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As usual, extremely inovative work G.
You always amaze me with your creations. I wish i had half your imagination!!! ( any more and i fear my head would explode from all the ideas)

Its funny sarge, I had that same idea yesterday but couldnt find where i his my palpy.  I'm glad you thought of it too.
Grreat minds!!!!

Ryan, i'll whip up a few buildings/markets for ya.  I have been hesitant to say what figures i will contribute, but i got some ideas floating around in my head for some citizens.


They're only $4.99 each, so it might be easier to just buy a few?

I was thinking of modifying them a bit to make them more starwars alien and less dino.

Maybe horns or spikes done the spine, or one eye or a second head.... something?


Where is this from?   If i could get one, i can make a few casts for the project. Not too many( the idea being that they migrated when the land was developed , these woulld be the few curious or left behinds)

Let me know

That is beautiful. Thats just what i hoped it would look like.
Love tha navigation map.  Excellent!!!!

THe smaller 6x8 buildings i had seen as huts. But this can be massaged to be a bit bigger. so insted of 2 maller huts, replace it with one bigger one.
The difference between the colors is the public street vs the private areas. It could all be sand or dirt, but its so we know what is street/open space vs "yard"

Ok here is the 6x9 oriended layout.  I incorpereated some of Ryan's ideas.
I still say a denser city will look better in the end. More work, but it wont look like a couple of "sepreate" pieces placed on a landscape. which is my only criticisim of your city area.
A city with a street system, open spaces and a hierarchy in the buildings, i think is a must.

Which ever layout we decide after today, is "THE" layout so please weigh in now.

Ryan, i think your layout is great. I'm perfectly open to suggestions. I have said from the beginning that these were images to build on, but no one really offered any alternatives till now.

from the start i said to feel free to take some license with this "Concept" and build on it.

I like your layout. The city is not dense enough and very separated. but i think you make some great points about viewing.

But keep in mind if the area given is 9x24 we will have a depth of 9' to deal with. so that is why i oriented my as i did.
Other wise there will be 3 feet in front or behind our diorama.  Or 1.5' if in the middle of the table.

So lets decide quick how to procede.

The understanding is that this is a "section" of the planet/world it will continue in the mural.
So, i wouldnt worry about enclosing the city. Because if all goes well with the mural scenery the city will continue.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Still waiting on LFL....
« on: February 22, 2007, 01:04 PM »
This is great news NN, thanks for helping out.

SO are we back to the 9 x9 demensions? Like he said the total area is 9x24, there may be alot of others wh want to display their stuff.
So whe shouldnt "hoard" the entire table.

So if we do 9x9, 2 questions. Do we add back a spaceport?  Second, if we are the "center piece of the 9x24 tables and there is area to walk behind, is there place for the "scenic backdrop"? I was thinking it would be in a corner and we would have 2 side to hang the backdrop, but if its in the center of a table that has no "walls" do we do a backdrop at all?


I wasnt omitting them, I was just rushing t0 rework the map. Been extremely busy with work so much so I'm bringing work home almost every night.

Fel free to add them back if i dont get to it first.

REFRESH, I updated the layout. It now has the cliffs and is 6x9, not 7x9 (opps)

6x9 layout in the Concept art thread!

Since i'm going to be doing backdrops, i will include the Mining/mountains(9feet) on one and the Spaceport/extended city(6ft) in the other.

Ok here is the 9x6 layout.

So we will not have a space port anymore? 
Just clarifying "2/3 city and 1/3 green."

If this is the case, do i still provide the niche for you to "step into" the project?
Or is it a full 6x9?

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP chat
« on: February 9, 2007, 02:17 PM »
6 PM Central Time

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