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Original Trilogy Collection / Re: OTC Wal-Mart Exclusive Carry Cases
« on: September 30, 2004, 11:21 PM »
I've only seen these cases at one Wal-Mart around here (i don't hit them much since they're not good for new stuff right now), and the one WM they are at they actually have sold well.

They went from having a huge aisle display of these to having like 4 total (3 Vader and 1 3PO).  I'm surprised by that myself, but a lot of OTC things have sold oddly well...  The DVD 3-packs are non-existant here except the ANH one...  I never did get my ROTJ one. :(

WIth that said, they're not something that will sell over and over I don't believe...  This is the type of thing I can see a short run of them going well, but if Hasbro keeps pumping them out they'll have trouble selling the extras.  Just my take on things anyway.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Defender Wish Lists 2004: A New Hope
« on: September 30, 2004, 11:15 PM »
Blue Harvester?  I believe this is a friend of mine from the local collecting circuit in Pittsburgh, so if it is you Dave, welcome to the JD forums!  It's good to see ya wander over... 

If not, welcome anyway. :)

My list...

1) New Super Articulated Rebel Fleet Trooper
2) New Grand Moff Tarkin
3) New Super Articulated Death Star Trooper
4) Hem Dazon
5) Garrouf Laffoe (Cantina Snitch)
6) New Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Pilot
7) Biggs Darklighter (Imperial Academy Uniform)
8 ) SE Jabba Human Henchman (with pointy Hat)
9) Bom Vimdin
10) Special Edition Swoop w/Rider

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Target Sale... 10/3-10/9
« on: September 30, 2004, 11:10 PM »
A strong key to all of this is going to be whether or not they have anything of value, indeed.  I have recently found some good stuff at stores, but other Targets in my area are not sporting lots of great stuff.

If I found some TIE Pilots, or even old Saga army builders I'd dig that...  If I found some decent VOTC sales I'd be happy too...  Namely ESB figures or the Stormtrooper who I'm in the market for 4 more right now. :P

Some Target stores here have gotten the ROTJ wave in though so I'm hopeful...  I'd be ecstatic if I got 3PO and R2 for less than full retail, just so I didn't feel so ripped off by getting them for a complete set.

Original Trilogy Collection / Target Sale... 10/3-10/9
« on: September 30, 2004, 05:35 PM »
Just wanted a post to let you guys know about the sale...

$3.88 basic figures
$14.99 electronic sabers
& 15% off all SW toys...

Not bad if your Target's like mine...  One near me just got Bespin Wave in, and others have OTC figures out the whazzoo including some army builders like the TIE Pilot or figs like the Jawas and such.

My Target's have also gotten the ROTJ VOTC waves in, so hopefully they'll get more in...  VOTC for 15% off just makes those figures that much MORE perfect.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Jesse James comes to Lando's office...
« on: September 29, 2004, 03:37 AM »


My cohorts...

Actually KBZ, I saw a thing on History Channel...  You and about 1 million other people have lineage to Jesse James (the latter photo) hehe...  :)  It's for some reason a very popular thing.  I can safely say I do not, despite the name, but the initial photo'd Jesse James supposedly has the papers to prove he is descendant of the outlaw.  Mine's just a combination of my father's fascination with the Biker Life and my grandad's name (Jess McCracken). 

The porn star, I have not seen, and oddly I can't get her to come up in searches...  I tried.  If she had a clothed shot it's fair game to post, but finding one of a porn star in substantial clothing isn't likely, if you can find one at all.   :-\

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Animated Wave 3 (and beyond)?
« on: September 29, 2004, 12:00 AM »
POTF2 Lobot
Monkey Face Leia
He-Man Luke
Saga Hoth Rebel Soldier
Freeze Chamber Pack-in Guard
Saga Qui-Gon Jinn
Saga Endor Han (first one)
Boss Nass (E1)
Force Flipping Dooku
Force Flipping Anakin
Force Flipping Obi-Wan
He-Man Stormtrooper
He-Man Han
Disco He-Man Lando
He-Man Luke Dagobah
He-Man Han Carbonite
Saga TRD Luke

The list goes on...

At least Yoda's "new", unique...  Sorta "plain" looking especially without the poncho.

EU figures rock if you ask me.  They can be the future of the line if they're created properly.  However, I don't drool at the site of the basic CW line overall...  It did produce great figures like Deluxe Durge, SA Clone, Assajj Ventriss, Pilot Sae Sae Tinn, Swimming Kit Fisto, etc...  Obi's not bad either.

Anakin and Yoda are "eh", and I'd actually place Anakin as worse than Yoda if it were me...  But that's my opinion.

And basically you guys suck too...  There's always that factor.

Good Score Nick...  I'm talking to people only finding the last 2 or 3 of the wave hanging around here...

Though at our local get-together Saturday the one guy who was new to the group wound up showing with a good chunk of them as I recall, but no R2 I don't believe.

The Chewie's were all gone from my batch, and no multiple stormies...  Unfortunately.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC/OTC Purchases
« on: September 28, 2004, 11:48 PM »
I too have ROTJ VOTC purchases under my belt this week...  Today actually, I snagged VOTC Stormie and Fett.  The paint on the Stormie is sloppy, which is funny given everything, and I don't like the holster...  It's "ok" but sort of a half-assed attempt.

Beyond that, Fett's neck is odd...  He's still, hands down, the best Fett ever.  The right custom work and you could have a great removable helmet one that looks flawless to boot.

Irregardless, Target's the place to be, and they're awesome figures so be there.

I got a 2nd Vader too...  May grab more because, while not perfect, he's damn close and I think I can really finegal a nicely done custom out of him...

Great stuff!

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vehicle discussion/speculation!
« on: September 28, 2004, 11:44 PM »
That's funny...  :)  That's seriously a miniscule drop in cost-cutting to make, and yet it's a vehicle full price (more or less) is charged for it yet it's not something that required major increases in cost to produce.

I'm glad I cut vehicles out of my regular purchases...  Hasbro's so much miss with very little hit.  They rarely put a solid product out int he vehicle line to me, so they were something I just felt compelled to give up on.

You're right around where I am as far as what I need for a loose set Morg...  I need a 3PO, R2, Chewie, and that's about it for one full set.

Beyond that however, I'm still in need of doubles of many (though I rounded out Lando and Vader in the last 4 days) figures...  Mostly the ROTJ though since I have what I want of the rest.  I'm figuring R2 and 3PO will be found easy enough soon enough...  Fett, Chewie, and of course the Stormie are my bigger concern, but if the first series any indication, then the ROTJ wave will ship well enough...

Or so I hope.


Incredible figures...  Hasbro should live up to this standard at all times in my book.

At that price point?

Nah...  But screw the packaging.  I could care about it.  These are $5 figures otherwise.  They're not flashy, they have limited accessories...  They're just action figures.  What the line should be giving us anyway.

THe cards and protecto things are neat, and I'm even saving my by carefully cutting this stuff open, but in the end it's still just packaging to me and it was all I could do to keep from ripping that Stormie off the card when I got home!  I even had him on the passenger seat looking at him at red lights.  :) 

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Styrene...
« on: September 28, 2004, 05:09 PM »
If it's being supported by something thicker undereneath, go for something thin just out of simplicity.  I have thick stuff here, and it's a bitch to work with.

As far as the pattern goes, there's actually sheets that are specially designed to have "deck plating" patterns and such, so before you try doing it from scratch see if your local hobby shop has something close...

Doing it by hand wouldn't be terribly bad.  Tedious perhaps, but thin styrene cuts like butter with an X-Acto.  Just be very patient, very careful, and when it comes time to sand your cuts be careful and use a very fine grain sandpaper. (Finest you can find).

Working with Styrene's not hard, so don't fret...  Also, if you're buying just plain sheets, don't bother with a hobby shop.  Find a distributor in your area of large sheet styrene...  GE Polymer Shapes (A division of GE) sell ABS Styrene by HUGE sheets (like you need a pick-up truck to haul them huge), but for $50 or whatever you get two huge sheets that'll build you a Death Star or a dozen if you wanted.

After a horrible day at school I popped off at Target in hopes of VOTC ROTJ, and low and behold I got their last 2...  Fett and Stormtrooper.

Jaw droppingly articulated...  Not flawless figures, but far superior to I'd say 99% of the line.  SA Clone's still in there though.

Incredible figures...  Hasbro should live up to this standard at all times in my book.

Celebration III: Indianapolis / Re: Star Wars Celebration 3
« on: September 27, 2004, 06:00 PM »
Haven't heard of anyone here who's taking their wives/husbands/partners/etc. to C3.

Uh, me...   >:(  Ya heard of me doing that!

heh j/k

She's going as of now...  Things change however.  I don't know if she's even going to go to the con at all though.  We do need to discuss that I suppose...  I don't think she's really interested however, and will likely rest all day, or shop, or whatever...  Then at night we'll get back together to do whatever for dinner and afterwards.

I saw all but R2 in person at a local group meeting...

WOW!  That's really all there is to say upon seeing them.

They're absolutely incredibly sculpted...  Fett's living up to my hopes personally, but the neck thing never struck me really as something I'd notice.  I always sorta thought Fett's helmet sat lower...  It looks cool to me.

The Stormtrooper's just such a dream come true to army builders.  Hard to put into words how great he is without tearing up a little.   :'(

Chewie however...  Here's the runaway outta left field...  This figure is one of the most accurate looking pieces of plastic I've ever seen, and he really may be the best just because he's the most well sculpted and "hidden" articulation abounds.

Great wave guys...  Target seems to be the place for this wave.

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