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Only takes one guy owning it who knows how to cast resin for it to not be so hard to get. :x

I'm sorry too Jim, that's terrible.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:45 PM »

ARW's Con Exclusive AMM Security Trooper has officially been announced via the line's Twitter Feed...  His packaging is one of the new "cargo pod" boxes the figures come in, making it basically a big ass accessory.  The AMM Security was revealed earlier, and it was expected to be a show exclusive.  It combines a new figure sculpt (Forseti, who will be a general release figure) + the head/helmet from the Laurel Pilot and an exclusive Black/Yellow deco.  The cargo pod packaging also features an exclusive deco with the AMM logo on it...  Guess he's transporting Honey for Beehive?  Kit Lau has an interesting vision for this line and the universe the figures come from that's for sure.

Anyway, he's retailing for $30...  That's about in line with Acid Rain World figure prices in general so it's nice to see there isn't really a price spike due to exclusivity (And hopefully no spikes from the cargo box packaging either).

I'm hoping I can get a few of these guys...  I dig the deco.  Maybe it's the Black & Gold coloring though? :P

Someone I know well, he got Cancer and then dementia was sort of setting in and he went quickly after that...  I was glad for him, as that is a terrible way to live.  My grandmother had it after her bouts with cancer as well and I remember it vividly.  I was 12 iirc.  It was horrible, and she suffered too long with it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:21 PM »
That's what I was saying about Jon, I thought his parents had married...  He's technically not a bastard at all if that's true and has a more legit claim to the Iron Throne than even Daeny if the male/female thing were to be debated and his parents married.  And Brans got more claim to the North than Sansa or Ariya...  It's pretty nutty. 

Now there is basically only one even remote Beratheon left, Tyrells are all but done, Dorne is slightly less a mess but not by a lot.

It'll be weird to see who lives, as it wraps up.  At this point that's the more strange thing for a character to actually do... Survive.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:18 AM »
The Ariya/Frey thing was more than enough to make this one of the best episodes of the season, but so much more was packed into that episode...

Re: Varis, I'm fine with timelines not syncing up exactly.  I can buy that stuff all taking place pretty spread out.  Hell, Little Sam looks like he aged significantly since just earlier in the season, and just the time it'd take Jamie to get from the Frey's to King's Landing is a long time I'd wager...  I'm fine with assuming the times don't sync exactly with one another and that a single episode can span a long period of time itself.

Great episode...  Last week was awesome, but this was that much better.

Was discussing this with a friend tonight...  So technically, at this point, the rightful heir to the throne, from the Targaryan POV, would be Jon, not Daeny, right?  Likewise, Sansa wouldn't be the heir to the North, Bran would...  and Dorne and Herenhall are kind of both in shambles, family-wise, as is the Lannister family on the Iron Throne itself since their claim was never legit and now it's even less so.

Hmmm.  That's a real mess.  But it puts Daeny and Jon at odds, it puts Jon and Sansa at odds.  It puts Bran and Sansa at odds.  And everyone hates Cersi, basically.

And at this point there's like, what?  One Beratheon left and last anyone saw him he was floating away from Sir Davos somewhere.  It seems to me the Game of Thrones is running really low on players, from the POV of the major houses of Westeros.

Jeff, my only thot on the elbows was they don't have that "u" notch like the knees do.  Looks more like a rounded pin.  Wrists I was always just wishful thinking. :/

Not sure how in or not I am at this point.  Don't need another collection but articulation aside these are nice sculpts in a much preferred scale.

Ah that's the best route for these for sure I think.  Funko stuff has been oddly distributed to regular retailers I've found. 

I'm wondering if the elbow is a ball hinge and if there is wrist articulation.  That would sell me.  The hinged knees are fine IMO but the elbows need to have that full range I feel.

Even 45 degree angle cut elbows allow for holding a weapon with 2 hands.

The sculpts are mile from the ReAction stuff.  As good as any modern Hasbro fig it appears.  If the articulation is there at that minimum, the price is cool by me.

Any telling in person just how articulated they are Nick?  Just curious since that may be my deciding factor ultimately.

Other Collectibles / Re: Medicom 6" MAFEX Star Wars figures
« on: June 23, 2016, 08:44 PM »
MAFEX stuff is really masterpiece work...  Fwoosh does some nice 6" comparisons and it's kinda comical when side-by-sides are done of Hasbro stuff and the stuff like MAFEX and Bandai.

Even Bandai's kit figures are insane by comparison.  Wish they could do something other than masked.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: June 23, 2016, 07:11 PM »
LoLz.  Burn.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: June 23, 2016, 12:59 AM »
Was just pondering on the Twitterverse...  I wonder if there's a TFA/Rogue One tie people are overlooking here.  :-X

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: June 22, 2016, 11:53 PM »
The battle was pretty epic...  Pretty standard military stuff for that kind of era, which was fun to see.  Films have covered that stuff ok (Kingdom of Heaven, Braveheart, etc.), but I felt like the Battle of the Bastards was a pretty a-typical medieval battle playing out.

The kid who played Rickon has to be peeved.

The end was nice, but how it plays out now with Littlefinger is interesting.  He's been a favorite character of mine.  Ever since Chaos is a Ladder...  My goodness is that one of the more epic sequences in the show.  And it's kind of fitting how that all unfolded.  The battle itself is chaos, and chaos affords opportunity, and luck, and Jon had both on his side.  He emerged from the chaos, climbing out of it...  and then it's the orchestrator of chaos, who comes, and takes the fullest advantage of it.

How that all comes together, it's just so emblematic of the show as a whole.  Same as Tyrion in a way, comes into his own.

The Legacy Collection / Re: Willrow Hood
« on: June 22, 2016, 11:31 PM »
He wasn't "rare" here but he sold...  Steadily.  Far better than Yarna, and Naboo Guard guys.  IIRC TRU had the most Wilrows I ever saw, but never saw them between sales and such.

I never saw rows of them though, ever.  Almost every wave of Legacy stuff was a steady seller, did ok...  Not much lingered endlessly for my neck of the woods.   It's like everything else.  If one area got too much, it doomed other waves. 

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