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Wonder what the holo-r2 situation is in WDW? 

Wish that other droid was going to be easy to get because man, that's a snazzy deco on that mamojama.  I got an R2-MK droid off Ebay just because the deco was so nice on it.  I was going to pass otherwise.

To be honest, had the JSF not had the big mickey logo on it, I'd have bought that, actually.  I liked that red/yellow/white/grey look.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 7, 2015, 05:49 PM »
I'm anxious, gotta admit.  Not in a bad way, just in a "I want confirmation" kind of way so I know what my financial future holds, ya know?  Is that weird?  Probably.  :-\

Just a thought on the headgear, I'm betting they PROBABLY are slightly small.  Very slightly.  Most Joe stuff I've found doesn't swap easily with many/most STar Wars figure heads.  Of course SW scaling is all over the map so some of them are fine, but not many I've found.  GI Joe heads are kinda weird too though I guess.

Since this line (Marauder's line) is kind of GI Joe-based, I'd guess their headgear probably has similar issues?  Just a guess though.

Acid Rain's figures don't have many accessories that fit a Star Wars figure readily either and they have a GI Joe vibe to them (sculpt, articulation, design, etc.), so that's just been my experience I guess. 

BBI's gear though, I found swapped over a bit better and their "new" figures are on clearance at Target right now.  Some had the booney hats too iirc.

Uh, holy ****.

I'd say a lot has to do with materials it's made of...  I cannot imagine this being injection molded plastic.  Like SS's environments, I'd wager it's a resin or polystone type dealio which theoretically saves some cost and adds some heft to it.  And maybe some injection molded stuff like chairs?

I'm anxious to see final product and how they go about it.  I mean, you talk centerpiece type collectibles and I think this falls into that category.

When I heard about it I was immediately wondering if you'd be buying one, Jeff.

I'm sure it'll be beyond my price range, but if I were a Han Solo fanatic...  eh...   :-X


It's hard to believe it's already that time again!  Pittsburgh's Steel City Con ( returns to the Monreoville Convention Center just East of downtown Pittsburgh, on August 7th to 9th!  Just a month away from another great show.

Matthew Wood is the Star Wars guest this time around, and that's pretty awesome because I think he was only here once before and I completely missed him for some reason or another.  He's a pretty interactive guy, so that's always fun.

Also the PSWCS is holding its annual Summer Social in Pittsburgh this year, and as such, they've scheduled it the same weekend as Steel City Con, so this one is going to be even bigger than usual for myself and the guys in the PSWCS state-wide.  I don't make many of the socials since they spread around the state in a rotation, but I do try to make this one and the Penn State one if I am able to make the trip to State College.

I'm hoping to keep my ASP-7 streak going, though I gotta admit, ASP-7 droids aren't as common as they once were.  It's possibly the dumbest streak in collecting, so let's all cross our fingers on this one!  And that it's under $5.  It should be.

And yes, ASP-7 has a friggin' figure!  Who knew right?

But aside from that I have my sights set on a few particulars this time around, and am hoping to snatch up a couple of things for cheap as well.  I always manage to spend more than I budgeted.

IF you're coming in for the show, you'll want to pre-order your tickets online.  Trust me, you'll just want to do this.

And if you are in town from out of the area hit me up and we'll grab a beer after on Friday maybe?  I'll be there for sure and am looking forward to another great SCC!  :D

I've never wanted to shoot a figure with a bb gun more than that Joffrey figure.

Wow this escalated quickly. :)

I stand by voting for what makes you tingly, but I agree with you Eric, on voting intelligently too.  I mean, if it's rumored, it's probably happening.  If it's freakin' confirmed pull your head outta your ass...  That kinda stuff.

Likewise I'm totally with Jim/Jeff's point...  I'd rather vote for something that I don't have to wonder if we'll get the "rest of the team" at some point.  I like my 4" Revan, Malak, etc...  But that's a group who is grossly understaffed.  Sure they couldn't make "you" from the game ultimately, but they left off a ton of characters that made up the main core (despite making quite a few from that era/EU).  And it is noticeable to me personally.

We got Phase II Rex, never got Phase I done realistically...  It's a similar thing to me.  Realistic older Ahsoka, but not younger.  No realistic TCW Cody.  Lots of weird holes exist.

I fill that with customizing but that's a niche within a niche as the phrase says...  Most don't customize, so most want Hasbro to do fairly complete groupings of figures, not little one-offs.  That bugged me about a LOT of the EU figures we ultimately got.  A couple rogues now and then, but never wrapping up all of them.  There is a ton of that in the 4" line ultimately.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason 2015
« on: July 2, 2015, 11:39 AM »
I think sometimes a guy just gets **** on because people wanna blame someone. Local media lkke to target Malkin because he makes the most.  Some have Targeted Fleury unfairly too and that goes league wide there.  I read how a bunch of media there are laughing at Pens over the deal...  Toronto hasn't done much as an organization for how long though?  Pens just wanted to get better and outside of Toronto I don't think anyone feels they're worse.

I have my fears on the future now an that's it.  I think Kessel has to fit in on this team tho.  And I he has diet/fitness issues, Gary Roberts will straighten his ass out to paraphrase some Slapshot. :)

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: July 2, 2015, 12:09 AM »
Hiya got the paint master back on the Power Loader...  Not much, but what they show, holy ****.  :o

Jesse, I just built R5-D4 the other day, and swore I took a pic on Twitter but now don't see it so I'll do that and link it in here when I get some time.  I compared it to Bossk, as that's my only 6" guy, so I just thought I'd say it may not be exactly like the R2 from Hasbro.

The figures require a little more than just slap em together, if you want perfection. 

There ARE stickers, which are quality stickers not thick paper ones, but there are waterslide decals too which would look more professional but need "sealed" ultimately for any kind of durability.  Waterslide decals can get pretty complex with model builds as there is setting solutions and stuff you can get into.  R5's look pretty crazy complex too.  But then there's stickers too so whatever.

Also, there IS some painting required for "perfection".  It's minor but I believe those tools are just molded silver, no paint on them.  Not much painting, but if you want it perfect there is some.  And weathering of course but these days Hasbro doesn't weather stuff either.

The figures are great though when they're built.  Not complex, all snap together (though I recommend good nippers and a good X-acto to do quality part removable/clean up).  They are poseable, come with a black base (each) and are generally cool.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason 2015
« on: July 1, 2015, 11:56 PM »
Malkin's less the play maker IMO so I partly think Kessel (and yes I will make Kessel Run jokes, prepare for it) fits in more with Crosby as someone who finishes what he'll set up.

An interesting aside...  As things stand, our third line is Kunitz, Sutter, Dupuis... potentially.  That's not a bad 3rd line.  :-X

That said, I was kind miffed at the trade.  I wanted Kessel, but I didn't want him at a massive expense.  HOnestly I'd rather seen them possibly move a young D-Man (not named Maatta), though Pouliot I think is more valuable than Kapanen ultimately pulled since Kapanen has no NHL time really.

Anyway though, I didn't like us dumping Kapanen AND a 1st Round Pick (potentially?  Still not totally clear on that), and think it should've been a higher round pick unconditional at best.  Our future is on the line at this point.  We lack 1st round picks in multiple years including this one.  Kapanen was one of our ONLY forward prospects aside from Sundqvist.  I dunno.

Anyway, picking up Plotnikov to me is the story people aren't paying attention to, and I think he may be just as important in how he plugs in, and for a lot less $.  He's almost assuredly going to Malkin's #2 line.

Martin didn't sign with the Wild, which disappointed me for you guys out there.  I figured if we couldn't have him I wanted to see him wind up home for you guys. :(

Downie left...  I can't say good riddance as I found him interesting and serviceable.  He put in 20+ goals too iirc?  Not bad, especially on the team we had last year. 

Lost Comeau who they wanted to retain I'm pretty sure, but he flourished with Malkin and I think it was likely to have him go.  He won't perform as well though outside the organization IMO.

So we still have Perron, Hornqvist, now Kessel, Plotnikov, and Kunitz (whose numbers were deceptively bad last year), and Dupuis is cleared to come back and I just hope his health holds and he's in excellent shape by season's start as he was on a tear when the gates opened but then life pulled the rug from under the poor guy.  Plus he's considered one of the best "people" on the team, and in the sports scene in the city in general, and people wanted him here in some capacity one way or another (like Bill Guerrin).  I hope he has some in the tank yet.  Same with Kunitz who had a rough year.

My huge, HUGE fear is the sacrificing of our future for the "now".  Which I get is because of Crosby/Malkin's age.   :-\  It just is scary.

Then again, Saad to Columbus made Columbus instantly the fav in the Metro, and rightly so.

Regarding Kessel's perceived baggage, I hear it's every bit the Toronto Media...  He will never be the team's "face" here obviously so that takes some burden off him.  Malkin's always said he liked the fact he wasn't the first people came over to in the locker room.  Maybe the change of scenery will be good for helping us on the Kessel Run?  :P  That's one.

So yeah to sum that long blab fest up, I'm not so sure it was a GREAT trade.  We gave up a ****load for him, including a major prospect who could be a superstar in the league.  Sacrificing the future for now hasn't paid off yet, so I have reservations.

But I'll dig watching competent players on Sid/Geno's wings for once (since 2008/2009 anyway).

Revan is one of those EU guys that now only older guys would vote for.

Kind of funny.  I mean I like Revan because I really liked KotOR and TOR.  It probably wouldn't get made without fans voting too so I guess that makes it fit the bill.  Whatever I guess.  Yay?

Yeah I'm not bothered either way.  I never was with the old polls either though.  I think some are a foregone conclusion but I always say vote for what you really want not what someone tells you is likely to get done or not done.

I went through my figures finally.

C-3PO...  Wish the gold were a little more vibrant, but the figure is still surprisingly interesting to me.  The right hand is a neat open hand, unique looking.  The panels fit onto it perfectly actually, and the panel lines are pretty well hidden completely.

I really wish the gold weren't so muted, as this is probably the cooler of the C-3PO figures in the line, actually.

Boussh Leia...  The 50/50 figure of the wave.  She's not a winner, not a loser.  Her headsculpt isn't as good as the last version of this figure, but it's also not horrid.  The paint is not bad overall and the little logos on the backpack are pretty slick.

The articulation is everything you could want on the figure pretty much, hooray for articulated figures still being a thing.  And the skirt doesn't inhibit it much at all either, despite being plastic.  It's flexible, and nicely done, which allows this figure to pose well still.  +1 too for the softgoods cape.

That said, Hasbro completely ***** the bed on the molded-in detonator in her left hand, when the last figure actually features a removable, teeny tiny detonator accessory.

So while the sculpt isn't the best, and that detonator is a major flub, it's an interestingly decent figure.  Unfortunately, not perfect by any means.

-Cmdr. Fox...  I think that's his name, I probably goofed it though.  The throw-away mandatory Clone repaint.  His figure is fine for what it is.  Only flawed by the almost dingaling like antenna on his left shoulder pad, which at the very least is out of scale, and at worst looks like a sex toy stuck to him.   :-X

He's a Clone...  Aren't you sick of them too?  I know I am.

-Mosep Bineed...  He rocks socks.  The fact I have a new Cantina alien has me on something of a high so it's hard to be judgmental with him.  His joints are a little "short" in their range of motion.  That and no holster for his new blaster would be my gripes.  That would be minor though, as I really enjoy him and am very glad I nabbed two so I had a fodder fig around.

-Jawas...  Didn't realize how much I'd like these two but I really do.  Hasbro did the ion blasters up right and updated the POTF2 one but also nicely did up the enfield style one with a modern sculpt and proper scale.  The large holster on the one figure for his ion rifle is cool because it opens at the side to easily put the weapon in/out of the holster.  Surprised me how much I really liked these guys, and a 2-pack makes $13+ quite a bit easier to stomach.

-Han Carbonite...  One flaw is the head.  Neck down, this figure is pretty amazing.  Neck up, he's not.  The sculpt is not the best likeness, but not their worst either of Ford's face.  I'd say the paint REALLY harms the sculpt a bit more than the sculpt itself.  The hair deco is really sloppy, and lacks any color variation to it.  The eyes are fine, but the hair deco is really bad, sloppily applied, and it just detracts from the rest of it completely.

The rest of the figure is the articulation and sculpt everyone has wanted for a new Carbonite Han though, and let me say that the block is OUTSTANDING.  An ultimate accessory, if there is such a thing.  So much so that I already have a plan for an extra block in the works that I think will be shockingly easy to accomplish once I do some research. :)

Overall the pre-TFA TBS4" final wave is pretty awesome...  Mosep, Han, Jawas, and shockingly C-3PO, kind of make this wave a mega-winner to me.  $13.99 figures, a Clone I could've easily lived without, and a detonator someone can't seem to drop, all suck a weenie.

But it's a good wave...  Glad I've got them and I'm wrapping up this line (for now).

What a weird thing to retool.

Kind of like the Wv8 Boussh Leia having so much new tooling to it, and not building off the last figure.  No clue why.  ???

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