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Tom, the site & photos look wonderful!  Thanks for all your hard work on this thing!  :)

... the Findswoman

My package arrived today -- thanks so much, Paul!  All's here except 1 or 2 tiny weapons, but that's no big deal. The main thing is that the figures arrived all right, which they did.  :)

... the Findswoman

Great pics finds!!!

Thanks, Glass!  It was a wonderful weekend and I felt very glad to be part of it in my own small way.  And how are you doing?  Were you able to be at the Con?

Patreek, I guess what's next is... C5, in two years or so!  :)

... the Findswoman

Oh my gosh!  You weren't exaggerating with those numbers, were you!  That's quite amazing.  I knew we were loved, but I didn't know it was that much!  :)

... the Findswoman

Thanks so much, Paul!  I take it everything's coming in just one box?  If you need me to send any more money for shipping, just say the word.

... the Findswoman

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / Re: Sideshow Gift Card
« on: May 30, 2007, 02:27 PM »
Congratulations on your gift card, Brent!  My husband and I got one of these each, and each one worked out to be worth $40.  But the fact that the selection is so limited does indeed put a bit of a damper on it.  :(  I had hoped to use mine  to pre-order their fabulous Asajj Ventress, but she's already sold out!

I have no idea how the "second chance" thing works, alas, but as evenflow suggests, it probably isn't something to hold one's breath about.  These cards do have an expiration date, after all (mine were 12/31/07).

Good luck and happy shopping, though, and once again congratulations!  $30 is nothing to sneeze at!

... the Findswoman

Would love to see raffle photos when you've got them ready, Phruby!  :)

... the Findswoman

Why thank yew, Phruby!  Glad they're to your liking.  And I too am very happy that I finally got to meet you (and your boychik!) at the Con this past weekend.  :)

Yeah, that Luke neck... I only noticed that after all the photos were taken.  Usually it stays down all right, but I guess in the course of posing and turning the guys' heads it crept up a little.  Mea maxima culpa.

I was indeed going for the "Polly Pocket" look with the Chick in Green.  I figured, heck, I'd never use that WOW Action Girls head on any serious SW character with an actual name.  The interesting thing is, actual Polly Pocket figures are ALMOST to scale with SW figures (I have one dancing with a clone in one of my Clone Troopers' Ball pictures), and their furniture and some accessories are often quite compatible.

Thanks again! :)

Some new customs at last!  Or, well, kitbashes, anyway.  Lately I've been throwing together some random Imperials (& others) for some upcoming photocomicking, and though these are really nothing special at all & have plenty of things wrong with them, I thought I'd share:

The middle three guys are built on the ROTS Governor Tarkin body; in fact, the one second from right is simply Tarkin with a hair repaint.  The guy on the far left is on a General Veers body and has a Spy Kids Donnagon head; I don't remember which body that is that the far right (Luke-headed) guy has, but the big black gloves were not originally part of it. 

I also decided to retool my ROTS Emperor (the really early one, in black) with some S-O-F-T G-O-O-D-S and a twist tie in the hem for that windblown look.  I can't take credit for the look myself, since I just followed a really cool set of instructions originally posted on I forget which forum by I forget whom.   If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give proper credit where it's due.

Now for something completely different... Just for kicks and thrills, and to use in the background of upcoming photocomics, I threw together the following Chick in a Really Obnoxious Green Dress.  Now, I do not frequently emply the term "chick" in referring to members of my own sex, but this time I think the word actually fits.  Yes, I know she has a cartoonish goofy grin.  Yes, I know the skin color of her face doesn't match that of her body.  It's all right, because at the present she's just eye candy.  :)

And a final, rather goofy group shot of sorts.  Everybody conga!

Not much, I know, and nothing at all special, but I hope y'all enjoy all the same!

... the Findswoman

Pen, I've got a bunch on Flickr  to which you are more than welcome to help yourself!  If you'd like bigger/better resolution on any of them, just let me know.  Thanks for all your hard work on the UGP website!  8)

... the Findswoman

Thanks Findswoman.  He's doing well, no worries.  My wife needed to have an emergency casarean delivery, so we needed to stay at the hospital a bit longer than usual.  I'm not sure if I mentioned that he came 2 weeks early or not.  But he is doing great!

Good, good.  Glad to hear all's all right & that mom and baby are doing well -- two weeks early, that's the very edge of the usual due date margin, isn't it?  I was a C-section baby myself (& about a month early, but I'm told they messed up the calculation anyhow), so young Kiefer is in good company!  :D ;)

Incidentally, as C4 / UGP photos go, I have just posted my own C4 album at Flickr, and invite all and sundry to take a look.

... the Findswoman

First of all, Chewie, what a charming young Wookling!  Definitely the custom of a lifetime.  But it looks like you had a WHOLE LOT of help from Pam!  :) 

Incidentally, I hope the li'l fellow is/was all right; when you said he was born Wednesday but you only came home from the hospital over the weekend, I was a bit worried for a sec.  It seemed like a longer time than usual, but then what do I know? :)

And yes, absolutely gotta echo everyone's congratulations to the staff of the UGP on a job AMAZINGLY done and on a MOST IMPRESSIVE job bringing this thing from dream to reality.  Seeing this diorama so greatly enjoyed by so many fans many of whom have NO idea at all about our hobby -- that was a real high point of the Celebration for me.  But then meeting & re-meeting so many of you -- more than I've met at previous cons -- that made it all even better:

Darth Anton
Dark Jedi Ben

To all, big thank-yous, big congratulations, and much love!
... the Findswoman

Wow!  That is just A-Ma-Zing!    :o It's especially neat to see how you've interpreted the roles and functions of the various custom figures people hve sent in -- very creative.  8)

Thank you guys so much for your very hard work in setting this wonderful thing up -- I know it hasn't been easy, between late openings, union workers, and the like. 

Congratulations on a job very well done -- can't wait to see it in person real soon!  :)

... the Findswoman, who will be there Saturday and maybe part of today (Friday), too

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 21, 2007, 12:34 PM »
Oh gosh, Pen, that's you;)  :)

Just teasing.  Are these going to be sold at the event, too?  Am I too late to think about buying one?

EDIT: Just saw the store link.  Thanks, guys!  Love CaféPress!

... the Findswoman

Nice assortment, Smarty!  I particularly like the greenish mantis-looking guy in the lower left.  Whose head is that? 8)

Paul, I really appreciate that you're posting these photos of our stuff -- it's very reassuring to know that everything's been arriving all right!  I hope the $15 or whatever it was will be enough to send everything back -- if it's not just say the word and I'll send more. 

Pen and Ryan, you're both so nice!  Thanks so much!  I made this li'l lady expressly for the UGP.  :)

... the Findswoman

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