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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: So Cal wildfires...
« on: July 18, 2004, 01:37 AM »
I've been wondering about you Matt, and how close that stuff's been to you lately.  I really hope this is taken care of, and that you, Patty, and your home are going to be ok...

I'd be to the breaking point myself...  I couldn't live under conditions where natural disaster was so imminent.  CA just seems to be disaster waiting to happen 24/7.    :-\

I hope you're ok, seriously, and that the fire's contained very soon.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 16, 2004, 11:41 PM »
Partly, and partly new.

Arms hands, and possibly the head are new...  Torso, legs, and skirt piece are POTJ Ben Kenobi.

The head I, and others, are having a tough time telling.  

Personally, I'm saying it's the POTJ head for now, but it COULD be new.  It's so tough to tell with the holo plastic.  


Upon closer inspection, the torsos are REALLY different.  The lower torso (legs/skirt) seem to be all that was reused now that I look at it closer.  The upper body's 100% new though.

The head's definitely a new sculpt...  The arms and cloak are also definitely new.

The lower body though, still sports the hole for his saber hilt even.

N/P Sergiu....

Modern Trading / 12" Haves Trade List & Meager Wants
« on: July 16, 2004, 09:18 PM »
(All Mint with their boxes, only ever displayed loose, unless otherwise noted)

POTF2 12":

Luke Skywalker (Original/Tatooine)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
Luke Skywalker (Ceremony)
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)

Darth Vader (Original)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Original)

Han Solo (Original)
Han Solo (Hoth)

Princess Leia (Original)

Lando Calrissian (Original)

Greedo (Non-exclusive)

Tusken Raider (Gaffi Stick version, **99% sure**)

Admiral Ackbar

Boba Fett (original)

C-3PO (original)

Cantina Band Member (Wal-Mart Exclusive Figrin D'An)

AT-AT Driver


Sandtrooper (White Pauldron)

Stormtrooper (Original)

Chewbacca in Chains

Grand Moff Tarkin (Single Boxed Figure)


FAO Luke/Bib Fortuna 2-pack (x2 MISB)

FAO Tarkin/Gunner 2-pack (x2 MISB)

Diamond Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron, x2, 1 sealed, 1 open)

POTF2 6":

Yoda (Original)

R2-D2 (Original)

Jawa (Original)

POTJ 12":

50th Luke Deluxe Figure (MISB)  


POTJ or Saga Imperial Officers (Mostly Saga)
Super Articulated Clone Troopers
Princess Leia with Hood Up (Commtech)
Sandtrooper 4-pack (POTJ Figures, diff pauldrons)
VOTC Luke, Vader, Lando, 3PO, (everyone except the first 3 figures) MOC
VOTC Bespin Wave
Saga Endor Wave (Of course!)

I'm considering selling the 12" figures also, just PM me if interested either way.



Yeah Sergiu, I meant you...  JJKS, JKNO, all you guys with letters instead of names dammit!


Anyway, let me know if you're interested anyway...  I can't fathom shipping over yonder though, haha.  Gotta be pricey. :(

Saw the post you made over at Scum Adam, and I'm really sorry to hear about your luck there...  

I hope you can get things worked out soon so perhaps you dn't have to sell something you obviously want.

I wish I could even help yuo out somehow...  Afraid my legal advice is strictly kept to business issues...

Personally I'd be stuffing a suit up that guy's ass right about now though.  I tend t have little patience, and you've shown a TON.


One option for an "out" is to request a letter of recommendation from your employer if possible...  I've gotten several from employers, and some of which my time didn't end on the best of terms.

Dupe the guy...  Play up to him, get the LoR if you can, and then stick him with the suit....  Worked for me in the past.  It's my only practical advice.  :(

Millennium Falcon/Command Center- transformable

I think I have that?  I'm not up to speed on MM stuff as I just was picking new stuff up at random and got this when it came out.

If you're interested, give me a hollar on it JJKS.


I think I have the box too, and it's not in terrible shape...  I gotta find that stuff though, I packed up all my MM except the Action Fleet (because it mostly works with SW Minis battles) a while back.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Romero's back with "Land of the Dead"
« on: July 15, 2004, 04:03 PM »
***Chants "Piiittttsssbbuuurrrrggghhh" over and over***

I hope they film here...  It'd only be right considering it's the start of the series 'round these parts.  Hope it's a Pittsburgh setting for the film as well, as Pittsburgh itself was a fort to begin with...  Could be very very cool.

Sounds like "fast" zombies have taken off too.

Newbies / Re: Hello everybody!!!
« on: July 15, 2004, 01:30 PM »
May wanna choose a lighter font than dark green if you want people to read your posts too.  ;)

I thought Padawan, M.D. made a good point about how the repacks of then screwed us on new figures too...  You wanna see some PO'd people?  See anyone who never got an EU figure or RY/DST because of the repacks.

Now, the Fan Club offered them in abundance, but at a higher price...  At the time that was fine to me, but looking back I see how people got hosed on that who couldn't afford it.

I know now if they were offering umpteen figures through the Fan Club at high prices just because of repacks, I'd be much more vocal about a distaste for these things now.

The entire EU line didn't surface around the Pittsburgh area.  I know I at least never saw a single one from that line ever at retail.  I heard some did, but not myself and I was doing more routine toy runs then, than I am now.

I also did not spot RY/DST...  Not to mention a LOT of the "new" FF figures got screwed...  Figures a lot of people were looking forward to for the first time, like Ishi Tibb, Piett, etc...  These figures I actually found lying in a TRU bin on clearance because TRU had gotten them but repack after repack after repack clogged the shelves.

I can say "good fortune to me" now that I got those for less than retail, but that was a 100% stroke of good luck that I even found them because I showed up at a TRU right after it oopened one morning.  As it was, while I was digging out what I could, someone swarmed in and started shoving his fat, comic-book-guy-like body in my space trying to force me away from the bin.

Pathetic...  I'd gotten what I wanted though, even the hottest figure of its time, the Rem. Helmet Vader, and I'd gotten some for friends in the area too...

That's a 100% fluke though...  Had I been 5 minutes later, and I wouldn't have found that wave at retail either because that was the only time I ever saw them.

Another doozy in that wave, and still one a lot seem not to have is Zuckuss...  *sigh*

Yeah, Repacks were equally annoying then, if not vastly more so.

I passed yesterday on TRD Vader, Jedi Luke, X-Wing Luke, and several others...  Grabbed Dagobah Wave in its entirety though.

Unless there's a significant enough paint difference, and the figure is "good" to me, I'm going to be passing.

I'll likely nab the Tusken, Jawas, Gammorean, Stormtrooper, TIE Pilot, a 2nd set of Endor Wave (or more) for customs, and possibly anything similar that strikes my fancy, but...

Wicket and lick it....  So can most of the other repacks.  Just not of interest to me.  This includes Bespin Luke, who is irritating because his figure's on clearance at KB.  This is one that shouldn't have been re-released, or redecoed.  To say I wasn't pleased with it in the first place doesn't help my opinion of it now either...

The Jedi Luke was tempting because he looks great on the new card, but then again so do all the figures...  I'm just gonna forget these retreads though.  Carded guys are going nuts and it'll be my little bit of help to them to not hog up most of any of this stuff.   ;D

Saga '02-'04 / Re: How's Star Wars Selling in Your Area?
« on: July 14, 2004, 11:05 AM »
My area is now weird...

-Wal-Mart, Kittaning, PA - Plethora of Barris, Alya Secura, Younglins/Yoda, and Ultra Ewok.

-Wal-Mart Greensburg - 2 HOF Anakin's, 1 Ultra Ewok (That's literally it!)

-Wal-Mart Delmont - OVERFLOWING PEGS full of Barris, Alya, Younglings/Yoda...  There was ONE OTC Spirit Obi.

-Target Greensburg - OTC waves with a sporatic HOF figure.  They had Dagobah Wave.

-K-Marts (at least 3 I've seen) - All of them got VOTC waves in, though Luke is MIA...  Also got those playskool figures in.  They have remnant HOF figures as well as some remnant Saga '02 here and there as well.

-TRU Greensburg - Ironically, they have VOTC to complement a sea of Saga Hoth soldiers.  Not much else...  The regular shelfwarmers though like the last X-Wing, 4-packs, etc...  They also have a full array of OTC ships (X-Wing, TIE, and Vader's TIE).  Not sure how those are gonna move...  I'm considering a Vader's TIE though.

To say things are moving well is an overstatement I believe...  NEW stuff is, like VOTC I think...  Well enouogh at $10 a figure anyway.

OTC figures were just put out when I got there at Target so it's tough to judge those right now but I'm assuming since they're new they'll move.

The old stuff though is sitting stagnant, and unless some clearances hit it isn't going to change.  Only Target has REAL space at all their stores for this stuff.  TRU, and most WM's have pegwarmers that aren't goiong anywhere fast.  KM has pegwarmers, but at least they're forcing new stuff out on the pegs.  Good for them!

I'd go as far as to be accepting of an Ozzel bdy with new arms...  The arms are the only real gripe I'd have though.  They really aren't poseable for anything but the choking pose or "arms behind the back" kinda pose.  

Gotta have more than that for the generic officer fodder dagnabbit!

if only they'd take Jesse's advice and slap those heads on the Ozzel grey uniform, the world would be just a little happier

Actually, I'd rather they just repainted the Officers in light grey for "Techs".  

If they make a new officer in tunic, to replace the "officers" from POTJ and Saga, I'd rather they actually used a new sculpt...

Only because Ozzel's body is a bit puny.  I'd rather they make a generic lower level officer that's built better than a wimpy old dude.  No buff figure though of course either.  The POTJ/Saga Imp. Officer's sculpt was JUST right.

Ozzel's cool enough, but besides his sculpt I'm not wild about his arms either.  Very unposeable.  

1 super poseable officer sculpt though, with various generic heads?  Count me in for quite a # of those!  Recolor them even...  I'll take whatever Hasbro dishes.

Yeah, as I recall a lot of folks were PO'd because they wanted the FF and had just bought such and such figure without it...  That was more a complaint than figures being repacked at all.

I do recall the resculpts of Flashback causing a lot of trouble as well, especially the Luke.  Ironically the LUke turned into one of my favs of t hat line then...  And Beru became insanely sought after as one of the only "new" figures.

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