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The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: July 2, 2010, 08:57 AM » posted a report that TVC is made with a thinner cardstock. Maybe the same thinner card is used for the new TCW cards, as well?

It's possible, I have not seen cards damaged in this way before. They're totally warped, not bent or torn. The Grievous card is so distorted that the bubble is literally pulling away from the cardboard backing.

The Tank Box looks like someone just stepped on the back of it.

There was no packing material, bubble wrap, etc, so contents may have shifted during processing.

Hasbro response from most recent round of Q&A:

"There are no plans for an updated Quinlan Vos or Villie figure."



I'm already calling this as the Wave of the Year. What an assortment!

Even if Boba is a repack if the UB version, and the Mando is a repack of the Deluxe Speeder version, ya still got Shaak Ti and Embo plus a new astromech.

Hoping to see these before Christmas...

So Yakface has a cool photo with the full assortment of 38 TCW figures for this year, including numbering. Pretty close to what they had leaked previously.

We pretty much knew the first 19, but the remaining are:

Mace Windu   CW20
Commander Gree   CW21
Battle Droid Commander   CW22
Kit Fisto   CW23
ARF Trooper (Teth Camo)   CW24
Ki-Adi-Mundi   CW25
Clone Trooper   CW26
R2-D2   CW27
Clone Pilot Oddball   CW28
Mandalorian Warrior   CW29
R4-P17   CW30
Shaak Ti   CW31
Boba Fett   CW32
Embo   CW33
Undead Geonosian   CW34
Clone Trooper Draa   CW35
Clone Commander Jet   CW36
Quinlan Vos   CW37
Cato Parasitti   CW38

Kudos to them for the info; just wanted to share since I like to keep track of all this stuff. :)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: July 1, 2010, 08:25 PM »
Got my order from with TCW Fall Wave 1 plus the Interceptor Tank. Psyched to have these, but the cards were a little banged up, and the Tank has a definite smush. I foresee some swapping out in the future...

Thanks Pete, I think you are right. I haven't heard or seen any reports of the Deluxe stuff on shelves yet, I just thought it might be since it was up on like the other stuff recently.

My order from for this wave arrived today. Wow, talk about some badly warped cards! I am fine with keeping these as openers, but I'm definitely going to have to pick up some mintier cards at some point.

They're all nice, but Aurra and Pre are the clear winners. Two of my favorite figures they have done so far, for sure!

Thanks Pete!

It's weird though, I can get the figures to come up via your links, but I can't seem to find them via key search words like "Vintage" or "3.75", and I also don't see them listed anymore in the general section for action figures.

Maybe they have re-configured how they are being displayed or something. I did notice the Han was listed as "In Stock" so it seems like they would want you to actually be able to order him.

I was on yesterday and they had Vader and maybe 3-PO, the rest were gone. I wondered the same thing, that they realized a goof too late.

Interesting...I saw them yesterday too, but today - nothing. I don't mean they are sold out either, the listings themselves are actually gone from what I can tell.

Makes me wonder too - is that street date only applicable to the Vintage stuff?

Is anyone else able to find the vintage figures on anymore?

The new Legends and TCW stuff is still there, but I cannot find any listings for the Vintage figures any longer.

They do have the Cloud Car and Snowspeeder up still.

Think they pulled these after someone figured out they shouldn't be selling them "early"?

LOL, for sure I knew someone would get bent out of shape about that...purely tongue-in-cheek. I respect anyone trying to do their job, I just wish we had more of the types around here that don't give a whoot.

Some things CAN happen, but there really only seemed to be strict enforcement by Hasbro in movie years when leaking stuff meant leaking stuff about the movies.  It doesn't seem to be as important these days.

Makes sense...I can see Hasbro just shrugging their collectiv shoulders and saying "Hey, we can't control what our vendors do".

I posted this elsewhere, but it bears repeating: given that it is now obvious that some stores are observing the street date and some are not, couldn't Hasbro just draft a letter to TRU telling them to go ahead and start selling the things anyway? What's the point of having a hard street date if so many stores are just going to ignore it? Seems like that would only aggravate the consumers.

Am I reading this right that it's TRU where people are finding them?

Yes, I called all the Walmarts and Targets in my area last night and none of them even had any new figures in stock, much less on the pegs. I don't expect they will be getting them anytime soon either.

At this point, given what is going on around the country, I think Hasbro should draft a letter to TRU telling them to just go ahead and sell the damn things. There's no point in having a street date if half the stores are going to ignore them anyway. All that does is piss people off that aren't fortunate enough to live someplace where the TRU staff doesn't care.

It was a good idea in theory, what with SDCC and C5 around the corner, but in practice, pretty much a failure and it's time to open the flood gates.

JTA is reporting that you can request a price adjustment from TRU if you ordered your figures online prior to the BOGO sale. I'll be looking into this tonight for sure. (Although I'm still waiting for them to credit my card back for the first order I cancelled, so I'm not holding my breath)

Stopped in at TRU today to do some b-day shopping for our daughter, and found these on the pegs (as well as the "new" Legends figures - no sign of Vintage).  Kind of cool to see something new on the pegs.

Where do you live, bro?

Did they have the new Deluxe Vehicle Figure packs out too?

The Vintage Collection / Re: SDCC 2010
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:48 PM »
Yeah, at the rate we're going, I wonder if they'll have anything noteworthy left to "reveal" by then...LOL.

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