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Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: RTV rubber
« on: August 16, 2007, 01:10 PM »
I dont think i've ever had a smooth on order take longer than a week. I've gotten stuf in 3 day before. You can pay for expidited shipping too, and get it next day. I've never had to do that and still gotten my orders very fast.

I was in SC for a week so i am just seeing your finished product.
I really like how she turned out. Your second choice for a head was even better than the one i offered.
Excellent work.
I really need to get off my duff and get some customizing done.

Wow chewie, I really like that paint app on your bith. Im usually not one to comment on all your figures cause you do them all so well, i would just be repeating myself, but the bith stands out big time. THat is very artistic and plain cool. Phenomenal work.
THe gamorean thug is equally as nice but he could stand to pack on a few pounds.

Well, i said it already paul, but i feel like a schmuck. I'm glad you finally got this one completed.
He looks perfect. I dont think i saw your screed and kleb before. They look great.

Sorry i let you down on gaff.  :-[

Great to see you posting figures again!!

I just cut the center botom heat seal. Just cut around it. Then i slip the carded figure out of it and it closes back and looks fine, minus the cut piece.

Excelllent work straxus. I love all the detail you put into your sculpts.
I would love a cast of your clone engineer helmet if you make them available to the public.
I have been putting off sculpting my own for over a year.

All of them are great!

Saw this yesterday on scum, and just wanted to say its a huge improvement.
Beautifully done. Disagree with your stance on the prequels, but love the custom!!   ;)

Great pics finds!!!

Great stuff paul, you all should take a picture with the dio so we can see our crew.

THats not a bad idea, but i guess it will get too close to a custom workshop?

I'm still in awe of the terrain. It looks amazing.

Thanks Joe, i was about to post the same info, I just read your PM this morning.

I tried paul, i couldnt get it finished. I doubt i can tonight either.
I had a busy weekend with the in-laws.
I will see what i can do tonight... I may have to resort to painted styrofoam.

One was joe-rhyno's  I think he abanodned the project at the end of the year when interest as a whole died down.
I'll PM him and see if its still available. Isn't it too late to ship? You need it tomorrow right?

I said glue a while back, and still think its the best thing to do.
The problem i see with the post-it tacky stuff is that
it wont stick to the sandy or grassy terrain so the figures will still fall.

You set up thursday? or wedensday?

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