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The Vintage Collection / TVC Nevarro Cantina Playset
« on: June 9, 2021, 08:41 PM »
Was a good day to be a TVC fan.  A cantina from Navarro playset is awesome.  Iím really excited and curious what packin it gets.

The Vintage Collection / Shipping Experiences?
« on: July 25, 2020, 12:39 AM »
Got my ITT from EE finally.  I ordered it via the affiliate link and it took their 3rd party shipping a month to finally get it to usps.  They blamed it on Covid so I guess **** happens but a month?  Yikes.  I literally got things I ordered from China, AFTER this order, sooner than this order arrives.

I was concerned Iíd have to dispute it thinking there was no way it was taking this long seriously and it was lost somewhere, and how EE would handle me disputing it cuz they werenít really wanting to help me find it...  which maybe is understandable since they didnít have it either and had to rely on their 3rd party logistics people to find it, but wow.

Star Wars Action Figures / Articulation Addition Addiction
« on: August 7, 2019, 10:47 PM »
Iíve been fiddling around articulating underarticulated figures lately. 

I cleaned my work bench off to do something and wound up getting distracted with this, which Iíve had in the works but didnít act on.  First was a 5poa First Order Trooper as kind of a proof of concept test figure.  I figured if I butchered him then no real loss. 


Next was a little bit of a detour to 1999.  I always liked the sandtrooper from potj and his subsequent clean rereleases.  Plus heís the only way to get a set of macro binocs!  But it always felt a waste to buy a figure for an accessory...  now the figure is usable to me and he turned out quite well except for a hole in his forearm I had to fill (overzealous drilling combined with a kind of thin forearm).


Next up was a Rogue One Tanker...  I love these guys and wanted the cheapies to be usable.  I took a little detour with him to give him a removable helmet feature too.  Again super thin forearms make this tough but it worked.  It was def harder than the other two were.  Turns out I donít have pics of him yet.  Guess I forgot. 🤷‍♂️  EDIT: Okay now I have em and added em.

Tanker turned out ok but the oddly colored pants and the fact they are painted and not cast in color, makes for some color issues.  I may repaint the joint but Iím more concerned with the white ring the pants leave once cut and hollowed out.  Heís definitely needing some polish work.

Next up will be a landing crewman because they are a cool new design that just needs beefed up to be poseable.  I suspect trouble on this one due to the thin frame of the limbs, but we shall see.

I got distracted with some car work and a major garage cleaning and tool move this week but Iíll get back to the customs bench eventually.  Still have some work to get done first though.

Other Toy Lines / JoyToy 1/18 Figures
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:07 AM »
Joy Toy is another asian line of figures that have no real line per se, but they're just a weird line of futuristic looking soldiers that are hyper articulated and nicely decoed.

I discovered them first on Ebay but have since found that BBTS sells them individually for less $ generally.

JoyToy as a company has no site or address anyone seems to be able to find, but their toys started out at 1:27-ish scale and look like knock-offs of characters and mech suits from Titanfall video games.  I mean they're not even subtle about it really, they look spot-on to stuff out of that video game series.  They make mechs, figures, vehicles, etc. all in 1:27, but now they're branching into 1:18 (much less to pick from).

Some of the 1:27 stuff actually works perfectly fine in 1:18 though too.  There is a computer console set that's getting hard to get (they seem to "retire" things like Acid Rain does).  Some of the land vehicles look like they'd work in 1:18 fine too but I'm reluctant to sink that kinda coin into a toy that may not work.  I'd like seeing a review first from someone who A) speaks English and B) did a comparison with different sized figures.  These are much more an Asian toy line than US and as such are "imports" really, haha. 

They have 2 1:18 mechs for pre-order though and those are on my "buy" list for sure.  I love mechs and I love Titanfall mechs especially...  They're great designs, very gritty.

The 1:18 figures I've been buying now here and there are also very Acid-Rain-ish in deco.  Articulation is great.  They share base bodies and have armor you add to them and are supposed to glue together so these have a weird model-like quality to them.  They're in the $30-$35 range of price, and are heavily Russian-themed for some reason though they all look fairly generic.  Any one would pass for an interesting pirate, bounty hunter, or similar in Star Wars though.  I'd also say they're less 1:18 and more in the 1:20 or 1:19 realm.

As someone who had always wanted a nice Titanfall toy line and never really got one, these are up my alley.  I'm catching up so I have one of each now though.  When they stop making them they tend to rise in value fairly fast.

Outside of Asia and Ebay, the only places I've seen to buy them are Asian stores that sell outside of their region.

Modern Classifieds / Rebolt & Muddy Han/Chewie For Sale
« on: January 24, 2019, 09:52 PM »
If anyone would like a set of Solo Forcelink 2-packs of Rebolt and the muddy Han/Chewbacca let me know.  $26 or $27 shipped.

The Vintage Collection / Walmart Vintage Collection TIE Fighter
« on: July 12, 2018, 11:54 PM »
Jayson over at the Yak teased this and Robot Kingdom spilled the beans completely.  Vintage Collection ďBig WingĒ TIE Fighter

Apparently Walmart isnít donít banking on bigger ticket exclusives.

Iím excited to get a big wing grey TF at this point.

Toy Reviews / Nova Ubiquitous Action Figure Displays
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:33 PM »
(Clicky to read my impressions)

We recently received a sample from the company "Nova" for their soon-to-be-released Ubiquitous Action Figure Displays system.

What the hell is that!?  Well, read the review and you'll find out, but the short answer is a scale-neutral action figure display system that is customizable to virtually any configuration you could want.

I enjoyed it, and would liken it to GTP Space Walls but more versatile (IE: not Death Star specific looking) and display options are much more numerous.  It's tough for me to compare them to one another, I consider them wholly separate and complimentary, not competitive, but check it out for yourself!

Hasbro introducing ďcrowdsourcingĒ format Haslab?  Starts with Star Wars.  You want it you find it.  Jabbas Sail Barge!  You want it?  Ya gotta pay up.  4 deer long!  Holy cow!

Star Wars Universe / The Star Wars: Concept Trailer
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:48 PM »
Ever wondered what Star Wars might've looked like with all the original conceptual designs used over the final designs?

A digital arts school called the DAVE School in Orlando did a trailer using concept art, and it's really incredible looking (and sounding).

Clicky the image to check out the story!

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / Galactic Trading Post 1/6 Items
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:46 PM »
Their 1/12 Space Walls have done well and so Galactic Trading Post is expanding to other scales...

To coincide with #GoRogue Friday, they're unveiling their first 1/6 items...

1/6 Scale "Space Wall" 4 Pc Light-Up set, for $195 Pre-Order


1/6 Opening Cargo Box w/Trays $55 ea or 2/$45 ea Pre-Order

Prices being what they are, you'd expect high quality.  Comparatively speaking, you'll get it if they're anything like the 1/12 scale Space Walls...  High quality ABS plastic, injection molded, superior detail...  No resin garage kits here, which can be good but which are never the same as steel tooled molds.

Given what people pay for 1/6 scale figures, I get that quality is paramount here...  The description of those space walls alone is intriguing.  LED light panels and a blinking light control panel.  Slick stuff it seems.  I'm anxious to see these in person myself, or quality production images.

Well it looks like K-Mart has another exclusive for this year...  I saw Yakface tweet about this earlier, but a picture has turned up of a 6" Sgt. Jyn Erso like the title says.

She appears to have at least an exclusive base going for her...  Not sure what else is unique to be honest.  I know it's wildly different than the SDCC Jyn Erso, but will there be a general release version of her in this specific set of accessories or is the base and maybe the deco be all that's exclusive like last year's K-Mart figures?

If it's all the gear though, this will be a much more popular figure I'd imagine.

Starting a thread here because I thought some of you might be interested in Death Star Hallways like everyone says they're interested in Death Star Hallways. :P

Via the wonders of Social Media I found a company I'd never heard of called Galactic Trading Post, who have already put out a series of Injection Molded Plastic (IE: Not resin or 3D prints) Space Walls, which just so happen to look a hell of a lot like Death Star Hallways.  They're a new company, but they've already sold out of their initial run of these, and only the 2-wall expansion set is available currently.

That said, I made contact with the company founders, and have talked with them a bit about what they're making now, what they're making soon, and what they're hoping to make in the more distant future!  It's definitely ambitious, and they seem to already have a hit on their hands.  You can read all about it on Our Front Page now!  I'm going to pick up some of the wall expansions out of simple curiosity.  While I'm not a 6" collector at heart, and the initial offerings are in 1/12 scale, I see potential use for them on their sides as 3.75" displays, actually.  I'm excited to pick some up just to see.  Hopefully I'll have some kind of review to slap together for it all.

In the meantime, click the link and read up about them, visit their site, and dream!

The Sequel Trilogy / So, Are Kanjiklub Literally Little Freaks?
« on: March 10, 2016, 10:05 PM »
Not talking midgets here, but Kanjiklub was referenced by Han as "Little freaks". 

Then the leader figure is diminutive (I don't have him, just know he is).  They're tough to really tell in the show they're in, but are they like pygmy type guys or what?

It was one of the funnier lines in the movie IMO and I kind of am curious about them now.  They just look like Asian guys from what I recall, but are they really tiny humans or what?

Other Collectibles / Star Wars Stools
« on: February 12, 2016, 07:03 PM »
Weird I know, but shop stools with Star Wars characters are half off half off at Kmart.  I think these first showed at Pep Boys but Kmart got some for Xmas.  There are Vader, Boba, Stormtrooper, and a generic Star Wars logo.  My store only had Boba but somehow I got a Vader today after placing an order online and store pickup.  $15 for a stool for ur garage or basement is kinda good anyway.  The fact it's Star Wars is just more dead.

The Black Series 3.75" / Hasbro Pulse - New Brand Site For Fans
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:32 PM »
Hasbro Pulse Website

Click the linky above to read...  Basically though, Hasbro's started a more direct "fan site" to connect with fans of their various brands and such.  They're promising inside design process stories, feature stories on people like Stephen Hayford and his photo-art (which is already up on the site and good to read), Fan polls, and product reveals.

Check it out...  It officially debuts tomorrow but is live now.

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