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Saga Collection '06 / Re: 2006 vOTC (or vTSC) - now with pics!
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:18 PM »
Sorry for the crappy pic, but check out my newest Biker, on the left. Notice how his midsection is darker than the right (which is the same color as the ones in the JD Images). Is this just a paint mess up? Running change? Variation? Has anyone else seen one with a torso that dark?

The ones that I ordered from Asia have a bright red stripe on the backpack whereas the ones that I bought at Target have a dull red stripe.  The ones that I ordered from Asia have the darker midsection and it looks like an alternate form of weathering along the boots and stuff. 
Not sure if that's because they were making these figures "after dark" or if it was just the first shipment of these figures.  I like the "store bought" versions better.

Thanks for the comments guys! 

Great pics, man.  Which Fett is that?  It looks very nice.

Thanks Glorbes, the Fett is an "upgraded" Hasbro 12" VOTC Boba Fett.  I upgraded him onto a 12" "Dragon" body, repainted the gloves and attached the VOTC Fett's feet.  Pretty simple custom to do and I highly recommend trying it if you have the 12" VOTC Boba Fett figure.  You can get 12" base figures for very cheap at

Jeez Glorbes, you're a friggin' arteest!  I love this entire "series" that you've been putting out.  I really like the concept R2.  The fact that you made him from what is essentially "garbage" is just awesome! 
As usual, the paint apps and sculpting are top notch.  I'm so glad you joined here and decided to share these excellent customs with us!

I love the new Tank Fritz!  I'm coming around on the asymmetrical design ...  ;)

I really like the Mounted Clone.  I think mine should duke it out with yours!  ;)

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:02 PM »
Thanks for the clearer pics Fritz!  Those figures look amazing!  I hope they get decent US Distribution (at least through my local comic shops...)

Darth_Ennis - I picked up some of those BBi figures about a month or so ago.  I really like the WW2 figures, they are much better than the 21st Century Toys figures from walmart. 
I did not like the bearded/bare arms guy.  His arms are molded in green and the paint on mine chipped horribly.  Pretty lame.  Also, as Jesse mentioned, the hat is molded on.   >:(

I like the design, very unique, yet still fits in with the movie designs.

I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but his lower leg stripes do not look like they are symmetrical.  (His right leg looks a bit too horizontal, while his left leg is a bit more "V" like).  That's a minor nitpick though.  Overall the figure looks great and the paint apps/weathering are very well done.

Can't wait to see the squad!

Daaayaamn CHEWIE!  You've been a busy wookiee!

The upgrade on the Emperor looks great, I think I'll have to try this one.

Tribill Shell - Excellent civilian figure.  The use of the Jedi upper body/tunic works very well with that paint scheme.  I can definitely see this guy walking around outside of the Cantina or Dexter's.

Peace Officers - I have to say, I love the use of the RotS #14 Chancellor Palpatine legs.  I've bought about 5 or 6 on eBay in the past few weeks specifically for the legs.  Excellent custom fodder and you put them to good use on these figures.

Peace Officers Rykrof and Tylin - Very cool.  The use of the Madine tunic is very well done and is definitely in keeping with the style of the uniform.  The only thing that I would change would be to give them different arms (maybe RotS Kit Fisto arms) and paint them to match, that way they would be super-articulated.

Xizor - AWESOME!  I love how simple you made his costume.  He looks great!  I think he's my favorite of the update

Broth Teller - Very nice use of parts here.  Does he have ROTS #14 Palpatine's legs or did you leave him legless?  I might ahve to try something like this with all of my extra Palpatine's torso/robes.

RotS Scout Troopers - I think I might like your version of these guys better than the actual "film-accurate" version.  The dry brushing is excellent and whoever is getting these figures is lucky indeed!

I really like these clones you've been putting out lately, they're very unique and well crafted. 
Master Sargeant Raedaa is awesome, I love the head wrap with the AT-AT Commander helmet.  The use of the VSTC Han Solo upper body works great with the Clone Pilot legs.  Excellent job!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Chase's customs
« on: May 25, 2006, 09:46 PM »
I agree with some of the other comments, the WiP version looked a bit better in my opinion.  The all red scheme is kind of too much for me.
Still, since you are going to add some more black paint apps, I'll wait until I see the final version to comment further.  I was surprised how cool the Sandperson head looked on the Clone body. 

Wow, those customs look great!  I really like the use of the VOTC Lando legs (I bought a couple VOTC Landos a few weeks ago - he's excellent custom fodder  ;))
You did an excellent job blending the parts and I really like the inclusion of removable helmets.

Updated Baron Fel looks great, I think you nailed it.  Nice work!

Nice use of parts, even the Jedi-Kick Obi-Wan (man, I hate that figure, but your custom turned out well  :P)

I would consider changing the color scheme on the Guardian figure, maybe even reversing the black and red (kind of like Kir Kanos and ... damn, brain fart, forget the other guy's name...  :-\)

I agree with your comments about Xentor, he looks great.  The parts go together very well and he looks "factory"

Nice update!

Very cool project, the sculpting looks pretty good so far.  Are you going to sculpt all of the armor or are you going to use "greeblies" for some of the other armor?

I've got a few of those "Power Team Elite" 3 3/4" figures and they're definitely not bad for that price.  My experience with them is that their arms are prone to snapping.  Maybe I'm too rough with 'em...

I like the color scheme, although I would probably give it a darker shade of grey and maybe another lighter, contrasting color (I'm thinking something like Jango's Slave 1, but obviously with different colors). 
I really like the "Bantha" Skull (or whatever it's called), it looks very sharp. 
I don't think I would put a Mando helmet on the wing though.  Maybe Boba Fett's "Wheat" symbol or something like that. 

The writing on the side and the lightsaber "kill" marks look awesome, I would leave them as is  ;D

Would anyone happen to have the chain from the TSC Chewbacca that they would sell or trade me? I don't have a list of parts, but if you are looking for something let me know and I'll see if I can help as well. Thanks
roron corobb

I recommend buying one of those "jewelry" chains from a $.50 machine (or if you're lucky, a $.25 machine).  I've used them in the past and they are pretty much a perfect size to the chain on Chewbacca.

More fun with Sideshow Luke  8)

Man, I love this figure!
I hope you guys appreciate my 100% movie accurate Skiff railing  ;)  :P

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