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Phruby, i love the sculpted poofballs and the fur on your padme a lot. i also like the pissed off look too personally, its more interesting than the kind of bland look we often see her have. great work on her!

Glassman, Roron painted up looks amazing! you really captured the look and feel of the animated character. i can't wait to see him carded.

Ennis, i'm sure your Padme looks cool too. i'm anxious to see what you did with her.

great job on the melee trooper, and the gatling gun really sets him apart from other clones. i like the addition of the soft goods kama too, nice touch.

the kenobi clone is interesting...the pic is just a little blurry...the armor on the chest looks a little "lumpy" for lack of a better term. i like the sculpting you did on the helmet and the extra armor and spikes on the arm.

keep up the good work  :)

about the only gripe i have with the Clone Wars animated is the continuity issue with Saesee's horn being cut then "growing back" Glassman. i'm sure this was done to make sense with the movie which didn't follow the cartoon...but go figure. this is the pic from where it shows his 2 full horns in the last season. that's why i said i liked yours better with the broken horn  ;)

Thanks for the comments Chewie & Glassman  :)

as far as Appo goes, i did weather him a little more than i had originally planned, but then i got to thinking of him as a real badass commander really exterminating Jedi along with Vader and next thing i knew he turned out real dirty lol! i'll give his suspenders a little grime too, thanks for the suggestion  8)

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: The Rykroff Project
« on: February 24, 2006, 07:27 PM »
i've got a BBi head that could work out ok then since it doesn't have to be an official Rykrof head  ;)

young Alderaan Guardian, be patient, your dad has his reasons.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Rykroff project idea
« on: February 24, 2006, 02:24 PM »
i'd love to get in on this but i don't have a Rykrof head  :'(

Amazing Saesee Glassman !!! i really love the removable helmet, that adds so much to the character. in the cartoon they somehow gave him back his cut horn (it grew back i guess) but i like how you left it cut, works better i think.

Roron looks even more impressive painted!!! once you get these carded they will be nothing short of genius!  :o

yeah that horse was amazing i remember him too...he just needs a Yoda to ride on him.

Glassman, you'll just do anything to avoid getting a project in on time! JUST KIDDING!!!  :P

really sux about your house & all - sure hope it all works out ok. we cut down all our trees in the backyard last summer to avoid just that accident from happening, but here trees crash into houses due to tornadoes and hail and high wind during bad thunderstorms.  :-[

I got a couple more Clone bust-ups done, the last 2 extras that i had from the multi-packs i had ordered. I decided to make a Commander Appo based on the conceptual artwork & then a Real World Commander Fordo from Clone Wars. i switched some arms and hands around to give these 2 different poses from the other clones. :) these little bust-ups have been fun to work on while doing other projects. my desk is even starting to clear off a little! other projects in the works currently: i just need to construct a new Lightsaber for the latest character in my 12" Jedi line. working on a galactic marine. working on a Clone Wars Roron Corobb (real world version). look for another update in the next few weeks :D until then i hope everyone enjoys the last of the Clone bust-ups!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Fritzkrieg Update 02-21-2006
« on: February 22, 2006, 11:11 PM »
great idea indeed Phruby...a deadite Jar Jar right after the Emperor gave him a taste of some Force lightning  ;D

Great work Fritz, you definitely corner the market on dead customs  :)

i would say alien species for March & Imperials for April sounds like a plan  :)

i'm kind of kicking around the idea of a Bothan spy for the alien challenge...i have no clue what a Bothan looks like though  ??? time to start googling  :P

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Pointer needed: Sculpted on "fabric"
« on: February 21, 2006, 02:05 PM »
i'm a soft goods lover myself whenever at all possible. i've been experimenting with a bunch of scrap fabric that i had lying around the house. i like the different textures that i can achieve with fabrics like suede and leather, along with some hasbro materials like the cotton jedi robes/skirts etc. i got a huge bag of scrap leather/suede pieces at a local leather shop for like $5 several years ago and i came to the conclusion that it is A) an endless supply and B) has endless uses for a TON of projects.  :)

just some alternative fabric ideas for soft goods if you decide to go that route.

p.s. there's no reason why the tissue paper dipped into elmer's solution won't work, it would be a lot like paper mache on a pinata if you ever made one in school. rather stiff but realtively strong.

i'm for alien species. i don't really have any Imperial fodder that i could use. i just picked up some of those mega-buy ROTS 2 packs today at TRU (FINALLY got Ask Aak which i hadn't seen till now)

Amazing work as usual Glassman! i can't wait to see them all finished up and painted. i'm so floored right now i don't have the words to say how awesome these are going to be...WOW!

wow! Leia looks amazing Phruby! i really like the thread to hold her bikini in place and the red soft goods skirt really finishes the piece off. the only thing that would make it cooler would be the addition of a real metal chain on her collar like the one that the new Chewie Boushh's Bounty has as an accessory. the flesh color is dead on also - very well done & very easily posed into many if you had a Han microman....that would just be customizing porn LOL!   :-X  :P

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