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Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Homemade Oven
« on: April 4, 2006, 02:12 PM »
i do the boiled water routine too Phruby. after having the sculpy crack/break off after baking i tried the microwaving water trick & its worked like a charm ever since. that's also how i boil & pop is microwaving water in a cup - so much easier than slaving over a hot stove  ;)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: aeseven's holding out on us...
« on: March 29, 2006, 01:55 PM »
i'm always amazed how cool & professional the cardbacks turn out when they are done correctly, as you have done here aeseven. the paint apps, sculpting and the way you assembled all the parts into 1 cohesive design is really breathtaking. i'm not familiar with this character, but i can certainly appreciate all the work and skill you put into this.

I just didn't/don't have enough time to participate in this challenge, but everyone's entries are amazing!

JediMasterBen, your sculpting & paint apps look completely professional and are very believable as background aliens. i really am enjoying seeing your work.

Chewie - this has got to be your best custom to date. the paint apps, colors, and the way the head fits the body...its something you should be very proud of. the wash on the skin is very realistic looking!  the creature kind of reminds me of something from the dark crystal too....i loved that movie.

Thanks Phruby & BrentS - this was a fun figure to do for a change  :)
Chewie, so glad you like it too, you set the standard with the original Rykrof, i was only trying to make this one a vintage companion  ;)

p.s. Chewie you have PM  8)

nice looking Rykrof Chewie, I like the colors of the vest & the knee articulation. one of my fave Rykrof's  :)

BrentS - the zombie/clone gone wrong turned out, well gruesome as it should, very Evanzan-esque  ;)

well, its down to the wire, but i got my Rykrof done after all.
i would like to present a vintage style Rykrof tribute to the pimpin poofy pirate sleeves  ;D

i wanted to get a "real" Rykrof but time & money constraints held me back, and i found a bag of loose vintage at a garage sale & it was all the inspiration i needed!

the parts are :

- head & torso : vintage Mego Luke Duke
- legs: some vintage Mego black guy fig who was in the bag with everything else, maybe Black Hole or something ???
- arms: vintage Lobot

i like how it turned out & it was something different anyhow. let me know what you all think :)

great work as usual Glassman! that's a really flawless blending on the helmet. if i ever decide to do any Mando's i know who to PM  :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Monster Garage :Whats on the slab?
« on: March 25, 2006, 01:14 PM »
he would be interesting in all black armor too, with silver accents. kind of like a blackhole scout commando idea. just a thought  ;)

Nice work Brent! My fave is the Sith Guard...the staff is amazing! He's a little scary with the helmet off, but he should be a bada$$

Hamma is a nice mixture of parts. i like the paint job on the robes and the "hairdo" is a nice touch too.

Rey Shaa looks good, the only thing about the weathering is, it looks a little pink to me on the robes (could be the lighting) but you are colorblind aren't you? the eye looks ok to me, the hands just would look better being painted the same color as the head is the only "gripe" i have about it.

nice work & i like the anime chicks you did too...sorry i missed commenting more, been really busy here.

keep up the great work!

I like the mechanic a lot Smarty, good work on this one. Your paint apps are really improving - the greasiness works nicely on this character.

I took Bio in 9th grade & then Anatomy & Physiology in 11th grade in public school in Dallas. just wait till you get to Anatomy...we had to cut open a poor kitty....i got sick & threw up & was excused from that project  :-X

In Rem - I wish i could paint the hands, but they are like this "bendy" material & i don't think the paint would stick to it unfortunately.  :-[

Glassman - Thanks a bunch, I always appreciate your comments! The lava "burns" are just paint b/c I am afraid the material on the robes may be too "thin" to burn and get an accurate look.

Darth Ennis - Thanks for the sincere comments, it's greatly appreciated, that's the main reason I post just about all my customs here and not in other places.

I did however post this on another forum with a P.S. at the bottom that Obi-Wan would not be for sale on gets on my nerves how some folks "advertise" their 12" stuff before it's listed.   :(


Thanks for the nice words In Rem. I agree with you on the hands...that is one big problem with the Hot Toys bodies is the flesh colors are mis-matched badly....the head, body, hands & feet are all different shades of flesh from pale white to tan.  The way the hands are jointed at the wrist, I can only try to get another set of Hot Toys hands and see if they match any better. I tried some Dragon hands on another Hot Toys body (which also didn't match) and they simply look too small and even worse (if that's possible)

Thanks Clone Commander!  :)

57's another new update  :)

i have been working on this for quite awhile off & on, but i think i am finally at a point where i can stop now & be done with him.

i wanted to do a ROTS Obi-Wan 1/6th scale, but from the Mustafar duel with Anakin, b/c I do have a 1/6th Mustafar Anakin planned. This is going to be my very own 'Order of the Jedi' 1/6th line.

The Obi-Wan body is a Hot Toys Polar Mountain Striker. The body is super posable like a Dragon body. One of the major gripes I have with Hot Toys bodies is the flesh of the hands don't match the face or body worth a damn. Other than that, they are just as nice or nicer than Dragon bodies. I love the head sculpt, its a perfect Ewan McGregor look-alike. The hair was originally a loud blonde, and I repainted to look more like the movie, with only small touches of grey. I also repainted the head to be a more accurate flesh tone. The clothes were from the AOTC Hasbro Obi-Wan but were dyed and then weathered with fabric paint to recreate the lava burns on his robes and pants. The belt is part Hasbro on top of a real leather base with the food pellets painted accurately. The boots were also Hasbro AOTC Obi-Wan but heavily modified by my husband so they would be movie accurate. i wanted to use leather on them, but they would have been too bulky & silly looking. The Lightsaber in the photo close-up above was from the Obi-Wan ANH but again heavily modified to be slimmer in the hand and the gold & copper part is metal, along with the belt clip. The blade doesn't light up and that's cool with me for now.

i'm including a screenshot that i was going by at the top, it was the best lighted view of Obi-Wan's robes, b/c on Mustafar everything was red & very hard to make out the extent of the weathering.

the pictures aren't the greatest...i'm still trying to work out lighting and stuff, but it gives you some idea of the work my husband & i did on it. as always enjoy & comments are always welcome :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Admiral Screed
« on: March 23, 2006, 05:44 PM »
i like that Screed a lot Ennis! the cape and the eyepatch thingy look great! i like the choice of Veers body and the paint apps look very nice and clean.

the yellow clone is nice too...i always like the yellow ones for some reason. nice to see one clean too, although i tend to dirty mine up... :P

i don't get it smarty????  ???

Ennis, i really dig your Rykrof a lot, the brushed look on the armor and soft goods cape are very nice touches. very cool looking with the removable helmet.

i'm the process of painting my Rykrof as we speak...its a pimp daddy tribute  8)

i should be finished in a couple of days & i'll actually be on time! w00t!  :P

Thanks for the nice words everyone! Glad that you all like him & thanks for the compliments on the pants & eyes, those were the hardest things to do.

i have a small teaser photo for my next update  8)

i'll post the rest of the pics in a couple of days...i'm gonna go get some much needed sleep now.

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