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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CloneCommander1's Customs
« on: June 5, 2006, 10:39 PM »
The Clones look cool, especially Fordo.  I'll have to make one of them and use yours as an example.  The weathering is very well done.

The updated 41st Elite with the BARC Trooper pack-in helmet is awesome, I'd much rather see a 41st Elite custom using that pack-in helmet (or a modified Scout Trooper helmet). 

Commander Compton - aside from the shoulders which you've already addressed, I really like it.  The parts use is cool (combining the Royal Guard parts with Gen. Veers is a great idea).  I would give him a different head (maybe a BBi Elite Force 1:18th scale head) to further separate him from Veers. 

Great update on the Speeder Bike design SP.  It looks like a more maneuverable Speeder Bike, I could see this thing having a much easier time zipping through the forests of Endor. 
What did you make the side-wings out of? 

The paint scheme is well done as well, it definitely screams "G.A.R." to me

The Corellian ship looks good, I'm surprised that I didn't immediately think of "Millenium Falcon" when I saw it - you did a great job "upgrading" the ship to make it look unique.  I really like the paint scheme.

The frog trooper looks like a solid custom, you've blended the parts very well. 

I love the WiP shots of the GAR Tank.  The water pistols on the sides are hilarious!  I can't believe what a difference a layer of primer makes.   

I agree about weathering the imperial insignia, but other than that I think you've got a great ship here.  I would add some "blast marks" to the sides though.  You can do a splotch (for lack of a better word) of black paint and then do a smaller splotch of silver paint to make it look like the paint was blasted off. 

I didn't really like the Shadow Troopers very much, but now that I see them in that pic, they look pretty badass.  Great job!

CHEWIE - hope you feel better man!  Customizing is great for upset stomachs  ;)

I really like the "clean" Evo Sandtrooper - I think I'll have to try that.  With the new saga2 Sandtrooper coming out, my Evo Sandtroopers are obsolete!

DN, you've been busy!  8)

I really like these trooper customs, I especially like the use of the VSTC X-Wing Luke legs on some of them.  I didn't realize what they were at first but they turned out great.

I also like the idea of degenerating clones - very interesting.  Good use of the Clone Pilot body to make him ... portly.  ;)

By the way, are you casting the AT-TE Tank Gunner heads or do you just have a billion of them?  I love the fact that your clones all have removable helmets or no helmets.

Phruby, I humbly bestow you with the title of "Ultimate Star Wars Microman Customizer".  I can't get enough of these Microladies you've been making lately.  I can't wait to see your Scorch  8).  Keep up the great work!

Once again, your parts selection is excellent.  I like the layered flow to his robes, that's something I don't see often.  Is his helmet removable?  Does it have a "working" visor?

Glassman - holy crap man, all of these are incredible!

Female Imperials - So cool!  I love the uniform and the fact that you were able to make it feminine.  Your sculpting and casting skills are simply amazing.  I don't know what else to say, hasbro could easily take your sculpts and release these to the mass market.  Absolutely perfect!

Vintage Han and Luke Stormtroopers - Yet again, you have a couple of outstanding customs here.  Han and Luke definitely look like factory quality vintage figures.  I'm sure if Kenner had kept producing figures for another year we would see something that looks exactly like your Han in Stormtrooper disguise.
One thing, I would try to paint the eyebrows a little bit darker, it looks like Han shaved his off!  :P

VSTC Biker Scout w/removable helmet - very cool.  I am always disappointed that hasbro seems to make underscaled helmets on their non-removable helmet figures.  You have what looks to me to be the new definitive Biker Scout helmet. 

Beautiful update G!  I am always floored by your talents!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Rykrof Enloe Imperial Era
« on: June 5, 2006, 10:08 PM »
Oh man, I love it!  The sculpted sideburns is fantastic!  ;D

The use of the Djas Puhr torso with the RotS Tarkin legs is well done and something that I never would have thought of.  Excellent job!

Thanks CHEWIE,

I hardly did anything to these guys  :-X

Imperial Commander - put the hasbro uniform on a Dragon body, painted the gloves black, made the suspenders and holster.  The only somewhat involved piece was the backpack which I made out of sculpey, although it took longer to cure in the oven than it did to "sculpt" and paint  :P

Imperial Field General - upgraded to a Dragon body, painted the gloves black and put on a WW2 German overcoat.  Easy as hell.

Stormtrooper - This has been a WiP for about a year now.  I upgraded to a Dragon body from the VotC Stormtrooper base figure.  I painted the gloves black and sculpted on the hand armor.  I had cut down the Dragon feet into "pegs" and inserted them into a hole that I had dremeled out of the VotC Stormtrooper shoes which were then glued in place.  I took some thread to tie the upper armor together.  All in all it was about 15 minutes of actual work, but for some reason it took me forever to get around to finishing this bastadge.

Here are some 12" Customs that I've been working on (based on Paul's, aka "Legolas77" aka "Slave1Jango" aka "Outrider", Rise of the Empire Theme)

Imperial Commander - Rise of the Empire

Imperial Field General - Rise of the Empire

Stormtrooper - Upgraded to a Dragon body

Thanks for looking!

Haha, nice  :P

I can't wait to see how this guy turns out Phruby!  It seems like a lot of work, but when you pull it off, it will definitely be worth it. 

Phruby - if you don't mind my asking, about how much did you end up spending to get your initial "batch" of casting supplies?  I've been wanting to get into casting for a while now, but I'm not sure how much of an initial investment it will cost me. 

I think you're talking about Carnor Jax, Gregorbian.


Gaaa!  That's his name.  Thanks Roton   8)

The battle damage sorta scraped paint off both sides in battle, making them asymmetrical!


Sounds good to me!  It wasn't that big of a deal and actually looks kinda cool.  It's different enough so that it looks intentional.   ;)

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