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The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 10, 2015, 03:53 PM »
They like nerds having diarrhea.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 10, 2015, 03:46 PM »
Wait what just happened!?  ???

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:54 PM »
The FunKo booth is really insane with lines and stuff.  Wow.

Conventions / Re: SDCC 2015
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:53 PM »
Anovos gallery is up Matt.

Debunking their own bunk?  Weird.

Regarding the Stormie, or any exclusive to SDCC, it's all marketing/promo stuff...  What better way to whip collectors into a frenzy than a Stormtrooper kicking off the line exclusively at SDCC?  I'm just glad they kept it to packaging only variation, unlike Fett with the block, or Jabba with the extra pieces and stuff.  At least you know you'd only be missing that book and the box it came in ya know?  Could always be worse I guess.

IJ, Death Star, "Retro Card" set...  and I'd argue Fett/Carbo Han was a bitch to get and cost a bit on the secondary market afterward. 

Everyone's opinion of mark-ups being fair is different though.  I think this Stormtrooper oddly won't fall into the fair realm from my POV.  I'm hearing the lines to get him are pretty insane by even SDCC standards.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:45 PM »
You guys were busy since I was on and I'm trying to get situated here quickly.  Our guys are getting established in the hall for Hasbro right now.  Fun fun fun.

I'd say the timezone thing is hysterical.  Who the hell would expect it to be listed as any other time zone?  It's in California! 

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 10, 2015, 01:31 AM »
I'd only say that the 95 POTF2, for the goofy he-man sculpts and stuff, IMO had a better quality about them (materials, deco, etc).  But besides that yeah, the math ultimately kind of adds up on them.  I just don't care for the things like the skirt bits now molded to the legs, the paint aps being atrocious (line wide though, not just Legends).  But in general I also just don't buy stuff, rather than bitch about it.  I would LIKE to buy some TFA figures, but I mean if they're all 5 POA and the quality's about where we are, and the prices rise...  Meh.  I can not buy and be just as happy.  If that makes sense?

Actually if the skirt pieces were still separate sculpts I actually could probably live with the 5POA, from a customizing POV anyway.

"I'm not with that guy"

Been to fewer shows than Jeff, but was still immediately embarrassed by some stuff.

And I'll 3rd Jayson's point...  The self-aggrandizing BS is at an all-time high in the hobby in general.

I actually look forward to customizing more, if anything.  I haven't done much of it in years really except goofy little projects to just "see if I could do that" kind of stuff.  Plus I just have other stuff to buy that I like now.  Hell, maybe there will be so little I want that I'll buy that big ass Falcon cockpit and Han/Chewie for in it!?  :)  Well, I won't get that crazy (yet).

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 9, 2015, 09:17 PM »
Hah that's kind of what I was thinking... Like, NOW you're this mad?  I mean I have had fun the last few years despite it not being the best years.  But then again, for me, the height was 07 so maybe I'm desensitized.

I'm just kinda shocked at the melting down.  Then some people aren't complaining they can't find anything or that they think the figures and prices suck, they're more mad at other people for being happy that companies like Sideshow or Hot Toys are doing their thing, or there's all these side companies stepping in to fill the collector void (granted, at a premium). 

It's a weird show man.  The weirdest.

I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with the same statements being made.

I'll always bitch about price though.  :D

Whoa ho ho! 

Yeah, even at the $130 I'd not even be willing to pick up that for the bits and pieces I wouldn't mind having more of, much less just for Jabba himself.  I'm sadly most interested in getting another Gammie Guard haha. 

BTW my WM Jabba is not sweating and my room can get uber humid since I don't have central air, just window units.  Humidity/heat have been a problem in my collection room/office for years, one I'm finally finding some solutions to this year.  I checked Jabba and he must've used some Goldbond powder because he was dryer than a popcorn fart.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 9, 2015, 07:18 PM »
So holy ****, the meltdowns over toys I'm reading are really rather fun to look through...  It's weird because I'm on neither side completely in the debates I'm reading.  It's just mass hysteria, AND HASBRO HASN'T EVEN DONE THEIR PRESENTATION!  :o

I mean, I have little hope of a quality 3.75" line, I'll be honest...  To me, the only shred of hope I can muster is things go to a lesser articulation rate than we've seen and it goes back to 05-07 levels of articulation.  But that's really wishful thinking on my part even.

That said, man I'm seeing absolute insanity from people...  Guys comparing HT and what they're doing to Hasbro, people saying Hasbro's intentionally killing the line, people complaining about female figures not being prominent enough still, Hasbro's quality sucks, Hasbro's distribution sucks, Hasbro's pricing sucks, people angry at people who are praising the smaller companies for what they make...

It's really got people turning on one another, and lots of anger and rage.

Personally I think Hasbro is too much money at this point, especially with now further price hikes and this assumed drop in quality across the board (and TBS basically going all 6").  A friend and I were texting and he said really 6" isn't even up to snuff quality-wise...  I couldn't blame him as some of the materials feel so-so but I feel the price matches it.  The 4" stuff, yeah, the price isn't justified as much to me, and it's really feeling "cheap" anymore.

It's just been weird seeing this much anger.  It actually goes above/beyond what I was expecting to see. 

But you can't compare the smaller companies to Hasbro either...  But I totally get why you'd jump ship to those companies too.  I mean, I'm figuring if this whole thing is imploded tomorrow, it's more money for these other lines I've discovered while Hasbro had this down period since 2012...  And I'm ok with that.  It's more $ to 4" Star Wars customizing (I'll nab fodder on sale and when the movie's hype dies and people start selling figures cheap at toy shows).

For me the only X factor is how will lines be handled with a new movie every year and a cartoon running steadily in between?  Will figures hit sales often?  Will figures even have long windows at retail?  But besides that, I mean if they're 5POA with this loftier pricetag...  I just won't buy them.  I'm kinda ok with that.  Sad sure, but still I'm ok.  Most folks should be too.  You should have bigger problems I guess?  :-\

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: July 9, 2015, 06:16 PM »
Been watching AR's instagram as they're updating with pics from the show.

Looks like the Laurel "Worker" suit is due out late this year.  Merry Xmas to me! :P

And there's an aquatic Laurel with a kick ass diver bell type helmet on it.  It transforms into a vehicle too, not just acting as a suit, and actually becomes a submarine type vehicle.  It's beyond awesome looking.

Also new figures including a female of some kind named Sofi, an android soldier, and FINALLY the "Soil Ghosts" who remind me of the "bad" people out in the wastelands in Mad Max movies...  People affected by the pollution with defects and things.  Though their story seems to be much less them being bad, as being outcast and almost kind of sad.  I wish the guy who makes this series would get a comprehensive story and list of characters and things together.  It's kind of piecemeal right now.

Anyway, they also showed what appears to be a civilian version of the Flak Bike with a trailer, used as farm equipment before it is made into a weapon of war.

Insane what this line's doing...  The price may seem steep but it's worth it, especially if you're paying $8-$10 for 5POA Star Wars figures.  These will seem like a bargain.

Well, within the Empire itself, Vader seems obviously very well known throughout the trilogy...  Everyone from Admirals down to lowly ensigns seem to know not to piss him off at least.

Now, galaxy-wide, who knows, but I've always figured the Empire was pretty significant around the Galaxy, and thus I'd think Vader is a topic people bring up.  I don't know that many (beyond Palps/Tarkin) know Vader is who he was though.  Tarkin seems to know little of Palpatine's ultimate background even.

I like to think though, that Vader's a pretty known guy.  Consider this...  Lando even seems to know how to address him properly ("Lord Vader" and all that jazz), and he's just a guy running a mining town out in the galaxy.  One of possibly literally millions or even billions (or more?) type places.  Fett knows this title to address him by as well.

All little stuff, and drifting off topic some, but ultimately then I believe Kenobi's well aware of Vader and who he is, personally.  I think Vader has a reputation he's built up.  He's maybe more infamous than famous?

Yeah I dunno, while Jabba was pricey, their last several SDCC exclusives weren't THAT easy to pick up actually.  Han/Fett still is pricey I think?  Those big boxed sets they did dating back to even the Indiana Jones set all seem to fetch above their original prices too.  While I'm not saying freak out, or fist fight, I am saying I wouldn't piss around online if you really want one.

That said, the Stormie is really all packaging so I don't get that one totally.  I mean I see wanting it and all, but I don't see fighting over it.

I got some story from that line, and it sounds like it was a few people started it, and didn't care what happened to others.  That's a shame.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2015
« on: July 9, 2015, 01:45 PM »
Good points all around. 

I'd be happy actually if articulation went more selective and Hasbro returned the line to 2007 type levels where some figures got a bit, and others not.  I don't have a good feeling about that happening though regardless of the price hikes.

Other Collectibles / Re: ACME Character Keys
« on: July 8, 2015, 10:57 PM »
Yeah, huge thanks to Anton for scoring that. :)  That's pretty damn cool.

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