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And here's my tradelist, bumped once again:

If you see anything you'd like, do let me know via PM! 


Modern Trading / Findswoman's Trade List!
« on: December 30, 2006, 02:21 PM »
Hi all,

Here is my new, UPDATED trade list, containing various figures and parts at both 3.75" and 12" scale.  

Also included are a few choice non-action-figure items, such as a large quantity of Decipher SW:CCG cards and an un-played-with SW Miniatures starter set.  

Please note that most of the figures and figure parts on this list are geared toward customizers: most of the figures are loose and/or missing some parts, and there are a number of assorted bits, pieces, body parts, etc.

 Findswoman's Trade List

Please PM me if you're interested in anything here.

the Findswoman

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Stupid **** From the Internet Thread.
« on: October 29, 2006, 01:45 AM »
Oh man, I've just wasted almost a full HOUR combing through this thread and visiting some of the crazy links people have posted.  Great stuff!  Had tons of fun with that voice synthesizer gal, in a couple of different languages, sent the Mr. a Monk-E-Mail, and tried the MyHeritage Celebrity thingamajig (my top two matches are Albert Camus and DeForrest Kelley).  Drooled over the incredibly cute tampon ghostie with googly eyes.  Must admit I'm still unable to figure out that Weebl animation, however.   :)

And now, if I may add to the list...
Cover Letters From Hell

The title's pretty self-explanatory.  Apparently these are all from real, live cover letters that people have sent to this company.  After some of the outrageousness that people have been posting here, it may seem a bit pedestrian, but nevertheless I found it good for several substantial laffs, and I hope y'all will find it so, too. 

... the Findswoman

Thanks for the comments, Darth Ennis and Stormtripper!

You're both perfectly welcome to borrow Trynfor's color scheme at 3.75".  He and I would both be quite honored and would love to see what you come up with!  :)

Darth Ennis, the Goth in French Maid / Gothic Lolita attire (Angel) is now available -- see, for example, the old Joe Infirmary (one of my favorite 12" sources).  I like her outfit, but I find her powder-white face a little weird.  She's got those Ysanne Isard-type eyes (one red and one blue), though...

Thanks again!
... the Findswoman

Thanks, guys, for the responses! You're all so kind...

UKHistory, 'fraid I've not got a StoreHouse furniture nearby.  Though it does sound like it would have been a great resource. (and a temptation!)  Temptation, since I already have a crazy-big sack of fabrics to use up someway or other, too... :p  Furniture fabrics would indeed be great as carpet or other decorator fabrics at smaller scales.

Quazar! Why thank you, you're awfully nice, as always!  It's been such a long time -- hope you're doing well, and as always, looking forward to seeing whatever YOUR next fine creations are.  'Course, we all know how crazy 1:1 life can be -- I'm feeling that myself right now.

Brent, thanks a bunch -- glad they are to your liking.  One thing I like about 12" scale is that so much detail is possible -- that's part of the challenge, too, of course.

Alas, I haven't been able to do much more customizing at any scale recently, but since tomorrow' (10/18) is my birthday, I may give myself a bit of customizing time as an inexpensive birthday gift to self...!

... the Findswoman

Wow, those are some really nice photos, Brent!  The lighting looks very convincing (as does the shadow, of which a place like this will have quite a bit!).  I'm looking forward to seeing the photonovel -- it's super cool when a well-made dio like this can become part of an original story. 

Incidentally, does the hot-pink-haired lady who seems to be the same race as Rystáll or Diva Shaliqua have a name and/or role in the story, or is she just a background character?  She's one of my favorite figures currently posing in those photos (though those twin Twi'Lek's are quite nice too -- based on Agent Annika, no doubt?). 

Looking forward to seeing more!

... the Findswoman

Can't wait to see whatever new creation you've got planned, Darth Ennis!  I've been flipping through and enjoying some of your recent creations.  The slave dancer is particularly striking -- I like what you did with her hair.  All of them are superb, though, of course!

... the Findswoman

Thanks so much for the comments, everyone!  I'm so glad these are being enjoyed.  :)

Just wanted to announce that I now have TONS more and better photos of both customs posted on my site.  Here they are -- do enjoy:

12" Diva Shaliqua
12" Trynfor the Mad

(Confidential to Darth_Ennis, even though he hasn't posted yet: Thought you'd appreciate that most of these were taken at that "Gutenberg Bible place" in Oakland.  :) )

And now to address individual comments:

Pendragon, I see what you mean about the paint on the "bikini bottom."  I actually tried using glitter glue at first, but it didn't end up sticking very well.  Perhaps eventually I'll find a solution of some sort.  And I'm so glad Trynfor is to your liking -- he is indeed supposed to look like he could kill someone.  (And "CyGuy" is one I'll have to remember!  :D )

Sarge, wow, how honored I am to hear I have a fan already!  :)  Looking forward to hearing from her.  Alas, however, I can take no credit for Shaliqua's eyes; they're just the same ones that were on the BBI Alagua figure.  All I did was fiddle with her makeup a bit to help her look less like Goth-y.

Delicious, yes, I agree, making a Gand Findsman in black just seemed like the right thing to do.  It was about time, I thought... :D

Talon_Karrde, thanks!  I wish I could make more -- but alas, that CyGuy (love that!) is very hard to find nowadays.  :(

Thanks again for the posts and kind words, all!  You make my day!  :)

... the Findswoman

Just been paging through some of your fabulous recent creations.  They're all so high quality, it's hard to know where to start!  Sky Captain is one of the ones that really jumps out at me -- you gave him a really good retro look, and I like what you did with his outfit.

Thanks, as always, for sharing your work with us.  It's always gratifying to see good 12" work, since there isn't much of it on these forums.  I'll be watching this space! :)

... the Findswoman

I know I haven't been posting much, mainly due to school and 1:1 life in general.  But I've thankfully been able to get in some 12" customizing time this fall, and just wanted to share with you a few preliminary shots of my latest two 12" figures.  They're both done, but I haven't yet posted them on my site, and I still have to take more (and better) pictures of them both.

First up, a 12" rendition of Diva Shaliqua, the blue-haired slave girl seen in Jabba's box in Ep. I.  I used a 12" Slave Leia body (& bikini) and the head from Alagua, the first in BBI's line of 1:6 Goth figures.  (I promise it looks more blue than this in real life.)  Naturally, the hair's been restyled and the makeup repainted.  The pants are handmade. 

Secondly, a 12" rendition of my fanfictional Gand Findsman of ages past, Trynfor the Mad.  Almost too many disparate parts to name.  The head, harness, and breathing gear are of course from the Hasbro 12" Zuckuss, and the body is a Hasbro G. I. Joe body, which gives him lots of articulation and makes him taller than Zuckuss.  The clothing is from various Hasbro and non-Hasbro sources; I wish I could take credit for sewing his coat, but it's from this figure..

More to come soon when they're properly posted on my site.  In the meantime, hope you all enjoy!  :)

... the Findswoman

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Sarge's Dioramas
« on: October 8, 2006, 01:40 AM »
Yes, that's one wonderful throne room, Sarge.  Very cool incorporation of LOTR elements, and you achieved a really striking look overall.  The Emperor looks so at home in that chair.  Did you have a particular picture reference, or did you come up with this look yourself?

And again, welcome back!  :)

... the Findswoman

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: DS Gun completed pics
« on: October 8, 2006, 01:38 AM »
Daigo-Bah!  How are you?  Great to see you again -- it's been a long time!  :)

Fantastic work on that gun.  You did such a fine job, those photos almost had me fooled into thinking that they were 1:1!  I have great admiration for people who can make fabulous-looking props like that, since I have never gotten the hang of it very well myself.

Again, great to see you and your work again -- hope to see more soon!

... the Findswoman

Very, very neat & original, Phruby!  It's rare -- and very cool -- to see a Twi'lek that's not the usual dancer/slave/cute chick variety.  (For that reason, you should make it a he!  :D )  Great job with the tattoos and the overall "tribal" look. 

... the Findswoman

Golden!  Love it!  :D

Welcome back to us, Darth Delicious, and thanks for your fabulous contribution to the saga of Purple Pimp Daddy Kenobi!  How cool that you got Tem and Amy in on the fun, too.  Who are the other girls, incidentally?  Anyone you knew, or just random folks in cool costumes?

Thanks again -- it is great to see Purple Kenobi back in action!  :)

... the Findswoman

More 12" stuff added!

Available 12"-scale SW-related goodies include:

12" Garindan head
12" Garindan body, headless
12" Tusken Raider body
12" Zuckuss body, headless
Imperial Officer's gray plastic cap
Clothing and headdress from Portrait Edition Red Senate Amidala
12" Tusken Raider outfit and boots
12" Boushh Leia outfit
Beautiful Braids Padmé outfit
Hidden Majesty Amidala outfit
Hidden Majesty Amidala head
Various laarge-size lightsaber hilts
Many, many pairs of black rubber boots from various SW 12-inchers

Gotta get rid of these to free up space!  Any takers? 

... the Findswoman

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