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My gripe?

Jerks who drive 5 miles LESS than the speed limit, ride the middle line, then speed up when you try to pass them!


This weekend, I did a lot of driving on two-lane roads as I headed north to the cabin/lake.  Quite a few times, I encountered another driver, who wanted to drive SLOW (5 miles below the limit) in the no-passing zones and then sped up to 5 miles over the limit on the strait-aways.  To top it off, they'd ride the center line so you couldn't see around their SUV/boat-toting ass.  To see if it was OK to pass, I'd have to stick my nose way out into the oncoming lane... not exactly safe!

I HATE speed-up/slow-down driving, so it drove me absolutely batty.  I just wanted to lock the Cruise at 60 and go, but it took forever to pass these jerks.  I'd eventually have to gun it up to 80 to get around them and hope there were no local-cop speed traps waiting for me...

What ever happened to the days when a driver would realize someone was trying to pass them, so they'd slow down a bit and move to the right so you could see around them?!?!


At least we play KC soon so maybe the Twins can rebound a bit.


What a couple nights for my boys, THREE complete game shut-outs in a row as the Twins destroyed KC, outscoring them 25-0 over the past three games.  

Radke threw a 4-hitter, then Santana a 3-hitter, then Lohse with a six-hitter last night.  That's 27 scoreless innings by starters, along with 24 strikeouts and only 2 walks.  KC managed to get 13 hits scattered across those 27 innings, all of them singles.

Things are getting pretty bad in KC.  Since tradong Beltran, they are 1-12 and they have scored just one run in the last 37 innings of baseball.  KC's big boon last year was their divisional record, but this year that's flopping.  After going 11-8 against Minny last year, this year, they are 3-9 so far.  Not looking good for them....  :)

But, things are looking better for the Twins.  After the Sweep of KC, and combined with the Chi-Sox 5-game losing streak, my boys are back in First Place with a 2.5 game lead and a fully rested bull-pen... here's to hoping that they continue the run by pounding on Detroit!


JD Sports Forum! / Re: JediDefender Fantasy Football
« on: July 7, 2004, 05:07 PM »
Hope I do better here than the BAseball League...

I'm in.


Saga '02-'04 / Re: Burger King Glasses Figures!!!!!!
« on: July 7, 2004, 03:29 PM »
I'm still looking for Luke and Leia cup sets.

Most Targets here have Obi-Wan and Maul clogging up the works.

I noticed this weekend that the Clone Wars Animated figures are now on clearance, I wonder if these cup-sets will be next...?


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Multiple Viewings?
« on: July 7, 2004, 02:30 PM »
Do any of you go to the theatre more than once, or do you go...and wait out the DVD/VHS offering?

Ususally, we go and then buy the DVD if we liked the movie.

Multiple veiwings are a rare occurance these days, usually reserved for SW, LOTR, and the occasional re-release (Superman 1 played a local theater a while back).

And, when regular movies are multiple viewed (such as Sipedy 2 might be), it's usually at a second-run theater (ie the "cheap" movie theater) where the tickets are around $1-2 to see the picture.  No stadium seating or free refills, but cheap movies are always cool...


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: July 7, 2004, 02:27 PM »
My little bro took his PS2 along to the cabin this weekend...

After dinner (before headed out for our evening fishing 7-10pm), my little bro and I would take turns flogging poor Gemini Man or some other goon on the MegaMan disc.

He too has gone through MegaMan 2 and 3, but now he's back to MM 1 which he can't seem to beat.  We also played a bit of NHL2004 where the dreaded menace of Jokerit constantly pounded my brother's Maple Leaf squad.


Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 7, 2004, 01:43 PM »

I just cancelled my wave 1 / wave 2 / wave 2.5 pre-order and ordered 2x wave 2.5 cases instead...

I might have to wait a bit longer, but I'd rather not have all the unwanted extras.  Plus, it'll be cheaper since I have less cases to order and will save on shipping too.

Now, I just need will-power to pass on wave 1 when I find them at Retail...



Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 7, 2004, 12:04 PM »

Stop switching case-packs around you monkeys!

I'm starting to think I whould cancel my pre-orders for wave 1 and do the same ...


Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Vintage OTC Figures
« on: July 7, 2004, 11:34 AM »
Don't know if everyone saw this or not yet so...

vOTC Wave 3 up for Pre-Order at EE

Search for Fett wave 3 to find it...

2x Fett
2x Stormie
1x Chewie
1x R2-D2
1x Lando
1x Vader


A case pack that doesn't automatically suck?  2x Stormie, the army-builder!  Yes!  I just got done placing my pre-order!


but I really don't need anything at retail so I may not :P

I don't need anything at retail either since I'm expecting my cases on Friday too, but that sure as heck never stopped me before!  




Back from the lake to discover the OTC is hitting retail!  

Even saw a few reports that the OTC is in Wisconsin!  Guess I better hit Wal-Mart and K-Mart over lunch today...

(good 4th of July fishing, by the way, despite the 50oF weather >:()

[runs to Tydirium's house]

"Ooh, OTC."


[runs home]


So, "HandStand" posed Dagobah Luke was wave 9 (aka 7.25).  Check.  Thanks for that info!  

And, on the frayed cards bit, that kind of explains why most of the AFA graded uncirculated figures from Cloud City only had a 80-85 rating.  Gonna be hard to find in uber condition then, eh?


The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Tarkin
« on: July 2, 2004, 03:29 PM »

Are you sure that's not a "Staff Guy Only" feature?

The rest of us lowly guys might not be able to do it...
(as in I don't see that "attach" bar either).


It's almost as if, slowly but surely, all the things that kill a toy line are creeping into SW:

- Rotating/changing case packs
- Running variants (Hoth Han, J'Quille/Tanus, Unleashed Clone)
- uneven distribution (was fixed for PotJ, but now it's back)
- gotta catch em all attitude (numbering system)
- repacks and repaints (a la Batman and Toy Biz)
- short production runs (anyone seen the Endor wave warming the pegs? Nope.)

How much longer before they start adding "Chase" figures to the cases?  Watch for the exclusive Red-Stripe Clone Trooper, packed in every 10th case!   >:(

All of the above items kill collector interest.  Declining interest = lower sales, which in turn causes drop of retailer support, which in turn kills a line.

Sliding downhill fast...  Just more evidence to support the case of us "The Line will die by 2006" crazies I guess.  



Looks like my wave 10 and wave 8 are in-stock at EE.

Some lucky people who got in early enough got wave 9 headed their way too...


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