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I didn't think it would get so crazy either... I figured another 90-100 figures from the OT and then the prequel figures.   :o  Boy was I wrong.

I started out in 96, buying Han and Chewie for nostalgia.  Then, I needed Vader.  Then, I needed Obi-Wan to fight Vader on my shelf.  Then, I decided to grab 3PO and R2.  Then, I decided to grab Leia and Luke too... next thing I knew I was collecting these things left and right, carded and loose, buying EVERYTHING: MicroMachines, Bend-Ems, Action Fleet, 12", etc.  I mean EVERYTHING with the SW logo on it was ending up in my house!

Eventually other stuff stared leaking into my collection too... X-Files, Xena, X-Men, Batman, etc.  If I liked a TV show/movie and there were figures, I eventually ended up with them.

Then, I had a breaking point.  I remember buying a Hyper-Armor something-or-other robot-fightin' Gambit and thinking, "What the hell am I doing?"  It was an epiphany of sorts.  I realized I had waaaaaaaay too much stuff and was spending waaaaaay too much $$ tracking all this extra stuff down, despite the fact that I no longer had any interest in it  (trying desperately not to sound like someone else here *cough* :-[).

Here I am, out of college with a crappy starter job and I'm burying myself in CC debt for figures that I no longer liked?  I think I got caught up in collecting AF lines before I thought out the ramifications like cost, storage space, and longevity... there's something about a line that ends that just kills your love for it, you know.  I also think that I ended up buying a lot of that other junk (X-Men, et al) because there were no new SW figures to buy on that toy run and I just wanted to buy something... not a good reason to collect a toy line.  :(

So, somewhere in the late 90s as I prepared for the Ep1 figures (around fall 98- early 99), I decided to focus solely on 3.75" SW figures and accessories since that's what I had as a kid.  I sold off all of my non-SW stuff and all of my non-3.75" SW stuff and have been much happier with my collection.  

Of course over time again, I have let  a few other figure lines slip into my collection here and there, like the Playskool Galactic Hereos, my DC Pocket Heroes, or my DC Direct Green Lantern Stuff.  Don't get me wrong, it is hard sometimes to pass up some of those awesome lines like Marvel Legends or MotU, but I know that I'll just eventually get tired of them too, just easier to skip it in the first place.  Much easier to collect a toy line you are passionate about then one you like just because it "looks cool".

Reading through that Collector Challenge sticky Thread, I don't know how some of you guys can do it!  I have enough trouble keeping up financially with SW, no room for more.  :(


As for Wave 4, you screwed the pooch on that one too.  Wave 4 should've just been 8x Stormtrooper.  Duh!

Nah, wave 4 is for the Targets, TRUs, and Wal-Marts to get what they want... gotta keep them happy too.

If I were in charge over at Hasbro, I'd crank out a sweet 4-pack of vOTC Stormtroopers which I'd release at Holiday time (November) as an on-line exclusive:  4x vOTC Stormie for $30 in a nice white mailer box.



Those EE case assortments are pretty accurate.

Wave 1.5 shipped first from E-tailers, but now some e-tailers like NewForce and EE are shipping wave 1.  Also, wave 1 cases have turned up at KB and a few other retailers so Luke is trickling out.

I still think they should have done FOUR cases as follows:

Wave 1
2x Han, Ben, Luke, Leia

Wave 2
2x Vader, Yoda, 3PO, Lando

Wave 3
2x Fett, Stormie, R2, Chewie

Wave 4
1x Han, Chewie, Luke, Ben, Yoda, Vader, Stormie, Fett

I think that would have been just fine... get out equal amounts of the figures, then one last push of the main characters to capture any DVD rush that happens to pop up.

Dang, why aren't I in charge of Hasbro's case packs? :(


I agree on Boushh.

The sculpting process has come a loooong way since '96 and it'd be cool to see an updated version!

I'd like to see her come with a removable helmet (obviously), Staff, Thermal Detonator (not sculpted into her hand), and perhaps with an updated Carbonite block?

That's be a resculpt I wouldn't mind... in fact, maybe we do need a GOOD Hybernation Sickness Carbonite Han too.


I'm working on a shelf in the Star Wars Room that I call...

"Star Wars Wasteland"

I've got the little bar peices from the WM Cantina wave 1 there, along with all the figures that I have no use for anymore: Leia Collection figures, PotF2 Fett, PotF2 Lobot, CT Greedo, PotF2 Ponda, PotF2 Gen. Lando, Hoth Luke, etc.

Eventually, there will be 6 more bar peices there (from box 1 and 2), so there'll be plenty more drinkin space for the soon to be replaced CT Wuher, PotF2 Dr. Evazan, Cantina Ponda Baba, Cantina Obi-Wan, and more I'm sure.  

They all hang out in this little bar, drinking away the misery of having been replaced by a superior version, knowing that they are no longer loved.  Granted, they'll always have a place in my heart, but what's done is done and I've moved on.  At least they have each other for support...


This is what I like to see...

Big White Sox miscue helps lead to huge Twins sweep

3.5 game lead, now turn it on (with or without Benson) and don't look back!


Here's a shot of my Cantina the way it is currently set-up...

See my Baniss Keeg figure over in the customs section!


Star Wars Action Figures / Jeff's Custom Figures - Updated 6/7
« on: July 28, 2004, 06:26 PM »

I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to take some pictures of my 150+ custom figures to share with you guys.

First Up -

Baniss Keeg:

My recipe is very similar to some of the FFURG ones I've seen, but not quite the same:
Duros - head, hands, and boots.
FF BSH Helmet Luke - Torso, legs, arms
lotsa painting

I really like the way he turned out!  I think he is my favorite custom figure.   :)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Time for some new flip-flops.
« on: July 28, 2004, 05:10 PM »
Ours are taller, good to -70 C and all white.  Better for hunting polar bears.  Eh.  

Like this?

I hear a lot of Winnipeg guys wear these on their Polar Bear hunts...


Don't worry, the Dodgers will crap out at the end of the year for one reason only... from page 1 of this thread:

I, too, am a crappy division-winner chooser, but it never stops me from trying...

AL East: New York Yankees
AL Central:  Minnesota Twins
AL West: Oakland A's
AL Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays

NL East: Atlanta Braves
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL West: LA Dodgers
NL Wild Card: Houston Astros

You're doomed.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re:
« on: July 28, 2004, 04:00 PM »


Great Job,!   >:(

I guess I got my answer on whether I am going to try to order the Holo-Emperor exclusive for my MOMC collection!


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Time for some new flip-flops.
« on: July 28, 2004, 02:05 PM »

I picture Virex ripping open the box, sliding into his new flip-flops, and dashing outside to try them out!  He must be running through the yard right now yelling "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" as he puts them through the first work-out.

After all, no review would be complete without a breakdown of comfort level whilst walking and running in them.  That must be the reason for the delay.


Dang!  OTC has finally hit Target, and it looks like it's gonna hit hard!  I found the following today:

OTC 12" Fett (gray), Stormtrooper, Luke
OTC Lightsabers (electronic and basic)
OTC X-Wing ($20)
OTC TIE Fighter ($20)
OTC Falcon ($50)
vOTC Han, Leia, Ben ($10)
OTC Bespin Wave ($5)
Unleashed Leia ($15)
Unleashed Obi-Wan ($15)
and, tucked around the aisle, the Galactic Heroes Falcon ($30)

I grabbed myself a new Falcon and left the rest!

At least 1/2 the aisle was packed with the OTC stuff and it looked GREAT.  They (Target) reset with all new GI Joe, Batman Animated, JL Unlimited stuff too.  I'd say watch for all Targets to reset the aisle soon!


Showoff.  ::)

Now I'm definately gonna try to trow up some pictures of my various custom figures tonight...


Yeah... I did that.   :-*

I used two cheap clearance Bossks from the PotF2 green card blowouts to craft my two custom Saurin.  One, I did just what you said Scott, I used a Ponda Baba body and painted him (black pants, ugly green/yellow jacket like in the picture.  

The second, to be a bit different, I used a Ep1 Rune Haako for the body and painted up the robes.  This gave the second one a different look, with a bit of a difference in height and head position.

BUT, I'd still like an official Hasbro version though.


I really should get off my lazy ass and finaly take some snap shots of my custom figures now that I have a digital Camera...  maybe I'll do that tonight with a feature on my Cantina Customs?

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