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The Vintage Collection / Re: 2020 TVC 3.75" Carbonized Collection
« on: December 7, 2020, 11:08 AM »
Here is my overall experience:

* Initial order 2x of all four figures, order split to the following shipments:
- Cara Dune x1 in a unpadded envelope, bubble crushed - opened this one
- Cara Dune x1 in a padded envelope, card creased
- Deathtrooper x1 in an unpadded envelope, bubble crushed - opened this
- Deathtrooper x1 in an unpadded envelope, bubble crushed, card bent - opened this
- Mando x2 in a box (by some miracle) - both arrived in good shape
- Remnant Stormtrooper x2 in a box (again, another miracle) - one in good shape, other had a notch in the cardback

* Second order 2x of Cara Dune and 2x Imperial Deathtrooper in hopes of getting MOMC versions, flagged them as gifts
- Cara Dune x2 in a box - both arrived in good condition, some scuffing on one of the bubbles
- Imperial Deathtrooper x2 in a box - both arrived in good condition

* Ordered 2x of Remnant Trooper, again, flagged them as a gift, the order was split into two shipments, one in a box and the other in a bag, bag one was crushed, so I opened it, boxed one replaced the one from the first order so I now have 2x MOMC Remnant Stormtroopers

* Ordered 2x of Mando, flagged them as gifts - both sent separately and in a bag, so flagging something as a gift does NOT guarantee a box, going to open one of these for my opener

So now that all of my orders have arrived, have:
2x of all four figures MOMC
1x of Cara and Mando open
2x of Deathtrooper and Stormtrooper open

And I have non-mint Mando and Cara to return or offer in trade to someone who is interested in having one to open... I'm sure the WalMart customer service rep at my local store is going to give me a hard time because of the condition of Mando & Cara Dune that I have to return...  :-\

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2020 TVC Haslab Project
« on: December 6, 2020, 05:00 PM »
I backed three Razor Crests - and to be honest, I'm not upset about it in the least.

I had planned on keep one MIMB (with all of the carded figures still inside).

The 2nd one will get opened and the carded figures inside will stay carded.

The 3rd one was going to get opened so I could open the carded figures and I had planned on selling just the vehicle (and maybe the soft goods Mando) to anyone who was interested in just the ship.

But if no one is interested in it, I'll either create a diorama of it being scavenged by the Jawas (apparently a regular TVC Offworld Jawa is coming too) or I'll just keep it in the box off to the side for a day down the line when there will be a collector who wants it regardless of it being blown up.

My Mandalorian Loyalist arrived a week back shipped in a bag with ZERO protection/padding. So you can imagine how that showed up.

Today, according to the tracking number, I should be getting Ahsoka - fingers crossed that she arrives in a box and not a bag.

If anyone was shut out on this, I still have the two orders that are supposed to be shipped to me next week, I would be happy to pass them for cost + shipping should anyone want them. Let me know...

I’ll take one.

You got it! I'll DM you when the order arrives so we can work things out. If you find one in the interim, no big deal, I can just take it back to the store if no one else wants it.

Does anyone have one of these they will sell me? I am literally begging. Pulse put these back up today and I had it in my cart and it disappeared in less than a minute. This is literally the only Black Series figure I have never been able to get and I feel cruelly misled that this was going to be a Fan Channel exclusive like the Skywalker Strikes set.  >:(

I hear you... I was lucky and was able to get one of these when they went up for order originally. The one I missed was the Cad Bane w/TODO - missing out on that one really upsets me, cause I would much rather have the version that comes with the little droid than the regular release version I already have.  >:(

I was able to pick up two of these this past Sunday morning, but I also have two online orders - one has shipped, and the second is still pending. I would be happy to pass on any extras I get for cost + shipping. Let me know if you're interested, if I get no interest, I'll probably just return them to the store...

I also was up until 1:30am and I was able to order two for delivery using my Target RedCard.

I also went to my local store that (was not offered as an option for pick-up) but did have them in stock and had them out when I got to the store at 8am.

If anyone was shut out on this, I still have the two orders that are supposed to be shipped to me next week, I would be happy to pass them for cost + shipping should anyone want them. Let me know...

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2020 TVC 3.75" Carbonized Collection
« on: November 24, 2020, 10:31 AM »
Finally started to get these this week. And WalMart is shipping them all individually to me in a plastic mailer bag with ZERO padding/protection. So you can imagine how they are arriving.  :(

I hate WalMart and I hate it when they have exclusives.

Galaxy of Adventures / Re: 3.75" Celebrate the Saga 5POA Multi-Packs
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:24 PM »
Had a not-for-the-better job change this week which has made me re-evaluate my collecting. First step was finally deciding to break the “One of everything Mint In Box” madness - no one magical rich collector is going to come in and swoop up my collection some day, so the point of trying to maintain that standard was driving me crazy. So while I did get a couple of these “Celebrate the Saga” sets to open for the unique droid, I am rounding up all 8 MIB ones and returning them today, 2 back to Best Buy and the other 6 to a UPS store to be sent back to Amazon. The crazy thing is that adds up to $240 for 5POA rehashes. While I’m not happy about this life change, it took the life change to finally realize how, for me at least, this quest to have one of everything MIB was not a path I should be following.

Gonna be finally looking to sell my 12” (Hasbro and Sideshow), Unleashed, Transformers (both Star Wars and regular) and a bunch more stuff over the coming months mostly to reduce my collection footprint. I honestly would be happy to get it down to just all my open stuff and anything in Vintage-style packaging. And then it would be up to Hasbro how long they keep me as a customer, but that too would depend on how employment goes... 2020 has been great!

Got my first one today, and of course it’s totally jacked. If I saw video tape of this box being rolled down multiple flights of stairs and then landing in a puddle of water, I would believe it. (The bottom of the box and one side were wet like this box had been left out in the rain)

I have a second one coming next week, if it also arrives equally messed up, one is definitely going back to Target. I knew this was going to be a problem as soon as this was announced.  >:(

Picked up all the 3.75 inch droids. Nice sets. Since the R3 is in imperial colors. I'm doing another video.  ;)

Great video Anthony.

The only correction I would like to offer is that the Disney Astromech universal left/right legs are produced by the Disney Parks merchandise team (probably using the same factories as Hasbro), but Hasbro has never officially released an Astromech with those types of legs, even when they have released R2-D2 in recent 2-packs and on the TVC ANH card, it's always been the long running left & right specific legs with the wires at the "feet" portion of the leg.

The same goes with the domes, the domes with the peg holes are domes specifically made by the Disney Parks merchandise team, none of the Hasbro releases have ever had the peg holes.

Surprised not to see this at Target this morning with all the other new goodies.

I think it has been confirmed that the Smuggler's Run Millennium Falcon is an online item only for Target.

Obviously that might changer closer to the holiday shopping season, but for now, I don't even think there is a shelf space for it in any of the displays that Target has put up this weekend.

Scored all three sets at the Target I was at this morning. Had been waiting for the door to open from 7:30am, went right for these first thing. Got a set for myself to keep MIB and another to open, the third is for my friend Chuck who always helps me with the Disney Droids, so he can help collectors overseas.

Got accosted by a “white knight” collector with a New York attitude, while I was at the self checkout register, because I was buying them all, he even called over the manager who, for a few minutes, I was worried would cancel my purchase. The manager made some remarks about how he hates having collectibles and how scummy eBay sellers come and clean him out whenever the items hit the shelves.

I am tempted to call Target Corporate offices and file a complaint against him, this guy used to be the manager of a store 40 minutes North from me and is a total jerk.

I didn’t engage with this guy until my purchase was complete and I explained to him I never sell on eBay (which I don’t) or specifically buy to flip online, and that I help other collectors all the time. Hate it when stuff hits and it’s the summer season and the North Jersey and New York collectors are here for the week renting out a beach house.

I pre-ordered this from EE back when it originally went up and I have yet to get this...  >:(

Got my Carbonized Stormtrooper already though. Here's hoping that EE isn't going to screw me over and cancel my preorder at some point...

The Vintage Collection / Re: Shipping Experiences?
« on: August 12, 2020, 10:45 AM »
I have been increasingly disappointed with EE as of late.

I have been a customer of theirs since the 90s and can honestly say that when I called customer support back in the beginning, you spoke with Jason or his brother for assistance, and it was VERY clear that they cared.

Now when you speak with customer service, they have this attitude of "oh, product isn't mint, no problem we'll send you a new one send us that one back" and when you speak with them about trying to stop the steady stream of damaged stuff coming to your home, they basically dismiss you and say "you can always use our mint condition guarantee to get a mint item" - but my argument is typically, "wouldn't it save EE some $$$ if you ensured that a mint item is packaged well to begin with?!?!?!"

I can't even begin to list the number of orders that come in pristine mailer boxes with ZERO dings, dents, scrapes, etc... and then when I open the box, the item inside is damaged and it clearly went into the box that way.

When I was working on getting caught up on Black Series Phase 3, I ordered some items from Big Bad Toy Store and I have to say that I was impressed both with the speed of shipping and the care that went into packing up my order. So while you do pay a little bit more for their top-tier item condition, when you do, they ensure that you absolutely get it in that same condition. I found that incredibly refreshing.

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