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I really didn't care for his humor, or stand up, but I loved movies he was in.  He was an actor that really conveyed emotion well.  I feel bad for his family.

Wow that was some zippy turn-around on Wave 5 from Wave 4's release date.   :o

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: August 9, 2014, 02:46 PM »
I am gonna nab a rocketeer for custom use but otherwise I am not a fan of the other lines besides alien.  It didn't seem to work as well with those other lines as it did with Alien.  :-\

Tons of new.  Can't be disappointed in that.  I swear her hands seem familiar, like someone had that pose on the left hand, very specifically.  That's the only thing that makes me feel like those were from someone else.  That'd probably be unlikely though, and easier to just tool new ones.


Wonder how well, or not, these arms would swap with the new Luke's?

I thought the hands were re-used?  The forearms and vest I didn't notice (Leia's away, with everyone else, wishing I had shelving up :().

That's a good bit of new!

The hands I thought reminded me of Bastillas or another characters.  I could be wrong.

For the curious, btw, Torryn Farr's head?  It swaps with basically every female Rebel Pilot and POSSIBLY the female Impy from Force Unleashed.

So headswaps, galore, if you want.  You could have your own army of basically chicks looking at computer screens.

Given the track record of getting figures made off our lists (thank you Scott!), how can you afford NOT to vote in them!?

Anyway, here's my list...  TPM seems like a lost cause.  If I got a new Panaka and Naboo Trooper (yellow with the brown hat), I'd be really pretty well set.  The R5 unit would be nice too but meh, who cares.  TPM sucks.

1 ) New Panaka and/or Naboo Security Guard (Generic)...  It's sad that I don't even care if they did a generic one and I just had to swap a Panaka head onto it really.

2 ) Roonan Senator (whatever he is, he's ok looking)

3 ) R5-X2 (Overdue)

4 ) Female Republic Ship Pilot

5 ) Male Republic Ship Pilot

6 ) Capt. Tarpals

7 ) Naboo Trooper (Yellow Uniform w/brown hat, these guys desperately need a good figure)

8 ) Jabba Bodyguard Klatooinian guy

9 ) Bib Fortuna

10) Ithorian Senator

Get two...  An AT-AT theoretically (EU nerding here) rocked two Lt.'s leading two groups.  Just a thought.

On Farr's headphones I very much disagree Darb...  the ones I have actually almost lock onto the ears.  Look on the inside, they're sculpted to sort of fit snug, so you may want to fiddle with it some.

In my reviews of yesteryear I always hashed things out with PRO and CON columns...  I never saw a perfect figure ever, but some damn close ones.  The RFT lacked a holster and the sculpted on vest hinders it some, but it's pretty great.  The Legacy onward Hoth Rebels were pretty great aside from maybe the stance being a little wide.  A pilot used a short body.  IG-88 TVC had a wider stance than he should and sticky joints (but goddam that's a good figure)...  Nobody's perfect.

This wave's that way...  Paint in general is an issue in the line.  It's one that for the price, really it shouldn't be going on anywhere...  Even the 5POA line costs enough that paint shouldn't hurt them.  That said, all these figures have a flaw here and there, but their PRO column greatly outweighs it to me.

For my money, Yoda's pack is a little too large and his arms aren't articulated.  The pack is fixable with even fabric glue, and the arms are my only real heavy gripe with him.  Otherwise that's a really nice looking figure.  Like, surprisingly nice.  Sometimes I think the hyper detailed photos that surface, actually hinder early opinion on a figure.  It's cool seeing detail, but when a camera's showing flaws your eyes won't see that's kind of a bummer.  I was set to hate Yoda, but when I opened him I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, make no mistake...  I wanted a better articulated figure too, and that's a bad Hasbro moment.  Likewise I wanted a better deco and would've preferred ball joint elbows on Dagobah Luke...  But that didn't diminish how fun he was to pose on my desk, and how I'll now buy at least 3 of him, if not more.

Not everything is the "My world is over" moment it can sometimes appear to be from some site opinions is all. 

We're still getting better figures than we were in 2003, basically.

I would like to see Hasbro step up quality on paint apps...  That alone would silence most of the incessant bitching.

I've long been the guy who's impossible to please, and I still am...  I am happy to point out flaws.  I'm also happy to see a toy for what it is though.  I said that eons ago when softgoods came into play and some hated them.  I love them.  Are they perfect model-level quality in appearance?  No.  Do I expect it?  No.  I want the poseability.  It's a trade-off. 

Holsters are usually oversized...  almost always, actually.  A real leather holster that a blaster fits and it forms around is going to be much thinner and smaller.  Very few, if any, of Hasbro's sculpted holsters "fit that mold" (no pun).  You never hear people bitch about it though.  Why?  It's a flaw...  But it's one that when it functions it's great right?  It's a feature people seem to universally love and would rather have than not have.

So why is a sewn backpack that's a little too large, but functions in every way (down to the friggin' clip working!), such a flaw?

Focus anger where it's warranted...  Those arms needed articulated.  The legs didn't though, and I'm the guy who thinks everything should be SA or bust generally!  Give me elbows and wrists, and every other flaw Yoda may be perceived to have would've washed away.  Elbows and wrists were the only real flaw on him honestly.  Everything else was just inconsequential bitching for bitching's sake I think.  Call it a pile-on I guess.  I just don't see it nearly as bad as others seemed to...  and trust me, I wanted to.

Luke's arms didn't bother me either, so maybe I'm #easytoplease or perhaps just easier than I realized.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Republic Attack Shuttle
« on: August 7, 2014, 04:50 PM »
That's a pretty great price.

Matt, both my Snowtrooper's right hands pop off.  One's far worse than the other so mileage may vary, but that strikes me as something of coinkydink that two had the issue, now yours...  Smacks of factory error, not Hasbro should stop making articulated figures because their arms pop off.  :-X ;)

The Luke and Yoda impressed me enough I'll buy more Lukes than I'd intended to now.  I was leaning to just two, but now I'm likely to get 3-4 of him.  Yoda's a definite 3 figure purchase for me though.  I want one for the gear, one for customizing with an extra TVC one, and one to just leave be.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason 2014
« on: August 7, 2014, 12:59 AM »
Selfies are dumb, I concur, but I got to tour Consol the other day and this was a real treat for me. :)

Nobody's allowed in the locker room unless a player, coach, or someone high up in the arena takes you in and escorts you through it (to avoid Bieber-like moments such as happened in Chicago).  I was tickled pink to get to be outside the locker room, and I actually snuck into the hallway the players walk down to enter the ice past Suite 66.  It was tarped off, but I snuck under it anyway. :P  Didn't attempt the locker room door...  though I was definitely tempted to do so.

So the group I was with, they were all outside the locker room at one point, and then the door flung open and everyone went ape**** hoping for a player to come out...  And there comes like a custodian or electrician with a tool box...  The guy's look on his face was priceless because he was downright scared when all the girls (A solid gaggle of teenage girls) in the tour group started to scream, only to have this poor dude walk out.

The guy bolted too, right down the hall.

Got my Luke to stand on 2 hands in under a minute.

Got him to stand on one hand in less than 2 minutes.

Heard people bitching they can't get him to stand on two hands at all.

Those people probably can't crack an egg without it flying all over the place.

Got mine today...  I got 2 Torryn Farr figures, two Snowtrooper Officers, Luke, and Yoda.

-Torryn Farr...  A great figure, if not simply a headswap.  Hasbro going the removable earmuff route is really a nice nod from them, and the kind of thing that makes a collector figure special.  :)  I am planning a headswap, hopefully, and may buy more to do other swaps.

If there is a gripe, it's the badge has a sort of sloppier paintjob to it, and who knows how accurate, or not, it may be.  It is a minor quibble.  Some may cite ankle articulation lacking...  On a $10-$11 figure, I would agree on that point but at this stage I'd rather see no (or rare) ankle joints to save money and improve paint apps.  Speaking of, her hair has a nice wash giving it multiple colors and really stands out in a time when Hasbro doesn't do nice washes on figures.  Her eyes and lips are also painted really nicely, giving her a nice but simple expression.

-Luke Dagobah...  Everything I wanted.  I personally would've preferred ball jointed elbows, but I appreciate where Hasbro was going with the double-hinged elbow, and for what it is, it does perfectly hold the straps of the backpack Yoda comes with.  OTC exists so people don't have to gripe like this figure is the end of their world.  I get what I want, and others long ago got what they wanted, and so I'm pretty pleased.

If there are gripes, it's paint apps and the elbow joints obviously.  The joints are visible.  Ball joints COULD have achieved this with the right design behind them, but the effect is really good the way they accomplished it IMO.  Again there's another Luke without these, and most of us own it.  I'd say Luke could've used a paint wash on the hair as well.  Mine has perfect hair and eyes though, and a heavy wash on the shirt costume.  I just feel the hair could use a little to give a less mono-chromatic (right use?) of the hair color.  Luke's hair wasn't dark so the lack of wash stands out even more on him than say on Han Solo or Leia's darker hair.

I'd tack a minor gripe on the light saber hilt NOT clipping to the belt as well.  A doable thing they overlooked and which I'll fix with a quick custom bit but which would've been nice had Hasbro done it in the first place.

Oh, one more gripe, almost forgot it despite it being my biggest about this figure... The "flesh" colored pins on his hips are distractingly noticeable, and I'd say his upper leg portion was part of the same mold the arms were molded in because the ankles are molded in the proper color.  Those hip pins are really noticeable though.  Fixable with the right paint, but that's tricky and a friction point so wear is an issue unless you're good at bonding paint to plastic.  I find that far more annoying than any other issue, elbows included, and would re-buy this figure in a heartbeat if it had the pins fixed.

-Snowtrooper Commander...  They're Lieutenants IIRC, but yeah anyway they're ok.  I like everything about both my samples from paint to articulation, EXCEPT two points.

Point one is the plastic skirt...  At this stage of the game, why would you go that route and not cloth?  It's a collector figure, and the plastic obviously negates the usefulness of the leg articluation.  The TVC Snowtrooper was outstandingly well done and featured cloth that looked just spiffy fine.  I'm disappointed hasbro did an about-face here and opted not to use cloth.

And Point two would be that both my samples have right hands that fall off easily.  This is a design flaw, contrary to popular online opinion that all figures with posable hands have this issue.  If the ball inside the hand's post were larger, it would plug into the socket on the forearm, and would not pop out easily.  That's disappointing, and something that shouldn't occur.

-Yoda...  OK, so I came into this wanting to hate this figure, yet I can't.  People online are whining up a storm about him, and I wasn't pleased about the articulation cuts either.  That said, here's my view...

My sample's paint is flawless and detailed.  The eyes are great, the hair is perfect, the nails are all applied well, all of it...  The sculpt is simply perfect, with the best possible expression chosen.  It is miles superior to all other Yoda's on the market in that regard.  Plus his costume under the robes is exactly what you'd expect even though you don't see it ever.

His accessories are plentiful...  Aside from a snake, how can you not like the cane and the perfectly sized removable belt?  The backpack is a bit too big and I agree with that complaint, however I've heard NOTHING about the buckle in the front that actually works, nor the awesomely accurate blue striping along the pack itself!  I'll be shrinking the pack down eventually by seam ripping it and resewing it a little more snug.  Easy peasy fix if you know how to sew at all...  If not, eh, sorry?  Lastly the flute is cool, fits him well (not too large or small), is decoed...  Great.

The obvious gripe is articulation.  And that some folks want super articulation, which I actually disagree with on this figure.  I agree he needed more than he got.  Namely, elbow joints and wrist joints.  With just those two (4 total) points added to the figure, I'd have been over the moon and he'd be my top figure of the wave.  His legs are fine as is, and he's an example of, for once, me saying a figure did NOT need knee articulation, nor ankle articulation.  This figure's fine and friggin' dandy without it.  Elbows and wrists I feel are legitimate complaints, and my honest to god only complaint on an otherwise flawless figure. 

Frankly I'm shocked at this point at the complaints being as strong as they are from the folks who already got theirs.  I love mine.

I didn't get Dak yet, and I didn't get anyone else...  I don't need Bastilla Shan or anything like that.  I'd like Daks but not for $10.  Anyone selling Daks for less, I'm all ears.  ;D

I'm going to wind up probably buying two more Lukes and possibly another Yoda or two as well.  I like custom bits to be around.  I also may get more Torryn Farr, and ironically I'm done on Snowtrooper Commanders.  For my money he's the weakest of a great wave (him included.  He's a solid figure, just not perfect which he could've been).

Luke, I could see doing quite a few customs of/with.  I have a quasi-pattern for a coat, and I'd like to see him with that on.

Joe Defender / Re: 50th Anniversary Line
« on: August 5, 2014, 08:17 PM »
I tried to look for GIJ and more but apparently my TRU flooded the other day haha.  Hope it washed away some of their shelf warmers.  I've had little reason to stop in any store for quite a while. :-\

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars Rebels Hero Series X-Wing
« on: August 5, 2014, 05:36 PM »
What store Paul?  For just a display to put pilots around its a lot more impressively sized to figures.  I was already mapping out mods though.  Making the wings "function" is the trick.

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