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Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC/OTC Purchases
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:45 AM »
Got R2 and 3PO for $5 each at Family Dollar on Thursday...  On Sunday while on a toy run I found a hidden Family Dollar in the area and scored a Chewbacca.

They had plenty of R2 and 3PO's but no Stormtroopers.  :(  I'm sorta bummed I didn't get any of those actually.  I'd have been happy if all I found was one Stormie and never found those other 3.

They had Ben's, Luke's, and Leia's too...  no Han, Yoda, or Lando...  The 3 I saw the most of in this line next to Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Target Clones Return?!?
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:41 AM »
Sounds like, perhaps, the Clones didn't go over as well as was thought?

I know they didn't "fly" here, they just sold steadily...  Maybe their peg got cut out from under them and so they had to go off the shelves and on sale?  That's a weird one and a nice score for those figures.  I'd like a handful at that price.

I'd have liked Die-cast droids actually, but only droids.

Fett, the Stormie's...  They looked more plastic to me in the film than metal.  Fett's armor looked metal, but not like the Fett figure we saw (metallic looking all over which is just odd).

A metal 3PO unit or R2 though, that's appealling.  Or a metal Gonk droid...  Could be cool.

Toy Reviews / Re: New JD Review: Palpatine (Lightsaber Attack)
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:30 AM »
Hehe, thanks guys. :)

I appreciate the feedback and it is nice knowing they're getting a read-through from the forum members.  Makes the work worth it.

A little note about your post Matt...  I didn't open a blue-saber, actually.  I don't own a cam, so there's actually a little trick there in that my sample has the proper red-color (still wrong handle though of course) Saber.  Jared, Jeff, Jesse and Scott (And Dave too I think?) are all people who've taken pictures for the reviews in the past.  I'm a po' boy so I don't have a camera. ;)  It's a coordinated effort.  Funny you caught the saber difference.  I didn't till the end and figured it didn't make much difference but I likely would've critiqued the saber color along with the hilt otherwise, but it wouldn't have altered my final opinion of course.

Thanks guys!

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Too many Lukes and Vaders
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:24 AM »
Seems like ya missed 2005 for the most part boudreaux. :)  Time to play some catch-up with current events in collecting perhaps.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Surge in spam?
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:21 AM »
I do just that Jason, with using my Comcast account only for personal correspondence, and have several Yahoo and Hotmail accounts for other shenanigans.

Unfortunately something's going on that Matt and I seem to be stuck with...  I was out all weekend and tonight had 3 of those gibberish SPAM's in my in-box.  I've been good about not giving that addy out and still get hosed.

I don't even use that to correspond with people I don't know well...  Nothing like meeting htat one bonehead left who insists on sending around the "chain letter" that sneaks your addy in the list.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: How long has that damned RS been down?
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:18 AM »
I don't even read the Customs area there anymore...  That used to be something I checked nightly.

Traffic or not, it's just not good anymore...  Like Rob put it, I'd rather not have to wade through the **** to find anything worth reading, and that's how I've felt for a while.

Half the modern sections are filled with yutz's asking about what ____ is worth...  Call me crazy, but as a collector that's not the kinda question that gets me to warm up to anyone.  Heard it way too much in line on 4/2.   ::)

Nothing personal with me as far as PW or whatever...  Their site (and TFN) are really just **** anymore.

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: Suggestions from Chris
« on: August 15, 2005, 01:08 AM »
Meh, I say just type it.  I hate bad grammar as much as the next guy and my fingers are flying, and I have a few minutes to post, it might not be pretty.

Its a simple Star Wars forum, not Harvard Law School.  I don't think we need to suck the fun out of it. 

When you start grading my posts for spelling errors, I think someone may have a bigger problem than my grammar ;^)
Well, actually I'd probably just ignore you :^)

Actually, I can't believe I'm responding to this, anyhow, my 2 cents.

Hey Bob,

I see your point about it just being a "Star Wars Forum" and not something we're graded on as Chris put it, but the standard Chris is setting with this is important...

The ways in which people post (their behavior, their "style", etc.) are the reflections of who they are.  We of course aren't 100% strict on spelling and grammar as I can assure you that little I post is grammatically correct and I know I misspell things often.  I wouldn't use a spell-check if it was offered either (I'm not adding steps to my posting).

The rules and standards are more in place because it's a pretty common trend that those who don't care about how they post, or how it is read by others, often aren't positive contributors to the community either.  The theory here at JD then is that if you care enough to say something you're going to make it something that we can all comprehend...

Of course, you do that...  Even if you're "flying" with a post.  I do that, even though I know I make multiple mistakes.  It's not perfection anyone's looking for here of course, and like Chris said there's no grading going on.  But, I will say that the staff here (myself included) monitor HOW people post and if we feel they're posting a lot of nonsense, gibberish, or their posting is a bit on the incoherent side, then often a warning is handed down.

We havea laid back atmosphere here that you're well acquainted with though man, I know that, but I've always said that we run a "tight ship" too that a lot of people don't actually even realize happens.  We're very thorough about providing a GOOD online community for Star Wars collectors, and that means we've got to keep people on positive habits for the community.  Unfortunately, when people post poorly they're often ignored and not respected, and it can all be avoided by some simple efforts when typing out a reply...  Some people tend to ignore that kind of "netiquette" though and it's disruptive.

Chris' post here about some simple "guidelines" to keep in mind are just that then...  A little guide, some things to remember when posting, and some goals to attempt to meet as best as possible for everyone...  It's working good so far too.  Lots of good conversation and everyone's reading everyone pretty well with little friction.  Lots of "respect" around this board, which is something I can ONLY view as a positive over some other communities. :)

I hear a lot of complaining from people about Sideshow getting this deal actually...   Nobody whose opinion I respect, but there's some bitchin' going down about the price increase.

People are funny...  It's like they want the 12" line to be the under-detailed, over-priced (for the ****** detail) line that Hasbro ran...  They don't wanna pay up for the increase in quality.

I may not buy them all but I'm definitely taking a look BACK at the Sideshow 12" figures when I've written off Hasbro's lackluster line.  Count me in.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Surge in spam?
« on: August 12, 2005, 10:04 PM »
Yup...  And they're all those varied names and the subjects make NO sense.  It's really weird.

Toy Reviews / Re: New JD Review: Governor Tarkin
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:52 PM »
Yeah I can't say that I would positively ID that Tarkin in ROTS as CG...  I've even had a little experience with CGI myself and when you study characters done in CGI you usually can tell, especially with "cloth" movement and skin, etc...  On Tarkin he looks real to me though, as do the others in the sequence.  I'm assuming he's real then.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Surge in spam?
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:47 PM »
My home account through my server is seeing a number of new spams I can't seem to get filtered out...  This just happened in the last week or perhaps 2.  Frustrating since I'd kept that account pretty much clean till now.

Hotmail and Yahoo are always a cluster****.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Army of Darkness?
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:39 PM »
Can't get to Monroeville tonight Dave, but thanks for the heads up...  May have to pick some more up at Suncoast though as the one figure is prone to wrist breakage (the zombie with meat on his bones yet), and thus I have a couple whose hands fell off.  Always worth nabbing more anyway I figure for some rotting battlefield corpses. :)

Thanks Dave! :)

The Original Trilogy / Re: Wimpy/whiney Luke....a SITH?
« on: August 12, 2005, 07:12 AM »

I'll try to touch on points in order as best I can...

E1-3 who's gets darker then ultimately black? vader(annakin) as sith

Anakin in the prequals doesn't really have much "darker" stages as far as his costume design goes...  The child version of him sports a Padawan's outfit...  But come AOTC we jump right into the robes we see him in even as a Sith...  So there's a hole in your theory as far as Anakin's "change".  The Vader suit as an end result doesn't change that he was Sith before that, and wearing his Jedi Robes he wore for most of one film and most of the previous one...  Not much real change there then with Anakin actually...  At least nothing that correlates with his ACTUAL physical transformation over time that we can witness.

E-4-6 who does it here?, duh luke. ( and please don't over ANALyze and tell me
          what's a standard uniform ect..  . . just look at the colors simply

As far as Luke, I don't think anyone's overanalyzing you Slothus, and nobody's being "Anal" as you so eloquently put it...  It's a simple fact that Luke's outfits in ESB were uniforms, not really mental choice on his part, which is an important aspect to consider I think.  I'd think over-analyzing it would be implying the colors mean something actually, whereas the simple answer is that Luke's outfit in ESB (well, most of ESB) is just a Pilot uniform...  It's not even terribly darker than his Tatooine clothes, and if you compare it to his pants it's not really a change in color at all hardly.

The more important outfit is his black one from ROTJ though of course, and while it is obviously a dark outfit, no denying that,  The character's level of "darkness" or evil/bad is highly suspect...  Luke's changed but I've never seen him as anything but grown for the better rather than the worse.

His arrogance and overconfidence are more sithlike- He knows he's a badass now and shows it in his calmer(no more giddiness) speach with his friends, sister
and above all he freakin' confidently threatens jabba on the skiff!

Is it really "over"confidence?  If it was, he'd have been beaten I think...  Palpatine referenced over-confidence being a weakness, but that was based on Palpatine's thought that the Alliance would succumb to his trap.  They didn't, and without Luke's help, so he wasn't even over-confident then either.

Luke went into the Jabba situation, and handled himself perfectly fine...  He freed his friend(s), he gave his enemy ample opportunity to walk away from the situation...  He saved the day.

He didn't even threaten Jabba, Jabba threatened him...  Luke gave Jabba multiple opportunities to end this peacefully, and even with compensation, and Jabba refused...  Was that arrogant to "whip some ass" then?  Hmmm, that doesn't seem right to me. 

Luke was confident...  Not overly confident, and he was downright afraid of his situation with Palpatine/Vader.  As a matter of fact, Luke explicitly makes it clear that he made that last effort to turn Vader to the light side, but he knew it was likely a futile attempt so he was willing to sacrifice himself on the Death Star, so long as he, his father, and Palpatine were destroyed together. 

Self-sacrifice for the greater-good is hardly an immature concept, or something a person with "bad" intents is going to consider.

But let's look at something else too...  You noted his "arrogance and over-confidence" as being "sith-like".

But what about these situations:

-Was Mace Windu "sith-like" confronting Dooku?
-Was Mace WIndu "sith-like" refusing Dooku's offer of mercy?
-Was Yoda "sith-like" when he marched into Palpatine's office, and exchanged what I hardly consider a humble back-and-forth with Palpatine?
-Was Mace Windu (& Company) "sith-like" when they went to detain a suspected Sith-Lord?
-Was Kenobi "sith-like" when he confronted Grievous twice?
-Was Qui-Gon "sith-like" when he told the Naboo to leave and let he and Obi-Wan handle Maul?

The point with all those instances is that each of them showed EXTREME confidence.  Some to the point of legitimate "over-confidence".  I would hardly label Yoda, or Mace as ever being "sith-like" though.  There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance...

Anakin gets the "arrogant" label because he's a brat most of the time...  He openly talks of his superiority to Obi-Wan, his mentor and master...  Someone he even refers to as a father-figure of sorts.  Anakin EARNS that label pretty clearly.

So, is Luke really "arrogant" or confident?  I think he's just confident when appropriate...  He's unsure of himself facing Vader and Palpatine, his ultimate test as a Jedi.  That is maturity as a Jedi from where I stand.  And ultimately he's never over-confident in Jedi...  His plans pan out better than he even imagined at the end when he expected his own death (and hoped for the death of Vader/Palpy).

And there's a number of moments where Luke showed a lot of growth and maturity into a great Jedi during ROTJ besides what's discussed.  It's throughout the film really.

In Empire though, Luke's over-confident going into the tree on Dagobah and is floored by the scenario...   Later, his "attachment" sways his judgment and he flocks to Cloud City to save his friends and confront Vader too early, defying both his mentors who tried to stop him.  He paid for it dearly too, and was lucky to survive the encounter.

If anything...  Luke's character is immature, and flirted with the darkside more consistantly in ESB than ROTJ where he only succumb to the darkside (once again via "attachment") upon Vader's taunt...  He actually bounces BACK from that dangerous edge he walked though.  That's maturity defined I think, in Star Wars terms. [/end nerdy comment] hehe

So these thoughts make me think even less of the notion that Luke's outfits by the films are a visual metaphorical progression of Luke "getting badder".

But, a key to think of is "bad" and "badass" aren't the same thing...  Being "sith-like" is bad...  Being a badass though, just implies you can handle your business and you know it.  What the lines are that divide the two are what's blurred.

The conversation certainly grew and spiraled some, but it's important to understand Luke's state-of-mind in the films to judge how the color of his costume may be some metatphore though, so it's all distinctly related material that's for sure.  Just a very in-depth topic.

Was lucas trying to show how luke was a lot like his father before him-but then ultimately luke made the better choice?

On this point, Lucas WAS showing some relationship between the black of Vader's costume and Luke's.  I've seen Lucas note this in documentaries involving ROTJ.  But does that mean Luke's outfit can be paralleled to Luke being "bad"?  There-in lies the question, and simplying tying the two characters together doesn't mean one's black outift necessarilly meant he had a "bad" side to him either. 

Of course, Luke does have some bad side to him though...  He's human, he has to, but the question is can he control it?  In ESB he couldn't, in ROTJ he could, so this doesn't hold well to Luke's costume colors being too representative of his character really.

I don't see how getting darker as you get older is a sign of maturity
LOL- what are you saying? That if I wore alotta black in high school(see death punkers,goth) then I'm mature then? but now that I'm elder I wear lighter clothing I'm immature? That I should go with the goth thing now as an old man to look "mature" lol...hillarious . 

I think that looking at the colors as a sign of maturity can be taken several ways...  it can be looked at as not applicable at all for sure, but Luke's black outfit is plain, it's simple...  It's setting Luke apart from the organization (Alliance) while not being bright, vibrant, or "loud"...  So it's setting Luke apart but not "seeking attention". 

As I've said, after reviewing things in-depth I'm really of the opinion that Luke's outfit is more a tie to Vader, but not a represenatation of the character being "bad".  The character of Luke in ROTJ is a much more mature character to me, irregardless of the costume he is wearing, while his lighter costumes in ESB are equally unimportant as to the representation of the character's personality at the time since he is much more immature at that time.

I think the black always represented a badass mentallity/portrayal- challenge me on it....look at all the modern movies- who's the bad guys? or the "badass" good guys? I>E> blade, batman,van helsing,darkman. Bad dudes that ride the edge of totally bad- A sign of maturity?...hmmm,really?

Once again though, "bad", and "badass" aren't the same thing by a longshot.  "badass" can be a completely good or bad person...  That's intent behind the actions.

"Bad" is just simply someone whose actions are motivated by bad intents.  Palpatine is bad in ROTJ, Vader is a torn character as we find out, and Luke is good (a strong, mature Jedi Knight) in ROTJ by my calculations...  Luke is a "badass" though too, obviously.  He can handle his business in almost any situation and he's confident in himself, even at the very end when he turns the darkside temptation away.

My conclusions on the subject are then that Luke's costume doesn't correlate with his personality if we're discussing Luke being "bad" or "sithlike".  There's nothing substantial there to back that in my point of view... 

Is Luke "badass" though?  He's confident and sure of himself in every situation except his final trial against Palpatine and Vader.  To me that makes him a badass for sure! :)  But not a "sithlike" character or "bad", etc.

The Prequel Trilogy / Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:43 AM »
Anyone with Hyper-Space catch the unfinished animatics footage for ROTS that showed scenes cut from the film?

I particularly started to salivate at the thought of that HUGE head-on pass by the V-Wings with the Separatist Droid Fighters...

Looked like a bit of good stuff I wish they'd finish and put into the DVD.  I've always said the opening space battle was too short and should've been intercut with some new snippits of "outside fighting" with the inside story on Grievous' ship.

I mean, the opening text crawl says the Republic's losing yet somehow after Obi and Ani get aboard the Invisible hand the whole outside battle just suddenly shifted in favor of the Republic?  **** that, I wanna see what happens...  I wanna see Clones show why they're badass pilots and tear up some Separatist Tin Foil...  Make ya love the clones for "winning the day" in the giant battle of Coruscant...  It'd make you feel even worse when they gun the Jedi down.

Anyway, V-Wings in combat looked sweet.  Living up to their "Interceptor" titles, flying headlong into a swarm of Droid Fighters of all types.  Nice.

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