very crudely photoshopped some action figures into stills of the Senate I found on-line.

Though my photoshopping skills have vastly improved since then, I think th results aren't too bad....

You can see the results here if you'd like:

Hey, this sounds like a fun idea...kinda like the "casting calls".

I have one condition - all finished "star wars hot chicks" must be donated to me for use in my photonovel!

Well, I was out of the country for a large chunk of that time....and I'm still, alas, playing catch-up at's looking like new material won't be up until about the middle of the week.

Thanks for the interest, and I'm sorry to keep everyone in limbo for so long.  But once I get over this hump, we'll be back to regular updates and the story will kick into high gear!!!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Crazy Stuff!
« on: April 29, 2005, 11:31 PM »
These look great, but I don't know squat about Dr. Who, so I won't be reading 'em.

When I see stuff like this, though, I'm amazed there aren't more SW photonovelists out there in the world.

There are TONS and TONS of GI Joe photonovels. Hell, there are even more Jurassic Park stories than SW (at least until Chewie came along).

But not only is Star Wars THE premiere franchise in popular culture, but it also is almost single-handedly responsible for popularizing action figures (at least as spin offs from movies and TV) always seems odd that there aren't more of us out there....

Photonovels and Movies / Re: New Photonovel Section Up Above
« on: April 15, 2005, 01:29 AM »
I think the problem is that there are so few photonovels out there that it's not the kind of forum that people are likely to seek out that often, so updates may get passed by unless there's a notification about it in another thread....and, if that's the case, why bother?

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a separate page, but it seems like too much of a small niche....

Photonovels and Movies / Re: New Story Preview
« on: April 14, 2005, 01:36 AM »
Hey, I really enjoyed your first story and am looking forward to the next!!

Get a move on! 

Thanks for the reply, Chewie.

I really hope that some of the great players who have retired from certain other websites will find the game here and continue with their terrific participation.


Sounds like you got a lot of help already, but I'm always happy to bounce ideas, look at preview pictures, whatever....

...but I'll understand if you don't want too many thumbs in your soup!

Look forward to the next installment!


Okay, gang, wonderful work, as always.  (As always, responses pooled from various websites).

Unfortunately, this update comes to a somewhat anticlimactic stopping point and leaves you to re-consider a decision you already all made.

The only reason I did this is time.  I wanted to write the next bit, as well, when you guys actually do go to the planned meeting with "Blondie", but it took me forever just to get this section done and I donít want to keep you guys waiting too long for an update.  As it is, itís been more than a week!

So consider this more informational than interactive.  At the end, you are faced with the decision of whether or not to continue to your planned meeting.  Granted, some new developments may cause you to re-evaluate that decision (well, if youíre a wimp they will).

Otherwise, if you guys just want to keep the existing plan of going to the meeting a (and getting there early, as many of you suggested), then you donít have to write detailed replies, just indicate that youíd like to "proceed" or "continue".

However, this isnít to discourage you from coming up with new ideas, if you like, or talking to the bartender some more.  As usual, new and creative input is always welcome!

Now onto the new stuff!

First thingís first!  Both Ling_Ster and Sith Lord Chaos were in favor of drinking the fizzy glug!  Donít worry, Chaos, Dr. Pepper is non-alcoholic in the SW universe just as it is in our own!

There was complete unanimity in the decision to go make the meeting with "Blondie" (as she will be known until you learn otherwise).
Ling_Ster wanted to go 15 minutes early, scope the place out and await trouble, possibly in an alcove or concealed space.  Those sentiments were echoed by Sith Lord Chaos who also suggested putting the poncho on first to further disguise yourself.  MurderWeapon also suggested leaving early and putting on the poncho.  And Ling_Ster and Findswoman both suggested checking out the stormie belt once you are free from prying eyes.  If you all opt to go ahead with the plan, these existing suggestions will be implemented.

Now, with regards to the bartender, most people seemed to be suggesting a polite declination of her invitation.  Actual dialogue here was provided by Findswoman, with Sith Lord Chaos adding that you should definitely exchange contact numbers.

Both Chewie and MurderWeapon suggested a promise of returning to the bartender later, while CorranHorn and Darth Delicious seemed to suggest taking her up on her offer.

So I opted for an "open ended" approach, gently declining the offer of work for now, while promising to stay in touch, keeping the possibility of changing your mind later.

Findswoman also suggested more conversation with the bartender before leaving, asking specifically about the security chief she mentioned.  Chewie said you should mention your meeting to her and MurderWeapon suggested you ask her about Blondieís friends.

I think Ling_Ster speaks for the whole group when he says ignore the prostitute.

And a gold star to CorranHorn for coming up with our characterís alias, "Deak Starkiller" and for also making sure to get for the bartenderís name, as well! 

Now, despite the overwhelming consensus in favor of ignoring the Twiílek-in-distress (Findswoman, Sith Lord Chaos, MurderWeapon and CorranHorn all suggested leaving well enough alone), here is one instance where I am going to overrule the majority and go withÖChewieís chivalrous suggestion to intervene!  Itís much more fun to do something than nothing, so, in this case, majority be damned!  You can all blame Chewie for what happensÖ ;)

You are at the bar in the Gateway Saloon, chatting with the bartender, pondering whether or not to proceed with your meeting in light of the Trooper's warning...

hold-out blaster
backpack containing -
change of clothes
bottle of booze
dirty poncho
control pad for ship
data pad with technical schematics
comm link
73 credits
stormtrooper belt


Adult beverage
seemingly forgotten credit stick (as noticed by Findswoman)


Don't worry, gang, I'm definitely going to keep up with the updates at all the various sites now, so everyone can read and reply!

Thanks a lot team!  Keep the replies coming, I'm working on a new chapter this week-end!

Hey, guys...

Sorry I have been remiss in keeping this thread current here at JD...

The story has moved forward a litttle, so I'll bring you all up to speed and you can feel free to jump in!

Here are some older scenes which have already been "played"

and we continue...

and one more...

And here's the current scene!

As always, I tried to use as much player input as possible, but there were a few suggestions that got left out, notably Ling_Ster and Famine's suggestions about the Rodian (mostly because the Rodian didn't do anything of note during the new scene).

Almost everyone who wrote suggested chatting with the bartender, including Chewie, Famine, and Ling_Ster.† Both Findswoman and Sith Lord Chaos suggested telling her about your missing uncle.

And actual dialogue was provided by Findswoman and TheMurderWeapon, with his brilliant opening line!† Well-done, you guys.

And speaking of dialogue, there were two prior encounters to the bartender which were both suggested by Chewie, the conversations with the Empire-discussing trio and "Violet".† Great job, Chewie.

For the sake of clarity, both those two conversations take place prior to the bartender encounter.† Basically, everything happens in the order laid out in the previous scene, as you move from person to person in the bar.† †In this case, you guys collectively decided to talk with only three of the various people/groups.†

Well, except for the Aqualish...A few had expressed a desire to do something in that situation, but I held off, pending the bartender's input.† Now, that decision is again on the table at the conclusion of these new scenes.

Continuing your chat with the bartender is also an option, I'm sure you can come up with more to discuss if you want.† Feel free to revisit other characters in the bar if you like or to leave and do whatever else you want!

So, without further preamble, here we go...

You are at the bar in the Gateway Saloon, chatting with the bartender, distracted by the Aqualish creep...

hold-out blaster
backpack containing -
change of clothes
bottle of booze
dirty poncho
control pad for ship
data pad with technical schematics
comm link
73 credits
stormtrooper belt


Can of fizzy glug


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