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Modern Classifieds / FS: TAC Wave 7 7.5 8 Extras MOC
« on: January 23, 2008, 09:22 PM »
Everything came from cases, so the cards & bubbles are very nice.
here's my list of stuff for sale:

TAC McQuarrie Concept Vader MOC $8
TAC A-Wing Pilot Tycho MOC $6

TAC Rebel Vanguard Trooper MOC $6

POTJ Carbon Freezing Chamber Fan Club Exclusive MISB $30

Extra Loose Items for sale:
All loose figures have not been played with, all joints are tight. I was going to use them for customizing, but have too many extras.

Loose Clone Wars Animated Clone Trooper 2nd Season (ROTS Style) complete w/blaster & stand $6
Loose Clone Wars Animated Anakin 1st Season complete w/lightsaber & stand $5
Loose ROTS Plo Koon complete w/lightsaber $4
Loose TAC Death Star Trooper complete w/weapons, no coin $4
Loose TAC Vader w/Obi-Wan Cape complete, no coin $4


I have 4 Custom Clone Troopers that I painted - pics available upon request. These are the prices that I have charged in the past for commissions, and I put quite a few hours painting time & parts swapping into each figure. I made all these for myself, but really need the cash to help finish my project car.

Mygeeto Airborne Clone Trooper w/removable helmet, weapons, real leather kama and stand $25
Coruscant Airborne Clone Trooper w/removable helmet, weapons and real leather kama $20
Mustafar Heavy ARC Trooper w/removable helmet, custom blasters, leather kama and stand $30
Force Unleashed Bacara white armor w/blue accents w/removable helmet, rifle and leather kama $25


Non Star Wars Items:
All are Carded with a little wear and I can send either loose or carded, your choice.

Matrix N2Toys Neo
Matrix N2Toys Trinity
Matrix N2Toys Morpheus
Matrix N2Toys Agent Smith
$20 For All as a set or $6 each

Akira McFarlane Tetsuo
Akira McFarlane Biker Gang Clown
Akira McFarlane Akira w/throne
$15 for all as a set or $6 each


Shipping is not included in the prices and is extra.
I can ship figures either loose or careded, just let me know.
I can provide pics if anyone needs them.
I don't have a feedback thread b/c I've only dealt with local scummers in my area.
Please feel free to check my husband & I's feedback on ebay under the name justjoe13.

Please PM me with any questions, I'll be putting this list on a couple of other forums. Time to start cleaning out - thanks for looking

I found some various cardbacks today & I have no use for them. I thought I would see if anyone here is interested before I send them to the recycle bin.

All cardbacks are in good condition, the bubbles were cut off with an exacto.

This is the list of all the cardbacks i have for sale:

TAC Mc Quarrie Chewie
TAC Imperial Stormtrooper

VOTC Luke Bespin
VOTC Hoth Snowtrooper
VOTC Han Hoth Outfit
VOTC Bossk
VOTC Leia in Endor Poncho
VOTC Sandpeople
VOTC Greedo
VOTC Luke X-Wing
VOTC Han Endor Trenchcoat

ROTJ Tin Leia Ewok Endor/Rebel Commando

Make me an offer on these - I'm not sure what to price them at - so don't be shy


bump for an updated list :)

Modern Classifieds / Re: FS: Wave 4 Extras Carded
« on: September 13, 2007, 12:30 AM »
PM Replied :)

i was going to use all this stuff for customizing fodder, but the battery died in my Camry, so i could use the cash instead of the figures right now.

here is the complete list of what i have available for sale:

--- TAC ---

Luke Tatooine w/moisture vaporator MOC $6
Yavin Rebel Honor Guard -- Loose complete with staff & blaster, no coin $5
Darth Vader ANH Sith Lord #16 -- Loose complete $5
Stormtrooper Loose complete $5
Comic Pack Tarkin & Stormtrooper w/blue highlights MOC has some card wear at top $10

--- The Saga Collection/Saga 2 Black cardbacks ---

Scorch Republic Commando #21 w/red Yoda minifig MOC $8
R4-K5 Vader's Astromech #68 w/red Stormie minfig MOC $8
Clone Trooper Combat Engineer #68 w/red Dooku minifig MOC $8
Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion #57 w/red Han minifig MOC $8
Holo Obi-Wan (light blue sparkley variant) #63 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Holo Darth Maul #48 w/red Fett minifig MOC $8
Aurra Sing Wal-Mart Excl #70 w/red Fett minifig MOC $8
Kitik Keed'kak Wal-Mart Excl #71 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Nabrun Leids & Kabe Wal-Mart Excl #72 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Labria Wal-Mart Excl #73 w/red Palpy minifig MOC $8

--- Animated Clone Wars ---

Count Dooku Loose Complete with Lightsaber + stand $4
Durge Loose Complete with Staff + stand $4

--- Gentle Giant Animated Clone Wars Bust-Ups Series 7 ---

Selling as a Set of 6 --- $25 for all
Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone armor - sealed box
Padme Snowbunny - sealed box
Yoda - sealed box
Grievous - opened box, figure was not opened
Anakin Tattoo - opened box, figure was not opened
Blue ARC Clone Trooper - opened box, figure was not opened

UGH Gold Mc Quarrie Concept Chewie - SOLD
UGH Gold Airborne Clone Trooper - SOLD
Luke Jedi Knight - SOLD
Helis Elrot - SOLD
M'iiyoom Onith - SOLD

I can ship either loose or carded, if you want them loose please let me know, shipping will be a lot cheaper for loose figures. If you need pics, i will be more than happy to do so.

The only thing i'm looking to trade for right now is for a VOTC Luke X-Wing Pilot, loose with blaster pistol.

I can take Paypal or money orders for payment. I have over 700+ positive feedbacks on ebay & have traded with other members here & locally on rebelscum.

Please post here or PM me with any questions. Thanks!

i was afraid i missed out on my turn with pimp kenobi, but it seems he is MIA with DD  :'(

nice photos at Comic Con DD  8)

the styrene strips on the shin armor make a big difference, really takes the figure to a more accurate level. nice improvement on the paint too. very top notch work here, congrats.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Supportive Spouses...
« on: July 28, 2006, 03:11 PM »
my husband is very supportive and he helps engineer something on just about every custom that i do which is cool. he leaves the painting to me and i leave the fabrication to him. i think we make a really good team.

my husband joe is always saving little bits & pieces of plastic and things too. we have tons of those plastic containers that you are supposed to put fishing hooks in (i think) but ours are full of interesting little items lol. i call them the parts bins.

we also make custom lightsaber hilts from time to time too, so all kinds of cool found objects from the parts bins make their way onto lightsabers too  :)

i just wish we had more time for customizing. our other hobby of repairing and modifying our cars takes a good chunk of time (not pimp my ride style  - we also do weekend auto racing). of course i can never forget the endless parade of home improvements too - ugh.  :(

40 yo virgin is a fun movie and my friends all thought of my husband & me whenever he is painting the figures in the movie. its playing on hbo currently if ya'll have that take the time to watch it.

thanks for the kind words everyone!

DD - he is sporting some jazzy bellbottoms isn't he? i didn't really think about it until now lol! btw - did you get my PM DD?

Glassman - joe put a thin paper clip wire inside the arm & hand to be able to pose it so it looks like Roron is using the force. it's a neat little trick that works well.

thanks Chewie & IncomT65! your words mean a lot to me Chewie. :)

i hope to complete some half-finished/half-started stuff on my desk within a month or two or three.  :'(
i still have the beginnings of the ROTS Concept battle hardened Ki-Adi & Plo Koon, a Galactic Marine, Parjai Trooper and a bantha5 i said, sorry for more Clones.  :-[
i hope to also have more Clone Wars cartoon characters planned as well, in the same vein as Roron.
i also have a couple of 12" characters started own Order of the Jedi line.

so...stay tuned and i'll do my best to finish some of these guys up!  :)

no, i haven't dropped off the map, even though it has kind of felt like that  :'(

anyhoo, i finally have a small update to add and with any luck i will be able to start customizing again and get some half-started projects completed (some of which are clones for which i am apologizing in advance)  :-[

i did a Roron Corobb before for a friend, but i wasn't entirely pleased with it so i went on and did a second version for myself which i think is a nice improvement. i again went with the Clone Wars cartoon style, even though it is a bit of a real world/cartoon mix. i used the ROTS Kit Fisto torso and joe (my hubby) did an outstanding job on sculpting the pants and posing the arms/hands with embedded wire. i got the paint scheme more accurate this time around as well.
please enjoy...any & all comments are welcome :)

amazing work as usual Glassman. the imperial commandos look wonderful, even with just the mock-up paint job you gave them. i'm really blown away by the Clone Cartoon pilot sculpt. if you decide to sell those i'll definitely be in line for one.  :) thanks for sharing your top notch works of art  :)

the sculpting looks awesome on the Rhino alien, very detailed and looks like the reference pics you have there.

the skull cantina alien looks good too, the refinements you did on him look much better, more like what i remember him looking like in the movie.

the advozse looks very good, the proportions of the eyes and the horn look very well done.

i think your sculpting has come a long way already. its not easy to sculpt in 1/6th scale let alone the smaller stuff for the 3 3/4" guys. good job on all these. i look forward to seeing them completed!

i like the use of parts too like the canteen, but the dirty faces is what i don't personally care for. its as if your wash gets out of control and the faces don't get cleaned up when you're done. it kind of hits me like paint overspray on a car, that sort of thing. this is nothing personal at all, i just feel the figures would look better if the faces were a bit cleaner.

things are so busy around here for me, there is no way i can make it for this project which is disappointing. i hope to be customizing again sometime in july after my birthday.

yes, i think a buckles and a shoulder pauldron would make both Neyo's really pop. on mine, my husband made a belt buckle out of styrene, along with the shoulder straps and pauldron (i did all the weathering & painting. the helmet is a Bantha5 creation).  :P

and yes, the "weathering" (dirt whatever you wanna call it) on your clones is very Hasbro-esque. Fox is definitely the standout of the group imho.

the vintage Han Stormie is awesome Glassman, fits right in with Luke Stormie.

i never had a whole heckuva lot of SW when i was a kid being a girl & was like here - play with Barbie instead. i think my mom sold what little stuff i had at a garage sale too. i remember wanting a plastic lightsaber, the ones with the big plastic handle & blade that made sounds when you swung them in the air. well i never got that as a kid....but guess what? i got the whole Kenner display now! 8) i digresss...but nothing wrong with going back to those childhood days at all imho.

great job on the biker scout helmet as usual Glassman. your casting skills never cease to amaze me!

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