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Less than 2 weeks folks... Almost there!

Smarty, Dude, these sculpts are fantastic. Advosec is very well done, and the paint job is excellent.
I can make more details out in that picture than i can in the Selkath, but both look great.

Daigo, I like your building. The fact that it is "short" only implies the majority of the building is underground.
So i dont see it as a problem.

Sarge.... DAYUMN!!!!! That is a sweet statue.

BrentS... you are right about bigger buildings.  I am hoping to get 1 or 2 done. but we need a few more.
Remember we had a cantina, some sort of city hall and a govener building.  Those wont be 1 story, adobe type buildings.( well maby the cantin, but it wont be small)

2 week huh?  better get crackin.   

Said the same thing on scum but These are amazing Straxus, simply amazing. The concept is cool , the sculpting is very detailed and they just look cool.


Daigo-Bah, that looks so real. Phruby is right, it looks like concrete. Impressive.
It rained all day where i am so i couldnt paint. 30-40MPH wind today, so no go after work either... So hopefully this week.
I'll get on those bilboards asap.

I made 6 of them. I used all the existing adds.  I have to print 2 of them over again so if you all think i should change the text, i will redo them all.


I took the linework from this...

GENERAL RIEEKAN (Hoth Evacuation)

I fit it over the original artwork, then reduced the opacity of the linework by half so the image showed through more.

Then i just laser printed them to Transparency film. ( like for an overhead projector)

Thats it. Simple, but it gets the point across.

Roron, That looks Great.

Here are a couple of the holo screen advertisments.

Adi is behind for scale.

These are free standing, and can be put ontop of buildings or on the ground.

I think news paper might be a little Low Tech for Star Wars. How about some hollow screens on some of the buldings. We could have them running wanted posters of some of our Rebel customs.

I think i have the holo billboards thing solved.  I took those "Join the empire" artwork with the female troopers, and printed them on Transparency film.
I added some navi-screen linework from the general riken deluxe pack. I'll take pics tonight or tomorrow and post. But they look good,
And you can see them from either side.

Should finsih my buildings this weekend too.

Just a reminder...

I have had the same thing happen to Hydroshrink. It solidified. I keep it in my basment in the cold too.
I never thought about warming it.  Hummm....

I think it may have something to do with air reaching it. Like the cap isnt on tight. But Photosensitive reaction is a good guess too.
Dont know for sure.
I too had some Easy flo 60 thicken cause i put it in a baby food jar so i wouldnt have to keep mixing my flesh tones.
The casts were not the same when i tried to use it.

Definatly!! Weather it up.

Brent, Sarge, these look fantastic.

Brent, i too like the "finer" texture better also.  I think the Solid styrofoam buildings are gonna be amazing.
I started a building with foamcore.  I am including a bit of a how-to so the  construction is uniform.

What i am doing is taking a wall ( pre-cut to the size i want)
Then I am taking a NOTCH out of the corners.  The notch should be as wide as the foamcore you are using. ( 1/4" in this case)

Here is the wall sliced at the edge.

Then the notch is cut out, leaving the cardboard that covers the foam.

Then this piece is glued to the next wall which is NOT cut or notched.

When glued together, they make a pretty tight seam.

You can see you only have to notch 2 of the 4 walls.  The other two walls fit right in place.
Remember to cut windows and doors first, before glueing in place.

Adi is just there for scale.

The notches cut out can be used for details.

I'm right there with you sarge. I loved that show!  I even had that figure.

I've just spent about 40 hours over the last 3 days moving my entire collection, which is a necessity in getting things moved around for the baby room

Been there... When i moved mine, One of my 6 shelf cabinets tipped and ALL my figures spilled out.  I know your pain.


I just thought I would post a quick message about the status of the Ultimate Group Project( if you dont normally check the dedicated threads). A group of customizers is building a full scale imperial city for C4. This project is huge in scale and we need your help. We have secured an official fan booth at C4 and will be displaying the actually diorama as part of Niub Niub's Endor diorama booth.

I'm putting out a call for miscellanous citizens, aliens, robots, small accessories and vehicles to populate the city. We are also still working on the individual buildings. If you would like to help out and be involved, please see the the official UGP web site at

and check out the offical threads happening at Jedi Defender and Yak Face.

We stress that you do not use and of the "buff" early POTF2 figures. We want to keep the scale as close to modern day hasbro figures as possible.

You can LOAN or DONATE your figure/figures. If you want them back it is OK. If not, thats ok too.

PLease contact me for info as to where to ship figures when done or check out the info at the links mentioned in the post above.

OUR DEADLINE IS MAY 1st. A little less than a month. SO it isn't that far away!!!

Thanks in advance.

Your friendly neighborhood Glassman.

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