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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Spyware (anti) - any suggestions?
« on: April 11, 2004, 03:13 AM »

This is a DL for Ad-Aware.  It's what I've been using and seems to do the trick for me AOK.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: As expected... PEGWARMERS!
« on: April 10, 2004, 12:04 AM »
I think it's REALLY itneresting that the regular CW line didn't pegwarm for long.  They never even saw a sale before they were cleared from shelves here, and Wave 2 and 3 were both pretty scarce, though Wave 3 was much more abundant than 2...  Save the SA Clone who of course came and went like the wind.

Wave 2 I never saw in its entirety actually though.  Never got a basic Durge for his secondary weapons I wanted.  :(  Saw ONE Assajj thankfully and nabbed her.  Among the best of the series (Obi, ARC, Sae See, and SA Clone of course are the others I'd label as "great", as well as the Deluxe Durge).  

I was impressed, and I could stand a second series of figures and vehicles personally.

I'd take a:

-Soft goods "pilot" Assajj
-Gen. Grevious
-Shistavanean Wolfman Jedi
-Shaggy Jedi
-Ki-Adi Mundi
-New Mace (done more to the Cartoons duds)
-New Anakin (done more to the toon duds with removable shirt and cloak)
-SA ARC Trooper with holster, soft goods, and small blaster.
-SA Clone with shoulder RPG, and standard rifle
-Red Battledroid (with bendable knees as well as the rest of the articulation).
-Republic Trooper (just something I'd dig).
-Clone Pilot (using SA body).
-Super Battle Droid (with pivoting right arm added to the Saga sculpt).
-IG-Droid with Swoop and Lance.
-General Obi-Wan Kenobi.
-Yoda (done in Clone Wars garb).
-Padme (Snow gear)
-Capt. Typho (Snow Gear)
-Mine Droid
-Retooled Spider Droid

And for vehicles I'd take:

-Clone Starfighter with SA CLone Pilot Pack-in.
-Assajj's Fan Fighter with Pilot Assajj
-SA Clone with Speederbike (retool the bike to be smaller and sturdier, and the trooper's hip joints so he can ride it but still be useful off it)
-Obi-Wan with bike.
-Geonosian Fighter with Droid Pilot.

A long list, but this series was just that good...  I'd take some new things from it for sure.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Guns
« on: April 9, 2004, 06:42 PM »
My father has a large gun collection.  As something I cannot afford, I don't put $ into them...  I have free use of my father's pistols and rifles if I want to go target shooting so I'm not in any rush to buy anything at the moment.

He has a lot of antique weapons...  Flintlocks, cap & ball pistols, rifles, etc...  

There's a guy near me owns eveyr rifle that served in a U.S. war also, which is a great collection.  No autos, but all the flintlocks, cap & ball, semi-autos (His M1 Garand is fun to hold, but funner to shoot), etc...  Great stuff.  

Guns are fun, but too easy to get ahold of at times.  It's scary if you're at a gun show, and see the distinct line between "redneck hillbilly" and "ghetto teen" who are both browsing the shows...  It's kind of eye-opening to me.  

Guns are fun though...  Especially if you're good with them.  Hunting isn't my cup of tea though, just target shooting.  My father hunts duck, deer, bear, goose, rabbit, squirrel...  You name it.  I'm more into petting animals than killing them.  :)  

Hunting generally serves a good purpose though I think...  Not bear to me, but the rest are socially acceptable to me.  

Trapping on the other hand, I think should be outlawed.  No cause for this...  Just my opinion though.

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC Stormtrooper
« on: April 9, 2004, 06:31 PM »
I think against the CT Stormie they'll look similar enough to warrant keeping the old ranks mixed witht he new without any major consequence.

The new Stormie does look great, but the CT was great in its own right.  I'm happy in that regard, but not happy with this figure's price and seemingly lacking availability at the moment.  For $5 (or less if sold in large quantities like the CT stormie builder packs) I'd buy up enough to equal my CT stormtrooper army.  My army would swell, but that's not a bad thing in my view.

On the other hand, $'s tighter now than when I bought my CT stormies and traded for them...  Still, I'm sure I'll be buying more than one of this figure immediately.  Hopefully Hasbro makes them readily available for cheaper though.  At $10 a piece I won't build any huge army, but will entertain getting 2 or 3....  I'm going to wait this out till I see them in person though, and see how they're handled at Retail.

These SA figures are great fodder and army builders, but that price is just so killer on me as a collector, customizer, and army builder.  :(  Bummer.

The distribution could prove fatal to any dreams of having even a complete set of these figures, much less extras.  I've not pre-ordered them but the thought crosses my mind once a week at least.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Bring back old figures
« on: April 9, 2004, 06:25 AM »
Yeah...  Good idea.  Something like a modern line of Star Wars figures would be nice.  Ya know...  Old figures, but with better detail and stuff.

Come on Hasbro, I hear you have Kenner's old license to make Star Wars toys...  Chop Chop.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Modular Cloud City
« on: April 8, 2004, 02:16 AM »
Great work again so far Muftak, especially the sculpture...  That's a NICE piece of work, and looks real accurate from what I can see.

The lighter colors of Bespin should lend themselves to a more photogenic project.  Death Star's hard to photograph and get all the finer detail.

Are you tinkering with the idea of lighting this set perhaps?  There's very vibrant lighting on Bespin, and very moody stuff at times too (Freeze Chamber for instance).

The Original Trilogy / Re: Battle of Hoth
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:35 AM »
Depending what sources you look into, Landmines do exist, and in a powerful format in Star Wars, but of course none are seen on film. Considering that Landmines are considered one of the deadliest forms of combat dating back to the late 19th century and on into today I think it's reasonable to assume they exist in Star Wars though, and can be effective.

I know the old CCG's actually visualized Landmines in Star Wars, the Jedi Knight/Dark Forces series show a variety of types of mines both proximity and self-detonated, and other WEG claimed them as well I think.

As for obstacles, I ask myself how effective they are against something as powerful as an AT-AT... Also, perhaps obstacles of some sort were set up and AT-ST's were able to clear them or warn the AT-AT's ahead of time since at least one ST was seen advancing ahead of the AT's... Perhaps that's its goal? Kind of like the Speederbikes (if we accept they're there).

While I agree about the use of cannons being that you want to penetrate armor as quickly as possible as well, in Star Wars, the AT-AT may just prove too "advanced" and require multiple hits as well... That or climate (and the need to adapt weaponry to it) as well as the limited time maybe didn't allow heavier artillery batteries to be set up? Some EU does say there's very similarly designed weapons to the ones at the trenches, but much larger and powerful... Force Commander showed Radar/Dish laser turrets that are stationary similar to the anti-infantry PD Towers that were in place. Maybe the Alliance hadn't adapted the larger artillery then yet?

The planetary shielding issue though is a whole other can of worms, but I think it's explainable... The properties and specifics of shielding in general, and the way the Rebels shield itself worked seem to be the keys to understand how the assault unfolded.

We know the shield DOES need dropped, as Leia says so, but a drop in the shield seems "minimal" from what she says and they probably are coordinating the Transport's exit with the shield's momentary drop and reinstatement... If that's the case, bombardment wouldn't be efficient at all.

Also, the Ion cannon doesn't necessarily need a shield opening to fire... At least the film doesn't mention it, so it's possible the Ioncannon fires outside the shields. Since Y-Wings and X-Wings are shielded but capable of firing OUT of their own shielding I think this is reasonable to assume it works similarly. Can't shoot IN, but can shoot OUT.

As far as weakening the shields by constant bombardment... I don't see a reason to doubt Veers' words that the shield would deflect "any bombardment". Maybe it's a slight exaggeration, but perhaps in the allotted timeframe they have to assault the base and stop the escape while the vessels and people are STILL within the atmosphere or on the ground then possibly he was speaking in the short term rather than if they simply took orbit and slammed the shields for hours or even days till it broke.

If the shields ARE really strong, we also know they have their OWN shield generator too. The shield generator is referred to as just that, not a "generator" generic, but a shield generator, and when it's lost the base seems to still have power itself (and EU claims the Ioncannon is still firing till the bitter end too). With that in mind, the generator isn't part of the rest of the base's energy distribution. it could then theoretically hold for the duration of a prolonged seige even.

It explains the importance of swiftly getting within range and destroying the Generator, thus allowing TIE's to swoop in on the rally points and hangar exits while troops deploy to sweep and clear the base itself.

Again though, for exiting transports it does open and I suppose shots could come in, but if the opening is coordinated well it's so brief that it could really be a crapshoot if the Empire even got one fighter or orbital shot in with the brief opening. Also, does the ENTIRE shield shut down for a brief moment, or only a small box, possibly only large enough for a vessel or two to exit? That's another good question to ask when determining the physical properties of the shield itself.

With that in mind, and judging by what we KNOW of the military assault and defense shown in the film, it seems to me that the shield's a very complex and customizable resource that the Empire basically sees as hopeless to combat itself... From what I can gather they'd hoped to hyper in a distance away and drop in fighter squads as fast as possible till the Alliance realized what happened (Imagine when they said "Oh crap", and flipped the "on" switch to the shields and the attacking TIEs that hadn't made it yet slammed them? Yikes).

Makes you wonder what WOULD have happened had Ozzel not F'd up. LOTS of Rebel losses, and likely a heavy space battle, though not in space but rather just in the atmosphere... X-Wings, Y-Wings, and TIE's duking it out while TIE B's go and blow the bejesus out of the shields allowing some heavy-duty troop landings. The Rebels would've been F'd pretty bad at that point.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Battle of Hoth
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:34 AM »
Arknew's explanation makes a good bit of sense to me I think, pertaining to the lack of defensive weaponry. I also don't think trenches are necessarily practical against AT-AT's at least. Even AT-ST's seem capable (judging by Endor's terrain) of negotiating some deep valleys and steep hills if they need to and the valley doesn't just all of a sudden appear in front of them (IE: a hidden pit to trip into).  

AT-AT's don't seem TOO unstable in design... If tripped by the cord they do, but walking over terrain, I don't know. It'd seemingly take a pretty big ditch for them to fall into one. Especially if we buy that their knee joints are quite able to bend to 90 degree angles and things... They'd be much more limber than they look anyway.

The lack of weapons placements though could be that either cost, or simply time/adaptation wasn't on the side of the Alliance.

EU claims the guns, given longer periods of time, can do damage to AT-AT's though... Prolonged fire and things can eventually penetrate armor plating of the walkers... It'd be interesting to see what a longer assault would've turned up. If the Alliance had somehow slowed the Walkers with some man-made traps or snares of some sort, like Herbert mentions in a large trench. Maybe then the Alliance guns would've had a more effective timeframe to punch holes in walker armor.

Those AT-AT's really just tromped right through though, and in an extremely "open" field of battle where the AT-AT would have an advantage because of it's simple height. The Rebels really chose a ****ty planet when you think about it. Too bad for them. Yavin IV was ideal with its treetop canopies, towering command buildings, etc... Much more suited to a ground campaign in the Alliance's favor it seems.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Battle of Hoth
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:33 AM »
Unless it's not TOO difficult for accurate/limber guns/gunners to shoot the warheads down. The AT-AT seemed capable of picking a human off from a great distance, and almost as an afterthought by a gunner, so a straight flying Torpedoe may only be effective against an AT-AT if fired point blank, or possibly fired without use of the "target lock" if the target lock would alert the AT-AT's crew that they were being targeted in the first place.

I think this seems reasonable somewhat if you go by EU... If you don't believe warheads are easy enough to shoot down though, that's another story then, and it leaves a slight hole there as to why anyone wouldn't attack AT-AT's with warheads.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Battle of Hoth
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:32 AM »
Sorry for the late response here, but I've been busy.

What I'm gonna do is copy/paste my lengthy replies from REbelscum to this very topic there.  I won't include quotes I addressed, but I think you'll get the gist of Q's or points I countered by my replies...

I'll keep these all separate too.  Here we go:

The weather argument doesn't sit particularly well with me... WHile it was disevowed for this argument, it's still a paramount reason to disregard the idea that "the cold" had anything to do with not using X-Wings.

Short and sweet of it is that it's WAY colder in space than on Hoth.

As far as moisture goes... Luke's X-Wing was submerged, but flew perfectly fine after being taken from the swamp on Dagobah. Moisture obviously has no effect on Starships, or at least the X-Wing. With that in mind, climate, temperature, weather and the like seem inappropriate "reasons" all together by film evidence.

Also, we hear that the Speeders need adapted to the cold, but not the snubfighters which we could assume were all FLOWN to Hoth, nor the transports seemed to need adaptation to the inclement weather.

I would say it's all in strategy...

The Battle of Hoth is a route, not really a "battle". It's a mass retreat more than combat. As such, minimal support to hold off the walkers is going to be placed at the trenches. One squad of pilots it would seem flew Snowspeeders (That was a good analogy that they are more suited to ground combat as helicopters are in our own warfare, by the way. Their very physics seen in the film convey this), and it's debateable how many footsoldiers, but it didn't look like a TON there in the trenches either.

Basically, the line to hold off the mechanized armor lines of the Empire were cannon fodder. These guys, from the pilots to the grunts, knew they had to just wreak as much havoc for the oncoming walkers, at whatever the cost.

The Fighters, if you're to follow the Rogue Squadron Video games and how they play out the battle in more detail, have the Snubfighters at a rally point beyond a mountain ridge (assuming the ALliance base runs through this mountain ridge) for protection of all transports as well as protection of evacuating pilots straggling in from the speeder groups.

The Empire then has two objectives that are paramount... 1) blockade ANYTHING you can from leaving the planet, or better yet, shoot it down before it even gets off the ground. This is where the Empire then will divert remaining fighter/bomber units that aren't in orbit with the Destroyers flying escort for them. And 2) is that the Empire wants the ground assault to bring down the shield generators so the attack on the fleeing personnel on the ground can begin, and so that Imperial troop transports can "land" and disable the Ion Cannon wreaking havoc with their picket lines in orbit.

First the Walkers have to do their job "at any cost" one would assume... Even if it means a real out and out slugfest between Imperial and Alliance army units.

Upon that assault's completion, then they can swarm in with TIE's to assault the escaping transports that haven't left or are just taking off, and they can pound any forces still trying to make it to the rally point.

About the Speederbikes... I've always envisioned them as flying ahead of the AT-AT's feet scouting for possible mines that would blow the AT-AT's foot off at the ankle. That would/could be pretty nasty.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Where'd the AT-AT go?
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:25 AM »
I believe the original ROTJ sourcebook around '92 or '93 stated that AT-AT was not logical in a battle application on Endor because of the dense forests. I've always bought into that, but it doesn't account for two factors:
1) The area around the shield bunker was relatively cleared, for the obvious need of constructing the base and generator.
2) The AT-AT is what brought in Luke, so clearly it could travel to a certain point.

The AT-AT that brought in Luke was near the generator dish (relatively) and landing platform though, which was a larger more cleared area than the rear-bunker Han and the woks attacked though.  That area was still relatively conceiled by woods.  Was very "rugged" terrain (All Terrain can be a somewhat ambiguous title for many vehicles, real and fictional) also, which could still render an AT-AT somewhat less effective.

In the film, the explosion of the generator, and the explosion at the rear-bunker are VERY different.  The generator, which is a pretty huge item on the forrest floor, blows up and goes for a many-mile radius it seems.  Possibly into the 100's even?

The rear-bunker's explosion is minimal though.  A small blast out the back door (no fart jokes guys!).

This, to me, implies again that there's a large cleared zone at the generator itself.  The actual generator film prop (the dish) had 3 large Death Star-like turrets surrounding it as well.  I think this indicates there was a central base.  A large, maybe fortified area that was patrolled by AT-AT's, had the landing platform(s) we saw, etc...

AT-AT's were then just the rear-entrance's protection, since an attack wasn't expected there.  They perhaps expected a much larger assault on the main portion, rather than a small assault to the rear bunker entrance.

The Original Trilogy / Re: TIE Fighters....
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:18 AM »
A TIE Pilot is seen ejecting in TESB actually, so it's canon that they CAN eject...  He ejects on fire when an asteroid hits his fighter, but he ejects straight upward, nonetheless.

EU claims both Imperial and ALliance pilots CAN eject, but Imperials use an automated system as opposed to a manual one, and the Alliance can use either/or.  Automated if they're prepared to use it (IE: set it to on, and have their life-supprt gear on), or manual if they need to get their stuff on if they know they're in a bad situation they aren't getting out of.

Consequently, it's one of the more fragile systems in all fighters, and often the first to be rendered inoperable it seems....  Then again, flight control was lost very often for me in the X-Wing sims as well.  Hated when that happened.  If I was lucky, nobody was targeting me and I either culd dump all power to engines and hope to outrun anyone who came for me (in a straight, unmaneuverable line away from combat), or I was hosed....  And if engines went too, I was more or less FUBAR.

TV-9D9 / Re: CLONE WARS Cartoon... Reactions
« on: April 8, 2004, 12:12 AM »
2 video game "bogarts" from Clone Wars...

-First, in one of the ARC Trooper episodes, the one troop raises his rifle and there's a "click click" sound, which sounds like someone "Lock and Loading" a weapon...  Anyone know the sound I mean?

This was actually a soundbite from the original Dark Forces game from WAY back when.  Took it direct and put it in Clone Wars.  Cooooool homage to a great game.

-Second is the steaming lightsabers...  Or I think it is personally.  In Jedi Academy (the last Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game), there's several duels you perform as the main character in rain ranging from thunderstorms to downpours that go from a dead stop to light to heavy.  The sizzling lightsaber is exactly the same...  I think they pulled that from the game personally...  Otherwise it's just an eeerie coincidence. :)

Anyway, onto my impressions of the Anakin/Assajj episodes...

I'll keep this short, but basically I enjoyed them.  A bit much at times with the hopping around and things, but that appears to be a theme to the Clone Wars.  Lots of over-the-top Jedi action...  Use of force powers beyond the films, etc...

It's neat, but the Assajj/Anakin fight came into its own in the last episode when he offed her using the darkside.  GREAT climax.  Great enemy pawn character.  Great effects to show him "turning" and using his dark powers.  Great death for Assajj.  Great weather effects with the thunderstorm to set the mood.

This episode, in and of itself, embodies Star Wars, and the hype that SHOULD circle Episode III.

Great stuff, and a great way to show Anakin's not just disobeying orders, but he's also acting out on his dark emotions now...  Anger's going beyond vengeance for a loved one, but to all out rage when fighting his enemies.  Overpowering them as Luke overpowerd Vader himself at the end of ROTJ.

This is right up there as the best episode of the series.  Can't wait for the last two, to see if they top it.  Good stuff.

Saga '02-'04 / Re: 25th Anniversary Clonetrooper
« on: April 6, 2004, 09:53 AM »
Got my mint one last night...  Finally...  Last MINT one that store had.  Was a tad bit of a fiasco, but it got done.  :)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: April 5, 2004, 03:09 PM »
Yeah, seriously about the case ratios...  Leave it to  Hasbro to do everything within their power to F up these figure's release.  

Ultimately they'll claim it's the retailer's fault somehow, but my god what are they thinking on these cases?  She's not really "short-packed", but she's not gonna be even with the boys.  And with the word these aren't reshipping, that's a BAD thing.  :(

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