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shipping is free on these IIRC Dave.  ???

Yup, well said.  When you compare it with the WDW BAD figure prices...  hey, I've been buying droids like this for a few years now.  No sense stopping. :P

I still need to beg Phruby for some purple ones from the new BAD waves...  ugh, this is just a reminder.

Think about this thought too though, and again I'm not trying to sell you on it if you don't want it, but this is about what a droid at WDW costs too.  $13.33 is about the price on those.  If you're buying those...  why are these suddenly bad ya know?  Just sayin'.

Then again I can see astromech overload for some people, hah.  Not me, but I'm weird with wanting just about anything.  I bought EU figures I had no clue who they were, I just thought they were nicely done.  So yeah, these aren't far off what a WDW BAD figure costs.  They're way over what a WDW BAD multi-pack costs though I guess.  Two ways to look at that I guess.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: July 20, 2016, 09:48 PM »
These are shipping...  Got the notice to pay up.  I'm anxious to get the Marines and Power Loader to review here.  See how they look with some Impy Techs helming them too.  :D

Hiya is at SDCC, and will have the APC proto there I guess.  They CLAIM a holiday release on that, but given how the Marines and PL got pushed back repeatedly I'm not expecting that to stick.  You never know though.  They're just such a small company, that's a tall order for them I think.  They've been working on this since last year though so hey, who knows.

The teasing was not a good idea...  Not to **** on Adam over it, but IMHO just wasn't a smart thing to do given collectors and their generally ****** attitudes.  I'd have just revealed it and let the cards fall where they may.  Maybe forewarn the sites, put them under a gag order, let it happen like that and play out that way.  Selling repaints at today's prices is tough and I get that.  People have it in their heads that repaint should equate to cheaper, and that's just not reality.

The reality is that the costs are in the paint, the labor putting it together, etc.  These, sold via a small online retailer (Again, like above, this ain't Wall-Mart), and they're still chiming in at the current retail price/per on 3.75" figures of some quality.

So with all that said, this is about right...  From that perspective.  Labor stings in China.  If Hasbro moves its operations to India or Vietnam, like they've done with some of their lines (MLP, etc.), you may see things change back to lower prices and high quality combined.  But that's just not the environment they're working in currently.

And again, to each their own.  I say if you're out, you're out, and that's your choice.  I don't hold judgment on you.  Everyone has their threshold on this stuff.  There's a breaking point for everything, and it's different for everyone.  Perceived value is a HUGE factor, and it's one that varies from person to person depending on tons of issues Hasbro can't possibly gauge.  This was made "for us", and if it fails, it fails.  If it succeeds we'll see more I'd assume.



I've been buying expensive toy lines, imports, etc. for some years.  I bought Hot Toys Snap Kit figures from Aliens years ago and only wish I'd bought a few more cases to flip now.  I buy the Hiya Aliens line, the Acid Rain line...  Stuff just isn't cheap now, and Hasbro's feeling that pinch too.

This is an online exclusive to a single store, and EE isn't Wal-Mart with buying power, so the fact these are the same price as the WM TBS figures more or less, it's kind of surprising. 

Now, can fans choke down that TBS 3.75" price on repaints...  eh...  I can.  I mean I'm not wealthy or anything, but at this point I don't buy nearly as much Star Wars as I once did, and this is up my alley for what I actually enjoy collecting, so I'll support it sure.  It's not cheap, but it's what I want.  I paid $150 for an Acid Rain vehicle...  one vehicle, no bigger than a Hasbro ship like the X-Wing or something.  Granted, that line is an import line, very small company/production runs...  but if it weren't import and was a US company, I figure at best they're still half that price, and 80-ish isn't cheap either.

It's all in what you like/want, and if you're willing to belly up to the bar and actually pay, at this point. 

It's like the 6" "Hallway" playset things from Galactic Trading Post...  You get a 32" hallway, done in plastic, painted, high grade plastic...  but you won't get it for free.  Are you willing to pay and get what you actually want, or are you just going to sit and expect everything and to pay nothing for it?  I pine away for 2007-2009 as much as anyone else in this hobby, but the reality is things in China changed, and Hasbro can't control that, and you just gotta eat it or get out of the hobby at this point.   :-\

I personally want to keep collecting things I don't have and want, and this falls in line with that, so I'm buying.  And again, my budget was opened up by the sheer volume of things I don't buy or I wait till sales or I simply miss out on.  The Amazon FO Trooper set (3.75") is out of stock there from Amazon...  I missed it.  I wanted bits of it, but not much of it.  I missed out.  I don't feel bad on that.

This, I'll pay and I'll get something that'll make me happy I own it.  If I have any real complaint I just don't like that R2 sculpt and prefer consistency lol.  The price is background noise IMO.

OK EE lays out who is who, and good thing because some of these I'd forgotten easily.

The blue/grey drink dispenser is from Ziro the Hutt's palace.

The green/white is from ANH and was cut for the SE (I recalled him)

The maroon/white is from TCW (Plo Koon's droid, and I recalled him as well)

The red/white drink dispenser is in Jabba's Palace in ROTJ but tough to spot.  He IS there though, and easier to see in some press materials more than the movie IIRC.

The R2KT is from TCW and being labeled KTQT, and while I remember R2KT in the CW episodes I didn't recall her with the yellow/black hazard marks on her head, or why they're there.

And the orange one is from the Y-Wing Pilots in the malevolence episodes of TCW I guess.

You can see that these are using the Bar2D2 sculpt which is smaller and had the opening arm thing.  I'm not a fan of that sculpt but I'm wondering if Disney doesn't have dibs on the BAD sculpt and thus this was all they could use.  Since the paintjobs are pretty unique, as are the colors, I'm assuming these wouldn't be Disney Droid creations (or able to be created at least, using the parts they put out), so I'm kinda cool with this.

$13.33 stings, but hey, since I buy so little else anymore, it doesn't sting too badly.  I'm down.

And again if you wanna order up, feel free!


EE has posted them...  Astromech 6-pack, 4 from TCW I think, and 2 from the films?  If I'm not mistaken.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Xbox One
« on: July 20, 2016, 06:35 PM »
Red Dead, black ops, TFU I&II, Halo Wars...  Lotta good stuff there.

Yeah Obi Wan is the only one I'd be tripping over myself trying to get I think.  The accessory is too cool.  The others are just ok though.

The thing is, repaints or otherwise, this what stuff costs now.  It's a like it or lump it situation.  I'm not sure what to expect at this point but I agree this is "overhype" beyond compare and IMO does a possible disservice to it, if it isn't something really special. 

In the business world the ones who let the product speak for itself are the ones the price rarely matters.  I hope this is cool, or at least cool enough, but yeah given all this build up I think that could backfire some.  Especially with collectors these days.  But I hope for something cool. :)

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:53 PM »
I thought they were a different ship, actually.  But given the A-Wing's old EU reworking to be a pre-ANH ship and them taking that, I'd not be shocked to see Ints making the rounds too as they were also pre-ANH ships in the EU.

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:27 PM »
They are/were, even by the EU's standards, fitting that Nazi-motif.  The EU just slipped in that Thrawn and his species have a slightly higher level of acceptance, and while most Chiss don't rise to that kind of level, Thrawn was able to because of the man he was.

If you're sticking with the Nazi thing though...  Even the Nazi's relaxed their rules as to who can be in and who can't.  There were SS regiments formed in conquered territories, there were men in the upper echelon of the Reich who didn't believe in the Nazi ideals but who were just good soldiers.  Many of them died on this very week (Operation Valkyrie), actually.  I've always viewed Thrawn as the Erwin Rommel of the Empire...  Educated, intelligent, not always an insider with the Nazi party but a valued officer, and one who saw the faults of the Nazis themselves, and that they were simply bad people.

The only thing I don't like, which I mentioned, was THrawn's place as a GA too early.  If they'd had him at a lower level like his EU story played out, I think it'd make him even more threatening because you could play his ambition card...  As a GA, Thrawn is really pretty close to Tarkin but in separate branches more or less.  I'd have liked to have seen things done differently but the show's rumored to not last as long as TCW did and so maybe they're not wanting to get too complex with names/titles and stuff.

They kept a lot of Thrawn's background though.  His studying his enemies, his art collection, etc.  They're wanting that element the Thrawn Trilogy had of Thrawn being just as deadly and threatening as anyone, but without force abilities and just a purely strategic mind.  I love that.

Yeah her pack-in doesn't even seem quite as nifty as the Stormtrooper's little book last year which was actually kinda neat.  She has like a little threat dossier type thing.  Kinda cool, but really just looks like some (albeit sweet) Stephen Hayford photography work as a pack-in.  Cool, but not cool enough to blow too much $.

I do wish Hasbro made a little more than they seem to, to share after the show.  That alone would alleviate some of the manic behavior people have after SDCC every year, but hey, it's a con and exclusive once again means something...  plus how many years did Hasbro make oodles available and get burned on it?  So **** happens I guess.

BTW am I the only one who thinks this figure looks incredible?  I saw tons of bitching about her sculpt/likeness like that Leia figure.  I don't see the correlation but some seem to think this looks bad.  Not I.  That's a kickass sculpt I thought.

I think it just boils down to a wide range of tastes...  There's a ton of people at other sites that are all jazzed about EU stuff, old EU that is, but 'round these parts we are pretty old school (Face it, most of us are old farts now), and so we gravitate to the old stuff.  While some hate to believe it though, there is a generation that grew up with the PT that have their place too, and I think the EU would resonate with them more, and thus we're seeing what we're seeing.

I've got no dog in the hunt, like I've said, and so I don't think there's a fix in here at all.  I think OT guys just aren't as many as they used to be.

I think Hasbro have ample time to get to much of the OT stuff too...  I think the more obscure OT (ICMG) is a more worthy vote.  I think Dengar will happen because I think they have this clean palette to work with and are going to do so.  I think a Gammie, or Royal Guard will happen too.  I don't think those EU guys had a shot in hell if they didn't make this poll, so to that end I see the EU guy's perspective on this.

I don't care for Talon as a character...  Lame, and Nick's right that that figure was a fan wank if I ever saw one.  But hey, if people want her, so be it.  Starkiller is as interesting in general I think.  I like my TFU figures and Hasbro sure as hell made a lot of them, but hey, he's just another EU dude too.  And that game was popular, for what it was.  Too bad they didn't do the Bounty Hunter game they'd planned because I think it would've been more popular.

Anyway, I see it as nothing to get mad about in general.  It's just supposed to be fun.  If it isn't fun, and there's anger involved, maybe it's time for those people to step back and reevaluate whether collecting is even something they should do at this point.  In the grand scheme this whole thing means nothing really.  The days of fans rallying behind one thing seem to be gone.  No more ICMG-ish fun. :(

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