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Hmmmmm....  I'm thinking vintage is a good possibility.  I've liked all the EE exclusive boxed sets over the years.  I wish they'd had more of them honestly.  That TFA one was lame but the boxed sets of figures have always been nice.  The mandalorians was a great set.

Ordered mine, using the JD sponsor linky thing!  :P  hint hint hint

Ordered 2, cuz hey, whatever.

Hmmm that's a pretty low bar...  I may have to peruse those for the rage.

I mean, 6" isn't my bag at all so I can't say I'm angered over the outcome...  I wouldn't be angered at the outcome if they were 3.75" either though.  It is what it is.  If this is what most want, so be it.  I'd not want any of these, in either scale, or comparable ones in 3.75", but I'm ok if that's the outcome too.

I dunno what to vote for on that list...  Dengar I suppose represents JD the best, but I kinda think Mara and Starkiller could make cool 6" figures too. 

The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Jungle/Space/Snow/Desert Line
« on: July 17, 2016, 05:57 PM »
If it's 5poa I refuse to pay above the retail price.  I'd just as soon do without.

I'd like Ackbar Tassu Leech, stormie commander, unmasked kylo and Han but for what you get if never pay more than retail.  I'd regret that choice immediately. 

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: July 14, 2016, 11:32 PM »
This is on the microscopic level of mattering, but that one trooper type is being called a "shore trooper"? 

Like...  besides flip flops, what special gear does a shore trooper need?

The names are meh to me.  I ignore a lot of that stuff.  To me a Sandtrooper is just a Stormtrooper with a backpack that has modular things to keep him cool you can take off and replace with things to keep him warm if you wanted.  Too much "this guy's special" in a group called "Stormtroopers" which kind of denotes that as a group they're special already in their own way...

When there's 3 million different "special" soldiers, it gets kind of less special...  I always figured Snowtroopers were just basically a Stormtrooper in his cold weather combat gear, not really so much a guy with specialized training. 

I get Scouts, and then Scouts have sub divisions I figure...  That kind of stuff makes sense, but when EVERY soldier has to be "special" in some way, it becomes impractical.  Does every Destroyer/fleet just happen to have every specialty legion of trooper aboard, just in case they happen to be needed at any given invasion?

I mean I can see a "mountain" division, or guys trained to fight under water...  These are kind of different things to a guy who just has to deal with the heat or cold as it comes at him ya know?

And much like Ep3 and The Clone Wars, it's sure an easy way to sell toys. :P

But like the "Flame trooper" from TFA...  I figured he was just like any other Stormtrooper, and every group had one or two of these guys, and he was just a guy who'd gotten that extra work in on using a flamethrower like any infantryman in WW2 would've had (lucky them  :-X).  Not sure why his armor's even different really.  He's just a guy with a flamethrower, which you can do pretty well in the same armor as everyone else, no? :-\

Just a weird thought for the day...  Shore troopers sound like they're out building sandcastles and stuff.  They're easily spotted in combat by their colorful shirts, and marching to Jimmy Buffet tunes.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:34 AM »
My CC just took a swift kick in the applebag as EE hit my card for the Laurel Worker, and BBTS hit my card for the Exclusive Laurel Worker Hiroshima Edition....

Good lord.  I need to start scrounging for extra work I think.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: July 13, 2016, 01:18 AM »
Yeah, Hiya kinda won the toy world twitter today...  :o

They'd been teasing about this for a while on social media, and I'd spoken with them regarding it.  They got blueprints that are official from the movie I guess, and have been released in some books that are high end.

The fact that they're even entertaining the idea of making it...  Good lord.  It'll be big, but not HUGE to the point I think it's cost prohibitive.  The thing ain't gonna be free though, but I would love to own that regardless.  Given what I've seen work for other lines though, they can pull it off I think.  Hell I'd love to try a 3D print of it even like they did.  Costly but if that were the only way to get it, hey, such is life.

I'm still waiting for my Power Loaders to process...  Fully poseable, hydraulic lines, etc.  If I have a gripe it appears to be that the hazard light doesn't light up, and I think I can fix it so it will easy enough. ;)

Love me some Aliens figures and hardware.

Now hopefully we get a Newt, Ripley, and the rest of the Marines...  Their facesculpts are kind of walking the line of video game animations/skins, and I think that's intentional, but they look good enough for me.  Nobody's making good 3.75" Aliens figures, not since Hot Toys and those command high premiums now.  I'll happily support this line. :)

I was thinking similarly...  Joh Yowza's ****** CGI killed Yuzzum love.

And rolling back into town in a month is another to Pittsburgh.  They've sort of tried to move their show time around San Diego Comic-Con I've noticed, so this show is now August 12th-14th this year.  I'm sure it makes booking celebs difficult.

If you plan to attend, they actually sold out of 3Day badges already, and now just have individual day passes available...  So get thee to the pre-order if you want to visit town.

A ton of horror guests this show, and Christopher Lloyd which surprised me that he does shows now.  I figured he just sat back and chilled.

I love Yuzzum.  I've seen a lot of Yuzzum hate.  I dig the guy.

I can't believe how angry people are over voting for toys.  Good lord.  People are pent up.

The Force Awakens / Re: Retail Prices/Sales/Discounts
« on: July 12, 2016, 03:16 PM »
Yeah that's a pretty good deal.  I was hoping the 4" set would go on sale too.

Toys in general are going that direction where there is "cheap" and then there is better but you pay up.  The 5poa vs the WM figures for instance.  It's just how things are now I guess.  But its how these designer toy lines like Acid Rain, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Vitruvian HACKS and such are gaining traction too...  They cost, some are imports and cost even more, but at least you get what you're paying for.

With Hasbro 3.75" I really wish they'd find a happy medium...  Sporadic articulation at $9.99 each.  Some SA, mostly not, nothing 5POA only though.  I'd be much more motivated on Star Wars I think. 

There is always something good though, to look forward to.  Not like the old days sure, but I've still found a lot of fun in Star Wars regardless.  The vast majority seem to hate everything anymore though.  At least in the collecting world.  Kids seem happy enough with the line.  It did pretty well in that regard, then fizzled as toy lines seem to do these days.

OK so I ordered the expansion set, and it arrived today.  Super fast.  And while I couldn't do a review on the 9-piece starter since it's out of stock right now, the guys sent me some "scratch & dent" stuff they had around so I could get more of a feel for everything, and any flaws are SUPER minor (another testament to their commitment to quality first).  I barely could see anything wrong, honestly.  I think one piece has a nick at the corner, but man these are nice.

The quality is what sells it to me, but it goes beyond the materials/production standards.  The depth of the detailing is pretty friggin' amazing.  Think model kit, more than toy, but nothing remotely complex to put together obviously as they just stack side-by-side.

I am going to put some kind of write-up together here.  Take a few pictures (weak as my photography is), and I really want to have it set up with 4" figures around it because I think there's definitely possibilities there for people not wanting to wait for Galactic Trading Post's 3.75" scaled set to come out.

They also told me that, while they don't have a system of "clips" to hold them together yet, they are planning on having one soon.  Making their own little snaps that will hold all the pieces together.

I'll save the rest for later...  Just enjoying them for now.  They're quite fun! :)

Eh, speaking of just collectors, they are a fairly entitled group who like to pitch a fit...  :)

Me included at times, but there's a lot of kind of "armchair executives" in the hobby, and personally I think most of them are nuts.  Then again how do you argue with people who think Hasbro owes them something. 

I'd love to see the line swing back to something I'd like more than it is now too though.  6" collectors should be relatively happy though.  There's a lot of cool stuff in that line.

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