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Modern Classifieds / Jeff's "Loose Figures For Sale" List
« on: August 8, 2014, 10:03 AM »
Thank you for reading my current list of mint/loose figures for sale!  :)

Please note that these loose figures do not include any of the various yearly pack-ins (freeze frame, flashback photo, commtech chip, force file, battle card, mini-holo, coin, build-a-droid piece, etc) or stands/bases of any kind (unless noted).  They should, however, include all relevant play accessories/weapons unless specifically noted.

Shipping is not included in the prices listed and is based on weight.  Small orders (1-3 figures) can be shipped via first class/padded mailer.  Larger orders will be sent boxed via Priority Mail.

Thanks for reading!

ps. If for some reason you need it, you can check out my feedback here.



- $1.00 Each -
2x 1999 Ep1 Gasgano [no pit droid]
1x 1999 Ep1 Ody Mantrell [no pit droid]

- $2.00 Each -
4x 1995 PotF2 Boba Fett
1x 1995 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Pilot Gear) [no lightsaber]
1x 1995 PotF2 Princess Leia Organa
3x 1995 PotF2 Stormtrooper
1x 1996 PotF2 Death Star Gunner
1x 1996 PotF2 Greedo
1x 1996 PotF2 Han Solo (Hoth Gear)
1x 1996 PotF2 Han Solo (with Carbonite Block)
1x 1996 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) SOLD
3x 1996 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)
1x 1996 PotF2 R5-D4
1x 1996 PotF2 Sandtrooper SOLD
1x 1996 PotF2 Tusken Raider
1x 1996 SotE Dash Rendar
1x 1996 SotE Prince Xizor
1x 1996 SotE Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise)
1x 1996 SotE Chewbacca (Snoova Disguise)
1x 1996 SotE Boba Fett (SotE Comic Pack #1)
1x 1996 SotE IG-88 (SotE Comic Pack #1)
1x 1996 SotE Darth Vader (SotE Comic Pack #2)
1x 1996 SotE Prince Xizor (SotE Comic Pack #2)
1x 1996 SotE Prince Xizor (SotE Comic Pack #2) [no robe]
1x 1997 PotF2 2-1B [no accessories] SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 4-LOM
1x 1997 PotF2 Admiral Ackbar SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 ASP-7 Droid SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 AT-ST Driver
1x 1997 PotF2 AT-ST Driver [w/rifle only]
2x 1997 PotF2 Bib Fortuna
1x 1997 PotF2 Bossk
2x 1997 PotF2 Dengar
1x 1997 PotF2 Emperor Palpatine
1x 1997 PotF2 Gamorrean Guard
2x 1997 PotF2 Garindan
1x 1997 PotF2 Grand Moff Tarkin
1x 1997 PotF2 Han Solo (Bepsin) [w/blaster only]
1x 1997 PotF2 Han Solo (Endor Gear)
1x 1997 PotF2 Hoth Rebel Soldier
2x 1997 PotF2 Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)
1x 1997 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial Outfit)
1x 1997 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear)
1x 1997 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) [no lightsaber]
1x 1997 PotF2 Nien Nunb
1x 1997 PotF2 Ponda Baba
1x 1997 PotF2 Princess Leia (Jabba's Prisoner)
1x 1997 PotF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper
1x 1997 PotF2 Snowtrooper SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 Weequay Skiff Guard [w/pike only]
1x 1997 PotF2 Spirit of Obi-Wan (Frito-Lay Promo)
1x 1997 PotF2 B'omarr Monk (Internet Exclusive) SOLD
2x 1997 PotF2 Ceremony Luke Skywalker (Princess Leia Collection)
1x 1997 PotF2 Ceremony Princess Leia (Princess Leia Collection)
1x 1997 PotF2 Doctor Evazan (Cantina Showdown CS)
1x 1997 PotF2 Ponda Baba (Cantina Showdown CS)
2x 1997 PotF2 Luke Skywalker (Purchase of the Droids CS)
1x 1997 PotF2 Uncle Owen (Purchase of the Droids CS)
1x 1998 PotF2 Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing Pilot)
1x 1998 PotF2 Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing Pilot) [w/blaster only]
1x 1998 PotF2 Chewbacca (Boushh's Bounty)
1x 1998 PotF2 Death Star Trooper
1x 1998 PotF2 Endor Rebel Soldier
1x 1998 PotF2 Lak Sivrak [w/vibro-blade only]
2x 1998 PotF2 Lando Calrissian (Alliance General)
1x 1998 PotF2 Lobot
1x 1998 PotF2 Logray SOLD
1x 1998 PotF2 Orrimaarko (Prune Face)
1x 1998 PotF2 Wicket SOLD
1x 1998 PotF2 Zuckuss
1x 1998 PotF2 Jedi Luke Skywalker (from Complete Galaxy set)
1x 1998 PotF2 Labria (Cantina Aliens CS)
1x 1998 PotF2 Takeel (Cantina Aliens CS)
1x 1998 PotF2 Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt CS)
1x 1998 PotF2 Princess Leia (Mynock Hunt CS)
1x 1999 PotF2 Flashback Luke Skywalker (Floppy Hat)
1x 1999 PotF2 Jedi Luke Skywalker (from Tatooine Skiff)
1x 1999 PotF2 Ten Numb (Rebel Pilots CS)
1x 1999 Ep1 Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)
1x 1999 Ep1 Captain Tarpals
1x 1999 Ep1 Darth Maul (Jedi Duel)
1x 1999 Ep1 Mace Windu
3x 1999 Ep1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Duel)
1x 1999 Ep1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo)
1x 1999 Ep1 Ric Olie
1x 1999 Ep1 Watto
1x 1999 Ep1 Darth Maul (Tatooine Showdown CS) SOLD
1x 1999 Ep1 Qui-Gon Jinn (Tatooine Showdown CS)
1x 1999 Ep1 Watto (Watto's Pod Box CS)
1x 2000 Ep1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)
1x 2000 Ep1 Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master)
1x 2000 Ep1 Jar Jar Binks (from Gungan Assault Cannon set)
1x 2000 PotJ Qui-Gon Jinn (Mos Espa)
1x 2000 PotJ Darth Vader (Masters of the Dark Side 2pk)
1x 2001 PotJ Aurra Sing (Bounty Hunter)
1x 2001 PotJ Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
1x 2002 PotJ Teebo SOLD
2x 2002 PotJ Jango Fett (Sneak Preview)
1x 2002 PotJ Zam Wesell (Sneak Preview)
1x 2002 Saga 02-01 Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant Disguise) [no crate]
1x 2002 Saga 02-10 Shaak Ti (Jedi Master)
1x 2002 Saga 02-18 Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)
1x 2002 Saga 02-26 Luminara Unduli (Jedi Master) SOLD
1x 2002 Saga 02-27 Count Dooku (Dark Lord) [no hologram] SOLD
1x 2002 Saga Momaw Nadon (from Walmart Cantina Pack) [no accessories]
1x 2002 Saga Ponda Baba (from Walmart Cantina Pack) [no accessories]
1x 2003 Saga 03-01 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) [w/lightsaber only] SOLD
1x 2003 Saga 03-08 Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon) SOLD
1x 2003 Saga 03-11 Aayla Secura SOLD
1x 2003 Saga 03-17 Luke Skywalker (Throne Room Duel) [w/lightsaber only]
1x 2003 Saga 03-18 Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel)
1x 2004 Saga 04-11 Holographic Luke Skywalker
1x 2004 Saga Fi-Ek Sirch (Jedi Warriors BP)
1x 2004 OTC Adi Gallia (Jedi High Council Screen Scene 3) [no accessories]
1x 2004 OTC Doctor Evazan (Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 1) [w/blaster only]
1x 2005 RotS #04 Super Battle Droid SOLD
1x 2005 RotS #26 Yoda
1x 2005 RotS #27 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Kick)
1x 2005 RotS #28 Anakin Skywalker (v1 Dark Eyes)
1x 2005 RotS #28 Anakin Skywalker (v2 Sith Eyes)
1x 2005 RotS #44 Destroyer Droid SOLD
1x 2005 RotS #66 Plo Koon (Holographic)[ SOLD
1x 2005 RotS #67 Aayla Secura (Holographic) SOLD
1x 2005 RotS Celebration III Darth Vader [w/lightsaber only]
1x 2005 RotS Deluxe Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) SOLD
1x 2005 RotS Clone Trooper [standing] (Walmart Clone Troopers 3pk) SOLD
1x 2005 RotS Han Solo (from Target Cup Set)
1x 2005 RotS Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Temple Assault BP)
1x 2005 RotS Clone Pilot (Jedi Temple Assault BP)
1x 2005 RotS Mace Windu (Jedi Vs. Separatists BP)
1x 2005 RotS Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Vs. Separatists BP)
1x 2006 TSC Saga-013 Darth Vader (Hoth)
1x 2006 TSC Saga-045 Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
1x 2006 TSC Saga-047 Obi-Wan Kenobi [w/lightsaber only]
1x 2006 TSC Saga-048 Holographic Darth Maul
1x 2006 TSC Saga-056 Holographic Commander Cody
1x 2006 TSC Saga-063 Holographic Obi-Wan Kenobi
1x 2006 TSC Emperor Palpatine (Skirmish in the Senate BP)
1x 2006 TSC Yoda (Skirmish in the Senate BP)
1x 2007 30AC #32 Yoda [no Kybuck]
1x 2007 30AC #48 Darth Vader (Holographic)
1x 2007 30AC Darth Vader w/ITO Droid (Capture of Tantive IV BP)
2x 2007 30AC Mace Windu (from RotS Commemorative Tin)
1x 2008 TLC BD-21 Count Dooku (Holographic Transmission)
1x 2008 TLC Beru Lars (Disturbance at Lars Homestead UBP)
1x 2009 Disney Jedi Training Academy Padawan (white male)
1x 2011 Disney Ambush at Star Tours Darth Vader
1x 2012 TVC R5-D4 (Target Special Action Figure 3-Pack) [no antenna]

- $3.00 Each -
1x 1996 PotF2 Deluxe Crowd Control Stormtrooper SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 Deluxe Probe Droid SOLD
1x 1997 FX Emperor Palpatine SOLD
1x 2005 RotS Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi w/Super Battle Droid
1x 2006 TSC Grand Moff Tarkin (Death Star Briefing Set)
1x 2008 30AC Wookiee Warrior (Attack on Kashyyyk BP)
1x 2012 MH Obi-Wan Kenobi (Trade Federation MTT)
1x 2013 Mission Series Anakin Skywalker (Coruscant)
1x 2013 Mission Series Darth Vader (Death Star)

- $4.00 Each -
1x 1997 PotF2 Deluxe Hoth Rebel Soldier with Laser Cannon SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 Deluxe Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon SOLD
1x 2009 TLC BD16 Luke Skywalker (Death Star II)
1x 2009 TLC BD25 Saleucami Trooper SOLD
1x 2009 TLC BD29 R2-D2 (Ion Blast)

- $5.00 Each -
1x 1995 PotF2 Stormtrooper Han Solo (Froot Loops Promo)
1x 2011 TVC AT-AT Driver (Target Special Action Figure 3-Pack) SOLD
1x 2011 TVC Dengar (Target Special Action Figure 3-Pack)
1x 2012 TVC Death Star Droid (Target Special Action Figure 3-Pack)
3x 2013 Amazon Droid Factory Sun Fac
2x 2013 Amazon Droid Factory Black Squadron TIE Pilot
3x 2013 Amazon Droid Factory Build-A-Droid - TC-70
1x 2013 Amazon Droid Factory FA-4
1x 2013 Amazon Droid Factory 212th Battalion Clone Trooper


- $2.00 Each -
1x 2012 CW Obi-Wan Kenobi (Legacy of Terror 2-Pk)
1x 2012 CW Ahsoka Tano (Brain Invaders 2-Pk) [no worms]

- $3.00 Each -
1x 2008 CW-03 Yoda SOLD
1x 2010 CW Mace Windu (The Rise of Boba Fett UBP)
1x 2011 CW63 Chewbacca
1x 2011 CW Captain Rex (The Hunt for Grievous BP) SOLD
1x 2011 CW Space Suit Anakin Skywalker (Cad Bane's Escape BP)
1x 2012 CW Savage Oppress (Darth Maul Returns BP) SOLD


- $4.00 Each -
1x 1996 SotE Swoop with Swoop Trooper SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 Speeder Bike with Endor Luke Skywalker
1x 1999 Ep1 Sith Speeder with Darth Maul

- $6.00 Each -
1x 1997 PotF2 Dewback w/Sandtrooper SOLD
1x 1997 PotF2 Expanded Universe Airspeeder with Pilot

- $10.00 Each -
1x 1999 Ep1 Sebulba’s Pod Racer with Sebulba

Other Toy Lines / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: August 8, 2014, 09:19 AM »
For 24 hours only, get 33% off a selection of The Walking Dead action figures at Entertainment Earth!  Free shipping if you spend $79 or more! 

[ad]And thanks for shopping via our referral link - every little bit helps trying to keep this place afloat! Thanks! :) [/ad]

Hasn't pretty much every one of TRU's "BIG" ($100+) exclusives ended up in their Holiday ads for big savings?   

When I see sets like this priced at $100 at TRU, I assume it's so they can put it in the early holiday shopping ads for "WOW - 30% OFF!" type deals.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Han Solo
« on: August 6, 2014, 05:12 PM »
Hey Hasbro,

Wow, it's been a year already?  Crazy how time flies.  Just thought I'd check in with you guys to see how things are going.

Let's go back to last year for a second...

I wanted to take this chance pre-SDCC to remind you that you cancelled the only 2013 basic carded 3.75" Han Solo figure you had announced (which, in itself was just another re-release of 2011's Bespin Han in your 'yeah, that's not gonna happen' Greatest Hits cases).  So... yeah. 

It's 2014 and still no new Han Solo figures in the collector quality, 3.75" basic figure line. :(

Do you realize that the last 3.75" basic figure Han Solo we got on a card was 2011's TVC Revenge of the Jedi Endor Han (and he was a kitbash, not even a fully new figure).   Just think about it.  That means I haven't added anything to my Wall of Single Carded Han Solo figures for THREE years!  THREE!  Not cool, man.  Not cool at all.   :'(

I'm not really a "you owe me" type of guy, but... you owe me, Hasbro.  2015 better be the year of AMAZING 3.75" Han Solo figures - a new SA Hoth Han?  I'll take it.  A new SA Carbonite Han with Block?  Even better!  How about a killer SA Marvel Comics Star Wars #15 Han Solo! (You had to know that was coming, right?  Why yes I do still want that Marvel Star Wars #15 Han Solo/Crimson Jack Comic Pack, thanks for asking!  :))

It's great that you're having lots of fun with your new 6" scale collector friends and giving them some great new Han Solo figures, but don't forget about your old 3.75" collector friends. 

Your Pal,

Feedback / Re: Nicklab's feedback
« on: August 5, 2014, 11:14 PM »
Got a super speedy payment from Nick.  Glad to see his figures arrived safely despite the Post Office's best efforts to keep them from him! :P

And there will be a 6" Poll

If Matt Coleman was still around, we could have a 0.5" pole too...  #theclassicsnevergetold

Somewhere he sits, smiling silently as he trolls the forums and drinks up the pain and frustration of the 6" collectors refreshing HTS for days now. 

Hasbro On-line Monkey strikes again!   MONKEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  >:(

I would have been okay with lumping the prequels into one list... or even making it down to 5 figures each film, especially given Hasbro and Disney's (supposed) focus on the OT.

I don't think you get enough differentiation with just 5 votes, I'd rather see one ten-vote Prequel Wishlist instead of three five-vote ones. 

And I think Scott already said that TCW Wishlist was done and TCW would just roll into the EU Wishlist going forward...  though I suppose we need to talk about whether or not it's worth voting for "Star Wars Legends" characters going forward since their day seems to have passed as well (unless they are easy repaints or repacks of course).

Yeah, that's an interesting idea.  Strange to think that this could very well be the last TPM/AotC/RotS wishlists we ever do...   I suppose it's maybe the last one for the "Star Wars Legends" EU stuff too?

Re: The Phantom Menace Wishlist -

I would probably buy more TPM figures if they make them (Kitster, Wald, Senators, pod racer pilots, etc), but if Hasbro announced they were never making another figure from TPM again , I'd probably be OK with that.

Same as last year...

1.  Kitster Banai
2.  Wald
3.  PK Droid
4.  Ann/Tann Gella
5.  R5-X2
6.  Aehrrley Rue
7.  Tey How

Saw a few "classic Amazon shipping" photos on Facebook tonight - Here's a great one of a Dagobah Luke and Yoda folded up to fit in a DVD mailer box.  ::)

Feel bad for the carded collectors but with Amazon's track record, anyone expecting MOC from Amazon is dreaming anyway...  :-X

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: July 31, 2014, 11:37 AM »
The Raptor should be available at BBTS in the (hopefully) near future.  That would be the "Sand Bike".  It comes with a bike, a "blanket", and a figure.  $80 is the price I've heard/seen.

The MKI Raptor is up for pre-order at BBTS - $89.99.

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: July 31, 2014, 10:41 AM »
Green Splatter Predator and NBC Jack/Zero are SOLD OUT, but EE's got the rest of the SDCC Funko ReAction figures up for order/pre-order now -

Goonies - Superman Sloth - $14.99 (September pre-order)
Firefly - Jayne with Hat - $14.99 (September pre-order)
Firefly - Mal with Browncoat - $11.99 (September pre-order)
Pulp Fiction - Bloody Vincent Vega - $14.99 (September pre-order)
Pulp Fiction - Bloody Jules Wilfield - $14.99 (September pre-order)
Rocketeer - Black & White - $14.99 (IN-STOCK)
Predator - Invisible with Green Splatter - SOLD OUT
NBC - Jack with Zero - SOLD OUT

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